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Beretta Plants Manufacturing Flag in Tennessee

Gun manufacturer Beretta USA announced Wednesday it would build its newest plant in Tennessee—not in Maryland, where the centuries-old Italian gun-maker is currently headquartered. 2 Beretta_Black Last year, when Maryland lawmakers approved a ban on the sale of 45 types of semiautomatic rifles, the company said it would site its next $45-million 300-job plant in another state.

Beretta, whose U.S. headquarters is located on the Potomac River in Accokeek, makes the U.S. military’s M9 pistol and an array of other firearms, some of which were banned by the state.

On Wednesday, the company announced it would build a new research and development plant in Gallatin, a town of about 30,000 people northeast of Nashville. It will be the first U.S. Beretta manufacturing plant outside of Maryland.

“From the moment when we started to consider a location outside of the state of Maryland for our manufacturing expansion, the governor [Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam] and his economic development team did an excellent job demonstrating the benefits of doing business in Tennessee,” Franco Gussalli executive vice president of Beretta USA, said in a statement.

Jeff Reh, a member of the company’s board of directors, said in a statement Wednesday, “We started our search by looking only at states that have a consistent history of support, and likelihood of future support, for Second Amendment rights.” There was no announcement regarding a move of Beretta USA’s headquarters, which has been in Accokeek for more than three decades.

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  2. They should have fled the “Peoples Republic of Maryland” 29 years ago, or researched that state’s stand on our 2nd Amendment and saved time and money in the first place. I was born and raised there, precisely the reason I vacated.

  3. I would not buy anything from CO, NY, NJ, MD or Massatuchets. Why doesn’t Berretta move their HQ? Just watch the obama nazis go after all gun rights. We will end up like South Africa.

  4. i agree with some others, Beretta should have moved everything out of Maryland. any state that doesn’t support the Second Amendment should be banned by any arms type manufacturer and move to another state also! Residents should also move out of state if at all possible, and it would be fantastic if other large non-shooting type manufactures would move out of state if they could also show they don’t support Maryland’s legislature.

  5. “Hide Behind”s illiteracy is a shame. His unintelligible rantings feed the arguments of anti-gun advocates. Beretta’s nearly 500 years in the gun making business combined with their move to a pro Second Amendment state shows their support and Respect for the rights of God fearing Americans. These are the companies that deserve our support and our purchases!

  6. I think we should we should buy only from manufactures that have left northern states and forget the ones that stay.

  7. Cheap labor in the south –no. A fair wage–yes. Because people realize that you do not need a go between ie union to make a decent living. Come on look at Detroit and what unionized labor and corrupt politicians got them. BANKRUPTCY! While I am not against the union I am against the greedy bastards at the top that only look out for themselves. As far as cheap land and reduced taxes that is the way of the world. A company any company looking to build a new facility is going to go where the upfront cost is the least. It is called CAPITALISM and it works pretty damn well. Prime example is Nissan moving its headquarters to Tennessee because of the stranglehold that Communfornia excuse me California puts on its economy. All in all I think that this was a business decision that a company would build a facility in a state that is 1. Receptive to their product. 2. Offered the best package deal for creating jobs.

  8. To bad you didn’t come further south to the great state of Texas. Gov. Perry would have made a better offer. Also no state sales tax, and less shipping costs since we are in the middle of the U.S.

  9. Plus wherever these draconian gun control laws are made, not only do they lose revenue and jobs, they usually see an increase in gun crime because the bad guys don’t care about gun laws like your everyday law abiding citizen who just wants to be able to protect themselves and their families.

    I feel bad for the citizens of those towns and states but they do get the government they elect. It’s also why a lot of good people are leaving those places as fast as they possibly can. I know I did. Been happier in my new freedom loving state too.

  10. Forget Maryland and those involved in the anti-gun culture of like states. They get what they asked for…the elimination of guns (and the jobs and tax money which accompanies this lucrative business). Hats off to Tennessee where, like here in Texas, God…Guns…Guts built a culture of respect for responsibile firearms ownership and The FREE Republic still flourishes. We, like Tennessee, open our borders and hearts to free enterprise and the sustainment of The American Way, which includes supporting the 5th Amendment, U.S. Constitution. Once the “Feds” get the guns and ammo by deceit, trickery and unlawful means, NONE of your freedoms will be protected. WAKE UP Maryland, you’ve just became a victim of Government oppression of your individual rights as a Citizen.

