AR versus AK, Which is the Superior Rifle?

AR versus AK

AR versus AK
Which Rifle Works for You?

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  1. What a silly article…if somebody like ak’s…then i guarantee your not gonna change their mind if somebody likes ar’s the same is true….and you guys are actually putting up a side by side…on apples and oranges…they are bothe rifles…thats about it

  2. ok, here we go again. for starters let me say that what ever system you choose……FINE BY ME. i like AK’s in all their forms. as far as accuracy well, in semi auto rifles the AK is plenty, if you dont belive me why dont you go stand downrange and wait…. oh, whats that????? not too inaccurate then huh? and why people say that cheekweld is nonexistant i will never understand. i seem to be able to get some great cheek on stock and i am 6’3″ @ 252 lbs. and still useing the shorter comm-blok stocks! learn how to actually hold your guns!!! the reason that AK’s dont have the same ergonomics as an AR is because THEY ARE NOT AR’s!!!!! if you like AR’s i think thats great, now there will be more 7.62×39 out there for me. (by the way, if you havent taken the time to google “ballistics” please dont try to tell me anything about that little 5.56mm, i like .30 cal lead and the energy that it brings to the other end with it)

  3. The reliability of the AK is unsurpassed.Cheap ammo,simple operation and lots of fun.The AR,cool,accurate and tons of accessories to add on.The AR is easier to shoot but the AK is a beast!I like them equally but for different reasons.

  4. I don’t have a 7.62 AK but I do have a Saiga (AK) 12g shotgun. If the reliability/durability of the ‘AK Shotgun’ are indicative of its sister rifle, I think the AK at the very least is on par with the AR. One of the things I have noticed with the AK architecture relative to the AR is its utter simplicity in disassembly/cleaning. I have seen videos of kids breaking these down like clock-work–I’m sure the same ‘can’ be done for the AR but not nearly as simple.


  5. WELLLLLL, YOU CAN WEAR OUT 2 AK’S TO 1 AR as far as price goes and they never really wear out
    ammo is about 4 to 1 ak to ar 7.62 $.05 vs. $.25 for 5.56 some a lot higher
    ak will shoot clear through small trees ar just puts holes in them
    you can bury an ak in mud for 60 days dig it up, put a clip in it, and empty it, ar in mud, at least 30 min. cleaning
    fun factor: about the same, both fun to shoot
    ak’s have sharp edges tool marks and ball peen hammer workmanship, ar’s are all mil spec work (pretty, fine work)
    I own both but kinda lean toward ak’s I think thier cool, i’m too old to drive tacks any more, and momma wants me to do other stuff besides clean guns

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