Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases? Californian’s, Stock Up Now!

Six rounds of Liberty Ammunition Civil Defense ammunition of a wood surface. Proposition 63

California’s Proposition 63 requires individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a permit.

The measure then mandates dealers to check this permit before selling ammunition, and will halt the mail-order sale of ammunition to California residents.

What does this mean for California gun owners? Do you have a plan to stock up before Prop 63 goes into effect?

Proposition 63 — The Legal Stuff

In July 2016, California enacted legislation to regulate the sale of ammunition.

The legislation requires individuals and businesses to obtain a one-year license from the California Department of Justice to sell ammunition.

The legislation also requires sellers to conduct background checks of purchasers with the Department of Justice. Some provisions of the legislation repealed and replaced parts of Proposition 63.

Changes to State Law

Proposition 63 will require individuals who wish to purchase ammunition to first obtain a permit. The measure then mandates dealers to check this permit before selling ammunition.

The measure also eliminated several exemptions to the large-capacity magazine ban and increased the penalty for possessing them.

Proposition 63 enacted a court process that attempts to ensure prohibited individuals do not continue to have firearms.

Striking Down Proposition 63

Safe and Winchester Ammunition
From @zippoclip on Twitter

On May 17, 2017, five residents of San Diego County and the California Rifle & Pistol Association filed a lawsuit against Attorney General Xavier Becerra in the U.S. District Court for Southern California.

Plaintiffs said that California Penal Code Section 32310, as amended by Proposition 63, violated the Second Amendment, Takings Clause, and Due Process Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

Proposition 63’s added Section 32310(c) was designed to make the possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines an infraction or misdemeanor.

The initiative also added 32310(d), which required owners of large-capacity ammunition magazines to dispose of the magazines by removing them from the state, selling them to a licensed firearms dealer, or surrendering them to a law enforcement agency.

These sections of Proposition 63 were set to go into effect on July 1, 2017.

On June 29, 2017, Judge Roger Benitez ordered Attorney General Becerra to not enforce or implement Proposition 63’s Section 32310(c) and Section 32310(d).

Judge Benitez’s order is a preliminary injunction, meaning the order is temporary pending the conclusion of the legal case.

Judge Benitez said Proposition 63’s section on large-capacity magazines is likely unconstitutional because it “burdens the core of the Second Amendment by criminalizing the mere possession of these magazines that are commonly held by law-abiding citizens for defense of self, home, and state.”

He also stated, “The State of California’s desire to criminalize simple possession of a firearm magazine able to hold more than 10 rounds is precisely the type of policy choice that the Constitution takes off the table.”

Out-of-State Purchases

Starting in July 2019, the July 2016 legislation would have prohibited most California residents from purchasing ammunition outside the state and bringing it into the state without first having it delivered to a licensed dealer.

Proposition 63 moved up the start date of this law to January 2018. It also made bringing out-of-state ammunition into the state, without first delivering it to a dealer, an infraction.

Plan of Action

Lower competition will likely lead to higher prices, not to mention California’s high sales tax rate.

California could also follow other states by adding a sin tax to ammunition in the future, which would further lead to ammunition prices reaching near unattainable levels.

Your best defense is to stock up now. If you have the means to buy everything you will need for the foreseeable future, act now.

If, like most of us, that would more than strain the budget, you can buy some ammunition each month over the next six months — before the new law goes into effect January 1, 2018.

First, you need a plan. You may only own one gun or guns all of a single caliber, which makes your decision fairly easy. All you have to do is stock up on ammunition of that caliber — split for the intended uses.

For example, if you have a home defense pistol, you would need a moderate supply of defensive rounds and the bulk of your stockpile would be training rounds.

On the other hand, you may have a home defense pistol and rifle in which you would want to split your stockpile and weigh how many rounds you had for each by the amount of practice you plan with each weapon.

If you also had a shotgun, the formula would be about the same for each.

Hunting considerations should be similar to your previous plans for home defense.

You are going to need to prioritize by the caliber(s) you shoot most for practice and then the specific bullet types and weights you are most likely to hunt with in the field, plus an extra box for zeroing your scope or confirming zero before the hunt.

How Many Rounds Do You Need?

