ATF Received More than 310,000 Comments on Ammo Ban

Guest post by Stephen Gutowski, staff writer for the Washington Free Beacon The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) received more than 310,000 comments from the public on the agency’s failed attempt to ban a popular form of ammunition used in AR-15 rifles.washington-free-beacon-logo The ATF announced March 10 that it would not pursue a proposed ban on the M855 ammunition, commonly referred to as “green tip,” 5.56 ammunition. The move came after pressure from gun rights groups across the country.

The ATF said at the time that it had received more than 80,000 public comments before making the decision to hold off on the ban.

In addition to encouraging their members to submit comments opposing the ban, several of the largest gun rights groups launched campaigns against the ban. The National Rifle Association organized a letter to the ATF opposing the ban signed by 53 senators and 236 congressmen. The Second Amendment Foundation launched a nationwide radio and television ad campaign against the ban in addition to threatening legal action.

“We’ve received more than 310,000 public comments,” said Ginger Colbrun, a spokesperson for the ATF. “We’re still receiving some letters which are postmarked prior to the end of the comment period, March 16th.” Read More Follow Stephen Gutowski on twitter. The Washington Free Beacon is a privately owned, for-profit online newspaper that began publication on February 7, 2012. Dedicated to uncovering the stories that the powers that be hope will never see the light of day, the Free Beacon produces in-depth investigative reporting on a wide range of issues, including public policy, government affairs, international security, and media. Whether it’s exposing cronyism, finding out just who is shaping our domestic and foreign policy and why, or highlighting the threats to American security and peace in a dangerous world, the Free Beacon is committed to serving the public interest by reporting news and information that is not being fully covered by other news organizations. The Beacon’s chairman is Michael Goldfarb. Its editor in chief is Matthew Continetti. Sonny Bunch is the managing editor. Bill Gertz is senior editor. Reprinted with permission.

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  1. look what border patrol wants. They requested 12 million rds of 223. ammo for them selves. Now we will see if the commission that was established during D.E.S. request for millions of rounds it put a stop to. Let us see what will happen to this request.

  2. Two great mysteries of modern times…and I have not gotten the answer r yet, but if someone would care to give their 2 cents on I’m all ears….

    #1….Why does anyone one want to spend millions of dollars on a job (elected politician) that only pays $170K…..

    #2…Why do males have nipples?

    To both questions I have yet to find and answer or even something remotely close to being reasonable as far as an explanation….

    It seems one goes in hand with the other…..

  3. Please, These rounds were developed to penetrate helmets at 300k. In other words the very definition of “armor piercing”. That said, these armor piercing rounds were developed for rifles and have no basis in cop killing with pistols. They also are completely useless for accurate work.

  4. In theory Yes…

    In reality NO….

    It probably wouldn’t happen…and if it were to happen then this country would simply become no different than Iraq or any other Middle Eastern country that is total disarray now and I have to believe we’re far better a country/nation/society than that….

    If it were to happen, then we’re just the 2015 version of Nazi Germany….

  5. You don’t really believe the military are going to back Obama after he has thrown them and law enforcement under the bus? American pilots bombing American Cities? You going to bomb your mother and father and family or let someone else do it? I doubt it. They will jail Obama and send him to Guantanamo where he belongs.

  6. Don’t know to many in the civilian population that have tanks, fighter jets etc….

    So the LE/Military have an edge up there….

    But then the British had the big guns back in 1776 and still lost….

    6 million to 300 million sounds interesting…..but in actually it’s more like maybe 6 million to 150 million, since 1/2 of the population don’t own guns….

    And those 6 million would have to be broken down to maybe 3 million active at any time….since they’re not going to be able to go 24/7 for very long….

    Then how many would stand down….

    A number of variables out there….

    Then if it turns into total social unrest, my guess is regardless the government is going to be spread extremely thin….

    Regardless though, whatever happens or how it shakes out, it’s going to not be boring to say the least….

