Arsenal Announces SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR Rifle Shortages

Three Arsenal semiautomatic rifles

Cheaper Than Dirt! wishes to inform our customers that Las Vegas–based Arsenal, Inc. released a statement on April 29 saying

Three Arsenal semiautomatic rifles
Arsenal, Inc. has halted commercial production so the company can fulfill military-supply obligations. Photos from Arsenal, Inc.
that international military-delivery commitments have caused a halt in production of commercial versions of the company’s SLR-107FR and SLR-104UR rifles. From the release: “Currently, all SLR-107FR models, including SLR107-31, SLR107-32, SLR107-33, SLR107-34, and SLR107-36 configurations, and all SLR-104UR models with standard 16-inch barrel, including SLR104-51, SLR104-52, SLR104-53, and SLR104-54 configurations are temporarily out. All units have been shipped out of Arsenal to our distributors. Please inquire with your dealers, distributors, or retail outlets for any availability for any units that are still in the pipeline.” The reason, according to the statement: “Arsenal also has serious military obligations throughout the world. Due to the current situation in the world and the sharp increase in violence in places such as the Middle East and the demand to replenish countries’ militaries to constrain those who cause harm and evil, it has become necessary to shift Arsenal’s full concentration on fulfilling military contracts. This has caused a sharp, but hopefully short-lived, halt in production of commercial products.” Click here to see availability of remaining Arsenal, Inc. products on Cheaper Than Dirt!    

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  1. At this time I see the situation similar to American auto makers building military vehicles and no autos. I’d guess the postponement will be short-lived.

  2. Thank you ” Arsenal ” for being yet another company to put their American customers second.

  3. For the record, this company’s Bulgarian operations has the unique distinction as one of the largest defense industry suppliers of medium to small arms for many a countries’ military and law enforcement and are a certified NATO standard distributor.

    Even though Bulgaria was forced to privatize their immense cold war weapons industry from communist government control into private companies, they still remain one of the largest small arms manufacturers for countries worldwide.

    Their vast distribution network is kept undisclosed as a trade secret, but some of their publicly known buyers are the U.S., Iraq, Afghanistan and North African countries.

    There is no doubt larger conflict such as ISIS in Syria and Iraq, or the Russia-Ukraine conflict impacts the overall arms shortages, but not in such a way that a U.S. associated Bulgarian company such as Arsenal Inc. would be forced to retool (so-to-speak) like WWII era factories had to due to shortages.

    This is an odd announcement by Arsenal, one worthy of further investigation because it seems to conflict with real-world Intel on weapons shortages. That is, unless Arsenal is supplying the bad guys, there should actually be somewhat of a surplus as I’ll explain next…

    Current Intel actually has the good guys winning for once. Most recently with Egypt’s Sisi plugging the holes and destroying the Hamas smuggling tunnels into Gaza has resulted in arms dealers in Gaza complaining of such a severe weapons and ammo shortage that they say all prices have skyrocketed (no pun intended).

    They were already paying the equivalent of one U.S. dollar per round and that has now more than doubled since Sisi’s exceptionally effective campaign to stop smuggling. The same goes for AK rifles which could be had for around $600 U.S. dollars and now go for double and even triple that in Gaza.

    Likewise, the latest Intel reveals the most recent successes by the Nigerian government against Boko Haram is primarily due to the terrorists ever increasing shortage of arms and ammunition. Sources state that many of the jihadists started with plenty of rifles and have since complained to their leader’s failure to provide new weapons as they resort to using sticks and rocks. This also explains their sudden retreat and why they stoned their captive girls rather than shoot them as the Nigerian troops moved in.

    In Iraq and Syria, Intel also shows ISIS has virtually no arms shortage and is disturbingly well-stocked primarily due to their consistent capture of Syrian bases and cities as well as the seizure of Iraqi Army supplies from the territory in that region.

    In addition, the Islamic State (ISIS) also commands an effective supply chain of their own which involves sympathetic weapons brokers as well as a steady influx of foreign fighters required to bring additional ammo supplies; much of which is simply purchased easily on the civilian market and carried in. Intel also shows they can move these supplies between Syria and Iraq and back in a matter of hours or days, so no shortage there.

