Beretta Flees Anti-Gun Maryland — Moves Domestic Manufacturing to TN

Dave Dolbee shooting the ARX-100

The Backstory

In mid-May 2013, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley followed in the footsteps of New York, Colorado and Connecticut when he signed a new restrictive new gun bill that accomplished little more than suppressing the freedoms of law-abiding gun owners—and all but ensuring the loss of manufacturing jobs. Included in the legislation was an outright ban of over 40 “assault weapons” including the AR-15. It was not much of a surprise that the state’s gun makers went into crisis mode.

While lawmakers may be able to pass local restrictions, the industry is fighting back in the courts and with the purse.

Common to so many hurriedly written and poorly researched gun control laws, the new law made it impossible for manufacturers such as Beretta to manufacture or service certain firearms. At the time, Beretta issued a statement regarding the new law and called it an insult. Pro Second Amendment groups threatened to challenge the new law in court, which includes limits on magazines with capacities over 10 rounds and required handgun buyers to submit to fingerprinting.

Beretta was planning a new expansion and with its headquarters in Accokeek, Maryland was the logical choice. However, the new laws caused Beretta to rethink its plans. Beretta and others were able to work with lawmakers and gain some concessions, but the writing was on the wall. Beretta quickly announced it would hedge its bet and expand into gun-friendly Tennessee.

July 2014

A few weeks ago, Cheaper Than Dirt! interviewed officials at Beretta about the status of the move and reported the best information available at the time. During the interview, Beretta admitted that some details were still in discussion, but the plan was to move manufacturing of new products to Tennessee and leave the others in Maryland. That was a few weeks ago… This week, Beretta issued the following press release announcing it would move ALL Maryland manufacturing to Tennessee and the reason should be no surprise to gun owners.

Beretta U.S.A. Corp., located in Accokeek, Maryland, announced today that it has decided to move its manufacturing capabilities from its existing location to a new production facility that it is building in Gallatin, Tennessee. The Gallatin facility is scheduled to be opened in mid-2015. Beretta U.S.A. had previously planned to use the new Gallatin, Tennessee facility for new machinery and production of new products only.

“During the legislative session in Maryland that resulted in passage of the Firearm Safety Act of 2013, the version of the statute that passed the Maryland Senate would have prohibited Beretta U.S.A. from being able to manufacture, store or even import into the State products that we sell to customers throughout the United States and around the world. While we were able in the Maryland House of Delegates to reverse some of those obstructive provisions, the possibility that such restrictions might be reinstated in the future leaves us very worried about the wisdom of maintaining a firearm manufacturing factory in the State,” stated Jeff Cooper, General Manager for Beretta U.S.A. Corp.

Beretta's new ARX-100 in action at Media Day 2014
Beretta’s new ARX-100 in action at Media Day 2014

“While we had originally planned to use the Tennessee facility for new equipment and for production of new product lines only, we have decided that it is more prudent from the point of view of our future welfare to move the Maryland production lines in their entirety to the new Tennessee facility,” Cooper added.

The transition of production from Beretta U.S.A.’s Maryland facility to the Tennessee facility will not occur until 2015 and will be managed so as not to disrupt deliveries to Beretta customers. Beretta U.S.A.’s production of the U.S. Armed Forces M9 9mm pistol will continue at the Accokeek, Maryland facility until all current orders from the U.S. Armed Forces have been filled.

“We have not yet begun groundbreaking on the Tennessee facility and we do not anticipate that that building will be completed until the middle part of 2015,” continued Cooper. “That timing, combined with our need to plan an orderly transition of production from one facility to the other so that our delivery obligations to customers are not disrupted, means that no Beretta U.S.A. Maryland employee will be impacted by this news for many months. More importantly, we will use this time to meet with every Beretta U.S.A. employee whose Maryland job might be affected by the move to discuss with them their interest in taking a position at our new facility in Tennessee or, if they are not willing to do so, to lay out a long-term strategy for remaining with the Company while our production in Maryland continues.” Beretta U.S.A. anticipates that the Gallatin, Tennessee facility will involve $45 million of investment in building and equipment and the employment of around 300 personnel during the next five years.

Beretta U.S.A. has no plans to relocate its office, administrative and executive support functions from its Accokeek, Maryland facility.

Will lawmakers in Maryland or other states realize the financial cost to their actions? Do you think this will influence gun control legislation in the future? Share your thoughts in comment section.


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  1. It is great to see the weapons industry firing back economically at these idiotic democrat controlled state legislators. It is amazing how ignorant these governors and state representatives are in their poorly enacted infringing laws. Until we start voting in our best interest and begin to remove and replace these liberal puppets with Conservatives who will support the Constitution and our rights as Americans we will continue to see this kind of treasonous rogue behavior.

    1. Too bad there isn’t some clearing house info to make it easy to tell business owners of these states other facts of economic interest to them. It is not just the lost firearms businesses that they are losing, but possibly a vast tourist loss. I have crisscrossed this country traveling since a kid on family vacations and continued that all my life and now I’m retired and on the road all winter. I no longer even think of traveling to the states that will not let me carry concealed, let alone ban my having guns at all. There are an estimated 68 million gun owners in this country. Imagine if word could get out that all gun owners will not travel to states who won’t let us have guns? I all gun owners would do this type of boycott, once the tourist industry found themselves out of work, along with the loss of the manufacturing industry who have already moved, would be, so to speak, up in arms LOL! Seriously, can any industry afford to tick off 68 million potential customers?

  2. 3 Round burst in Vietnam ? only if you were still fighting in Vietnam in the mid 1980’s . The above comment is what we call on active duty as a B/S story

    1. No we did not have 3 round burst in Vietnam. Wish we had.

      Three round burst was developed much later, but it was based on lessons learned in Vietnam, which was my point. I did not intend to leave the impression that we had it in Vietnam. Only that the technology advances were based on lessons learned.

      Wish we had. Unless you were there, I would suggest you be careful what you call BS. As anyone who has experienced actual combat knows, very weird things happen which sound fictional to those who were not there. Some were downright funny in a warped sorta way, and some were just plain funny.

      IV Corps, Can Tho Province, Mekong Delta 1969-70
      21+ years service combat arms (1967-1988)
      100% disabled (Agent Orange)

    2. There were 3-Round Burst versions of the Colt M16 back in those days:

      Model 605B
      Model 606B
      Model 607B
      Model 610B

      Obviously “B” represented “Burst” – and these were 4-Position Selector-equipped:


  3. That is the definition given it by Sen Feinstein, etc, via the “assault weapons ban”. The definition had to be altered to include the AR-15 on the banned list. Prior to that, worldwide, an assault weapon had to be capable of switching the rate of fire to include semi and full auto/burst.

    This is easily done by politicians so that one thing can be two different things at the same time. The M-2 .50 cal machinegun (“Ma Deuce”) has select fire, It can be fired as a machinegun, or it can be fired semi auto fire. During WW2 it was used in the later state as a sniper weapon for picking off enemy trucks in convoys.

    Feinstein also included: a bayonet lug, carry handle, pistol grip/thumb hole, box magazine, and bipod. Look back in history and you find paintings and woodcuts of muskets and rifles with bayonet lugs, and hunters in Africa and Europe using bipods, Olympic competitors have long used rifles with pistol grips and thumbholes. The box magazine is simply another technology advancement dating back to the late 1800s. Not once in Vietnam did my group ever affix bayonets.

    I have never heard of any military using a semi-auto fire only weapon for an “assault rifle”. While advancing (“assault”) the user would have to pull the trigger for each round fired while being faced with an opponent having full automatic. Full auto is used for the purpose of suppressing enemy fire (keeping his head down and not firing at you) as you advance on a position. Three round burst was added because in Vietnam we found that we burned up a LOT of ammo with little return on our investment. When we took the field, we left a LOT of comfort items behind in order to carry more ammo. Three round helped slow us down just a shred so that we didn’t waste ammo.

    (I have some stories of confrontations where we burned up every round we had in just a few minutes with the enemy in plain sight and shooting at us… and nobody on either side was hit.. It’s very eerie when the last round is fired, it goes deathly silent, and you realize you now have nothing to shoot. In one particular case, the NVA reversed and faded back into the jungle, and we did the same on our side of the clearing. We returned to our base camp and partied to celebrate our luck!)

    No military personnel would ever voluntarily carry an AR-15 into battle in place of the M-16/M4, when the enemy is armed with AK-47, using a standard magazine capacity of 30 rounds (against our 20 in Vietnam); they also had 75- and 100-round drum magazines with their heavier round (7.62X39), and full auto rate of fire. The AK was patterned after the WW2 German assault rifle. The AK-47 was somewhat crudely constructed with looser tolerances and clearances than the M-16 which made it more dependable under bad conditions. The M-16 had to be redesigned with lower tolerances because early versions in Vietnam were prone to jams if not kept perfectly clean. That change made for a far more dependable firearm.

    It was common, when a war ended, for the US Government to allow combat troops to retain the personal weapons or to purchase them when they left the service. General Officers still have that privilege.
    This did not include crew served weapons. It did include fully automatic weapons (Thompsons, M-2 carbines, BARs, revolvers and pistols). The government sold tons of arms to recoup on war costs.