Chiappa Rhino and Ammo
From @biggestchangfan on Instagram

I am of the school that you can never have too many rounds of ammunition. I own multiple guns safes that each carries their share and then some.

But let’s talk minimums that will keep you covered. Let’s start with a Modern Sporting Rifle such as an AR-15 as your primary long gun and a GLOCK as your sidearm.

Two basic load-outs for the AR would be 420 rounds. Even in a SHTF scenario, you should be able to get by on 365 rounds. Add those together with a little rounding and you have 800 rounds of .223.

Ball ammunition is cheaper of course, but hunting ammunition and self-defense ammo may be interchangeable and ball is a poor rounding for hunting.

For your sidearm, 17×3=51, plus one round in the chamber equals 52. Double that for a basic loadout, and you are just over 100 rounds.

Few of us are ever going to worry about using a GLOCK for hunting, so this will suffice as a strong minimum for storage and preparation.

For me, that would also be per (adult or shooting age) person when looking at the long term.

For example, in a defensive situation, my wife and I have worked out plans where we can cover different areas of the house, set up fatal funnels in a crossfire etc.

If I were in a Californian’s shoes right now, I would have to take that into account as well — not to mention doubling the practice ammo allotment to cover both of us.

Look at your needs, means, and potential future requirements. Then make a plan that fits your needs. You’ll save some money, avoid some onerous regulations, and most importantly, be prepared.

Hopefully, organizations such as California Rifle and Pistol Association, NRA-ILA, Second Amendment Foundation, and others will find a way to kill this silly regulation using the Interstate Commerce Clause or something.

However, if it were that simple, I am sure the legal minds of these organizations would have already so. All you can do in the meantime is stock up while you still have time.

Do you think the remainder of Proposition 63 will be stricken down by the courts? How many rounds would you buy to prepare for the licensing, registration and potentially higher prices in the future after Prop 63 takes effect in 2018? Share your answers, questions or concerns in the comment section.


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  1. I really do appreciate your descriptive directions and that you went the extra mile in detailing ammo requirements. I wholeheartedly agree – you can’t have too much ammo, and WHEN SHTF – you can barter it like gold! Lets PRAY+ & HOPE+ that this oppressive and un-realistic feel good proposition designed by self glorifying worms is struck down in its entirety, like the EVIL Lautenberg MCDV lifetime gun ban for mere touching!

  2. I live in the beautiful state of Tennessee myself, for many of the same reasons. After all, it was the home of Alvin York and David Crockett. The patron state of shooting stuff!!! Been my home for almost 25 years.

  3. 63.08%, about the number of crazy left wingnuts in Ca. That is one of the reasons I left CA after 38 years for the red state of Tennessee. I can buy all the ammo I want – can afford- from Walmart, and have my firearm(s) on me at the same time Love it here.
    AND, NO WAITING PERIOD for a firearms purchase.

  4. California is a border State ando also has an ocean front from a self defense prospective the safety and security of the people of the State to defend themselves is gone going against the original reason behind 2A. That leaves Oregan, Nevada, and Arizona to hold the line and respond to defending the state of California from enemies foreign and domestic.

  5. A PLAN? Hell, the only course of action is to stay the F out of Kalifornia! The place has sucked for years. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, the namby-pamby, nanny-state adds another one to the punch bowl.
    And, you know what? That STUPID, IDIOTIC Prop 65 BS that ALL of the manufacturers adhere to in order to sell their products in that cesspool of ridiculous regulations, just goes to show how far this country has fallen. Every time you turn around, the tail is wagging the dog. If the manufacturers had an ounce of fortitude, they’d have told Kali to shove that notion from the get go. Gun makers SHOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING!
    Now, Kalifornia doesn’t want their state’s money spent in 8 or so states due to the fact that those states enacted laws contrary to the namby-pamby, nanny-state’s way of thinking. Well, guess what? THAT, my friends, SHOULD ALWAYS BE A TWO-WAY STREET! Stay the F out of Kalifornia and keep your money out of there as well. Let them stew in their own stinkin’ juices for a while and they might just come to whatever senses they have left. San Andreas, San Andreas, San Andreas!

