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Picture of a bright blue like through 2 trees in the foreground with a kayak tired up at the lake's edge.

By now, you probably are aware of how successful the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) program has been in the last two decades. If not, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

Picture of a bright blue like through 2 trees in the foreground with a kayak tired up at the lake's edge.
Ladies, if you are looking to gain more experience while sharing the outdoors with like-minded women, than a BEYOND BOW experience may be just what you want.
BOW started more than two decades ago, and news of the program quickly spread like wildfire. Soon nearly every state, several Canadian provinces, and even locations around the globe, joined the program to host workshops. Women who had little to no experience with traditional outdoor activities have the opportunity to go to BOW workshops and learn from experts.

It is hard to say how many women have attended BOW workshops throughout the years, although  it is safe to say that BOW truly changed the face of women in the outdoors with its very successful track record of teaching them the “how to” of outdoor activities. An added bonus was the ripple effect for businesses, manufacturers and wildlife agencies who have benefited from the surge of women who discovered, through BOW workshops, their hidden interest in the outdoors.

So what does a BOW graduate do when she wants to learn more or try something new? She goes BEYOND BOW. BEYOND BOW is exactly what it means. It is designed for smaller groups with a focus on a particular skill rather than a variety of skills. Those workshops and outings are perfect for women who have developed special interest in a particular activity and are ready to learn the additional skills needed to become an experienced outdoors woman.

For example, if you discovered how to do basic fishing and perhaps beginner kayaking at a workshop, why not put those two skills together and go BEYOND by learning how to fish from a kayak? Or perhaps you learned how to call turkeys and shoot a shotgun and are ready to combine the two to learn how to turkey hunt.

BEYOND BOW teaches you how to take your basic skills to the next level. Yet it can go even farther. For instance, there are international BEYOND trips planned to such places as Belize, Baja and Iceland.

Beyond BOW is a great resource for women who are looking to take their new-found skills to the next level. However, finding a BEYOND BOW may be a bit of a challenge because there are not nearly as many of those events annually. The good news is many women who attend BOW workshops stay connected with other workshop attendees and often plan additional gatherings on their own.

To learn more about BOW or find a BEYOND BOW experience, contact your state Fish and Wildlife Agency or Department of Natural Resources.

Are you a Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) participant? What was that like for you? Ready to go BEYOND? Do share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.


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  1. Native American society for tens of thousands of years worked very well. The men hunted and fished. The women planted and cooked. The grandparents raised the children because they already knew what the children needed to learn.

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