    In addition to my use of real assault weapons in and out of combat, I know a lot about the M-16’s history because my father’s unit, the Air Commandos were the first to test and adopt it for the USAF. I used in in the military and law enforcement for 21+ years. I own an AR-15 which I use for targets on the range.

    Piece of advice… Don’t believe all you read in Wikipedia. Articles are written by various sources. They often lack citations to back up what is said. This is not a professionally produced encyclopedia. Not saying it is intentional, just that it’s not always the complete picture.

  4. Vincent, I’ve luggedaround an M-16, M-4, various testing models to maybe be fielded, 6.8SPC, etc.
    The difference between an M-16 and AR-15 *is* miniscule in a combat situation. Go full automatic or three round burst, run out of ammunition *really* quick. We used semi, with double tap method.
    So, from this veteran’s perspective, the difference is *really* small.

    Though, I do laugh over some idiots claiming that the M1-Garand was an assault rifle. It was a battle rifle, due to caliber. The en bloc clip only made it unservicable today in a military environment (The M-14 was far superior due to a box magazine and a bit of refining of the mechanism. I, personally, call it the M-1 done right.

    What I see here is reason of sportsmen, lack of reason of others, some fringe notions of what the Constitution intended (We’ll suffice it to say, my own research for a National Guard unit founded by Franklin is, *erm*, quite factual and Scalia actually educated me on previous history by a little) and (to be frank, the insane).
    *Some*consider *everything to be a conspiracy*. Well, let’s just say, I *do* know *what* conspiracies exist. I’m far from proud on a couple to a few.
    The reality is, gravity and reality share a common thing.They *both* suck in the morning.
    And reality also shares a 50/50 thing with many here.
    For, a broken clock is right twice a day.
    Something the rest of us fair far better..

    Good night.
    Tomorrow, I have to figure out how to afford to bury my father.

    1. wzrd1

      i am sorry to hear about your father. Especially since you must bury him tomorrow and here you are on a blog. Wow. This is when we need friends wzrd1. I don’t know you but God Bless You and your Dad!!!!!!!


  5. What happens after all the manufacturers have move to the last state and that state passes “progressive” legislation?

    (These math problems that this Web site makes you solve in order to post are too hard.)

  6. People, Listen up, if it wasn’t for NRA, NAGR, Senator Rand Paul and some other people and organizations that is Pro Gun , trying to stop Obama and his family Cronies from destroying our ” Law of the Land ” Constitution and secretly finding ways to sneak his laws into Our Laws of our nation that we have been able to live by for over 200 Hundred Years, we would be in a bigg-er mess right now, than what we already are. Obama wanted to be the First African American to be President of this great nation, in US history Obviously he thought he was able to make some great changes. I’m sure and I hope he had Wholesome thoughts of the changes he had instore for us.He made good sounding promise es, but the mess George Bush left him, it was sorta over whelming, and things went to his head not to mention his staff and other political people putting ideas in his head. His decisions just went to ” Hell “, along with his promises. Examples: 1. Government controlled Healthcare, it really sounds great , I have read and heard it’s not what it was supposed to be. 2. Gun control, political people and high influenced people are paying his Administration or his party to do away with open arms control by individual Ame-rican law bidding citizens.Like that rich SOB Michael Bloomberg who thinks he is so important and well respected because of his Billions of dollars, he has “Grand Illusions” of being God in living form. Is the American people so blind that they can’t see what he is doing and becoming . All the lies he has made and the broken promises he’s said he would not change You folks must be Deaf and Blind, or just don’t give a s*#t. To many people have lost their jobs to start with, from other means, and Maryland you’re going to let your Governor put gun laws on the books like the Beretta one, and lose the overall money and economic growth from this manufacturer. Your Governor just put his foot in his ” Where the sun don’t shine ” orifice as well as ruined your economy. Other manufacturers are in line with Beretta or even worse yet, being pushed out of business, if we let our out of control government continue like it is.We will have no say so or any control at all. Stand up and fight for your rights and or Constitution that got us this far. Our political people in Congress doesn’t have a clue about guns, magazines to house bullets or any thingood else. Just like the Congress woman that was interviewed and said after they shoot all the bullets up you just throw the clip away, because it’s empty, what a joke ! Senator Diane Feinstein in Congressional meeting or some type of meeting talking about the AR-15 , she didn’t have a clue what she was saying about it . And July 18,2014 Obama signs Executive Order Banning AK-479 . He signed an E.O. targeting Russian oil, natural gas, finance new sanctions. Hidden in the details , was a section that effectively bans AK-47s, parts to repair and build. A very sad State of Affairs.

  7. M1917A1, “(Damn (stupid) Yankee’s))”, you *do* realize that Maryland is *south* of the Mason-Dixon line, hence is in the south.

    The Arizona Apache, do read Heller v D.C. Scalia got the history behind the second amendment spot on.

    1. Thanks Wzrd1: Great citation. The more the better. Published case law dictates future judge’s decisions – stare decises… moving in the same path straight ahead following other previous judge’s decisions that have not been over-turned… Much better than wikipedia definitions… One of the better pieces of literature is the letter written to the King of England about the causes and reasons for taking up arms… And it did not mean to take up arms that were out dated, or only archery… Fire arms of the realm, that were equivalent or better than England’s “arms”. Today’s arms are equivalent or better than U.S.Army’s weapons. That is the only thing that “almost” everyone is wrong about. The liberals would disarm those who would fight for freedom… I’m waiting for WTSHTF for my really nice sniper rifle to be furnished to me… Thanks very much.

      Three precious metals: Gold, Silver and Lead. The last used to get the first two. Along with sniper weapons and matching ammo… Have a nice day, and to the revolution.

  8. Here in CT our governor stated publicly that he didn’t care if gun companies left the state. In fact it was stated that such actions only furthered the desires of our commie legislators and helped them to achieve their goals of total disarmament of the citizens.

  9. Doug Wickstrom, why, you’re absolutely right!
    Blame those “liberals” for turning a 30% literate nation into a 90%ish literate nation.
    Reading is evil!
    Voting ignorantely is good.
    Vote for The Boss, not for the nation or even your own idiotic interest or my own idiotic interest.
    Small hint, *our* idiotic interests are secondary to a *nation*.
    States find their own grounds. States rights and all, though some seek to complain about it *today*, after spending years complaining about a lack of states rights.
    Good night.
    Two hours of travel each way to work sucks.

  10. Methusselah, ” 300 Jobs? Whoopie. Fast-food will triple that with the opening of just 4 retail locations.”
    You’ve failed at economics 101.
    First, 300 well paying and even some of them being high paying beats the hell out of 300 crap paying positions.
    The state really doesn’t care at all about the jobs or numbers, the state cares about economics. Economics, as in revenue through taxes on the company and employees and spending within the state by the company and its employees.
    So, who do you think will bring more revenue to the state? MickyD’s and its minimum wage jobs and low profit margin or an interntaional arms manufacturer?
    Small hint: The arms company.

    WSP, WTF? First, let’s see, “states of haves and have nots”, as it that isn’t already true. Go visit up in the mountains in West Virginia. Go visit Hazard County, Kentucky.
    Then, you pull ” If States can outlaw manufacturing of firearms..what can they outlaw next?” clean out of your rectum, displaying an astounding incapability to comprehend the words written in the article.
    *Some* items Beretta makes may be unlawful in Maryland, not all and not even most. Do look at the company catalog! Indeed, the company itself decided to move the rest of their operations from the state, but all new products *were* to be made in Tennessee. So, they’ll not expand their Maryland facility and they’ll move it.
    That is their choice and the law was the choice of the people, via their legislature and governor.

    Jim, “My guess is that the decision makers at the headquarters like sailing their boats on the Bay in Maryland rather than living in beautiful downtown Gallatin, Tennessee.”
    Or the decision makers at the headquarters figured out that it costs one hell of a lot of money and time to move a headquarters.

    The Arizona Apache, interesting view. One showing a dearth of evidence to support it in codified and case law in this nation.
    First, originally, only property owners could possess a firearm. Later, non-property owners could do so. Later, it was determined that fully automatic weapons were involved in some serious crimes with loads of bodies laying about, so the NFA was enacted and proved Constitutional. Long before the current insane ranting on both sides of the “debate”.
    So, there has long been gun control laws, even back in the 1600’s, through past our early and through to our current Constitutional days as a nation.
    Worse, you conflate the prohibition of certain magazines and one class of firearm with the outright prohibition of *all* firearms.
    It’s like saying that since I cannot drive a tank down a public highway, I cannot drive a car down that very same highway.
    The only difference is common sense, as a tank would destroy many, indeed, most highways.
    BTW, for the records, I own a dozen firearms.

