AP Issues Weak Non-Apology for Image of Handgun Pointed at Sen. Cruz’s Head

AP image framed where it looks like an image of a pistol is pointed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz

The Associated Press (AP) has explained the agency’s decision to distribute a photo—and later take it down—depicting a handgun being pointed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s forehead. AP’s Vice President and Director of Media Relations Paul Colford said in a statement: “Presidential candidate Ted Cruz was shown in a series of 14 photos taken by an Associated Press photographer at a ‘Celebrate the 2nd Amendment’ event Saturday afternoon [June 20], held at a shooting range in Johnston, Iowa. Five of the photos published by AP included images of guns seen on a wall in the background so that it appeared a pistol was pointed at Sen. Cruz’s head. The images were not intended to portray Sen. Cruz in a negative light.”

AP image framed where it looks like an image of a pistol is pointed at Texas Senator Ted Cruz
AP Photographer Charlie Neibergall submitted this image of Sen. Ted Cruz and the press agency distributed it over the weekend before taking it down. AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall.

In a letter to supporters after the photos were published, Cruz wrote, “The liberal media is attacking again. I called out Democrats for trying to use the tragic event in South Carolina to advance their partisan agenda on gun control, and now, the liberal media has literally put a gun to my head… They are mocking and threatening not only me but anyone who supports the Second Amendment as well. In their attempt to sell newspapers, they are stirring up anti-gun sentiments.” Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell, who heads a media watchdog group, has asked that the photographer who took the pictures, Charlie Neibergall, be fired, along with all the managers who approved publishing the image on the wire service’s distribution channels.

Bozell’s statement read: This is disgusting. Just days after a horrific shooting that took nine lives, the AP has the gall to unapologetically display a gun aimed at the head of a presidential candidate. They would never do this to Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Nor should they. The AP is lying. This was not an accident. They made a deliberate decision to publish the photo. The AP owes Senator Cruz, his wife Heidi, and his children an immediate and unqualified apology. Furthermore, I am calling on the AP to conduct a complete investigation of everyone involved in the publishing of the photo and to fire those who ultimately made the decision to publish the photo. For context, on the Shooter’s Log, we strive to ensure firearms and images of firearms are never pointed at human beings, much less presidential candidates. In fact, we even attempt not to have separate images of firearms pointed directly at humans.

What do you think: Did AP Photographer Charlie Neibergall purposefully work into position and frame the image with care when he took the image of Cruz and the handgun on the poster? Or was it an accident? Let us hear your assessments in the comments section below.

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  1. “Ideas are more powerful than guns.We would not let our enemies have guns,why should we let them have ideas?”-Joseph Stalin “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda ,one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise” Adolf Hitler “If you like your Healthcare,You can keep your Healthcare” -Barack Obama

  2. Funny you mentioned being in former communist countries; my wife is from a former communist country. She fled Poland when it was under Soviet control running into the mountains and bribing a border guard to enter Austria as a refugee. Nine months later she was selected by “lottery” to immigrate to South Africa. She had no idea was apartheid was but quickly found out. She fled that country when things got ugly for whites, no matter where you came from.

    Her father was (barely) a survivor of a Nazi concentration camp losing weight from starvation to 78 lbs when liberated. Pretty dismal for a man over 6 feet tall. Later he was tortured by the KGB who got wind that he had a gun. They removed his fingernails and beat him for a week. Imagine life without your nails when you earn a living as a tailor! Yet he was still a happy man and wore a smile on his face loving what he had. A life making clothing for people and he worked in his garden or fed the pigeons. he took delight in small things like flowers and birds. Sadly he passed shortly after my wife escaped communism and she was unable to return home for his funeral because the communists would have imprisoned her for life or worse.

    She also lived in Germany and was forced to clean toilets to earn wage until she learned to speak German fluently in spite of having a four year degree in nursing. That is the way Germany treats its immigrants. No freebies at all. Pull your weight or starve.

    My wife speaks Polish, English, Russian and German. Most Americans can barely speak proper English, their mother tongue. I have heard my wife talk of Polish people being whisked away like her father by the KGB and never returning. If you inquired about them and their safety, you would meet the same fate.