  6. Maybe the people in california helped create the anti gun laws but it is the politicians constant anti gun ranting and the media support that lead the way. People only hear one side of the argument which lie and slander gun ownership which helps create these laws. If politicians didn’t cry about guns, what would they have to show the voters that they are doing something? Politicians really do nothing so they scream about the evils of guns so that they can get reelected. The support of zero tolerance in california terrorizes gun supporters in every shape and form thus diminishing new gun owners. They convince the general public that anything related to guns make you a menace to society. They support laws that erode our rights one step at a time. People are misinformed so badly that they dont see logic and follow their emotions to make decisions. This is a battle for the hearts of non gun ownets and we are losing the battle in califonia. We as gun owners need to unify and not let our difference in firearm preference break us up as a group thus making us easier to be defeated.

  7. Let this and other stupid California gun laws be a lesson to the residents of other states. When you allow criminal politicians into office they infest the entire government with crook buddies who work together to setup rigged systems, so you can’t get rid of them. For example, they give drivers licenses to illegals who they know will vote dem. The roaches, like our state politicians use districting so they will be voted back in by heavy dem districts. All these dem criminals have broken their oaths to up hold the constitution by subverting the second amendment. I wish I had a massive can of Raid. We need term limits, but the crooks will never vote that in and no one has put term limits on a proposition which would pass – I don’t know why. We all know the system is rigged and highly rigged in CA. Watch out for the roaches in your state! The Peruda case was the big one to stop the infringing of our second amendment, but the SCOTUS refused to hear the case! What! Clearly, the deep state owns many justices on the SCOTUS because there was even a dissent written against not hearing that case. Battling corruption is a never ending battle.

  8. Great….like a couple years ago the Californians will be going to neighboring states buying up ammo and driving the prices to ridiculously high levels.

  9. Just get a c&r license, and a california eligibility certificate. It makes you exempt from the ammo ban, you can buy online. Not to mention you no longer have the 1 handgun every 30 days to worry about anymore either.
    Atf fee is 30 bucks. (Good for 3 yrs) CA eligibility is 22 bucks and 75 bucks for a life scan. (Good for 1 year)

    1. Hi Michael, What is a C&R license, and a ca. eligibility certificate. Where are these obtained.

    2. C&R = Curio and Relic available from BATFE-NATO-SPCA, etc. It’s a license that allows holder more (that’s more, not total) freedom than non-holders. Google is your friend, friend.

  10. Moving out of california just makes it easier for the anti gunners to pass their silly laws and then force it on other states. The solution is for more pro gun people to move into california and vote the politicians out of office. Stay and fight in california and don’t let the politicians scare you out. If you keep fleeing the anti gunners where will you go next?

    1. Correctomundo, ‘Resistance is futile’.

      What California does now will be adopted by other states… unless voters show those states’ politicians what will happen to them when they push too far.

      And California needs as many conservatives as possible, so moving out is not the answer. What we really need to do is fight back. The best (and easiest) way to do that is to get our friends and co-workers to VOTE!

      Many Californians remember this (formerly) great state in the ’70’s and ’80’s, when it was very conservative. The liberal infestation took hold only because our majority sat out elections. And your state could well be next.

      But liberal laws and policies have become an expensive tax burden to the average Californian, and the average worker here is very unhappy about it. And now Gov. Moonbeam Brown and his Legislature want to make California a ‘Sanctuary State’. They’ve made themselves sitting ducks—and the new Trump Administration is looking to verify voting elegibility, and rampant illegal voting by non-citrizens. So the time to push back is now!

      And all it takes is 50% + one vote. That’s the bottom line. So get people to vote for folks who will represent US, rather than the minority on the Left.

      Give money if/when you can, of course. But EVERYONE can VOTE! And that’s the bottom line. Without our votes, they will steamroller us. But with our votes… we can boot them OUT. Because we are the majority. We just haven’t been voting.

      So no more sitting out these elections! Get your friends and acquaintences to drop their ballot in the mail; thanks to Motor Voter laws, it couldn’t be easier. Better yet, pick them up on Election Day and drag them to the precinct. Either way, make it clear that voting is IMPORTANT. In fact, nothing is more important.

