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NavELite Introduces New Waterproof Backlit Compass

NaveELite partnered with the up-and-coming HzO, Inc. to offer a high-quality compass that is easy to see in any condition, even underwater. The compass is wrist-worn—like a watch—and features the same electroluminescent backlighting as the previous model. The WaterBlock™ technology will keep the compass working, even underwater. The compass is magnetic as opposed to digital, so it will work in any location. The backlighting allows for vivid, clear readability at night or in dark conditions, and will not short out if used when wet, dirty or in heavy humidity.

Using the key tool, you can quickly and easily swap out LitePipes for a different color.


SHOT 2013: HiViz Shooting Systems Releases New Fiber Optic Sight

HiViz listened to consumer concerns and created a new option for shooters. HiViz, known for making fiber optic sights of all kinds for nearly every type of gun, has had two main problems: either the sight allows in a good amount of light and is vulnerable to damage, or the sight is reinforced but more difficult to see.