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Manufacturer of the Week—Beretta, Fabbrica D’ Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A., Beretta USA

The Beretta factory grew from an area that has seen weapons designs since the Roman era. Julius Caesar controlled the area before crossing the Rubicon. The area has witnessed Hannibal’s elephants, the Huns, untold barbarians, and over time standing armies from Napoleon to even the United States Army. It exudes history and is a fitting location for one of my favorite manufacturers. Beretta crawled from the cave and became a true international company.

Gen4 vs Gen3 Magazines


GLOCK Gen4, Improving on Perfection

What I truly admire is that the changes are not to impress the guys at the range but to help make you a better shooter and that is the perfection in Glocks simplicity. Sure paint looks good on the car but it’s what’s under the hood that makes all the difference.


Post SHOT Show 2013: My Top Three Picks

Dealers were selling selves clean so the year of supply to meet demand launched and it showed at SHOT 2013. Even though there was some genius in a few new items to hopefully grace our selves soon. Here are my top three.

Mossberg MVP Flex Youth Sport


SHOT 2013: Mossberg MVP Flex Bolt Action

My summary on SHOT 2013 in one word would be -yawn. However, there are a couple of items that have struck me as both original, practical and have a real world use. One of those is a ramp up from last years winner, the Mossberg Flex shotguns and MVP bolt action rifles.

Chiappa Goes Old School at SHOT


SHOT 2013: Chiappa 1873-22

Chiappa is going back to its roots with the 1873-22 SAA. Unlike the other thing (RHINO) they had last year this one is an ageless classic. Built with the look of the Colt SAA, the gun that one the west.