How to Beat the Gun Ban!

Stripped AR-15 Lower Receiver

Some would call it fear mongering, others would accuse me of sabre rattling. I would just call it plain fun, common sense and an excuse I can use to buy a new gun without getting beat up too bad by the wife. Whatever you call it, the possibility of Obama getting reelected and another assault weapons ban is a reality that I intend to take preemptive action against. My reasoning is simple, based on history and my personal experience.

Although I worked in a gun and sporting goods store in the mid ’90s, I wasn’t in a position to take advantage of the chatter and advice I was hearing. Every employee understood the implications of Clinton’s Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 (Assault Weapons Ban to most of us). At the time, those in my circle with the means were buying as many AR lowers as they could afford.

The lower receiver is the only part of an AR that has to have a serial number and be registered. After the 1994 ban, you could still purchase stocks, sights and uppers, but you had to own the lower before the ban was in place to build a complete gun. Those who had the means to stock up before the ban, cleaned up after the ban.

Back then, lowers were fairly expensive compared to the entire cost of the gun. Today, it is a different story. The new polymer lowers—if you can find them in stock—run less than $40. Even a stripped aluminum lower is only $85. Those are prices worth buying a small stockpile and stashing in the back of the gun safe for later builds or as a hedge against Obama being reelected and imposing another weapons ban via the United Nations or Executive Order.

Since the lower requires registration, you’ll have to have it shipped to a local FFL. I live in central Illinois and although it’s not the closest firearms dealer, Pekin Gun & Sporting Goods has proven to be the most friendly and helpful in the past—so I had mine shipped to there.

Buying Online Here is an admission that I am a bit embarrassed to make. I have never bought a firearm online before. Well, at least not until a few minutes ago. The process is really simple.

I went though the normal checkout procedure on The system is programmed for firearms and AR lowers to be shipped to an FFL and gave me two options. The first was to pick a preferred dealer that was already in the system. This was easy and only required me to type in the zip code and then pick Pekin Gun from the resulting list. In fact, just about every local firearms dealer was already on the list, which was very comforting.

If my preferred dealer had not been on the list, all that would have been required was to contact the store and ask it to fax over its FFL information. This is a rather standard procedure and should not be a problem if you need to take this route. However, as I stated previously, I live in a fairly small town and all of my local dealers were already on the list.

Given the current political state, parts are moving fast.

There are several options to choose from and new items are coming in all the time, so if it is out before you get yours, just sign up for an e-mail notice and you will be notified as soon as more are available.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more with comment No. 2. Republicans have been using the threat of Democrats taking away guns for years to con uneducated rednecks into voting for them for years, yet Republicans are no better. Obama made it legal to carry guns in some of the national parks while Romney ban assault weapons so you tell me which is more anti-gun? Get your facts straight people!!! Don’t believe all the garbage that is fed to you. Man this country needs better education bad.

    Comment by kevin — November 3, 2012 @ 5:20 am

    Yeah, starting with yours. Want to try again with your ignorance about Republican threats and lies? Obama and Democrats have ALWAYS been on a mission to ban guns. You must be 10 yrs old because it was Democrats who gave us the last Assault Weapon Ban in 94, and Democrats again nowadays. Just look around the country.

  2. I love it after the sun has set on all the prognostications as to what B.O. will do and what “morons” Republicans are, and now the truth is undeniably out there for all to see. But of course, the “common sense” limitations on firearms and magazines that look like military guns in “No way effects anyone’s 2nd ammendment rights.” BULL!!!

  3. I hate to see you all argue among your selves. I’m just a hunting guy. I have no military experience. I am a 2nd amendment defender/ I also am a concield weapons permit owner. It’s the UN gum band treaty stupid!!!! o’bama has his minyons do his work. Hillary is a supporter and has signed the treaty. o’bama is right there too. He is the sneakiest liar ever to be in the presidents office in the history of the USA. Buy guns, ammo, “prepper stuff” and move out of the cities. The day is going to come when it will be difficult to live free as we know it.
    I have seen some great advice and comments on this blog but the ones that say everything is and will be fine have their head up their ass.
    Ecen though I have had no military training I don’t believe I will have a problem defending what I hold dear. Remember the men on Bunker Hill and at Lexington were “just farmers”. So am I.

