Arguing with Anti-Gunners. What is Your Defense?

We all have probably faced this argument before, defending our right to own a gun. I’ve been so blindsided by the question why I own guns by someone that is anti-gun, that I could only stammer, “It’s how I make my living.” To an anti-gunner this is in no way a valid reason to own a gun. Before getting into a discussion or argument with someone who does not believe anyone should own a gun, you should arm yourself with the facts. Being educated on a subject is always your best bet when arguing a point. Backing up your statements with facts from reliable sources is also a good way to bring your points home. The point is not to win the argument, but at least allow your opponent to chew on your facts for a while and maybe even reconsider their argument or at least see the validity of yours! A good resource is Guy Smith’s “Gun Facts.”

Further, the NRA is a good source to look at, as well. Remember, when arguing with an anti-gunner, they might discredit the NRA by saying, “their facts are skewed.” Unfortunately, it does not take long to find “facts” that back up either argument.

One great thing about Guy Smith’s book is that he states statistics that he gets from unbiased resources such as the FBI and law enforcement reports.

Here are a few arguments I found:

There is no reason a civilian should ever own an assault weapon.

AR-15s and AK-47s are not assault weapons. They are semi-automatic weapons that look like fully automatic rifles. Most of the guns are exactly like common hunting rifles, they operate the same way they just look different. They are not fully automatic weapons. Some of these guns even shoot very small-caliber ammunition.

.50 caliber sniper rifles should be for military use only.

.50 caliber rifles are quite expensive to buy, the cheapest being about $1,500! In addition, these rifles are really big and really heavy! In general, they are about 4 to 5 feet long and weigh 22 to 34 lbs. Who is going to be able to conceal that? Further, according to the NRA, there have only been two crimes committed with a .50 caliber rifle in the United States since 1992.

If we ban guns, there will be less crime.

According to FBI studies, the overall murder rate is 8% HIGHER in states that have very strict gun control laws than in states that have more relaxed laws! Reported in “Gun Facts,” the U.S. Department of Justice, Law Enforcement Assistance Administration Rape, Victimization says, “when a woman was armed with a gun or knife, only 3% of rape attacks are completed, compared to 32% when unarmed.”

If there is a gun in the home, you are more likely to kill a family member than a criminal.

In the study that made this statement, those crimes committed with a gun in the home, 86% of them were suicides—not murder.

Overwhelming amounts of children die by guns.

In this particular study, they included “children” as old as 24 and this statistic includes children dying from gunshots during criminal and gang activity.

If everyone were to own a gun, the United States would become like the Wild West.

The government reports that about half of Americans own a gun and that the number is probably low due to people’s reluctance to report ownership. Half of American owns a gun and we do not have lawlessness in the streets.

What are some of your arguments?

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  1. I point out that an AR-15 is nothing more than a jazzed-up .22. It shoots a little further, but is otherwise functionally identical to the .22s youngsters have been given for Christmas for the past 100 years.

    “Then why does the military use them?”

    Because their version has features, like fully automatic firing, that the civilian versions lack … think of an AR-15 as an M-16 that’s had a vasectomy.

    “Why do you need an AR-15?”

    I don’t need an AR-15 any more than you need free speech, personal privacy or a jury trial.

  2. I have had the question asked of me(usually in a slightly hysterical voice)why do you think you need a gun here at __(fill in the blank with a seemingly secure place)__? I ask them, “Do you wear pants to the restroom? Why do you need pants in the restroom?” I’ll tell them I wear pants to the restroom because I was already wearing them when I got there. I wear them everywhere I go just like I wear my gun everywhere I legally can. I’ll then ask, “Where would you rather I become a crime victim? Should I make an appointment to be robbed or assaulted somewhere else”? I then leave them to stew in their irony for a while and later ask if they would like to go to the range sometime.

    1. Jesus sometimes answered a question with a question. Here, the telling question is “What makes you think – I – am the only one?”

  3. I am 60 years old now. AT 15 i wore flowers,bellbottom jeans ,traveled by thumb and played in a rock band. ya i was a flower child ,A war protester ,anti establishment all the way.At 21 ,less a rebel out of school and working, started my first company.I started to look,pay attn.Some where between my first daughter and my third i stopped fighting ‘ THE MAN’ and became that MAN. Now my only hope is to live long enough to ensure that my children and their children can live in the only country where freedom still exist by law. Those who seek to distort us must be shown the err a of their ways as we are a nation of laws,the only free people left. Our founding fathers gave us the tools to remain free, the most important being ‘ THE SECOND AMENDMENT ” once we loose that one , the others are un-inforseable. So,now i shoot, my wife shoots my 13 year old shoots, both of my neighbors shoot, i carry ( CCW ) , i train an i teach. OH, funny thing is that the crime rate is way down in me area of northern ARIZONA …. SO, how about you ,your area all you need to do is educate yourself, your family ,your friends . join the NRA ,,,,,,,DO SOMETHING the WORLD IS WATCHING.

  4. I have found that there are two kinds of people, who require two very different kinds of arguments to be convinced. People who tend to be logically minded (like me) are convinced by facts, like the ones in this article. That’s partly how I went from being anti-gun to being a gun-owner.