    People who never experienced the Cold War or had first hand knowledge of communistic rule, have no idea how bad it can be. Nor do they appreciate how fragile our freedoms are. Having the mightiest military in the world may not save us if we aren’t vigilant.

    I fear too much change, too fast. It is nothing but reckless. Apathy is insidious and takes us over slowly when we forget the sacrifices that were made to gain this much freedom. What took years to attain and tens of thousands of lives to keep can be quickly lost. We need to stand guard over the republic and not let our personal ambitions command all of our attention. getting ahead and raising the kids are important, for sure, but if we lose our freedom to pursue happiness then where will those things be? I have serious grave doubts that my grandchildren will experience the free America as I did. It saddens me.

  3. Will do Dennis-the so-called “progressives” are anything but and should spend some time as I have in former communist countries.Most of these anti-America types have no comparative experience with which to judge America by. Obama and his kind can try to undermine our society only because of the great sacrifice paid by past Generations. Any society that denies its moral compass is doomed to failure ….Peace

  4. Uh, I think you skipped a year. But I live on the west coast and due to daylight savings time and other time zone considerations, I haven’t been in the 21st century technically as long as some of you others. Some regions may have been blacked out by the NFL and they too may experience a delay.

  5. Steve,
    You aren’t the only baby boomer who is saddened by the shape of things in this once great land. I hear you and agree that much has changed and although change is inevitable much of it in America has been more of a decline than a progressive improvement. Our grandchildren will never know the America that we grew up in Steve. Practice your aim, read your Bible, pray for Holy guidance and vote conservative.

  6. Do you libs just sit around all day dreaming up new cutesy insults and believe that you are righteous because of this? You might have a look at some the liberal whinings (since you believe we are wasting time here) and you will find MUCH to decry within your own ranks, unless you are truly in denial. Go clean the grime from your own house before complaining about the dust in ours. BTW: What you refer to as progress is actually decline. The last few years of liberal leadership has not improved us but has surely divided us. Look at our S&P rating slip for a start and then follow from there. You people are delusional and out of touch with reality. Yeah, with liberal progress we may close out the century living in caves and living as true hunter/gatherers. None for me, thanks.

  7. Oh good grief. I can’t believe I stepped off into this bigoted, ignorant rightwingnutjob echo chamber or stayed, learning what all of you are all about to begin with. The only thing that is constant, folks, is change. I realize that some of you here will never reach the 21st century, but jeebus haploid khrist, some of you here have a few brain cells left. Use them and join the rest of us on planet Earth.

    1. This is a perfect example of liberal ranting. He/she is so eager to insult people failing to realize that we’ve been in the 21st Century for 14 years, 7 months, 10 hours and 8 minutes.

  8. Hey Guys-Its just the ramblings of a 65 year old man who deeply hurts from seeing a country that was so strong go so far astray.Just got back from NewEngland and that trip depressed the daylights outta me.Going to the range to practice my 50 yard bullseye. The Lord has blessed my Southern home.Thanks Guys!

  9. Steve, you are scaring me friend but I will address your post as best I can.

    We already have term limits (you might have noticed this already) but do you suggest they be restricted to one or two terms in office? . Some districts may not go with that but for the record I agree, to a point, but I will not chase down that debate here.

    I’m unsure what you envision for SCOTUS appointees. I foresee problems if they had short terms.

    I would welcome interstate competition between any and all enterprises.

    I’d not only eliminate the Dept of Education but also EPA and Dept of Health. What does the Surgeon General do?

    I would outlaw PACs altogether if I could and stop special interest groups from having access to congressional representatives outside of the channels available to constituents.

    Federal employees may be fired under current law (contrary to popular opinion) but it is a difficult thing to do. The guidelines for federal employees need to be revised to require greater accountability, That should run all the way up to the Cabinet level.

    Unions have exceeded their useful life and need to be retired. Maybe another way can be found to protect workers without this corrupted system that has become more evil than the entity it was created to combat.

    I would give special help to start up enterprises and lower tax rates according to the profit margin. Smaller companies that employ people should be nurtured as much as possible because that accounts for the majority of businesses in America. Countries hiding money outside the US or using foreign workers to run the company while Americans are unemployed should be taxed or fined heavily to discourage those practices.