    So as I’ve already stated, with the good guys winning at the moment and enemy supply lines being shut down, one would think there should be a surplus rather than shortage of weapons. It begs the question, -who exactly is Arsenal supplying their small arms given the enemy is the only one complaining of a shortage.

    So, from an Intelligence perspective an analyst would be a fool not to focus on Arsenal’s Bulgarian operations after making such a statement. Especially given their undisclosed distribution list as well as their Board of Directors sudden need to form an ethics committee designed to give the impression they are for the “Prevention and Disclosure of Conflict of Interest and Corruption” all while stepping up distribution.

    Let’s not forget, this is a company formed from a government that once made Cold War arms deals with countries like North Korea, Cuba, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Vietnam and continues to maintain a classified distribution list. Just my thoughts are all.

    1. G-Man, I always very much appreciate your thoughtful and intelligent comments. You most often speak from a position of analysis and consideration, rather than clinging to various conspiracy theories and angry retorts. But, when the situation calls for it, you have the fire to take someone to task for being stupid.

      Well done and just keep being you.

      As for the post, I work programs in places like Yemen and Somalia, and there is always more than meets the eye in the hotter spots of the world.

    2. @Mikial:

      Thank you for the kind words. From your last paragraph I can see you’ve been exposed to certain realities which allow you to better comprehend the state of things in the world today. Not that we can make sense of it any better than those who are unexposed, but it does help us speak about such things in more level-headed and realistic terms.

      To the unexposed I say this: There is a vast difference between thinking you know something about a thing, than there is in knowing you know something about a thing.

      Have a good day.

    3. G-Man

      You are correct as far as I’ve seen. There is in fact a huge surplus on the other side of the pond. However, I work with their people on the other side of the pond and they recently sold 14,000 AKs to an unnamed buyer. That is pretty much the capacity of that 1 factory at least. They’ve since replenished.

      There are other factories in other places with warehouses chock full of rifles but they are holding their stocks mainly because distributors don’t have access or other reasons. I did hear of a small company in NC looking to import a bunch into the states but until that happens we take a knee and drink water.


    4. @ rangerriffic:

      Good info, thanks for your generous input. Given your background you are obviously well informed, so my following comments are more intended to clarify a few things for other interested readers…

      Based on the context of my original post, I want to ensure folks that in no way did I intend to slander the Arsenal company name by inferring they would sell arms to our enemies. But let’s face facts, – terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda and ISIS do in fact have weapons and they are obviously not pounding them out from inside their own mountainside cave factories; so you all do the math.

      In the case of Arsenal sales and other presumably reputable manufacturers over there, it must be understood they too know full well where many of their weapons will wind up. It becomes a balancing act as their arms are legally sold to intermediaries who then sell to the unscrupulous.

      Also working against us, one must attempt to comprehend the geo-political landscape outside the U.S. which is set amongst deeply embedded foundational ideological differences between countries and their goals. That’s a fancy way of stating that what appears so obviously unethical to us, may be what puts food on the table for them. These governments see things from a completely different perspective when a large portion of their Gross National Product stems from weapons manufacturing.

      And to top all this off, it’s now even harder to lead by example when America itself has lost the edge and can no longer command respect-by-example when Obama causes the death of innocent people and one of his own U.S. Agents by selling illegal weapons to foreign criminal organizations as well.

      And finally I wish to add that unlike other commenters here, I don’t necessarily expect additional companies to also begin announcements regarding their woes of weapons shortages. Not that these shortages don’t exist (somewhere), but more so because Arsenal has already distinguished itself in America with a reputation of quality and excellence above its competitors and this announcement is but yet another example of the courtesies such a class act extends to its customer base.

  4. The way the world is currently situated, I don’t doubt that other vendors announce the same. It has been almost 70 years since we have seen this kind of world-wide military conflict with far more smaller military engagements spread across multiple continents as opposed a single WWIII-like environment.

    I have to think that the Arms-Dealers (both legal and/or illegal) are at the utter apex of their career/business likewise with more orders than inventory.

  5. Sounds more like CYA due to an issue of over extension on the part of Arsenal from the way there wording their press release. Has the feel of someone in sales who made promises that the company couldn’t manage without screwing someone else, namely their US customer base. Not the first time it’s happened or course or likely to be the last either. Still sounds hinky, but, maybe they will be back soon. Best of luck to them!

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