  4. Hey Bill, Thanks for the appreciation. It was an honor to serve and the way I see it my duty is not over. You are the very type of person that the current administration wants to go after: “Hey you! You have too much stuff! Why don’t you share some of your stuff with these poor folks that don’t have anything!” The liberal paradigm not only is anti-gun, they are anti-success. Their big problem in forcing their ideas on us is the second amendment. That is why they must discredit it and attempt to change history by changing the original intent which was to prevent an out of control government from having their way with the people. I am also a Vietnam vet. After carrying a weapon for a year, I felt incomplete without one. Then I realized, “Hey! the founders were right! I have the right to protect myself with a gun!” I have been a resposible gun owner my entire life and no administration is going to tell me that I cannot have them. The current administration should walk on eggs when it comes to the second amendment becuase if there was ever a topic to produce civil unrest it is this one. Me and millions of other veterans (and people from all walks of life)feel exactly the same way. Getting back to the original drift of this topic: Hoarding a bunch of receivers is a good idea but in my opinion only for barter. I am buying silver which is more useful as tender and takes up less space. Every household should have at least one type of rifle like an AR – preferably two, along with a supply of spare parts like spring kits. What everone should be hoarding is ammo. Buy as much as you can afford.

  5. Yeah, well ar the risk of being ostrisized by everyone else, I’m 60 and have never voted, so I always figured I never had a say, and deserved whatever I get. For me, life has always been about hunting, fishing, and camping(well, later in life, RVing). Oh, photography of said events along the way also, over the years. Now, I have four boats, three travel trailers, and a fifth wheel, two diesel pick-ups, and more guns and gear than anyone deserves. I enjoy reading all about everything on this website, but I’ve never been political. I was in the US Naval Sea Cadets for about 18 months back in ’68/’69, but as an only child, I opted out just before going to boot camp in Orlando Fla, and then on to Vietnam. My Dad had died, and I drew Social Security on him by staying in school. I think the year they had the lottery, my number was like 261 or something. But, I never ran, a lot of kids did. Thank you Frank, for serving. I know the Second Ammendment has nothing to do with hunting, so may God help us in the coming months.

  6. Bend over, put your head between your legs and kiss your ass goodby. Pray to god that nothing happens to the remaining conservative judges at SCOTUS. Obama will appoint another liberal and they then will have a majority. Then say goodby to the second amendment – “it was nice knowing you but the stupid people are in control, it was fun while it lasted!”

  7. This is for all the mis or un informed out there. The original Clinton ban was an experiment to see what it would take to “nudge” the American people into a sense of a need for “sporting purposes” for any gun. We can and could get 50 round mags for things like ruger 10/22s but if some A hole in the government decided that these served no legitimate “sporting purpose” like for hunting than they could be banned, along with everything else they deemed to have no sporting purpose. The shooting community including the NRA was not fooled by the intent of this clear infringment of the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment was never about hunting but that’s the mantra of liberals everywhere. Make no mistake (and the NRA is 100% behind this) Obama will attempt to take ALL of your guns away from you. Believe it!

  8. I’m not going to avoid getting into politics. I’ll just comment on the original blog post.

    There is no gun registration in most states.

    Under the 1994 Clinton AWB, it didn’t matter when the lower was purchased. In order to be legally in “Assault Weapon” configuration, it had to be in the “Assault Weapon” configuration BEFORE the law went into effect. Of course, this may not matter in the future IF there is another AWB, as the law may be written differently. Having a case of a hundred stripped lowers may not do you any good.

    If you order a lower, or any firearm, online, and select a local dealer from a pull-down menu, it’s probably best that you call that local dealer before you place your order and make sure it’s okay with them. Who knows, maybe they’re moving to Canada next week, or the shop will be closed for two weeks while the owner is in the hospital.

  9. Hey Kevin, What we don’t want to hear is that we elected a communist into the White House for another four years. You say you are not an Obama fan but your rhetoric says otherwise. It is YOU who happens to be uninformed. We all know the facts about the MA gun ban and that the people wanted it. We all know what fast and furious was about. “Passing out guns by the thousands”? You are kidding, right? Go back to your duties at Omama HQ because no one believes you hear.

  10. Bill: No, M1 Garands and carbines are still 100% legal in the US in general (some states may ban them, and some do ban the normal length magazines, but that’s of course different).

    The problem is with (re-)importation. The Gun Control Act of 1968 allows the Attorney General to ban the importation of guns that are not “suitable for sporting purposes”, as defines that. G. H. W. Bush used this after the Stockton school shooting to ban the importation of complete semi-automatic assault rifles, and there’s also a crazy regulation from that which makes it illegal to build or modify such a gun if it has more than 10 foreign manufactured parts out of a list of 20.