    Social welfare programs need to be trimmed and stupid programs set up to simply squander tax money need to be axed. We need to get back to the basics as it once was and it needs to administered carefully so we don’t have people driving Cadillacs on welfare. People that need help should get it but there should be an education and training program attached to get those folks back into the workforce as soon as possible.

    The remainder of your post is common knowledge unless you live in a cave. Yes, you are correct and we are ALL frustrated and angry over the mismanagement of the budget and national debt.

    You see, Steve, we are in agreement on a lot of things. More than you imagined, huh? But please take a deep breath and r-e-l-a-x before you have a stroke or heart attack. Take action on the things that truly bug you, if you can, even if it is just letter writing or calling your congressional reps. The stuff we can’t change and is out of your hands, pray about it and then leave it go.

  10. Steve, brother you need to run not walk to your nearest therapist and seek medical attention. I fear you may have slipped the surly bonds of current reality and have fallen into the long ago dead past. Bringing the dreaded 3 S’s, South, slavery and Samson, into this conversation is not only irrelevant but inappropriate to this blog. If you can’t stay in the here and now then you are ill. Good luck partner.

  11. Let me get this out.Did you know that the North feasted on taxes it levied on the Slave market? Did you know that the South was afraid of a Tyrannical Federal Government- exactly what we have today? South Carolina was the first State to leave the Union-so that battle flag is an important part its history.Who speaks for the Confederate Dead? Only a small group of Southerners owned slaves.This sounds exactly like what ISIS is doing in Syria and Iraq.They destroy all traces of past history in order to validate their present history. Want to re-write American history? Try explaining the founding of the State of Oregon.It is a history of real racism.America is the only country that I know of that faces its problems and betters itself. However the present crop of liars and cheats seem to have robbed us of our future.We have become Samson.

  12. OK Dennis.First off we need term limits for Congress and yes for the Supreme Court appointees. I would allow competition between Health Insurance Companies across State lines.Eliminate the Dept of Education.Limit the influence of Pacs.Allow Federal workers to be subjected to being fired for poor performance.Elimate special treatment of Union donors when it comes to Obamacare.Encourage investment by lowering tax rates for companies investing in this country.Put real caps on Government Social Welfare programs.Do you know that this year our Debt has out stripped our GNP? Take a hard look at your money. It is a NOTE. A notes values is determined by the debtors ability to pay it back.Basically your money is worthless. Get us back on the gold standard? Trump is right. OUR LEADERS ARE CLUELESS.

  13. So Steve you laugh at the problems are country faces as if you have no investment in it. Do you live in America? Are you are citizen? If so then we await your ideas on how to solve our numerous issues. I hope you have some constructive input, we need it.

  14. I get a kick out of you guys dicing the photo.. Everytime I see a Dem. standing in front of a flag I think of Pelosis rant-“you have to pass the Bill to find out whats in it”..What a load of crap we have in Politics now.I am sure the Chinese.Russians , and head-cutting Muslims are laughing their collective asses off. Is Cruz any different?

  15. Let’s see — it is my understanding that if you use a poltico’s photo — like at a shooting range for a target — that it was tantamount to an actual threat upon the life of that individual —– so when is the Secret Service — The FBI and Homeland Security going to go to the office of the AP and arrest Paul Colford & the photographer Charlie Neibergall for making threats either real or unreal against a presidential candidate ???

  16. Now you are starting to prove my point for me. I am well aware of that notion, I majored in English and Mathematics. Thanks for the unnecessary assist, you’re a true pal!

  17. I guarantee you Rick that I can better you on any test of any subject you like. I am not ignorant as I have been well educated and I try to stay informed. Stupid doesn’t apply to me as I have been at the top of everything I have ever attempted. You mistake me for someone else. Nice try I suppose but you are wrong…again.

