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APPS: California’s Universal Registration Scheme

APPS stands for Armed & Prohibited Persons System. The premise is confiscation of legal firearms from prohibited individuals. The reality is an excuse for universal registration. Ginny Simone has more on the story.

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  1. I agree with your points with no reservation. These liberal gun-grabbing politicians, with the help of the mainline lib media and liberal low-info voters, take a little here and a little there, and by the time they are through, we will wonder why we can no longer own or use our firearms for self defense or hunting.

    For instance, California’s anti-lead bullet laws have absolutely no scientific basis, and it has not been shown that lead has harmed the California Condor or any other endangered species, yet because the Sierra Club and other “green” organizations’ pressure on lap-dog CA legislators, those bills such as this threaten law-abiding hunters, putting them at increasingly grave risk for getting fined, jailed or both.

    Remember that once a person is a felon, he/she can no longer legally own or use a firearm in the state of California. I don’t know if this law applies in other states or not, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    Life Member, NRA

  2. Look… Liberals will never be satisfied with some type of “registry”. They know as long as Americans have the ability to defend against them, their plans for control, subjugation, and enslavement are on hold. Make no mistake… they will NEVER stop until they have removed ALL the guns from ALL Americans! That is why we must NEVER give ground on ANY subject regarding our 2nd Amendment. PERIOD!

  3. It’s the same game that they ran down in the UK and Canada. “Oh, we just want to keep a data-base for statistical purposes.” or “Oh, we want to keep guns out of criminals hands.” or “We are protecting the lives of children.” Just follow what happened in both CANADA and AUSTRALIA.

  4. This is clearly a bad idea and not what founders were thinking of when they wrote the 2nd Amendment. The Anti-Gun faction is not interested in keeping anyone safer. Their goal is to disarm free citizens of America. They know they can’t do it all at once so they keep pushing, pushing, pushing one step at a time. Sometimes small steps and sometimes big steps. The APPS program is a big step.

    Unfortunately the liberal politicians in California have a super majority so they can pretty much do whatever they want to the people right now. This must be confined to the borders of CA at all costs. I realize there are some other liberal states with leadership wanting to do this. Since I no longer have any faith in the Supreme Court to do its job properly it is up to us, the free citizens of America, to keep these extremely draconian ideas from becoming law. Please write and call your state and federal politicians whenever an anti-gun law is proposed. Our future as a free people depends on it.

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