    In this case, we gave the South Korean government a bunch of M1 Garands and carbines way back when, and they’d like to make a few dollars, or won in their case, by sending them back to us. The Obama Administration blocked that on gun-control grounds (M1 carbines scare them), so buying a M1 carbine will be more expensive since that would have increased the supply by quite a bit.

    But they’re still quite available, original GI manufacture or recent and new manufacture from the Auto-Ordnance division of Kahr Arms.

  11. Hey guys, did I read a few posts back that someone said M-1 Garrand, and .30 U.S. Carbines have been banned? Seriously, I admit to not keeping up I suppose, but only very recently in my 60 years have I wanted one. A Carbine. I have lots of pretty guns w/polished blue, nice scopes, and really deep-grained stocks, the traditional stuff, you know. I just bought an AK-47 last month, and though I can’t afford another just yet, the little Carbine looks like an interesting mult-use gun for me. Some day,a SOCOM-16 if I’m lucky, but I’d fire the .30-M1 a lot more, and I like the compactness of it. I really never cared at all for auto-loaders, or military rifles, guess the bug finally bit me. Say it ain’t so someone. If I had the cash saved up, could I by a M-1 .30 cal U.S. Carbine? Not a collecter, just a good knock-around shooter?

  12. If Obama wins we are all F’d. Nixon resigned over Watergate and nobody died! We have four Americans dead in Libya and they are “a bump in the road” says Obama. Vote Republican and rid America of this Obama scurge!

  13. I think all you scared of Obama guys are funny! Obama hasn’t even tried to ban guns, not now, not when he had a Dem Congress, yet Romney was the one who signed anti gun legislation in this state as gov. If past performances prove to be true, it’s Romney we need to worry about! Of course all you brainwashed neocons won’t agree.. Just think of Obama, he was passing out guns by the thousands in opperation Fast and Furious! Of course, most of you will spin that fact though! Not to mention Obama was the guy that Bin Laden died under, NOT a republican!Don’t get me wrong, i’m no fan of Obama, just pointing out facts most of you guys don’t want to hear.

  14. “Ask yourself, why would this gun hating, take your rights away, socialist, expand gun rights to in National parks….”

    Because it was attached to must-pass and sign legislation, or so the Democrats thought it to be.

    More specifically, Obama is of a different cultural generation that the Baby Boomers, and he’s not particularly interested in the culture war issues that drive e.g. the Clintons so much, including gun control. He’s interested in old fashioned socialism, i.e. Obamacare.

    I believe gun control is a goal of his, just a low priority one.

    To finish, your dismissal of the impact or importance of import and “high” (actually normal) capacity magazine bans tells us where you stand on the issue of the RKBA: against it. Why should we listen to you on anything else having to do with the RKBA, especially when you call us racists?

    (What are you trying to accomplish when you do that … haven’t you noticed the accusation has lost all its power after we’ve been called that for 4-5 years for any opposition to Obama?)

  15. WOW! Kevin, I concur with you about Bold Truth. Probably dropped on his head as well. It’s not your fault Bold Truth, you’ve been boldly lied to. I wish my fellow whities would just admit they don’t like him because he’s black. And yes, there are the ones that don’t like him because he’s a democrat-AND BLACK!

    There is NO WAY your guns will be taken. A ban on imports, so what. A ban on high capacity, so what. Are you that lazy? I’ve had guns my whole life, but I do not beleive the B.S. that come out of the 3rd strongest lobbying group in this country, the N.R.A. Ask yourself, why would this gun hating, take your rights away, socialist, expand gun rights to in National parks, only to take your gun away. He’s out to get ya! Or, is the NRA out to get your money. And could I be wrong? But my common sense tells me otherwise. Try using yours people.

    When did it become so right to be wrong.

  16. I blame the public education system for comments like the one made by Bold Truth. Wow. It’s insane to think there are people in this country that are that ignorant. Please do everyone and favor and don’t reproduce. And Jay, not sure what your talking about because there is nothing in my post that says the two sides are the same.

  17. All I can say if they come for mine it had better be a high altitude airstrike. Any thing less won’t do the trick.

  18. Pat: on the other hand he revived the issue of “Saturday Night Specials”, the a more complete quote is:

    “Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced. But part of it is also looking at other sources of the violence. Because frankly, in my home town of Chicago, there’s an awful lot of violence and they’re not using AK-47s. They’re using cheap hand guns.”