      We have the numbers. We are in the majority. But too many conservatives have been sitting out these elections. So we’re losing by default. We have put ourselves in this situation by not voting.

      But we can turn this around! President TRUMP is all the proof anyone needs. Just ask Hillary, the Wannabe President…

    2. You are wrong about just getting conservatives voting. Corrupt Brown has been giving drivers licenses to illegals who will always vote dem. Add the other types of voter fraud and we are a minority. The solution is for Trump to investigate the voting in our and every state for fraud and setup systems to stop it. No more picture ID’s to illegals or require citizenship to vote. How about a free voter ID card to citizens like a social security card! Then, getting out to vote will make a difference. We didn’t even have a republican running for senator in CA – imagine that? There was no chance to win so no one would run. Between the 2 dems Harris won and stated that she supported BLMatter! That would be like a white person winning and stating that she supported the tripleK group – but not a word about it. Thank God for Trump! Seeing these corrupt people go down is amazingly satisfying!

  11. While the case may dictate that no ‘out of state’ Ammo may be brought in, that’s exactly what I would plan to do if I lived in CA. No other state has an ID requirement to buy ammo so a 2-hr drive to Yuma or Havasu or Reno gets you to a anonymous Ammo purchase. If I lived out West, I’d be starting a ammunition warehouse in Yuma.

  12. Well, now…I suspect that a new black market of underground ammo sales will spring up in the most Communist state of all the states. How much ammo? As much as you can AFFORD. It will be great for barter when the people rise up and destroy the existing government of California. Save ammo on the politicians through. Just hang them. TRAITORS.

  13. does Proposition 63 have anything on reloading supplies/materials if not then learn how to reload.
    Before spending money on a glock check for something that will be more sturdy and will last longer and can take any ammo in the correct caliber, you are not supposed to fire lead out of the glock polygon rifling that would restrict you from using any cast lead ammo or casting your own.

    1. @ Gary, I totally agree with you, those who believe in our great constitution as it stands should leave Cal. It seems the government in California believes they are above the Constitution and what it stands for. They thumb their noses up at those our forefathers believing they are better then them. They say that the constitution is out of date because our forefathers couldn’t possibly have for seen the future and therefor they are wrong. What they are truly afraid of is the people telling the government what to do. But then again we are dealing with Libs and Dems their mentality is if you disagree with them then you are the enemy. And then they say they have to make laws to protect us from ourselves. NOT…

  14. They are unable to stop drugs from entering the state and I have a news flash for them “They will not be able to stop the Ammo from coming in”.
    It’s all a forest.
    The legislators want the people there to think they are keeping them safe and in turn, they get to keep their nice high paying jobs with all the bennies.

  15. Interesting to note that The Peoples Socialistiк Яepubliк of Кalifornistan requires a state-issued photo ID to purchase firearms and ammunition — but not to cast a vote in local, state and/or federal elections.

  16. Are the hired guns(bodyguards) of the Hollywood elite exempt from the magazine ban because they’re “professionals” and their clients are considered Gods?

  17. Not that anyone in Sacramento, San Francisco, or Lost Angels could give a damn, but I have decided no further vacations to the California coast and not more mail order products from CA vendors. My impact will be small. However, I am one of many. No worries, your lawmakers will raise your taxes to cover any lost revenue and benefits to illegals will likely increase. Priorities, priorities! (FOOLS, FOOLS).

  18. There is no hope for Kalifornicaton. Until those areas outside SF and LA secede and become their own state, those ‘normal’ folk can not have an impact on the voting process! Same would be true if the Electoral College were done away with; our elections would be run/won by CA(metro) and NY(metro) voting. The state definitely needs splitting!

    1. Firewagon- You hit the nail on the head. This law as with the others was decided by the city centers of LA, SF and Sacramento. The outliers just have to suck it up because of what the liberal communist/socialists think is best for everyone. If the state enacted electoral college type voting I doubt this would happen. It is exactly why we should never allow popular voting to decide federal elections. I would add that the media is complicit in misinforming the citizens about the effects and functions of their lawmakers. If the San Andres fault line were to cast the cities into the sea like Sodom and Gomorrah there would be a much different vote on such “Propositions”.

