SHOT 2014 — Make Your AR Your Own With Custom Products from Unique-AR

America has fallen in love with the AR platform in recent years. Manufacturers have responded with additional calibers and an increased selection of options such as barrel twist, length and ways to hang more furniture. I am not sure if there is another revolution in store for the AR, but the next big evolution for the AR has arrived with Unique-ARs new custom and affordable AR handguard. “Our design process is simple,” said Mike Carpenter, UAR co-owner. “Just provide us with your design and concept and our design department will draft up a virtual sample for you to take a look at. Each and every customer works directly with the design department until they are completely satisfied and approve the final design for production.” Customers can add custom colors, use their favorite approved logo, tattoo, or insignia or have them fabricate a completely custom handguard from scratch. “You create it, we make it. The sky is the limit,” said Carpenter. UARs products and services are all-inclusive for an affordable set price.

Unique AR custom handguard showing Shot Show image surrounded by heart and clubs
With Unique ARs custom handguards, you choices are almost endless.

UAR immediately caught the attention of Cheaper Than Dirt!’s editorial team and recently secured a spot on the new FRAGO tactical series that features leading industry gear and supplies to showcase what real world operators and professionals in the shooting community are using on a day-to-day basis. This expanding reach has also attracted new contracts with police departments and some unexpected relationships such as an exclusive license agreement with one of the largest airsoft companies, Customization at this level simply has too much potential to be ignored by fans of the AR who love to dress it up.

“We are expanding our 2014 product line” says Corbett, “that will include more custom color options, AR-10 .308, full upper assemblies, suppressors and complete guns with the option to customize lower receivers. We will also emphasize clean-looking stock designs that fit the tactical aesthetic and functional accessories such as QDs and KEYMOD. These will be available in stores soon.” Unique-ARs has defined and created the custom handguard category and is dedicated to helping customers build premium quality and the most unique AR-15 possible. It can manufacture as few as one and as many as 1000+ per month. All handguards include a proprietary barrel nut mounting system and are constructed using 6061 T6 aluminum. The mount comes standard in anodized black or Armor Black Cerakote. All colors are offered through Cerakote for additional customization.

Are you excited about the prospect of a custom handguard? Share your design ideas in the comment section.

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