    And as President he *can* ban the importation of guns based on the GCA of ’86 “sporting purposes” restrictions: G. H. W. Bush did that for semi-auto assault rifles *and we’re still living with those restrictions*; they even affect building or modifying a gun in the US, can’t use more than 10 foreign parts out of a list of 20 (referred to as the 922r rule, and yes, you can become a felon by simply swapping parts of your existing “assault weapon”). Obama, or rather his Attorney General, could with a stroke of the pen ban the import of “cheap hand guns”, as they see fit to define.

  19. Ross Walters: Obama is not ahead in the polls; the RCP average today has them at O 47.4/R 47.3, a statistical dead heat (and in detail it all depends on their models of likely voters, and there’s little confidence in those this year). As for the Electoral College, each can plausibly win it right now, especially allowing for the notorious inadequacy of public state polls (e.g. they ask only 600 people).

    That said, no, in 2008 he said he didn’t have the votes in the Congress for a new gun ban and that’s probably even more true today (we hope; replacing Blue Dogs with records with Republicans who can still “grow in office” means we don’t exactly know where we are, on the other hand the leaderships don’t want to deal with this issue at all).

    I can deny “Romney signed a bill banning assault weapons while Guv of Massachussetts” in that they were already permanently banned by a previous bill based on the soon to expire Federal bill, and what he signed prevented future mischief from e.g. the notoriously anti-RKBA state courts and improved a few things.

    And, yes, I have absolutely no confidence that Romney is truly pro-RKBA. The same is true for more than 95% of the members of the Congress. What I do have confidence in is that almost all of these people want to be successful (e.g. get reelected) and for national office serious gun bans are poison in the ballot booth.

    As for the NRA and Obama, as previously mentioned, the *actions* of multi-long gun reporting, Fast and Furious and the M1 rifle and carbine import ban are quite sufficient. Maybe he didn’t say what he’s been reported to to Sarah Brady, but there’s a wealth of other unquestioned anti-RKBA statements from him as well as a universally acknowledged pattern of his saying rather different things on and off the Teleprompter, and in public vs. thought to be private venues (“So it’s not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns…”). We have no reason to believe a that former board member of the Joyce Foundation (1994-2002) has changed his beliefs.

    And to say our Constitutional rights “are safe” flies in the face of all human experience, most certainly including recent American political history. Again, you’ll have to forgive me for following the principle of eternal vigilance instead of complacency.

  20. @Jay It was the second debate not the third. Obama’s words “Part of it is seeing if we can get an assault weapons ban reintroduced.” To me he did not seem eager to fight that battle. So I think the NRA will be able to handle it. I’m glad to hear him focus more on other reasons for the violence rather then just try to get rid of the guns. If the NRA can argue other methods of reducing the violence other then to put guns in everyone’s hands then Obama would not push for a banned.

  21. Four more years of Obama is about to become a reality. He’s ahead in the polls and barring a miracle has the majority of electoral votes sewn up.

    Who among you thinks he’s got the votes in Congress to enact a gun ban?
    Who can deny Romney signed a bill banning assault weapons while Guv of Massachussetts?

    Politicians say a lot of things to please their audiences. One particular candidate has been known to flip and flop on virtually EVERY issue to please his audience.

    Don’t worry. In 2016 you’ll still have the same unfettered 2nd Amendment rights.
    The NRA does some good things but they are over-the-top extremists when it comes to Obama and not above spreading false information…ie, The Sarah Brady conversation that NEVER HAPPENED (google the Tampa Bay Times article).

    Have fun bashing Obama or Bloomberg or Boxer because the 1st Amendment gives you the freedom to do so. Nobody’s going to take that away from you either.

    Your Constitutional rights are safe. Don’t be afraid.

  22. hey revolverdude
    the only reason a middle aged white guy father of 2 like myself owns guns is racist, ignorant, s**t heads like you.

  23. I keep reading some guy posting about Republican morons. The truth of the matter is that Democrat = moron. You foolish, foolish democrats.

  24. Kevin reminds me of one of those people who thinks the two parties are exactly the same. This is ignorance of the highest level. The two parties have never been more opposed on almost every issue. People like Kevin just don’t understand the issues as do most people who say that there is no difference in vision between the two parties.
    Obama just said in the last debate that he will reintroduce the assault weapons ban!