  19. I live in Illinois. We have a FOID card for our gun and ammo sales, not dissimilar from what’s proposed here. I walk up to the counter with my bullets, pull out my wallet which conveniently enough holds both money and ID’s, then I’m out the door. Anyone concerned about the ‘gubnant tracking their purchases should come see my house… By all rights, Obama and Seal team six should have December on my ‘Prepper Compound’ years ago!

    1. @ chris,

      First it should be noted this is no longer being “proposed” in California, it is now the law with effective dates.

      As for your FOID equivalent, the big difference for CA not only requires a renewable paid permit like your FOID, but in addition also requires an in-store background check to be run for a fee on each and every ammo or magazine purchase.

      This means popping into your local Walmart just to buy a little box of .22 ammo for some weekend plinking now turns into a paperwork fiasco and background check the same as if you were making a major firearms purchase.

      The increased frequency of background checks will more than likely cause major retailers to stop carrying ammo, while sporting goods stores will raise prices to cover the extra costs.

      In regards to your lack of concern over the government tracking your purchases, I feel you’ve missed the point. Of course they wouldn’t raid your lawfully purchased stash now. The tracking is so they know who to target in the future should civil unrest break out.

  20. The other way around this (so far) is to reload. The state hasn’t regulated ammunition components yet, so I have my stock of factory ammo and lots of supplies to reload the brass. I’ve also renewed my membership in NRA and CRPA. Best of luck in the courts, since we have one of the most liberal Appellate Courts in the country!

  21. Reloaders have alternate plans to deal with this legal nonsense. It is far easier and cheaper to stock up on primers, powder, and bullets, than it is to stockpile ammo. Also, it is my understanding that reloading components are not going to require a license to purchase—YET! What makes this legislation even stupider is the fact that manufacturing date codes for ammo are on the box, not the cartridges. With Nevada and Arizona only a 3-4 hour drive, I predict that virtually no one will be buying their ammo from California dealers. This, of course, is one of the covert reasons for this legislation-to drive gun shops out of business.

  22. This has nothing to do with “Public Safety” and everything to do with controlling the populous. Like criminals are going to line up to turn in their “high capacity” magazines or ammo? This law just makes these items a higher risk for theft and raises the price in the black market. Congratulations CA lawmakers! This article doesn’t address how to store all this extra ammo and now that it’s a theft magnet you can’t stack it in your garage or risk calling attention. Also, the next logical step will be to limit the amounts you are allowed to possess and/or purchase at one time. So, if other states like VA, that want to limit firearm purchases, get their laws to stand against the 2nd you can expect CA to adopt them too. As well as, gun grabbers in other states pointing to CA as the laws to implement. I thinki I would push Mass Disobedience or Mass Migration over ways to comply. This will take decades to dismantle. I hope NRA, CRPC, NGOA, NAGR are up to the task.

  23. If you like North Korea you’ll love the Democratic People’s Republic of Kalifornia. Kim Um Brown and Comrade Gavin NEWSOM will take good care of their slaves. It’s going to be a good time to be a crook in Kalifornia . . . such a large pool of victims to prey upon.

  24. We have had this exact unconstitutional bs in Kommiecticut since April 2013, post Sandy Hook. To quote Sandy Hook Promise & their sympathetic legislative hoplophobes, “this is only the beginning.” Thankfully for now, the state government is totally consumed by the economic mess they created.

  25. What Californians REALLY need is to stock up on voting time when the idiots running their state come up for election. With the changes coming in the Supreme Court this nonsense won’t last long. But in the meantime VOTE for 2A supporters.

    1. @ BUURGA,

      While I agree with your comment overall, the problem here is this law was brought about by a “Proposition” which means it was voted on directly by the people. Worse is that it won by an overwhelming landslide of the majority. Evidently this is what the majority of Californian people really want.

      Rather than viewing them as a state that embarrasses the rest of America, we are better off viewing California as a separate country that you only go to on vacations; sort of like visiting places in Europe that also don’t want guns. It’s easier to accept their ignorance that way.