    DaveW, I remember quite well California and its conservative period.
    Interestingly enough, your claimed mass exodus failed to occur with the majority of businesses. For a minority, it was due to marketplace forces.
    What did happen was a growth of the old liberal groups since the 1960’s that have grown larger and more liberals moved to California.
    You make it sound as if a small minority forced a supermajority to run away from the state, which is nonsensical.
    Indeed, you depart more sense when you proclaim a right was outright eliminated by a state because it restricted a firearm class and magazine size.
    What really happened was that a state instead will drive away potential residents who were considering moving there, it drove away an expansion of an employer and it didn’t at all enliminate all rights or any rights. One can still get a Ruger 10/22, one can still get a .357 magnum and one can still get an autoloading shotgun.

    DCV, the only people you hurt by boycotting companies in the states that you disagree with their using their states rights is the companies and workers, which could well eventually eliminate yet another good company or two from our marketplace.
    Tell me, if you disagree with your town’s laws, do you knock your neighbors windows out?
    Because, that is pretty much what you are doing. Hurting companies that did not support that legislation and telling people to flee their homes and jobs, rather than use democratic means to see to it that their voices are heard by their government.

    Mark, ” After a year or two, it turns out crime doesn’t decrease (it would probably increase according to statistics) and the people are less protected.”
    I’ll call your attention to the assault weapon ban. The statistics didn’t increase for crime, nor did it decrease. The only effect it had was in sport shooting being impacted.
    So, the statistics don’t support what you claim. They won’t increase crime, but such legislation won’t create any manner of increased safety either. It’s just pandering to frightened people.

    Chuckinolathe, while it is true that criminals cannot be controlled by any government, I’ll suggest that legislation regarding one specific firearm isn’t a measure of control on the populace.
    I’ll further suggest that an ill educated populace is trivial to control, but a well educated populace utterly impossible to control.
    Then suggest you note our failing educational system.

    I’m giving up now. 100+ e-mails while I was at work is taxing to work with.. :/

    1. Wzrd1 – Clearly you have, intentionally or not, misconstrued what you have heard or read. It’s fairly obvious that you have not studied the words of the Founders.

      The laws varied to some degree throughout the colonies (later states), but people prohibited from owning firearms? Perhaps in major metro areas, but far from the standard throughout the states which were primarily rural, and hunting was a common practice. Additionally, the further out from the cities the people settled, the more they needed weapons for protection from native peoples and wild beasts, along with putting food on the table.

      I submit that you have adopted the talking points of the progressives which argues that things were not as history, in the form of legal documents and personal writings of great men, records. Further, you have abandoned reason and logic to support your positions.

      You twisted statements made by others, including myself, which did not support your views. A number of your comments make no sense. Perhaps, as is common with liberals and progressives, your emotions took the place of reason and logic.

  11. All gun manufactures should move out of the communist states that do not abide by the constitution.

    1. Mr Donnie Lowe:
      great comment. Agreed. Cut off all taxes collected by those idiots, in every endeavor. Not only gun manufacturers, but all businesses, and make them all like Detroit MI, and Illinois, bankrupt the States = white flight.
      Let the Muslims simmer along with the undocumented Democrats (illegal aliens) who live in the sewers and turn their neighborhoods into Ghettos. Two states down, so far, and counting. Then the liberals can continue to vote for their idiots who bankrupted them. This takes a lot of work – otherwise just live in the cesspools. Great comment.

    2. To Arizona Apache
      I am replying here because I am having difficulty in find the right place in this forum to reply to the right person at the right message, so please bear with me on this. First of all, the Second Amendment is not clear nor explicit, mainly because there was only a small pistol and a musket and a ‘long’ rifle. As everyone is quire aware, there is a whole gamut of weapons today, so the real questions today are (1) the tracking of guns for criminal gun usage (which usually involves gun registration), and (2) what is reasonable to own given the huge lethality of some of today’s weapons. So, all this hype here about trying to take away gun ownership completely is in general just emotion ranting.

      It appears it is a very difficult thing to try to stop the occasional massacres by restricting the assault type weapons. What would that gun be? Is 10 in a clip too much, too few, or just right? People’s responses to that question will vary quite a bit, and it is not just a Liberal vs. a Conservative issue either, as so many responses in this forum try to make it. Making it a political issue does no good in trying to grapple with the social issue we seem to be having in the past 20-30 years here in this country. What is different now vs. 40-50 years ago?

      Well, in 1966 Whitman used rifles of the day, and none would be considered assault weapons today, So, massacres can be done with ordinary rifles as well. But then in 1999 and 10 years later, both massacres used (among others) assault weapons. So, just banning (or limiting by clip size) is probably not the real answer either.

      80 years ago (or so), assault weapons were very popular with the gangsters, and they used them to create terror in the populace as well as murder each other. One good thing from that was the military being able to use these weapons in WW II, with great results too.

      So, how do we solve this social disease we seem to be falling into more and more now? That is the real problem, and a very difficult one to solve. The states that have restricted gun usage/ownership are indeed trying to figure that out, but then it opens the door for politicians to think they should solve this dilemma. As I mentioned before, states should be forced to use propositions when making far reaching laws, which I consider to be a flaw in our current system.

      At any rate, making statements bout someone being from the Lone Star state of Texas, has no more right to this gun control issue than any other state – meaning it matters not where you live. It is a problem nationwide. And in fact, Austin does not allow anyone with guns to go up that tower ever since that massacre, and rightly so. And Texas has even more damning history with the assassination of JFK. So, There is little to brag about Texas in regards to the gun problem.

      Lastly, I detect from your response to my last post about “What does Texas have to do with Maryland”, that you think I am all for gun control/restrictions, and that I do not own one. But you are wrong here as well. I have owned a Ruger 357 Blackhawk for 48 years, and now also own a Ruger 45 Colt New Model Blackhawk as well. I am all for gun ownership, and at the same time for screening people when purchasing, and for very heavy penalties for giving or selling guns to those not allowed to own them (which includes children). The girl (over 18) who bought the gun for the Columbine teenager should have been sent to prison, but there were no laws at the time about doing what she did. I certainly hope there is now!.

      But we are facing a social problem now in this country, and different states take different stabs on how to solve or curb it. Those who do not want ANY gun controls will complain about the states that have enacted more stringent ones, and blame it all on “liberals”. Those people who have no interest in guns and that guns scare them, probably want more gun controls, and see the very conservative view as insane..

    3. Some of your assumptions are incorrect. For example, as every veteran knows, the AR-15 is NOT an “assault weapon”, it just happens to look like one. It can’t even be converted to one without a whole lot of work because, as a stipulation for ending the “assault weapons ban”, a redesign was mandated.

      The “assault weapons ban” was authored by Sen Feinstein (C-CA) who advocates that no private weapons are permissible. She even changed the definition of “assault weapon” from that used by the military around the world. She LIED. She has said that no veteran can be trusted with a personal weapon because they are all mentally ill with PTSD. The anti-gun side has been lying ever since in order to advance the cause of control and disarmament. The disarmament movement of the Progressive Party was a party tenet from the time of Truman. So, too, was open borders, progressive taxation, etc. And the Progressive Party accepted financial support from the Communist Party. So, the idea that disarmament is “hype” is false. There are many who believe in total disarmament and gun owners have every reason to fear it, or face the loss of the right to keep and bear, a little at a time, or in one fell swoop. A chunk at a time is the way it happened in England and in Australia. So do not assume it can not happen here.

      The AR-15 was sold to the public as a small game/varmint rifle, and was sold with one 20 round magazine BEFORE the M-16 was tested and adopted by the military in 1964. The gangsters of the 1920s used “assault weapons” which came from the military, compliments of the government, following WW1, specifically, the Thompson, BAR, and 1911 Colt pistol. The majority of people killed by gangsters were other gangsters in turf wars. People didn’t like it, but they generally let it slide until a 6 year old girl was accidentally killed in a drive-by. That led to the National Firearms Act. It should be noted that the NFA of 1934 was enacted shortly after the election of FDR and an assassination attempt on his life.

      In the 1700s, colonists had muskets and rifles. The latter being highly accurate, long range shooters. The British Army had muskets. You see? Even then, the people were actually armed with better weapons than the military. The rifle was far more lethal than other weapons of the day in respect to it’s accuracy. However, it was no more “lethal” than any other weapon.

      With the full protection of the government, a bolt action rifle killed Pres. Kennedy. Revolvers and semi-auto pistols have been used equally effective, as have single shot pistols. The number of rounds makes no difference. The caliber makes no difference. Only the intent of the user makes a difference.

      Yes, today there is a whole gamut of weapons. From 1775 onward, the people freely adopted every new firearms technology, including fully automatic weapons. The people recognize their right to do so, and the government protected that right as mandated by the Constitution. People like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson, being men of science, would have realized that weapons would evolve just as they had done in their past and present.

      In the minds of James Madison and George Mason, co-authors of the 2d Amendment, far more important than dealing with criminal intent, was the idea of a population enslaved by a government ignoring the peoples’ God given rights as they had just experienced with their own government. This is much like the idea that it is better for ten to go free than one innocent man be found guilty.

      We must be ever vigilant, protective, and fight for our rights. ALL of our rights. Washington said that the 2d Amendment gives the people the teeth to defend their other rights.