  7. Well if that happens they aren’t gonna have much of a chance containing 300 million people and 100 million armed Americans when all told they have about 6 million military and law enforcement.

  8. @ dprato and Sean:

    There is no doubt that this so-called Jade Helm 15 Drill is an unprecedented U.S. Military event on U.S. soil, and therefore quite worthy of our deepest scrutiny.

    More specifically this operation (not Drill) is being conducted only by specific Special Operations Command units and not your ordinary ground-pounders.

    In other words this is the Unified Combatant Command that overseas and coordinates all Special Forces from every branch of service when tasked with extremely specialized joint operations. This includes the Navy Seals, Army Green Berets/82nd Airborne, Air Force Pararescue/Combat Controllers, and Marine Expeditionary Units, to name a few.

    These are the highly specialized units used BEFORE every war to covertly ingress into enemy territory and collect pre-attack intelligence as well as paint targets for laser guided munitions and collect GPS coordinates for accurate remote-controlled UAV drone strikes.

    In and out without a peep, these guys are good at what they do and can be credited for the precision and accuracy of all bombs later dropped at the start of the Iraq War.

    A select group of these Special Forces will stay behind as they are highly trained to lead and manage insurgencies designed to assist local sympathetic civilians towards their take-over and transition to replace the previous local standing governments.

    This is all these Special Forces are trained to do. So that begs the question – why are they the only military elements participating in this so-called exercise? It is because their work is critical and required to be performed in the actual AOR (Area of Operation) months before the regular troops are needed.

    Regular troops with minimal training can pretty much operate anywhere after the Special Forces and air strikes have cleared a path. In some instances the Special Forces lead insurgency is so effective that ground troops may not even be required for an insurgent local force to takeover.

    This situation is quite worrisome to say the least.

  9. Very interesting article. Good strong showing by 2nd Amendment Supporters as well as members of Congress. However, we must not let our guard down when it comes to this administration, never!

  10. I am not a gun owner but see no reason to ban guns or ammo. This is suppose to be a some what free country. I can tell you if a civil war starts I have deceided to just drive over any one in my way. Can always wash my vehicle at the car wash.

  11. Keep in mind a couple of things. There are over 100 million of us and only 6 million of them. Most military and law enforcement will not go along. Particularly Sheriffs Departments where Sheriffs are elected not appointed like city Police Chiefs. Anyone taking part in suppression of American Citizens on a nation wide basis will have to be thinking of their own families and what someone else might be doing to them in another state or area. I see no general support for that type of action by military or local law enforcement. They both hate Obama and Holder for throwing them under the bus.

  12. I think a far more threatening issue at the moment is operation Jade Helm 15 to be conducted between July 15 and Sept 15 in 10 Southwestern States. This operation involves elite units of the US military and is ostensibly a drill on Martial Law and the preemption of Civil War. I have protested this exercise here in Colorado to the Governor, State and Federal Reps and reported it to Fox News. I object to this type of exercise since there is no ongoing or frequent need for Martial type law except perhaps during riots or natural disasters. They did not even send troops in to Ferguson when Obama and Holders black brothers burned the place down. Local and State law enforcement handled those situations. Obama is practicing for when he conjures a reason to declare martial law so he can remain in office. This is a direct threat to the American people in my opinion.

    1. dprato: I agree that elements (many elements) of the U.S. Federal government is preparing to attack and subdue its own citizens. I truly believe that many constitutionally illegal federal departments are planning to disarm, round up and pacify (read murder) U.S. citizens that don’t agree with the federal overlords. In the exercise you mention I agree it is mostly to get troops used to operating on State soil and to slowly co-opt local LEO organization by training with them and giving them high end equipment to train with at very low cost. Our non-military LEO’s are being trained subtly in an “us versus them” attitude. I don’t trust the U.S. federal government as far as I can throw it.