    2. Better yet, don’t vacation in California. Spend your money in 2nd amendment friendly states.

  26. I’m putting every extra dollar to online ammo purchases right now. I’m working overtime to help with this. As far as a plan and figuring out how much i’ll need for the future… as much as I can possibly afford to buy from now until dec 31st is how I see it. The selection available at local stores isn’t even a fraction of what I see available on ammoseek and the prices are so much more expensive. I paid 40-45 cents a round for 5.56 at Turner’s Outdoorsman the other day. Online I’m paying 30 cents/round for good quality 5.56, no tax, free shipping. We are gonna be screwed after Jan 1st 2018. California is going downhill fast. My fellow Californians, I say to you, put every extra dollar you have into online ammo purchases. Put your other hobbies and interests aside for the next 6 months and buy buy buy. Good luck.

  27. Those Nazi idiots running CA into the ground. It hasn’t helped lower their crime rate because criminals don’t care about the law. What I would do is leave CA. Destabilize the economy by leaving that state. Not only would the crime rate rise because there’s no law-abiding citizens there anymore; but it make less money and cause even more crime. It would make those idiot law makers realize that legal gun owners are needed to help keep crime rates down.

  28. YOU allowed it, YOU wanted it… AND…. YOU voted for it too!

    How are you liking it now………..California SHEEP?

    Democracy at it’s best, Liberty at it’s finest.

    YOU better be serving and paying your elected “California Masters.”

    “Ain’t Freedom Grand”…..Fresh Mutton Stew is on the dinner menu.

    Order up!

    1. What Commiefornication has is nothing short of a disaster. Commiefornication is the epitome of Demorrhoidic Leftopathic Corruptocrat unconstitutional control over the people and a license to pilfer from LAW ABIDING citizens.

      Commiefornication is also a prime example of what communism and socialism leads to

      This inanity is proof positive that the left is full of mentally ill sheeple who would rather regulate themselves a slow and painful extinction

    2. Hey, Green Machine, lighten up on that MarCor jargon. Your apt to scare the dweebs into leaving that Kalifornication paradise. Letting them migrate to some state, still retaining some common sense, brings that same dweebness ideology there, potentially starting the same disease! Semper Fi Dog!!

    3. Hey Bob…..There are plenty of us out here who don’t agree with the liberal leaders in Sacramento. If you look at a political voting map of California, you’ll see that a lot of it is Red….problem is, there’s too many liberals in the blue area along the coast. Until the Big One hits, we’re outnumbered.

  29. I would be comfortable with about 2,000 reserved for battle ammo. Just for practice etc…250 rounds a month…ok….I need 1/2 a pallet. So, you need a mortgage to help buy that!
    Then my Glock? Well, hollow points 124 grain are great for self defense and hunting. As long as you are within 20 or 30 yards, you can take deer and Turkey and other emergency foods.( Glock 32 ).500 to a 1000 rounds would get me by for a year maybe?
    What should happen, but wasn’t even mentioned is handloading. So, all you smart California gun owners ( even in California, aren’t we all smart? ) START RELOADING! Save some money, have some fun, and Don’t Be A Slave to anyone!
    That’s my quarter ( used to be 2 cents )

    1. This illegal statute does not address fabrication of your own ammunition meaning the components are not addresses and will still be available. So I suggest stocking up on ammo one cannot manufacture such as rim fire ammo I would think no less than 20,00 rounds be stockpiled.

      One other thing How is the state of Commiefornication going to know where you get your ammunition unless they have 24/7 surveillance on everyone?

    2. @ Force Recon Marine,

      Good point. Now regarding your second paragraph – that’s the problem as these draconian laws go full stupid circle. Compliance is based on individual integrity – which most people have. That is what separates the lawless from the law abiding; thus making these laws pointless because criminals have no integrity and will not be affected anyway. Instead it turns good citizens into criminals.

  30. “Californian’s [sic], Stock Up Now”
    Are you an affirmative action hire? Apparently being quasi-illiterate isn’t a disqualifier.

  31. I was born and raised in Southern California, but have not lived there since late ’77 when I joined the Air Force. I have absolutely ZERO intention of ever living in that Socialist Hell Hole again, or even visiting for that matter. I do feel sorry for People of the Gun who live there, and hope that as many of them as possible can find a way to get out of poor excuse of a United State ASAP!