  25. Comment by Matt — November 3, 2012 @ 9:10 am – Hey matt, I’m glad that you were able to take some time off in your Obama campaign duties to write your post. Fast and furious was NOT an attempt at discrediting the second amendemnt? It WAS an attempt to get guns out of the hands of the druggies? The Obama camp is now going after the stupid vote – that is very apparent. Only the super stupid will believe bull crap like this.

  26. horse56: I have to disagree on how important the Supreme Court is to the RKBA.

    Heller was decided in 2008, and before it we’d been stunningly successful in the political arena, including a nationwide sweep of shall issue concealed carry regimes (since then Wisconsin and Iowa, the rest, Illinois, D.C., Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, and parts of New York and California *are* hard cases that almost certainly will require court action), and, say, keeping Al Gore out of the White House.

    It’s not even clear the Supreme Court as it is today or after some Romney picks—Republicans don’t have a great record, e.g. David Souter and John Stevens voted against Heller, the latter against McDonald—will make any future decisions that will result in significant changes on the ground. Right now, Heller and McDonald haven’t really changed anything unless you’re a resident of D.C., the Chicago suburbs that gave up on their handgun bans, and Chicago if/when they’re forced. Note that these fights are over mere possession in the home of firearms, not a controversial issue outside of a few bad states.

    So while this is certainly an issue, compared to the raw political power we’re wielding it isn’t an overriding one for the RKBA. On other issues it’s of course very important (for example the EPA’s work in progress in shutting down coal fired power plants).

  27. LOL nothing like fear mongering. This was used during the 2008 election to sway voters from voting for Obama. Guns and Ammo sales when though the roof. And now Cheaper then Dirt is looking to do it again.

    Now I’m a gun owner and support the Second Amendment. I purchased my AR15 along with 6000 rounds of ammo as a Just in case weapon. I will use it as needed.

    Gun laws don’t work. Just look at the Crime trend when Gun laws took place. If you want less crime then lessen the need for it. Secure our borders and improve the economy. The crime issue will take care of itself without stomping of our right to have the ability to defend ourselves should we need to. I make these statements as A liberal.

  28. Guys the truth is that we need to get rid of the democrats in power we all know he should have never been elected. He is not an American and has done multiple counts of fraud. How he got to we’re he is now is only by the corruption of the system. He not only should have been remoove but should have been put in prison for life without parrot. Regardless of becoming a Martyr or not. Where do you find proof of his citizenship . I utube under Obama admits not an American is clear. How the hell some one born in Hawaii gets a social with Connecticut numbers? All in you tube.
    Let’s face it if he has done all this crap he will find the way to ban our guns if we do not remoove him. He has been a joke from the beginning but he offers to the poor the breake down of the rich. We listen to all of this and instead of working hard to make mony we want to get it for free like if anyone owes us anything. We want free health care, free food stamps, free welfare, free social security benefits even though we have never worked an onset job in our lives. To top it off we do not want to pay taxes when we get a job.
    Reality check all jobs come from the so called rich corporations and rich people. They do not do good we do not have welfare or any money to get shit. Who is going to give you this? The arabs Alah our president who has never given anything to charity from his own pocket but offers all to the poor? He just bought a 40 million dollar mansion in Hawaii.
    He has literately wiped his ass with our constitution and he will continue to do so untill our wonderful country is destroyed. We are infidels to him and he is a muslim

  29. IT’S ABOUT THE SUPREME COURT!!! With Scalia and Kennedy, both in their 70’s, supporters of the 2nd Ammendment, the next president is likely to determine the future of gun ownership. The balance is precarious now, with almost a majority ready to rule against gun ownership as we know it.

  30. “The purpose of ‘Fast and Furious’ was to get Assault Weapons out of the hands of the drug cartels that had moved up into our country. But I guess you missed that part. You just heard that it was about rounding up guns and automatically formed an opinion.”

    Whatever the purpose of Fast and Furious may have been, the simple facts are that the Arizona BATF allowed suspicious multi-gun sales to go through the system (even when gun stores called them up with their suspicions) and allowed 2,000 or so guns into the hands of various Mexicans (not all cartels by any means, after all these organizations buy cheap full-auto AK-47 pattern rifles on the black market for much less, and of course destructive devices like grenades can’t be bought over the counter in the US at all; lots of weapons are also stolen from the Mexican military).

