Beretta’s ARX 160

Sometimes a gun company hits a home run, and this might turn out to be one of those times. The ARX-160 is as hard to obtain as it is good looking. Beretta, in my personal opinion, usually releases aesthetically pleasing firearms. The Beretta 92 has some shortcomings, but it is still a very accurate, usable, and beautiful handgun. Given their reputation, it was no surprise to us that the ARX-160 came out looking amazing. Beretta recently released information on the .22 LR rimfire version of the rifle, which the designers intended for training purposes. Both rifles will soon be available in the United States for the consumer market, and that is news that we were glad to hear.

Beretta has made good use of the lessons learned by Italian soldiers in the field. In order to be more reliable in sand and dusty conditions, the ARX160 functions with minimal lubrication. This gun can also be field stripped into a bare minimum of components without tools, to facilitate maintenance. There are also no small parts or pins that can be easily lost. The Beretta ARX160 can switch its charging handle to either the right or left side in a matter of seconds. The shooter can also change the direction that spent cartridge casings eject. An adjustable four-position collapsible stock is a standard feature. The rounded butt plate features a checkered, slip-resistant surface. During transport in tight spaces, or for use during actions such as fast roping and parachuting, the shooter can fold the stock forward along the right side of the receiver. Folding the stock forward does not block the right side ejection port either, so the gun will still function in that configuration.

Both the safety/fire selector and the magazine release controls are ergonomic and ambidextrous. There is a fire selector switch on both the right and left side just above the pistol grip. This location allows the shooter to easily manipulate the selector while still keeping a positive grip on the weapon while held in the firing position. There is also a magazine release control on both sides of the receiver located just above the trigger and magazine well. The magazine release can be operated using the index finger, and like the selector switch, it can be done while holding the rifle in the firing position. As a bonus, there is also a third magazine release along the bottom, forward section of the trigger guard. All three magazine releases are fenced to minimize the chance of an unintentional magazine ejection.

As far as next generation combat rifles are concerned, there isn’t too much that I can see wrong with this weapons system. It has some of the best ergonomics and features of any modern combat rifle we’ve come across recently. If I was forced to pick a design feature that I don’t like, it would be the size of the weapon, it only weighs .44 pounds more than a standard M4 carbine, but it looks somewhat large. The weapon’s apparent bulk aside, I can’t wait to get my hands on one at the range and really see what this baby can do.

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  1. I read that it would be available in 2014? That is way too long of await. Look at Bushmaster…they never came through with a 6.8. The supposedly multi-caliber rifle. Build it and we will buy it. At least Robinson Arms XCR does all the above. Just waiting for a 6.5 cal. rifle. Cheers.

  2. This is one sick rifle. We have all been waiting for this for years…Let me know when we can pre-order? Price: $1,999.95
    Plus, we have all the mags and the ammo.Cheers.

  3. Actually where it says the ak style mag release its in the wrong place on the diagram its actually where it says bolt hold open button. The bolt hold open button is inside the trigger gaurd like an xm8. Just adding that in case anyone was concerned.

  4. The folding stock and the guard over the barrel make it bulky & silly looking to me… I wouldn’t have it @ $500… I’ll stick with my clasic looking M&P 15.

  5. 5.56 hasmt enough knoce down power….u ever been shot with 1….goes in 22 & comes out a 3″ hole…I like the idea that no spare parts laying around.there shure wont be…nice looking weapon though…..alot of features though for right or left handed…

  6. No doubt the ARX 160 is a sexy gun, however, spending thousands of dollars on a firearm that is not AR15 compatible is a deal breaker for me. You can’t change uppers and lowers with other AR’s and we all know that when the sh…t hits the fan where are we going to find parts for a sexy gun with no utility what so ever.

  7. I could really care less about the price being at $2K – do you really think your super sick tactical AR is going to be this versatile? I am waiting to sell my FNH FS2000 for this to make my entire collection of firearms wearing the trident!

  8. I’ve got no use for 5.56mm or 22LR. Not enough knock down power and sure don’t need a $2000 rimfire. 7.62 x 39 ammo is cheap and plentiful and a better round.

  9. Been eyeing this weapon up for some time. I’m ready for it to hit the market. Looks as if Beretta knows how to build a bad @$$ Assault Rifle. I’m just curious of it’s price lol

  10. Magpul stated that they were going to keep the cost of the acr around $1500… When bushmaster released them they were $3000. I’ll believe $2k when I see it.

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