ATI Introduces the Omni Hybrid Maxx Rifle

Black AR-15 rifle with a polymer lower and upper receiver.

American Tactical Imports announces the newest Omni Hybrid rifle—the Maxx. The Omni Hybrid Maxx rifle is an AR with a metal-reinforced polymer lower and upper receiver. With ATI’s metal insert reinforcing the load-bearing part of the upper receiver, the new Omni Hybrid Maxx has the same durability as a forged aluminum upper—without the weight. The 7-ounce polymer upper receiver accepts all MIL-SPEC parts.

The upper receiver is patent-pending, while the lower is fully patented. ATI is selling complete rifles in 5.56, .300 AAC Blackout and in a .22 Long Rifle/5.56 combination, as well as the upper and lower separately. The 5.56mm and .300 Blackout models also come in a pistol configuration. If you purchase the upper receiver by itself, you can configure it in either 5.56mm NATO, .300 AAC, .22 Long Rifle, 6.8 SPC and many other calibers.

Close up of AR-15 upper receiver made of polymer
With ATI’s metal insert that reinforces the load-baring part of the upper receiver, the new Omni Hybrid Maxx has the same durability as a forged aluminum upper, but without the weight.

For those skeptical of polymer AR-15 upper and lowers, ATI torture-tested the new Omni Hybrid Maxx series rifles, firing over 2,000 rounds in full auto without malfunctions. American Tactical president, Tony Dichario, says, “The Omni Hybrid Maxx series is a groundbreaking product line that we are all excited about. This is the first-ever polymer-based upper and lower receiver combination that performs as it should and meets the same mil-spec qualifications as an AR-15 platform made from aluminum forgings. We tested the Omni Hybrid Upper in full-auto. We fired 2,000 consecutive rounds without any malfunctions or cleaning, an accomplishment most aluminum receivers couldn’t make.”

Omni Hybrid Maxx rifle 
Barrel Length16-inch M4 black nitride coated
Caliber5.56mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout, .22 Long Rifle/5.56
Weight Unloaded6.25 pounds
SightsOptics ready, flat top upper receiver
Capacity10- or 30-round Magpul PMAG

American Tactical is one of the nation’s top importers and manufacturers of firearms and firearm-related products. Having created a unique channel of distribution, American Tactical has quickly become a single-source distribution provider for many manufacturers across the world, as well as manufacturing their own line of fine firearms. From its signature German Sport Guns (GSG) family of products and their new Omni Hybrid Maxx Series American Tactical continues to be a leader in the firearms industry.

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Comments (11)

  1. I think it is totally awesome that ATI has come up with the combination of steel infused polymer lower and upper receivers. Infusing the polymer frames with steel in the parts that take the most stress was brilliant and like somebody else said on this page, it will most likely be the future of the AR business. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of new companies following in ATI’s footsteps and trying to come out with their own polymer lower/upper combos soon. I already own an ATI lower receiver that I used on a 10.5″ AR pistol build, and not only does it function flawlessly, it looks awesome! I will definitely be buying another lower along with the new polymer upper receiver very soon!Great job ATI!

  2. QUOTE Mike in Flag: This is going to make owning an AR15 type rifle so inexpensive that no one will be without excuse for not owning one.

    @ Mike in Flag: I have an excuse for ya….I live in the Peoples Socialist Republik of Kommiecticut, where such evil rifles commit mass murder on their own and are therefore VERBOTEN to us peasants.

    1. Sounds like a perfect reason to relocate your taxes and your business. Hitting them in the money pocket always gets their attention.
      All you bad guys – go to Kommiectcut for easy pickins. Haven’t you heard – they are all unarmed up there.

    2. @Dejavous: Oh you have us all wrong here in CT. We may not be at this time, legally buy or transfer certain scary looking rifles and their standard capacity magazines, but there are about half a million unregistered scary rifles and tens of millions of unregistered magazines already in our hands. We are quite well armed. The non-compliance rate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 85%-90%, and state government and law enforcement don’t have any clue what to do about it. Last I knew, that kinda nullifies the law. True, there was a photo on-line of a bunch of gun owners that chickened out at the last minute to comply and register, but they were certainly the minority. There is now quite a bit of “underground gun commerce” going on, and CT Patriots are even now ignoring the previous laws regarding gun transfer paperwork. A couple of blowhards in Hartford try to sound tough and claim they are going to “do something about it” but at this point it is all bluster. They have been told on the steps of the capitol by several thousand armed (but peaceful) Patriots to bring it on, and bring plenty of body bags.

      As far as moving goes, I am trying to get my wife on board with moving. Trust me it will be a huge undertaking, and we really do love where we live, it’s the state government here that ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!

  3. . I currently own ATI omni hybrid and have no issues love it and definitely recommend it. Steel and brass loads all kinds of brands and cycles well with all. I’m definitely interested in New model

  4. I own a ATI 12 gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun and it has handled any and everything I have put thru it and not a flaw has ever surfaced. I am very happy to see the new Omni Hybird as I have the Colt M4 in 22 LR and I am interested in the 223/5.56 weapon. I will be on the lookout for this new model.

  5. I’m not surprised with the results the ATI has obtained using reinforcing aluminum with polymer parts. I worked in the foundry industry in the Navy for over 10 years, and learned much about metal fatigue locations and areas that were stronger by virtue of mold and casting design. I understand that there are areas in a casting/forging/cnc part that by design will be stronger or just as strong as metal parts. Many aircraft parts are being designed this way nowadays, what with weight of aircraft being so important. Weapons are now starting to listen to operators that work in environments that will corrode or cause rust buildup in metal parts. Polymers with equal to or higher strength ratios will be the thing of the future! Navy Seals could benefit from polymer weapons platforms that can survive the harsh environments that they work in. Good job ATI, can’t to try one and inspect it myself!

  6. This is going to make owning an AR15 type rifle so inexpensive that no one will be without excuse for not owning one. Other manufacturers will follow suit just like with pistols.
    Thanks OMNI, somebody had to lead the way.

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