    4. DaveW,

      I have not been in the military, but I an a very big supporter of the military and follow most of their technology, although not so much in the small weapons category. So, I had to look up what ‘assault weapon’ meant, and I used Wikipedia ( and according to the best definition I can find on this website, an AR-15 IS an assault weapon. Here is the link to the AR-15 – ( It seems that the basic ingredients of an assault rifle is that it be at least semi-automatic and have a detachable magazine.

    5. Refer to the University of Hawaii Domocide Web page… From 1900-1999 more than 262 MILLION unarmed citizens have been slaughtered by their own government. What do they all have in common??
      Example: Hitler murdered approximately 26 million unarmed and or disarmed citizens…
      China has murdered over 90 million.
      USSR has murdered over 60 million.
      The politicians that desire to disarm America should certainly be replaced. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolute.

    6. If you really believe that most, (if not all), of this is not politically motivated, I suggest you really do the research. Especially here in Maryland. I will if you challenge me to do so quote several instances that absolutely proves political motivation and gain ONLY!

    7. Vincent:

      DaveW on July 29, 2014 at 2:24 pm has already answered your misinformation statements, [Very Well, I might add]. I don’t intend to badger you with your problems. It is clear to any logical human being on Planet Earth that a musket looks nice on the wall and still shoots if loaded properly; however, it would not be a choice to use to defend against a corrupt, overthrown government such as ours – – whose aim is to destroy our freedoms with comments such as yours. Whether this makes any sense to you or anyone else, let me put it this way:
      technology has allowed America to prosper – only because – Patriots made a difference – period. The Bundy Stand-off proved there are still honorable, decent people who will stand against rotten government, and that has been done since April 20, 2014 through today by persons who understand the battle over our freedoms. Stand up – Move aside – Stand behind me – But do not stand in front of me, as there is no reason to become collateral damaged goods. It is the idiots we all face
      The Arizona Apache…

  12. Over the weekend, July 26th 2014 a senior federal judge issued a decision regarding carrying weapons outside the home in Washington D.C. where the law only allowed carrying inside the home, in certain instances. The decision declared the law was unconstitutional and issued several injunctions favoring the Plaintiff. You can read all about it at this website:
    and download the decision using adobe reader in .pdf by selecting the down arrow at the bottom left of the screen shot. The decision is 19 pages long, and goes deeply into the definitions of the 2nd amendment, for those of you who appreciate great writing with great legal citations, that are well thought out for any challenges to the United States Supreme Court. Have a nice day. Finally, someone has started the decision making process towards restoration of the US Constitution’s intent and meanings at the time of its writing.

  13. Did someone imply the Declaration has legal standing? Certainly not yours truly, oh Wizard One. If you’ll reread what I wrote while concentrating on comprehension and not reading in more than is written, I trust you’ll realize it was invoked to illustrate a point about fundamental guiding principles. Think of the Declaration as a “mission statement” for crafting an outline of governance, for example the Articles of Confederation, which also has no legal standing. Yet, here we are.

  14. Gringo Cracker, you lost your way when you qouted the Declaration of Independence as a legal source.
    The Declaration of Independence has zero legal standing in this nation, it was a declaration of intent and war against England, it was not and is not and never was, nor will be a part of our foundation of our nation and its laws.
    The only thing that counts for that is our Constitution.

  15. What may seem like impotent action by Beretta in not moving it’s production and corporate offices out of Maryland, might be due to contractual and employment obligations. It is not cheap or conducive to just pick up and move your operations. Just because we have a jack-wagon for a governor is not reason to pick up and move. Running away has never been what we as Americans are all about, and not everybody in Maryland is a Liberal (but we seem to have our fair share). Our Governor has presidential aspirations. Where will Beretta run when he gets elected?

    1. You did read the entire article, right? Including the part about no being allowed to manufacture certain items in MA even if for sale only in other states. The M-9 is going away. The punishment to the state of MA is the loss of 300 jobs and all of it’s taxes produced by it (not just income taxes). Sales Taxes will evaporate on all products (they produce some High-End weapons platforms also) not just the M-9. I’m glad to see a “Boycott” in reverse. The rest of the states should (CA are you listening) take notice. It may take some effort and some cost, but “The South” will welcome you with open arms, friendlier laws and lower taxes on manufactured products. (Damn (stupid) Yankee’s)).

  16. With the new laws on board that are anti American, Maryland and other anti gun states have not seen any business purchases of any kind from my company. The decision to keep corporate in Maryland still counts as keeping Beretta on the no purchase list.

  17. The biggest problem in this country can be summed up in one word:
    LIBERAL! Had this word never been invented we would have 40%
    lower taxes, unemployment would be around 3% and our ex-glorious
    nation would have no debt and almost all the countries in the world would owe us money.

  18. I would think any contractual obligations would be null and void when they passed anti gun legislation. Beretta should move ever bit of their company operations to Tennessee and get it over with.
    It doesn’t look right that they will move operation and production to TN, but not their Corporate offices.

    Don’t you get it Beretta? They don’t want you in Maryland!! Take all your jobs to another state where you will be appreciated for you jobs, Community actions, Money, and your fine products… When you do, I will buy another one, to add to my collection. But, not till then!!

  19. It is time for all gun owners to reject anything from CA, MD, NY, NJ, CO and Mass. I won’t buy from 5.11 or Maxpedition because they are in CA. Vote at the ballot box, and with your feet (flee CA) and with your money. Stop buying Kimber until they leave NY. We are so close to ending up like the UK.

    1. Easy to say, not easy to do. One, this has been my home for 4 generations. I have elderly parents still residing on the original land grant to see to. I can’t and won’t simply abandon them.

  20. i think any and all laws passed by any legislative body should include a mandatory provision that the law will be reassessed after a certain period of time. Let’s face it, we all know gun-control laws do not reduce crime. In most instances, they cost the state money (lost manufactureing as in this case, and loss revenue (taxes and licensing). Laws should be effective and the intent of the law should be stated in the text. If that intent is not obtained after a predetermined time, then the law should automatically be rescinded. We have way too many laws on the books now that are not effective because they do not accomplish the goals they were written for.

    Of course the other side of that coin are the politics involved. A liberal hell-bent on getting rid of guns could never state that as the intent of a law or it wouldn’t pass (unconstitutional). So then, to get it passed, the intent would be a politically correct statement about how it’s going to protect people and reduce crime — basically a lie. After a year or two, it turns out crime doesn’t decrease (it would probably increase according to statistics) and the people are less protected. The law did not accomplish the written intent and it therefore recscinded.

    Of course I don’t think there are any liberals out there that would agree up front to fact-based, intent-stated, effective legislation because it takes away their ability to lie and cheat the system.

  21. People voting with their feet has left us with the California of today because so many good conservatives left that the liberals gained total control. So many businesses left that the revenues to cover all the liberal causes are not there, placing an extra burden on the people who remain.

    I understand what some commenters are saying, but where are good people left when they are deserted or driven from their homes and lives in order to enjoy the rights the federal government is supposed to guarantee until the people (not politicians) have amended that right?

    Following that premise, nothing, no right or anything else can be guaranteed, as long as any state wields the power to ignore a right..

  22. Unfortunately, Beretta USA isn’t going all the way and moving its USA headquarters from Maryland to Tennessee. My guess is that the decision makers at the headquarters like sailing their boats on the Bay in Maryland rather than living in beautiful downtown Gallatin, Tennessee.

    1. From what I understand is that Beretta has contractual obligations to leave their Admin offices in MD; otherwise, they would go too.

  23. States (their representatives and senators) have forgotten they are to preserve the rights of the people. They took a solemn oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the Laws of the Land. By passing any gun control laws or restrictions in any State, those laws are in violation of the Constitution and overthrow the rights of the people. This matter is not “up for grabs” It is not debatable. An observant and responsible patriotic citizen knows what has been done by idiot, liberal communists in Maryland is wrong. California gun control laws are void and unconstitutional. The states do not have any right to overthrow the constitution of the United States. That is simply treason.
    Recently, gun control laws were declared unconstitutional by a federal judge in Washington, D.C.
    The Constitution is the “Supreme Law of the Land” period.
    If you are against gun ownership – – Don’t buy one.
    I disagree with others who state it is the citizen’s of the individual state to decide. All of the States joined together under the United States Constitution for the preservation of all of our rights. Those who want gun control laws should go to England, or Australia, and not impose their treasonous ignorant ideas on the ones who support the Constitution and Laws of the Land, (Constitutional Laws).

  24. You need to understand the real impact. Soon there will be States of the “Haves and Have Nots” you really think that is good? We had a civil war once…did not work out real well…took year and thousands of deaths to resolve..and the aftermath is still felt today. Try using your brain, not just your mouth. ranting is useless. If States can outlaw manufacturing of firearms..what can they outlaw next? It is time to stand up and be part of the discussion and the solution, not the problem! Stomping around screaming about your 2nd Amendment rights does nothing to preserve them or help resolve the problems. You are just ignored by anyone with brains. You need to wake up and realize that before you lose your right forever. You need to be organized, intelligent, and work the system…ranting and chanting won’t do it. STop being lazy, and get your political profile in order. It is the only thing that will ever work, and the system has proven that over and over. Those who are organized , use the system, and are politically astute…win….period!

