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3 Myths about the NRA Debunked

This article debunks the rumors: “The NRA supports Universal Background Checks,” “The NRA will sell us out like the did in 1986,” and “The NRA is just a shill for the gun manufacturers!” Any other questions will gladly be answered in the comments section.


The New Faces of NRA News and Why They Matter

The firearms community is not all- anything. It isn’t all-male, it isn’t all-white, it isn’t all-Republican and it definitely isn’t all-hunter, so why would the largest gun-rights group be made up of a demographic that it doesn’t represent? No, the NRA is full of members of different races, genders, affiliations and creeds. Now, the NRA is letting those who weren’t aware of the NRA’s diversity know that it is okay to join the ranks.

Legal Issues

Does the NRA Support or Oppose Universal Background Checks?

The liber media is attempting to split up the gun lobby by telling the public that certain gun rights groups do not have your best interests in mind. If they continue to do this to the pro-Second Amendment voters and lawmakers with false or misleading news articles, they will make it easier to pass laws that infringe on our right to keep and bare arms. While the NRA and NSSF squabble over background checks and other gun rights groups argue over other issues, the gun grabbers in Congress can slip a few bills into law and the our votes will be split on our side, preventing us from having the power to vote those bills down.


Stand and Fight: Cheaper Than Dirt and NRA Offer $300 Lifetime Membership

Cheaper Than Dirt and the National Rifle Association are offering a $300 lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. By joining the NRA today, you can receive a one-year membership for only $25. A three-year membership is now only $70; the five-year membership only costs $100; and the lifetime membership is discounted to only $300! Plus you can receive a free range bag and flashlight when you join or renew your membership.


Gun Rights in Your State: The ILA and CRLDF

You’re more likely to see restrictions on your gun rights come from your state than the federal government. The NRA-ILA knows this, and lobbies for our rights on all levels of government. The NRA established the ILA in 1975 with the mission of preserving the right of all law-abiding citizens to purchase, possess, and use firearms. The NRA-ILA was instrumental in the passage of the 1986 Firearm Owners’ Protection Act. On the legal end of things, the NRA-Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund lends financial and legal support to individual and organizations defending the right to keep and bear arms. NRA established the CRLDF in 1978 in order to have a voice in the court of law. By defending Second Amendment rights in court, the CRLDF is able to establish legal precedents that will protect gun owners’ rights.

The Life of Duty network


NRA Supports Local LEOs, Troops and Veterans

The NRA has a long-standing tradition of supporting our troops, veterans and law enforcement officers. The NRA founded the NRA-LED (Law Enforcement Division) in 1960 with the goal of providing the law enforcement community with a means to certify shooting instructors. The NRA-LED chooses to stay apolitical, focusing on how best to serve our military and law enforcement community rather than get bogged down in legislation and party politics.


What the NRA Does for You: Programs Instruct and Protect Youth

This recent upsurge in the gun control debate has revolved around the protection and safety of our nation’s children. When introducing his 23 Presidential Orders, President Obama shared the stage with some of the children that had written the president with pleas of stricter gun laws. However, the NRA has had multiple programs in place to educate and instruct children of all ages on firearm safety as well as programs to increase school security.


Bury the Hatchet: It’s Time to Support the NRA-ILA

Say what you will about the NRA and their positions over the 142 years they’ve been around, but they do have some weight to throw around in Washington, D.C. and the rest of the nation. Acting through the Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) and the Civil Rights Defense Fund, the NRA is able to play an active role in court cases across the country defending and upholding the Second Amendment. These two organizations are helping hunters, plinkers, sport shooters, ranges, and ever facet of the firearm industry retain their passions and livelihoods, and that is something every one of us can get behind.