    2. I can understand why the government is planning this Jade Helm 15 operation…. the government is bankrupt and preparing for the results of the total collapse of the dollar. Over half of the nations population depends on the government for some form of financial assistance. So, when that assistance comes to a screeching halt, people no longer have money for rent, food, clothes, etc. Basically, everything comes to a halt and people will starve and become homeless. You might have money in the bank, but can’t get to it because the banks will close. Even when they do open they will have some sort of lame story why they don’t have your money. Then the rioting, vandalizing and break-ins will start, and the National Guard starts to shoot civilians.
      This operation can only be in preparation for the aftermath of the collapse of the dollar and the government going bankrupt.

    3. @Bearman: Yes, you are absolutely correct. There are pre-written bills in both houses of Congress that simply nationalize 401k’s and IRA money. This is a massive amount of dollars that many in the “elite ruling class” see as actually being a “national asset.” Their rational is that our benevolent overlords have generously given us the ability to put away money without confiscatory taxes being levied, so that means these funds are really held in accounts that the Federal government has some “ownership” of. They will also say things like, “the government is better able to determine how much you need in retirement and that they need to ensure that the funds are spent wisely.” This is rational number two for Federal government take over (read: confiscation) of our funds.Rational number three is certainly an outright pillar of communism: the Federal government is better able to distribute these national assets to the most deserving parties. From each according to their abilities, to each according to their needs. Unless, of course, if you are part of the ruling junta; then you need the best of everything because you are doing so much hard work for the little people and it is very difficult to steal from them and decide who to give it to.

      Everyone: it’s still legal to own gold and silver. When gold got to $1400 or so a while back, I sold all my gold and am now putting most of my hard asset money into silver as, I believe, it will move up more sharply in value when the dollar does collapse. I’m not a “disaster economist,” but I have read quite a few articles that suggest 10% of your assets should be in gold/silver. Who knows? I am not buy silver as an investment, it’s a disaster hedge of sorts. Of course, you had better have a year to two years of food and shelter (heat/cooling/security) on hand before the full collapse of the Federal and local governments and everyone realizes that government is essentially useless except for making war. And, at that point, the government will be making war on anyone who has “hoarded” food, shelter, guns, ammo and durable stores of value: gold/silver. Finally, at the age of 60, not being a ninja or special forces type of guy, I expect that in the case of Federal government collapse under the weight of its own policies, that even if you are as somewhat prepared as I am with everything I mentioned, and am prepared to defend my “pile of stuff,” the most likely outcomes are (a) my wife and I die being attacked by the government trying get all our hoarded supplies, (b) my wife and I die from the expected hoards of people, who, after just 72 hours of no food, will attack anyone who is perceived to have food, or, (c) we hold on, but wither away from lack of required medicines. Great outlook huh?

  13. They’ll be back with this exact same ban and many more sneaky, devious ways of either outlawing ammo or restricting the type or number of guns legally owned by Americans. Both in the Democrat and Republican parties, there are big government lovers who want to control all of humanity, never mind simply all Americans. It is clear from the Republican party’s on-going, vicious attacks on Utah’s Mike Lee, Texas’ Ted Cruz, Tennessee’s Rand Paul, Mitch McConnell’s primary challenger, Matt Bevin, etc., etc. The noose is tightening around the throats of us who value our freedoms. These are freedoms that almost no other countries on earth have. They are worth fighting for. I am giving $50 per month to Ted Cruz for his presidential run, and I have given to Mike Lee and Rand Paul.

  14. Don’t hold your breath thinking this is over…


    Barry won’t let this go….it fits his ideology to do whatever he can to ban the AR15 and once he does that, hell go after other weapons and ammo as well.

  15. Those whom try to take our 2nd.Amendment and Ammunition away from us are NAZI’S, and DICTATOR’S.

    1. @Ray Walters: Yes, of course they are. Just look at the attitudes of the “ruling elite” in Mordor on the Potomac. It’s obvious for the Democrats. The Republican leadership is obviously betraying every single promise they make to get back into the majority – it’s not even subtle now. Even though the Republican leadership isn’t thrilled with BHO, they really agree with much of what he does as it matches up with the desires of their biggest donors and staying if office is job number one.

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