    1. Well spoken WSP. There is too much “lip service” and not enough action by the people of this country. Obviously, the voting process has been compromised and the “Libertards” keep getting re-elected. So people, “PLEASE” get involved! Stand on your elected official’s desk and scream, organize and protest, or better yet seek a public office where you can try to change things! But for the love of God, “GET INVOLVED!” Watching and waiting for someone to do something is not working! Sending your dues to the NRA and expecting them to handle it is not getting involved! California, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, Illinois….what is your problem? Can’t you find better people to represent you? We need to get with it before all of us suffer the loss of our 2nd Amendment Rights.

  25. I honestly believe that lawmakers do not care about one company moving out of their State. In the larger picture the revenue collected from a single firearms manufacturer has little impact on State operations. 300 Jobs? Whoopie. Fast-food will triple that with the opening of just 4 retail locations.

    1. Put a little more thought into you answer. The loss alone of 300 high paying machinist jobs probably averaging $24 an hour would need 900 fast food jobs to equal. Plus those 300 job pay state and federal taxes. Those 900 burger job, mostly part time will fall below the tax threshold. Both state and federal. I will not argue the tax base of the gun maker to the fast food shops, but would guess that the gun maker would pay more. And what about the 400 new jobs the gun maker talks about adding for new product production. States are watching. New York State is spending a ton of money and will to give tax free zones to attract new companies. This will count.

  26. There is a cost involved when the Constitution is trampled upon. We, Americans are responsible to insure it’s continuation in total. I personally commend Berretta USA, good choice.

  27. If owning firearms by law abiding citizens is wrong, why not make the same rules apply to the president, congress, and state legislators? No body guards, no personal weapons. No ammo or guns allowed for them. No ammo or firearms for law enforcement. Everyone would be without that protection. Right? That would be a magnet drawing in every law breaker in the country. Take away the elitists protection and make them weaponless like their constituents and then see what laws of reality are passed!

  28. If youre state constitution has a provision or amendment prohibiting something or protecting something then they hold that authority. Unless it is one of the enumerated powers of the federal govt then the 10th ammendment is clear. That power is held by the state or if no state provision then the people of that state have the power to self determine. THIS is federalism, not what we have today. State=Country, they are soveriegn entities. This is why they have the power to tax you, why they have a flag,why they can make you a citizen of that state or not. The federal constitution outside of the enumerated powers relates to the federal govt not the states, otherwise we have 50 counties, not 50 states.

  29. Another example of what this president, his administration, the anti-gun crowd, and the liberal progressives in general have done to split this nation into factions.

    People are so busy fighting one another that they do not see how their individual rights, protected and guaranteed by the government, are being eroded. Those who support this movement are so focused on being anti conservative, that they do not see that they are surrendering their own rights, and endangering the rest of their rights.

    The progressives are intent on destroying this nation from within. They have been duped by decades of socialist thought instilled through an education which propagandizes and indoctrination in place of education. Step by step, the government takes control of the educational system just as it does the family, healthcare, businesses, and even religion.

    We are doomed as a united nation of states, which were banded together in the common cause of freedom, if we do not return to the Constitution which established our freedom in the first place.

    ‘A house divided against itself can not long endure.’

    God save the United States of America.

  30. Exactly……great comment. I don’t live in Maryland I live in TEXAS!! I don’t give a damn what the state of Maryland is doing. Stay the hell out of my state and I will yours. It is none of my business what Maryland does. Come to Texas we love guns and the manufacturers who make them. Congrats Tennessee….

  31. A simple comment here; if any gun, ammo or gun accessory manufacturer would refuse to sell any goods to these restrictive states I believe things might change. Imagine any police agency not able to buy firearms or ammo, etc. Boycott them is what I’m saying.

  32. It’s rather ironic, people go on and on about states rights, but when a state or two (or even a half dozen) exercise those rights trumpeted about, but in a way those trumpeters disagree with, all hell breaks loose.

    If a state wishes to prohibit a type of firearm, that is its right. It is the citiziens of that state to insist to their legislature that it is wrong or right.
    To be blunt, if Maryland wishes to prohibit certain types of firearms, it isn’t my business, I’m in Pennsylvania. If Pennsylvania were to pass such laws, I’d raise merry hell with my legislature and replace those who won’t listen, if I have sufficient support from my fellow citizens.
    I’d *not* want people from other states interfering with matters of my own state. I believe in doing the same, leaving those residents of states to govern themselves, without my interference.
    As for “the federal government is…”, I call BS. There is no federal law, no federal regulation, no federal attempts at enforcing some mythical will, there is only a few spenditmores and reprehensibles, and one POTUS yapping about “good ideas” that are simply ignored overall.
    It’s all the same nonsense, “The federal government banned X”, later turning out that isn’t the case. “The federal government is making states do Y”, when it cannot and is not.
    But, some seem to insist on second amendment rights, but are happy to deny others their first amendment right to make an ass of themselves.
    Personally, I’m quite happy to let someone do so. It saves me the trouble of doing it for them and frankly, why interfere with a perfect do-it-yourself kit?

    1. So, any state can supersede individual rights by placing restrictions on that right. How about the other rights? Can a state limit what God you my pray to? After all, it’s not saying you can’t pray, which is your right under the Constitution. It’s just saying we don’t want Catholics, Jews, Muslims, or whatever in “our” state. If you move from one state to another, will you need to prove your worthiness to reside in that state?

      I’ll give you an example. I am a 4th generation Californian (my children are 5th). My family was here before the gold rush; before it even was a state. I live in the 96% of the land mass of the state which is rural. Out here we, including liberals, independents, libertarians, etc, believe we have rights under the 2nd Amendment, which are supposed to be guaranteed by the federal government, as it was for over 200 years.

      Now, in the state legislature, the liberals hold a supermajority and control the administration. What the liberals want, the liberals get, and to he11 with the rest of the people. They say that is representation so we have to accept it when they pass more and more laws which circumvent the word and intent of the 2nd Amendment, as well as the rulings of the SCOTUS. They have been doing so a little at a time. Not outright banning weapons, but making it more and more difficult or cost prohibitive to purchase a weapon. The same goes for ammo which is necessary to make the tool useful. The anti-gun liberals reside in the cities, and have no idea what living in the country is like, and they do not care.

      When law enforcement says, as our sheriff has, we should arm ourselves because, due to budget restraints, manpower (3 units per shift), distances and road conditions, and priority of calls, we are on our own.

      CCW in California is not equally applied, which denies many people equal protection under the law, as each county sheriff is free to decide whether he/she will allow CCWs in that county. Additionally, if my county allows CCWs and I cross into another county which does not, I am subject to arrest, trial, and conviction of a weapons violation. The result of that is that the state can permanently deny my right to a weapon.

      We have already had weapons confiscated from law abiding residents because they live with someone who is not allowed a weapon or access to one. It doesn’t matter whether the weapon is secured and the other party can not access the weapon. If my son is prohibited from access to a weapon, and I take him in rather than leave him out sleeping under a bridge, I must get rid of any weapon in my home.

      Just how far are you willing to allow an individual state to go in the exercise of “state’s rights”?

    2. Your initial statement is correct; we should not bitch about states exercising their rights. By the same token, Beretta is taking President Reagan’s suggestion and voting with their feet!

    3. The vast majority of Jews killed or held in concentration camps during WWII had opportunity to run … but they underestimated the diabolical nature of their tyrannical gov’t. I believe you underestimate all that is under way including the agreements in process w/the UN. As for Maryland, I’m only happy that reasonable folks and reasonable companies are voting with their feet. They may eventually have the entitled utopia they think will bring great happiness to all … and it sort of will … as long as the rest of the states are forced to support them.

    4. States have “rights” only relative to the federal government and to other states, but not to citizens. They have powers over citizens, but not rights. States may exercise the “power” to ban certain firearms through legislation, for example, but they have no “right” to do so. Citizens, in turn, may exercise their “right” to attempt to modify such bans through elections, petitions, and the courts. Distinguishing between “rights” and “powers” might seem insignificant, like quibbling about “clips” vs. “magazines.” Everyone, it seems, including elected officials and law professors, use both terms interchangeably nowadays, but the distinction is actually fundamental to understanding our form of government. From the Declaration of Independence: “. . . [T]o secure these RIGHTS, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just POWERS from the consent of the governed . . .” (emphasis mine). Losing sight of this crucial distinction has led to our former public “servants” becoming our new “sovereigns,” under whom we citizens are becoming their subjects. Control the vocabulary and control the debate.

  33. Way too much hysteria(and unfounded fears) in many of the comments! Follow the law and common sense when it applies to owning guns and that of course solves the problems. Wild imaginations of rampaging hordes of ‘gun-grabbers’ coming to destroy our Constitutional rights are getting laughable. Of course we need laws that keep easy access to guns away from criminal or unstable minds in our Nation. Doing nothing isn’t working too well.

