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ArmaLite’s M-15 3-Gun Rifles Come Out on Top

ArmaLite M-15 3-Gun rifle with KeyMod rail and LUTH-AR stock

Earlier this year, ArmaLite announced several new products to be released this year—including two models of competition rifles designed specifically for the sport of 3-Gun. Those who got a sneak peek at the rifles at SHOT Show and other media events eagerly awaited full production. The first production models were impressive, running smoothly and reliably. ArmaLite promised these M-15 3-Gun rifles to be competition-ready straight out of the box. Packed full of features, with many customized parts built in-house by ArmaLite, the two models are shockingly very competitively priced.

The company’s efforts have proved fruitful as both models are taking Team ArmaLite’s competitive shooters straight to the top.

Last month, Team ArmaLite’s Greg Jordan won the 3-Gun Nation Pro Series Event 3, qualifying him for the series final 3GN Championship with the ArmaLite M153GN13 AR-15 rifle with a total score of 291.53. Last year, Jordan took the Overall and TacOps titles in the FNH USA 3-Gun National Championships shooting the 18-inch barrel prototype.

The M153GN18 took Team ArmaLite’s Joel Turner to the winner’s circle at the USPSA Multi-Gun Nationals, also in April. He won the Limited Division in the competition with a score of 952.5304.

To win, not only do you have to be a top-notch shooter, you have to have accurate, reliable and quality equipment to get you there.

Both the 13.5-inch and 18-inch barreled M-15 3-Gun models feature a thin, free-floating KeyMod handguard, Luth-AR MBA-1 buttstock with adjustable cheekpiece and length of pull, ambidextrous safety, ambidextrous Raptor charging handle, 3-pound Timney trigger, adjustable gas block and propriety ArmaLite tunable muzzle brake.

The tunable muzzle brake—pinned and welded on the 13.5-inch model—has three high-pressure ports that are user-adjustable for your preferred load, controlling muzzle rise and recoil for much quicker follow-up shots.

Both M-15 3-Gun rifles have a .223 Wylde chamber, accepting both 5.56mm NATO and .223 Remington ammo. Barrels have a 1:8-inch twist rate. The upper and lower receivers are 7075-T6 aluminum with an anodized finish. The longer, 18-inch barrel model weighs 7.8 pounds, while the 13.5-inch (16 inches with muzzle brake) weighs a slight 6.6 pounds. Besides the KeyMod rail system, ArmaLite put a 2-inch Picatinny rail section in the 12 o’clock position for mounting back-up iron sights.

ArmaLite clearly built a winner. Even if you aren’t a competitor, these two rifles are worth checking out for their features, accuracy and extremely-low recoil.

What feature on the M-15 3-Gun is your favorite? Tell us in the comment section.

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