  11. I am pleased that companies like Beretta, Magpul, PTR, and others are showing the Left their rear-ends as they leave the states that don’t support the Second Amendment. It serves as a slap in the face of jack-holes like CT Gov. Dannel Malloy who’s more than happy to rake in the tax dollars gun companies provide, yet doesn’t trust his subjects with their products. He was even actively wooing Bushmaster to move their headquarters to CT, yet now their rifles are banned in CT by name…

    I will do everything in my power to support companies with that kind of conviction. I still love Ronnie Barrett’s stand about not selling or servicing Barrett’s to CA law enforcement agencies, because their state government doesn’t allow private citizens to own a Barrett. I will own one someday simply for that reason.

    I absolutely agree with a previous poster that the kind of climate that gun companies are looking for is the kind of climate that ALL companies are looking for, and the country will continue to stratify into pro- and anti-business, which will coincidently align with Red and Blue…

    Might it drive costs up for the consumer? Probably. Am I willing to pay for that? Yep. Freedom isn’t “free”, on any level.

  12. I’m glad to see Beretta move to Tennessee. I invite Springfield, Colt and Ruger to move to East Tennessee.

  13. I fully agree with Beretta moving from a state that doesn’t want their business. I personally think they should consider moving everything out of Maryland including their headquarters. The thinking of Maryland lawmakers is exactly what has this nation in the state of flux it is currently in. We are so divided right now we are completely at odds with our very neighbors. States that pass these laws are completely out of touch with the majority of Americans.

  14. I think this has taken an interesting turn. Unfortunately I fear we’re all going to have to pay for these forced relocations with higher prices for both firearms, ammunition and accessories because feces rolls down hill and we; the customers, are at the bottom of the grade. These forced moves aren’t going to be cheap and the cost will just be passed on to us. The gun grabbers will soon learn that there’s an economic cost to their mindless hippy utopia with the loss of tax revenue and jobs. Pretty soon I think well se them wallowing in their gun controlled misery while other reasonable states prosper. Living in California, I’m glad to see this happen, it may scare and wake up some of these idiots we have in Sacramento, but I fear I’ll be long gone before that happens. Hank

  15. Unlike Remington, the uncompromising support bt Beretta for the second amendment makes them a credible contender for my business as I’m unwilling to support those who do not support our Gd given right to bear arms.

  16. Good for Beretta! If democratic controlled hell holes dont want to respect the 2nd Amendment, or the manufacturers in the gun industries and supporting industries, or the good paying jobs they provide, or the huge taxes they pay to their states…then they can just lose them to states that will!

  17. I have to agree with both, states like Indiana sale a lot of hunting permitts,ammo an shotguns. Rifles in pistol climbers. High powered rifles are not allowed in open field hunting. In states that don’t generate hunting revenue. They don’t care about 2nd amendment rights. At least they didn’t move to mexico.

  18. Horse puckys.
    What and the heck does selling more guns to Feds and getting cheap labor, land and tax breaks by an Italian arms company have to do with a Constition ?
    That and colors of red or blue, other than as an manipulation for sales and to get cheap land and low waged labor with fed and state tax breaks.
    Good southern welfare going back to days of pa on a porch with ma working at the shoe and cotton mills of 1970’s whem the coal mines ran out.
    Th ey are not closing down their fed and other nations contract sales that US foist upon our newly subdued nations from plant Maryland and their new plant will be trying to enlarge on government sales as well..Just the salrs to Phillipines will be in 10’s of millions, and we have not got done causing ip risings in Thailannd sn othrr SE adian nations.
    Japans orders eill be millions as well.
    War is good for finding a job.
    The amount of weapons they build for sales to civilian market will not change in numbers as they continue into
    higher price range;At least not until Remington finally pulls pin on its money losing and failing gun making plants.
    The only american made and original will be Colt military and Savage Mossburg line for a few more years.
    All hunting weaponry soon to go through roof as next year we see millions more of private lands go pay to hunt only the money will hunt.
    As to if they Use Berreta or FM and other high end limited numbers manufacturing , we will see.

  19. In a slow but deliberate way; Americans are separating themselves into blue and red regions and states. There may come a day when red states keep our Constitution and blue states write one of their own since they have no intention of living under the one we all do right now.

    Businesses are doing the same thing with one other motive. Profit; which is what they are in business for to start with. If taxes and bad laws prevent them from growing and expanding where they are they will logically move to a more friendly environment. Who wouldn’t?

  20. Congratulation to Berreta’s management. I fear the day when our “government” disallows a private company from determining their own destiny.

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