    1. JJohn.. Up here in New York, there have been several documented and well reported cases of our NY State Troopers going into homes and seizing guns, arresting people that happen to have more than 7 bullets in their handguns, and the list goes on. The “gun-grabbers’, as you called it, are already starting up here in New York. All of this due to the Cuomo “NY Safe Act” passage in the middle of the night. It’s here.

  34. Thank you Beretta from Tennessee. Even though we have a RINO governor who hates guns, you made the rights choice in moving to Tennessee. The citizens of this state fight for our 2nd Amendment rights daily. By you making a statement and moving here, it will help our fight.

    The people of Tennessee thank you for bringing your money and jobs here. As we build a base with additional gun manufactures here, the people of this state and the voters, will realize that we must vote with our dollars since our votes for those in government do not count.

    We elect those that have stated that they will do what the citizens tell them and then they change. As people realize this, we replace them in this state, maybe slowly, but eventually. Having supporters such as you behinds us now, maybe the changes can be made faster.

    Thank you again for choosing Tennessee for you new facilities.

  35. Unfortunate choice of headline on this article. Fleeing implies that Beretta was chased out. Should have read … Beretta says …”Maryland, you’re fired”.

  36. The plain language of the Second Amendment states in part, “. . . the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Any restriction on that right is, by definition, an infringement and, therefore, unconstitutional. The 2A doesn’t mention auto-loading or select-fire weapons, but was interpreted by SCOTUS in US v. Miller (1938) to recognize the right of militia members (all able-bodied males) to own and use military-grade firearms. Furthermore, given the widely-recognized principle that the Bill of Rights preserves the rights of the minority against tyranny by the majority, the argument that states have some lawful power to trample any citizen’s constitutional rights is specious, invalid, and just plain wrong.

    1. Obama and regime is just the tip of this spear. In the west like here in idaho we need gun facilities. i don’t understand the politics of these gun companies but the eastern sea board is fast becoming the police state USA, while the inland western states even including Colorado are taking steps within the people to negate scriptive unrepublic laws. we have many from california as well as many from the eastern areas of this nation moving here. 38 sheriffs in Idaho put their fingerprints on forcing the governor to tell federal agencies theres no allowances for receiving illegals into Idaho as mexican drug gangs are trying to invade this state. peoples of Montana Idaho Utah Washington Oregon Wyoming and northern California brace themselves against this welling tide.
      Guns are not the issue here, its an out of control federal government forcing States into decisions they feel they need in the guarding of the States republics federalized police forces will have a very short lifetime in these states as more and more people rally to the Republic and expend effort to make this happen. CCW is exploding, Sheriffs in idaho want gun ranges for the people training with deputies and special ops. Now how serious do we need to get? now! it s up to the man in the white house and i leave one message to Him. Leave our rights and freedoms alone!!!

    1. Gary! Short, precise and “spot on”. Good for Beretta. We should all vote with our dollars at every opportunity.

  37. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to me that the real villainy is what molds public opinion, and that seems to be the media. Most people do not appear to think for themselves, at least on any level requiring more than a couple minutes’ concentration. That makes radio, TV, and newspapers very powerful tools. In the past, there have been numerous examples of public opinion being hijacked by media: the McCarthy era (there was a communist behind every curtain), the Nixon era (he was innocent for a while), the Vietnam War (it was righteous until it was obvious that it was political and nothing more.

    And now, everyone has to have medical care (as if there were a lot of people who didn’t before), guns are terrible–but criminals are entitled to vigorous defense in court (even though their victims didn’t get much defense), we have to slosh enormous sums of money into failing businesses instead of letting the invisible hand of the market cull out the losers, etc.

    The media back all this, and people, like sheep, just follow along without thinking about what these actions are doing to the country. To b e sure, many of us ~are~ aware of the downsides and are vocal about it, but our voices are swamped by the noise of the media.

    Until and unless we start identifying who sponsors the media outlets that provide this twisted view of America–and refuse to do business with them, buy from them, supply them–they have no reason to change their sponsorship habits. We have to vote with our feet and our pocketbooks, or the game really is over.

  38. Domenic, I fully understand that taking the right to bear arms is not a good thing and probably not what most people want, although without the facts (surveys) it is hard to tell in those states if that is indeed what the public wanted. But we have a real flaw in our democratic system – we elect politicians to do our bidding, but they often do what they want or what strong lobbyists want. It seems to me that we should try to change our system a bit and move towards propositions and take the free wheeling politicians out of the equation.

    But if the majority of the people in those states really do want stricter gun control, then they should be allowed to have it, as long as their laws do not violate the Federal laws, and in this case Amendment #2. But this Amendment doesn’t state anything about automatic fire or assault weapons, which obviously did not exist back in the 18th century. So, this makes room for a gray area, and some states have chosen (whether by popular consensus or not) have chosen to narrow the meaning of Amendment #2.

    The real solution is to use propositions (a vote put to the general public) and remove the politicians from the equation.

    1. In the 18th sentury they were lucky to drive a car, now we got cars that can produce 500 HP and kill more people than any gun and yet we have no problem giving licenses even to people coming across the border illegally, do you see any mention of cars in the constitution?
      I agree that there is no reason to carry a .50 cal machine gun but if some one would like to collect one next to their 500 HP corvette they should be able to and if they commit a crime with a gun they should pay similarly to those that commit homicide by vehicle.

    2. Vincent:
      The standard argument by the anti-assault weapon lobby is that we didn’t have them when the Bill of Rights was written. True. However, consider this: In Revolutionary War days the citizens had weapons (muskets) comparable to the military. During the Civil war, citizens had firearms (Kentucky Long rifles) comparable to the government’s military. In WW I, Springfield rifles were owned by citizens as well as by the armed forces. World War II, the M-1 (Garrand) issued in the semi-automatic rifle, which in various forms was available to the American public. At each age, citizens were allowed to have personal weapons that were comparable to the military. Then came Viet Nam and Present Day and the M-16 and AR 15. Standard issue for the military. However now the politicians want to eliminate our right to have comparable firearm protection. No one is asking for fully automatic weapons, just semi-automatic action with capacities similar to that of the military.

      You see, the Liberals want the government to do everything for us, including keeping us safe. But who is going to protect us from the government? Especially if our weapons are not comparable.

    3. Automatic weapons are illegal in all states unless you have some kind of special permit I believe. And the term assault weapon, I don’t understand who came up with that. If I hit you in the head with a shovel, wouldn’t it be an assault weapon? This assault weapon nonsense is exactly that, nonsense.

    4. Larry, It would be wise and more helpful to others if you researched terms you think have little meaning to yourself or with which you do not agree. As far as ‘Assault Weapons’ goes, go to the Wikipedia page and read it at: Basically the most common definition is a semi-automatic (or fully automatic) rifles that has a large, detachable magazine.

  39. Ditto on what trgift said. Moved out 16 yrs ago to FLA. Will never go back to high tax, high crime, no 2nd amendment rights shithole. Its a shame for lots of eastern shore and western MD conservative areas folks. Just hope no more libtards frm Md, NY, Mass, etc move here and vote the way they did there. Numbnuts who voted for obama n gov omalley deserve the shit these too hav thickened there. Sorry for conservative frnds still there, VET OUT WHY U STILL CAN!

  40. I was raised in PA Allegany Plato and got my first buck at the age of 12. My parents raised me around firearms and drilled safety into my brain. I also took the PA Hunting/Trapping Safety Course, (required by law) to get my license. I spent the past 32 yrs in the Marine Corps and even attended Indian Head Expensive Ordnance Disposal School just down the street from Beretta factory. We were given a tour and this is one law abiding manufacturing plant of firearms. I carried a M9 since 1985 without any accidents. The Democrats, liberals, gun grabbers and all associated are definitely wrong. They should be keeping the firearms out of the outlaws, drug dealers and the likes hands instead of you and mine hands, the law abiding homeowners who need to protect ourselves and our families from the people who know no laws. We must come together (the silent majority) and remove the politicians, the millionaires, the organization’s and all domestic terrorists from office or work spaces. Outlaws who commit a crime using a firearm and is found guilty by a court of their peers should receive the death sentence, not life without parole but execution. This should and will not happen to law abiding citizens using a firearm in self defense or defense of their home or the defense of someone else in need.
    Beretta stand strong, you have the lawful law abiding citizens behind you and you must go public on this. Let the U.S.A. know and to heck with the “Big Five” who should be impeached or relieved of post or investigated. Sorry that this is so long but it hit a soft spot.
    Retired EOD Tech, USMC “Semper Fi United States of America” not the UN

    1. The Democrats, liberals, gun grabbers and all associated are definitely wrong. They should be keeping the firearms out of the outlaws, drug dealers and the likes hands instead of you and mine hands, the law abiding homeowners who need to protect ourselves and our families from the people who know no laws.

      The government has determined that it is a lot easier to control the
      average law abiding citizen rather the criminal, over which, they have
      no control. The law abiding have always been low hanging fruit for the
      anti gun nuts.