    These guns have been linked to over 200 murders in Mexico, including one of our law enforcement officers, and the program only stopped when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed at a scene at which two of these rifles were found, PLUS another which looks like it came from a different program out of Texas. There are also reports of a program running out of Florida that let guns “walk” into Central America.

    You’ll just have to forgive me for suspecting a link between these programs—the specifics of F&F are now a matter of public record—and the Obama Administration’s many statements that US gun stores and shows were supplying the bad guys down south and that something must be done about this (like the new multi-long gun reporting requirement I mentioned).

  31. Wow…really? You are going to try and use “Fast and Furious” as an example of being anti-gun? The purpose of “Fast and Furious” was to get Assault Weapons out of the hands of the drug cartels that had moved up into our country. But I guess you missed that part. You just heard that it was about rounding up guns and automatically formed an opinion. The fact of the matter is that in the four years Obama has been President, he has done absolutely nothing to even suggest that out 2nd Amendment rights were going to be tampered with. Oh, and I watched the debates too. All you republican morons that keep slamming Obama about his statement on Assault Weapons ban, conveniently leave out the part where he referred to “Fully Automatic, Military Grade Weapons.” And you also leave out the part where Romney got up right after him and says, “Yes, I feel that there should be an Assault Weapons Ban.” So, for all you republican idiots that are narrow minded and walk around with blinders on. Try talking them off and telling the while truth, not just the part that you think makes your party look good!

  32. “G.W. Bush let the 1994 Assault Weapon ban sunset in 2004. With a stroke of the pen he could have re-signed it into law.”

    Ummm, not quite. G. W. Bush was always on record that if the Congress presented him with an AW ban renewal he’d sign it. Perhaps confident that a Republican Congress wouldn’t do this, and after Gore’s 2000 loss the Democrats at the national level realized gun control has become a new third rail of US politics so they too are avoiding this sort of thing (outside of the usual suspects in safe seats, but without support all they can do it talk and introduce bills that don’t get support).

  33. Congress makes the difference when it comes to the content of the legislation which
    the President may or may not want. We learned about “rubber stamp” Senators and Congressmen from a long time back when Lyndon Johnson pushed for the 1968 Gun Control Act followed by the ban on the importation of machine guns then the Assault Weapons ban, etc. Sen. Thomas Dodd was the originator of the copy of the 1936 Nazi Gun Law called the 1968 GCA and he railed against guns for years. Obama and Hillary support the UN Gun Ban and we have been warned time and again that this will have an impact on
    our Second Amendment Rights. I suspect that there is an international effort (read “conspiracy” if you want) to cancel the USA’s dominance in world affairs. I think Ron Regan’s quip that politicians, like a baby’s diapers, need to be changed frequently and for the same reason. We have to balance the known against the unknown and at this juncture I opt for putting Obama/Biden/Pelosi/Reid out to pasture.

  34. Number #2 and #5, get YOUR facts straight. Here is a little history lesson for you.
    B. Clinton, (Dem.)imposes a FEDERAL assault weapon ban in 1994. This ban was written, in part, by J. Biden, (Dem).
    G.W. Bush, (Rep), as a new Governor of TX supported and passed carry cancel in TX. The former Governor,A. Richardson, Dem, had fought it every time it came up. G.W. Bush let the 1994 Assault Weapon ban sunset in 2004. With a stroke of the pen he could have re-signed it into law. He also supported and passed HR-218, look it up. He also opposed the the U.N. treaty that IS currently being supported by H. Clinton and B.Obama. The national parks allowing firearms: was also G.W. Bush, it just went into effect after B.O was elected.
    As far as Romney signing in a gun ban in Mass. The people of Mass. voted that in. Under the 10th amendment, State Sovereignty, he gave the citizens what they wanted! Same applied to the Mass. Health care bill. I don’t agree with either, BUT, at least it was done on a state level and not imposed on the entire nation.
    99% of all tyrannical gun restrictions are proposed or passed by Dems. Check the voting record, or positions, of the following: Peloise, Feinstein, Waters, Boxer,Biden, Obama, Waters, Clinton(s), Moore, Grayson etc..
    B.O has stated that he will support the U.N Treaty and the reconfigured “1994 Assault weapon ban”. He has privately stated, to several anti gun groups, that he, “Is working under the radar”, for more restrictive gun legislation. What do you think he will do if re-elected in 2012, and not having to worrying about running again in 2016?

    It is you who need to get your facts straight!