    People who are emotionally minded are convinced by personal experiences; you can tell them the facts but it won’t make an emotional impact. Even worse, if you point out the logical flaws in their argument, they just feel stupid and are even less inclined to change their minds. It’s human nature. For those people, I find you need to share anecdotes about people who have defended themselves (particularly just by frightening off potential attackers) and with examples of situations where one would reasonably want to have a weapon (in an isolated area, traveling alone late at night, etc). I’m pretty sure I have opened some eyes by avoiding inflammatory “the gub’mint is out to get us” and “the constitution says so, so there” arguments, because as true as they are, they don’t address the fears behind people’s beliefs. Making an emotional connection and demonstrating commonalities is the best way to teach these folks, I think.

  5. I tried to consider the anti-gunners point of view once (like you suggested in the article). But no matter how hard I tried, I could’nt get my head that far up my A@$.

  6. I agree with all thw commenter`s above here , ESP: the Second one …. David Robinson… Very Well spocken Sir, and Very True ! As far as arguing with Anti-Gunners , it`s a wast of Every Breath You Speak about any part it it, so I quite trying to do that with those type of people a long time ago . I do my thing every day and let them do there thing everyday . They won`t ever change my thinking on the Issue so , I just ignore people like and walk on . That`s because I don`t belive they carry too much , if any , common since , so it`s useless to talk with them about ANY subject , and I can`t Stand Talking To Dummys . Enough said about this subject ……

  7. I regularly explain that the purpose of the second amendment was not to defend the right to hunt or to shoot for recreational purposes. 1. The right to self-defense is an inherent human right. 2. The second amendment exists because it is not only our right, but our duty to overthrow the government when it is no longer responsive to our needs. The history of the world is full of examples of government trying to disarm their citizens before the government becomes more centralized, more autocratic, more controlling. 3. The second amendment guarantees the other amendments.

  8. A few questions for gunners and those of the ‘other opinion’.

    Q: I live alone, why shouldn’t I own one?
    A: Because an Anti- thinks I shouldn’t is the imposition of another’s opinion on me.

    Q: Can you give me a specific definition of ‘assault weapon’?
    A: Though it may be a firearm don’t forget to include fists, baseball bats, gardening implements, coathangers, kitchen knives,….. An assault can be perpetrated by any means a vicious person chooses.

    Q: If you can restrict my RKBA would you allow me to restrict your right to buy gas AND beer at the corner store? It is illegal to drink and drive you know.
    A: Well, no. That’s not the same. Right!! Gasoline didn’t exist when the Bill of Rights was written, gun ownership is a protected right, a DL is a priviledge.

    Q: If a 10-round magazine limit is necessary for adequate crime control would then a 10 gallon tank limit on cars and trucks curtail speeding, drunk driving, red light runners and uninsured drivers?
    A: No.

    Does it boil down to responsible people acting responsibly?
    Can society ever fully halt criminals from planning and acting on their schemes?

    Just asking!!

  9. I always ask them”If it’s good enough for the Police and Military to protect me and my family,it should be good enough for ME TO PROTECT ME AND MY FAMILY! I can’t strap a Police officer to my belt when I’m out and about doing business can I? I am guaranteed by the second amendment as a basic individual liberty to keep and bear arms and if you don’t get it after 246 years then you should move to China!!

  10. Our Founding Fathers did not include the Second Amendment to the Constitution so we could go hunting on week ends. They wrote it and included it because they realized from past experience and wisdom. That there would come a day when Americans would have to take up arms agains a tyranical government. It’s a very unfortunate scenario concerning the nature of man. He has several negative basic, inborn traits. One of those traits is his never ending desire to control everything around him. Now, more than ever before. We are feeling the effects of a central government that in effect, has made our constitution irrelevant. We have become a nation of men, corrupt men, and not of laws. After this November’s Presidential election is over. One of the first things on President Obama’s list is the confiscation of all privately owned firearms. He will achieve this end by signing the United Nation’s Arms Treaty, and passing it on to be ratified by the Unite States Senate. The only legislative body needed to achieve this. Guess who controls the Senate? I believe that his plan to abolishg the Second amendment began long ago, and having control of the Senate will allow him to succeed. Every socialist government in the past has made private gun confiscation one of, if not it’s first objective when taking control. They have to do this in order to minimize the opposition by the patriots of the nation they’re attempting to control. Our form of government has to fail. Why? Because the elected officials believe they have one purpose concerning government. Of course, their primary goals are to increase their personal wealth and power withing their party. But the one duty they believe they have within government is to continue creating legislation and passing it into law. Sooner or later, those laws had to infringe upon our Constitutional rights. The only safegard we had was the Constitution. That once great document is in reality, now non-existant. The only thing safegarding our freedom, is gone. On the very day that these elected officials turned their backs on our Constitution. On that very day, America began it’s at first slow, but now rapidly increasing speed to oblivian. The end result? Socialism and total government control. It has to happen. The only question now, is when.

  11. A semi-auto that looks like a full-auto is not an assault rifle, it is a merely a semi-auto operated weapon and nothing else. A full-auto rifle is the actual assault rifle. Good article but don’t give the anti-gunners a term they can apply to our semi-auto .22s and shotguns. They will use the term “assault rifle” in their fight to ban ALL semi-autos.

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