  41. Unfortunately I am from Maryland and I am here to say that almost ALL of this comes from the central part of Maryland surrounding the DC Metro /Baltimore Area. The rest of Maryland has no say at all because of the population density in that area.
    When they had public comments open on the house floor, over 1000 people spoke against these laws. Only 3 spoke for them. Beretta also spoke and promised them that if these laws passed they would close up shop. Most people outside of the Metropolitan area are ashamed to be called Marylanders.
    And by the way, they are already trying to cover up the Beretta loss..

  42. WOW. I am sorry that Beretta had to make such a decision, but I respect them for doing so. I support them hold heartily. I personally have doubts that the majority of citizens of Maryland agree with what the legislators did, but could be wrong. I wish I was smart enough to understand why some think that ‘gun control’ is going to stop these acts of terror on our citizens. Consider the number of guns in the US, far more than the number of cars, and the comparison of persons killed by guns vs. cars is not even a comparison. People have been killing people since the ‘beginning’. If they want to kill someone, they will find a way. I would think that the ‘breakdown in the family’, creating people with these mine sets, would have more influence on these acts than trying to control the ‘tools’ they chose to use.

  43. Vincent, you’re not even close to being correct. Your definition of tyranny is right on…..and that is exactly what is happening. Politicians are passing laws created by them from what they believe, not what the people believe and not what the constitution says. There was no vote by the people in NY for the “safe act”. There was no vote in CT for their gun laws. (I don’t know about Colorado). And your fear about these laws doing nothing when it come to the criminals is absolute. Take a look at Chicago. So your statement “apart from not being able to own any gun at all” is exactly where these politicians are going. It’s not just that we “don’t like these laws”, it takes away our rights, our absolute rights are being taken away and that’s what we don’t like.

  44. Our founding fathers are no doubt spinning in their graves over the events in Maryland, Connecticut and Colorado, whose anti-gun rights advocates do not embrace the concepts which made once enslaved men, free to commence this grand experience known as America with life, LIBERTY and the purcuit of happiness. Instead, we battle tyranny and have the views of those ELECTED PUBLIC SERVANTS and the WEALTHY ELITE shoved down our throats at every turn. It is time for the mindless sheep called “voters” to take back our democracy and personal right to choice from these narrow minded few. God Bless America and The Republic of Texas!

    1. What on earth does Texas have to do with Maryland tightening its gun laws???? Secondly, Texas is NOT a Republic and hasn’t been for over 150 year! If you are suggesting you wish to live outside the USA, move to Canada! There is no tyranny here in the USA, and hasn’t been any since 1776, Tyranny is not when laws are passed which you do not like. Tyranny is when laws are passed as well as the way of life are dictated by those not involved by the people the laws are meant for, but here in the USA we elect officials to make laws, and often even have to vote for or against these new laws, so these people for whom the laws are intended ARE indeed involved. Are you then suggesting that the majority in Maryland are against this new law? And if you are, how do you KNOW this? From the trend in Maryland (no doubt affected by New York, Connecticut, and Colorado), it would appear that the majority in Maryland do indeed desire stricter gun laws, which means that this is definitely NOT tyranny.

      But my fear is that all these laws (including these states which have really restricted gun ownership and use) that are designed to really restrict gun ownership will do next to nothing about criminal use of guns, NOR mass killings when someone goes off their rocker. Recently, most of these mass killings were done by teenagers, so all the checks in the world, apart from not be able to own any kind of a gun at all, will do next to nothing in preventing these mass killing sprees.

      It seems that those who want to cause mass destruction will find a way. The teenagers at Columbine High were buying guns from other individuals, so tougher selling laws would seem good, such as not being able to sell guns to minors. Shotguns and 9 mm Tec-9 semi-auto “pistol” (with a large magazine) as well as potential pipe bombs and other types of explosives were used. An assault rifle (Chinese) which was similar to the Tec-9 was used also in another school massacre in California 10 years earlier, but not by teenagers. Hence, the fear of assault type weapons. So, some controls do make some sense.

    2. U must be in Maryland and angry about the 2 amment . Gun owners bad people. Grow up please. And leave us gun owners a lone.

    3. I am in Maryland and I can gurrantee that it is only the people around the Baltimore/DC area that want these laws. Anybody outside of that small area is ashamed to be called Marylanders. There were over 1000 people that spoke out against these laws during the debates in the house. Only 3 spoke in support. Lawmakers received over 1 million emails and letters against them. BUT they still voted it in. Liberal politics at it’s best.

    4. Vincent, slightly off the topic, but just for clarification, what is your definition of republic? Is a state or commonwealth not a republic? If not, then what form of governance are they using? Certainly not a monarch as the definition of republic clearly states.

      Concerning the representation of the constituents, it is clear at least in some states that the elected legislators were NOT representing their constituents properly. See recall in Colorado as a response by the voting population. Massive protests against the NY SAFE Act as another example: . With that said, I believe in our system of governance (our Republic) and that through exhaustive demonstrations, advocacy, and communications with law makers and law executors, the majority shall have their desires reflected and enforced in the laws of their respective states.

      Incidentally, the strict Maryland gun laws is what drove me to move to VA vice MD. I applaud Beretta for their decision.

      I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about restricting sales. This is not the approach of an informed population, but rather a knee-jerk reaction which plays off the emotional responses of constituents. Cutting drunk driving incidents by restricting bus sales “The deadliest drunk-driving accident in the U.S. occurred in 1988 on Interstate 71 in Kentucky when a drunk driver with a BAC level of .24 g/dL caused a head-on collision with a school bus. The crash and ensuing fire killed 27 people (most of them children) and injured 34 others.” Reference: School bus involved in mass killing of innocent children! We must ban all school bus sales…This is a ridiculous departure from logic and reason. Addressing the individual who caused the incident (under the influence of a drug, in this case, alcohol). Thus, the efforts to reduce DUIs focuses not on vehicles(the tool), but instead addresses the problem logically and holistically. Specifically, this approach focuses on the human element and human behavior. Steps focus on the operator of the tool and include; holding individuals responsible (consumers and vendors), random sobriety checkpoints, and alcohol detection devices installed in vehicles of repeat offenders. Further steps such as heavy community involvement show the varsity level that some demographic areas have achieved.

      This same approach must be used when addressing violence (not just gun violence).

      As always, “Opinion, untempered by fact, is ignorance”

    5. To Vincent:
      At the time of the Constitution (for the united States of America), united meaning “joined”; everyone (regardless of state or province, or future state) became united to create a nation based on a Republic, not a Democracy, (mob rule of majority) and their intent included anyone living in Texas, or Arizona, or any other state to be concerned with perpetuating the government that was adopted “AT THE TIME” Therefore, some one from the Republic of Texas, (or another state) has the right to be concerned with idiot laws (by rule of rogue representatives who create idiot laws in violation of their Oaths of Office to support the Constitution in any other state, including California, Colorado, etc.) regardless of the number of people who are idiots who seek to overthrow the constitution. If you are against gun ownership, then don’t buy one.

  45. Politicians aren’t smart enough to understand the effect on the economy by what their big mouths say. Only the constituency can help the economic situation and set things right by getting rid of the rabble-rousing politicians. Until we do that, we are living under tyranny from the people we voted into office. It’s a damned shame that they will say anything to get into office, the do what the hell they want to. Let’s vote them out and get some real Americans in office.

    1. Hello Jordan: Great comment. I agree. Politicians take a solemn oath of office to uphold and defend the US Constitution and those Laws made in compliance therewith as “The Law of the Land” and go astray as traitors to their Oath(s) by creating laws that are repugnant to the Constitution. As such, they should be impeached or removed from office. There is no debate on the 2nd amendment. It is the law of the land, interpreted as written with the definitions of the time of its writing. See my other posts.

  46. Fantastic. Maryland doesn’t need patriots there anyway. Let the liberal drown in their own stupidity. Soon they’ll be ran-sacked by thugs, innocents will die and without enough police to be there in say 30-40 minutes after the need for a gun is real, it may sink in that the sandy hook incident was a crazy human, not a inanimate gun. Good luck Maryland, your gonna need it.

  47. I was born in Maryland and I have seen the way that Maryland lawmakers operate. I will bet that Maryland’s politicians will blame Baretta’s decision to leave the state on something other than terrible lawmaking. I really don’t have to say anything more than that Spiro T. Agnew (Vice President of the US-1969 to 1973 who resigned in disgrace) was from Maryland and Nancy D’Alesandro Pelosi is from Maryland? These are two very good examples of the way that Maryland grows their politicians and it does not matter if they are Republicans, as was Agnew or Democrats as shown by Pelosi.

  48. I currently live in Arizona which is very “gun friendly” but I lived in California for 25 years. The comments that I have seen here are nut surprising but are none the less disappointing. Readers of progressive web sites would have equally ignorant comments about conservatives.

    Why does the “Second Amendment ” issue have to define who you are and who everyone else is? Just because a person truly believes that limiting magazine size to 10 will save lives does not make that person stupid. There are a lot issues facing our country and yet guns seem to be all some people care about and have no problem judging people by that one issue. This is exactly why we are stuck with worst government in our country’s history. All someone has to do to win your vote is spout off about how much he/she cares about our gun rights and our vote has been won.