    Semper Paratus, Veines una tormenta!

    Be safe
    LEO for 29 years, and proud supporter of the 2nd amendment!

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms..disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”
    Thomas Jefferson quoting Cesare Beccaria, Criminologist in 1764. That was 230 years ago. -Thomas Jefferson

  35. ww and company: Romney signed a bill that removed problems from the existing *permanent* “assault weapons” ban that was based on the expiring Federal ban (note that every AW ban in the country except the Federal one is permanent (no sunset)). This was fully supported by GOAL, the state version of the NRA.

    Our problem with Romney is his signing statement which had the usual anti-gun drivel (although that plus the name of the bill avoided serious scrutiny of it by the media etc.)), and the fact that the knows nothing about gun issues and doesn’t care about them (which is par for the course for establishment Republicans). But he does seem to know that at the national level doing wrong things will harm him. He may also listen to Paul Ryan, who’s one of us.

    In contrast Obama has a significant and sustained anti-gun record, with only three pro-gun things I know of: voting for the Katrina bill as a Senator, and as President signing two “must pass” bills that had pro-gun items (concealed carry in National Parks, carriage of guns on Amtrak). On the other side, in actions, at minimum we have the BATF’s illegal multi-long gun sale requirement, Fast and Furious, and nixing the re-importation of M1 rifles and carbines from South Korea. We can expect more anti-gun administrative actions after he has “more flexibility” if he wins his last election.

  36. I read some of your liberal ignorance regarding gun bans and if you don’t think Obama is the devil, you are a fool. First he is going to share our Missile defense Technology with the Soviets and he will give amnesty to the 20 million illegals here so they will eventually get voting rights. Basically solidifying a 1 party nation for the future. Democrats create poor people so they are required to feed from the government. I think Obama has done pretty well creating poor people during the last 4 years and I don’t think we can stand 4 more. You folks must be standing in line with your hand out or you are blind.

  37. The truth of the matter is that both parties and both candidates are corrupt, say whatever you need to get elected, progressives, etc….we have been fooled for a long time and yet everyone still just buys into the lies. I still say Obama will be worse because he will try for an overall gun ban on all military style rifles, despite any facts that show it just doesn’t matter. However, think about this…as we are divided over money, pay, wealth, fairness, color, background, etc, the only outcome that I can see if that continues is total chaos in this country. Eventually we would turn on the government officials, so no matter what party they are from, the are going to want assurances about their safety. In their own best interest it would be wise to limit/ban guns.

  38. Apparently all you people who say Obama isn’t going to ban our guns didn’t take the time to watch the Democratic convention or the presidential debates. Because Obama said PERSONALLY that he would like to see the assault weapons ban reinstated. Also in the DNC platform it’s WRITTEN OUT FOR YOU ALL TO SEE IN BLACK AND WHITE. So before you go spouting off a bunch of lies, you might want to check the facts straight from the horses mouth. Or is it that you’re just PRO OBAMA TROLLS LYING TO GET YOUR GUY REELECTED…. Google it and check it out for yourselves or plan on giving away ALL YOUR GUNS WITHOUT ANY FINANCIAL COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER.

  39. I couldn’t agree more with comment No. 2. Republicans have been using the threat of Democrats taking away guns for years to con uneducated rednecks into voting for them for years, yet Republicans are no better. Obama made it legal to carry guns in some of the national parks while Romney ban assault weapons so you tell me which is more anti-gun? Get your facts straight people!!! Don’t believe all the garbage that is fed to you. Man this country needs better education bad.

  40. a ban by obama this time will probably not allow possession or building of any sort ,he has said the guns banned will have to be turned in or be confiscated and no owning ,buying or selling allowed .this includes ( his words) all semi auto rifles with removable magazine and all ,i repeat ALL, handguns in the country., his words ,not mine .

  41. Obama was too busy voting “present” over a hundred times in the illinois state legislature to even consider anything else. Not to mention, at least Romney has a record to run on, what has Obama got? Four years of ever growing government and stagnant unemployment…oh ya, he did pass Obama-care. Like that is really gonna work. Name ONE program or enterprise the Government has ever run successfully, and please dont make me laugh by saying the Post Office. And if he gets re-elected he doesnt have to worry about an election after that and we are really going to see his true colors.

  42. Of the two candidates running, only Romney has ever signed an assault weapons ban. Do a search for the ban he signed in Massachusetts.

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