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Rifles of the First World War

All troops, both foreign and American, serving in WWI were issued a bolt-action rifle. Due to their reliability and accuracy, bolt-action rifles were common in combat through WWII, and the Model 1903 Springfield saw action through the Korean War… This history snippet gives you a peek into the rifles of WWI.

Karen Monez

Competitive Shooting

Karen Monez: TCU Rifle Team Coach, Cowboy Action and Competitive Shooter

Karen Monez has held titles in precision rifle and Cowboy Action Shooting. She has won three world championship titles in Single Action Shooting and set 97 world and national records in rifle shooting. She certainly deserves her spot in the Who is Who of Women Shooters of the 20th Century. In 1979, she won gold in women’s air rifle at the world championship in Seoul, Korea. And she has brought the TCU women’s rifle team up to speed in just three years, with the team tying for fifth in the nation.