    I understand how important the issue is but there are other issues equally as important. Education, energy planning, the loss of the middle class, the every growing percent of this countries wealth that is controlled by the richest 1 percent.

    If you are not careful you will wake up one day in a country where you have all the guns you want, or can afford, but you will have no job except the minimum wage job at a fast food joint or Walmart. Your kids will be stupid because the public schools are broke, or gone completely, and you can’t afford the private schools. Getting enough clean water For your family will be your biggest concern each day, much like a third world,country today.

    Protect our second amendment rights, absolutely BUT please think,about other issues as well,and don’t decide that everyone who,thinks differently than you on this one issue is a loser and not worth your consideration.

  49. While I am 100% for the Second Admendment, there is way to much political bashing in these comments. Anyone who thinks all Democrats are dumb, or for that matter, that all Republicans are dumb, are seriously biased and show lack of knowledge themselves. Having said that, politicians (the ones who are moving towards banning guns in Maryland and other states) are simply trying to protect their jobs, because today the wave of masacres has many people alarmed and this is the ‘politically correct’ point of view. They are simply trying to keep their political jobs since none of the measurements put into place to keep guns from those that will do harm with them has worked. In fact, many of these mass killing have been done by teenagers!

    1. Hey Vincent, Maybe that’s a problem between the teenagers, their parents and the politicians.
      Why should it infringe on MY right to bear arms………I and millions of other people were not involved and had nothing to do with it.

      A car runs over a woman and her two kids…..kills the kids and the woman is critically injured……these politicians don’t come up with laws or restrictions on these automobiles.

      Maybe ALL cars shouldn’t be able to go faster than people can walk or run…..

  50. Maryland will not realize or admit their shortsighted actions. The only thing that matters to those legislators is satisfying their self-important narcissistic mindsets to show how much power they can lord over us. Congratulations to Beretta for their independent American spirit.

  51. Does anyone know how much revenue in taxes Maryland stands to lose because of this? Including income tax revenue from the jobs being lost?

    1. Ben, I really don’t think they care. They think they’re going to be better off in their little anti gun utopia.

  52. Just another state that joins the arrogance club like NY, CO, CA. These weasel-bags must go. Robert’s comments are so true. MD became another pathetic state. These states can make new bills, amendments, etc but the only one I will ever comply with is the 2nd Amendment. That is the one and only true right. Anything else is a control mechanism. Good luck Beretta in your new friendly home.

  53. Good to see another manufacturer leaving the “nanny” states. Money talks. Show the stupid legislatures in these states that when they infringe on the second amendment that it will cost the state jobs and taxes. I live in one of the worst states; Connecticut. Magazines that hold more than 10 rounds and muzzle brakes do not make a legal gun owned by a licensed person into a killing machine as some of our government think. The ignorance of the legislatures who vote on these things is appalling. Most vote in favor just so that they can go back to their constituents and say “I voted to save lives and protect children”. And we all know that what they are voting on does nothing to protect anyone.

  54. Hey Beretta………..WELCOME TO TENNESSEE !!!!
    We’re glad to have you and as always…… If you guys need anything, let us know! We’re the Volunteer State and welcome anyone who provides jobs, products that provide protection for us and our families, products that help provide wild game for the table, and great products that provide us great pleasure at shooting events.

    1. Please, don’t rub it in. Is not surprised that Beretta is leaving; this Marylander wants out, too , but has 5 yrs to retirement

  55. The only time they “might” realize is when the end up like Detroit. Even then since most liberals are stupid as hell with no common sense, the may not realize what the did. You can’t fix stupid. When it comes around and kicks them in the ass maybe they will see the light. Not.

  56. Maryland another pussy state and also has a bunch of dummy’s in that University of Maryland, I seen some of the stupid answers they gave on Oreilly Factor. Guess that’s why they vote for Democrat’s because they know nothing.

  57. liberals are turning this country into a third world country. Maybe those people that voted for the liberals will learn that liberals equal job loss.

  58. Maryland gave certain concessions and exemptions so Beretta could stay and operate as they had been. It was Beretta’s decision to move to TN. They were NOT forced to leave.

    1. The article clearly states certain concessions were made, but fear of future legislative acts prompted the decision to make the move.

  59. Beretta would send a “most clear message” to such anti-gun states as MD by moving ALL their MD operations to Gallatin, TN. This is a nice area in TN, receptive to new business, competent work force, reasonable house prices, taxes in range, and close to Nashville area for those that need the bigger city feeling.

  60. Unfortunately I live in the grand state of “Give me all your money and weapons.”.. New York. Our wonderful Governor Cuomo “Who needs 10 bullets to kill a deer?” and his “NY Safe Act” led the way and Maryland followed. I’m sorry to hear that two states that led the Colonial Revolution against the British and has suffered dearly at the hands of many would be “kings” (War of 1812, etc.) still votes 21st century “Kings” into the seats of government power in these very same states. I so wish I could move away from here. Those of you who live in a more ‘gun free’ state, enjoy it while you can.. never give up.. and keep those of us who must live under these modern day “Kings” in your thoughts and pray that a revolution of common sense returns to all the states in our great country.

    1. Why are you stuck? Our forefathers traveled this land on foot on horse back and covered wagon. We have trains planes and buses, as well as cars and trucks that will take you anywhere in the lower 48. There are more important things in life than money. You can make a living anywhere as long as you now the difference between a want and a need. I NEED to live where I am free to protect my family and home. Go west, or south but get out of there!!!

    2. Hi Ruger .243.. alas.. I am stuck here as long as my wife won’t leave her daughter who still resides here. Blood is thicker than any desire to live elsewhere. That and we both are getting into our ‘golden’ years but still can’t “retire” because of financial considerations. So, I stay.. and may end up being buried here. But if I die here, I’m going to ask to be buried face down so at least I can fart from my grave in the direction of the lawmakers.

  61. My late daughter worked for Lockheed Martin and lived in Baltimore. She could not get a concealed carry permit until she could prove she had been assaulted 2 times!!!
    The idiots in the Maryland Legislature have never considered what happens if you don’t survive your FIRST assault!!!
    She moved to South Carolina and carried a Glock 19-also got a Utah permit that gave her reciprocity in many more States.
    While she worked in Washington D.C. she carried a LadySmith 38 at her parents insistence! She had a Top Secret clearance; drove a Camaro and worked at TRW sometimes until after midnight plus lived in Adams Morgan!! The LadySmith helped her mother & me to sleep for sure: we told her we would rather have her tried by 12, for carrying an ILLEGAL weapon in DC, than carried by 6 to her grave.
    God rest our Cindy who passed away at age 50 while exercising and not at the hands of a thug.

  62. I own a Beretta storm.45 cal and a 92S 9mm. I am very glad they are moving out of a state that might affect my ability to get parts and service for my weapons.

  63. One of my billionaire pals was looking at MD for a new factory. About 800-900 new jobs for MD. He heard about their anti gun policies, their 2050 plans and their TDRs. Guess what? He said he believed more and more people would do what he did. Start looking elsewhere. He doesnt think these anti gun states realize they not only drive away gun manufacturers but all types of manufacturers. I had never considered that!

  64. Hey GC,
    I could wish it was different and that I did not live in the governmental climate that you describe, but I must agree for the most part to your summary. A sad state of affairs indeed when laws are enacted that serve no common purpose other than to further divide our nation and further take away more of the common, center ground on which our nation was erected. There is a storm coming . . . Beretta is not the only one,, nor I think the last that will have to make these decisions. With these false successes by state governments such as Maryland what industry, tech, people, or ideas will become unlawful next just because a few think its the “right” thing to do or because of perhaps a darker agenda? Wouldn’t it be interesting if the munitions and firearms manufactures banded together and said to a state “if you pass this bill, we will stop immedently all sales, and further support, now and in the future for your State and Local Law Enforcement needs of requirements, further we will do the same to any state that supplies you with munitions or equipment support.” Or something like that. How about a campaign directed at helping other large or critical manufacturing or infrastructure base companies to move to friendlier “constitutionally sound” states. What’s the future look like?
    Yup, a storm is coming ….

    1. This is similar to the unrealistic new laws coming into effect in California with microstamping. Colt,Glock, Smith and Wesson and Springfield have announced that they will not sell any firearms to anyone in the state. Law enforcement included. Until these ludicrous laws are repealed. It’s time for all manufacturers to follow suit. If these scatterbrained politicians can’t be protected by an unarmed police force, maybe then they’ll realize their unconstitutional folly. The last line of the second amendment is “shall not be infringed in any way”…… I’m moving to Arizona or Colorado where I am still free to be a proud American gun owner.

    2. Colorado just instituted a magazine capacity law, so you might want to watch out for them.

  65. Liberals’ political decisions are based on their ideological preconceptions, which are in turn based on emotions. By definition, they cannot be persuaded by facts or appeals to reason, so attempting to engage them in an honest debate is a fool’s errand. Best to follow Beretta’s lead and cede the field for a sunnier clime. Vaya con dios, Costa del este.

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