  32. For a moment I thought the author (Dave Dolby) was citing from the new law when he wrote, “You may only own one gun or guns all of a single caliber…” But once I finished reading his sentence I realize he was referring to the folks that choose to own one gun, hence one caliber to have to stock up on.

    However, sadly it wouldn’t surprise me to read some day soon that California law has gone so totalitarian as to limit its citizens to one gun each. Regardless, it was not long ago that forcing the registration of ammo was as unthinkable as it was ludicrous. Sadly for some Americans that is no longer the case.

    It is now that time (again) in which I must spotlight all those bubble-dwelling “naysayers” who so ignorantly argued with us in the comment section about how our fears of a draconian America were unwarranted and that this kind of thing would never happen.

    Now that your little bubbles have all burst, what have you got to say to all the new victims of tyranny now?

  33. Voters in California elected the legislators that made this law; if you don’t like it leave the state. I don’t do business with firearms (ammo, accessories or anything having to do with firearms) companies that are based in California. If more gun owners in states outside of the gun grabber states maybe we could get our point across. As long as we are willing to spend out $$$ in these states we are sending a clear message that we’re all OK with this type of legislation, and the gun grabbers are laughing at us.

    1. It’s known as APATHY Apathy gives tacit approval that what government does is acceptable. Only when one is directly affected does he/she act. At that point in time it is usually too late

    2. G-Man,

      What California does now will be adopted by other states… unless voters show those states’ politicians what will happen to them when they push too far.

      California needs as many conservatives as possible, so moving out is not the answer. What we really need to do is fight back. The best (and easiest) way to do that is to get our friends and co-workers to VOTE!

      Many Californians moved to this (formerly) great state in the ’70’s and ’80’s, when it was a conservative bastion. Then the liberal infestation took hold because the majority sat out elections. Your state could well be next.

      But liberal laws and policies have become an expensive burden to the average Californian. And now Gov. Moonbeam Brown and his Legislature are planning to make the entire state a ‘Sanctuary State’. So the time to push back is now!

      And all it takes is 50% + one vote. That’s the bottom line. So get people to vote for folks who will represent US, rather than the minority on the Left.

      Yes, give money if/when you can. But EVERYONE can VOTE. And that’s the bottom line. Without our votes, they can steamroller us. But with our votes… we can boot them OUT.

      So no more sitting out these elections! Get your friends to drop that ballot in the mail. Better yet, pick them up on Election Day and drag them to the precinct.

      We have the people. We are in the majority. But too many of us have been sitting out these elections. This is happening by default. By not voting we have put ourselves in this situation.

      But we can turn that around! Look at who’s President now…

    3. One important thing to note, is that Proposition 63 had nothing to do with politicians or lawmakers. California has a process by which citizens can collect signatures and put an initiative up for a vote. This bypasses the legislature. Unfortunately, it is the majority of people in California who created this mess, not the politicians. ~Dave Dolbee

    4. @ Dave Dolbee,

      Your distinction between laws created by legislative acts (congress) vs. propositions (citizens) is quite important because it changes the distinct methods required to defeat either type.

      Interestingly I point that out to another commenter on another page here:

      Also I apologize profusely for having spelled your last name wrong in one of my posts above. I wished this forum allowed edits for such typos. But at least I honored you in high quality surround sound (Dolby where Available).

    5. @ G-Man,

      You are right that it would take a different method to defeat. California’s ballot initiative gives more power to the people in that they do not have to rely on the will of the few politicians to make a law. However, it is a double-edged sword due to the fact that politicians cannot pass a law negating a ballot initiative. In most cases this would be a plus. However, in this case, either a majority of the voters in California would have to vote to repeal Prop 63 or the courts would have to strike it down. The politicians are (by intent) taken out of the equation with ballot initiatives.

      No worries on the name spelling. If only my parents would have thought to spell my name with a “y.” I would not have been any richer, but maybe I could have had a few more dates in high school with the gold diggers! LOL

  34. After the smoke clears from this, Texas will have a couple more U.S. House of Representative seats…

  35. Boy I’m glad for so many reasons i don’t live in California. Here in PA we still have some common sense.

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