  18. You have an incredible grasp for the obvious peanut. Of course he is at a 90 degree angle to a poster mounted on a WALL!!! What does that prove? NOTHING. Cruz didn’t PLACE himself in front of the poster as you keep trying to prove. As I said the photographer was nearly BEHIND Cruz in order to juxtaposition the good Senator with the poster and the gun image close to Cruz’s nose anyone can see that but then you aren’t just anyone are you, Slick? You will see what you want, as all liberals do, with your left-wing blinders on.

    1. If I was a liberal–which I not–I could change that with my votes and philosophies. You, however, are stuck with your condition. Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity is forever.

  19. I had already posted this link in a direct comment to shut Rick up once and for all. Here it is again so it is easier for all the other libs to find. Even still, I’m certain you idiots will still find a way to claim it wasn’t intentional.

  20. OK, Einstein’s Apprentice, let me make it simple for you! The photo clearly shows that the photographer was NOT at a 90 degree angle to Cruz. Look closely and notice the shot is from behind the ear. A strange approach to getting a professional shot on a human subject. Your turn Chief!

    1. You should work on your reading comprehension, buckwheat. I didn’t say anything about him being at a 90 degree angle to Cruz, but at a 90 degree angle to the poster thereby proving that Cruz placed himself in that position.
      Simple geometry.

  21. I don’t know, nor do I care if the photo was intentionally framed in front of the poster, or the photographer just happened to be in the “right” place to capture this photo. THE POINT IS, that the photo was published! If that were Al Sharpton or Eric Holder, the libs would scream Racist! Had it been Hillary, Harry Reed or Nancy Pelosi, it would be labeled right-wing hate mongering. Since it’s a conservative running for President it is an innocent mistake! It’s perfectly fine to be a bigot, as long as you hate a conservative.

  22. And the AP has NEVER published a photograph of a democratic official/candy date that was embarrassing to them and amusing to those who hole different opinions. Get over yourselves already. It’s been 6.5 years and NONE of the conspirators fantasies have come about. And they won’t. This has turned into a right wing political echo chamber and it’s just absurd. If the photo had been one that showed irony towards a liberal candy date, this whole board would be lit up with gay laughter. It’s absurd and contributes nothing positive to a republic that is changing before our very eyes. Get. Over. It.

  23. Look at the photo again. Cruz didn’t stand “in front of it” as you suggest. What do you think, that Cruz POSED FOR IT?

    1. “Look at the photo again. Cruz didn’t stand “in front of it” as you suggest.”

      Okay, Einstein, I’ll try and make it simple for you. Since the bottom of the poster is parallel to the bottom of the photo, and the left side of the poster is parallel to the left frame, it MEANS THE PHOTOGRAPHER WAS AT A 90 DEGREE ANGLE TO THE POSTER, and Cruz himself placed himself relative to the poster. As much as a three dimensional object can place himself in front of a two dimensional object Cruz did it to himself; the photographer just captured it.

      Geez, dude, this isn’t rocket science.

    2. @ Rick

      After viewing the original un-cropped photo here at…

      …and are clearly finally able to see how wrong you are about the angle as well as the extreme extent to which it was intentionally cropped for the desired affect… could you please now just shut up and go away?

    3. @ Rick

      After viewing the original un-cropped photo here…

      …and clearly see how wrong you are about the angle as well as how much it was intentionally cropped for the desired affect… could you please now just shut up and go away?

    4. You didn’t take Geometry in school did you? All that gibberish about the poster being “parallel” to the photo is irrelevant to the photographer’s positioning. Note how you can see more of the backside of Sen Cruz’s head and shirt than you do of the front. That tells you the photographer was nearly behind his subject. That crap you think is relevant about parallel to the photo frame tells me you never did photographic cropping before. The photographer can be nearly standing on his head and make it look like all was plumb and level when the picture gets to print. Geesh, this isn’t rocket science Junior but it might as well be!

    5. ps–take a camera, point at your tv from the front then move off-axis (that means to the side for the educationally impaired). See how it’s no longer a rectangle?

  24. One could easily argue Bozell’s statement “a gun aimed at the head of a presidential candidate” is a false statement, as clearly Cruz is in focus and the gun is not, therefore they cannot be on the same (focal) plane so the gun could not be aimed directly at his head. More wankers in this country trying to turn nothing into something to make a name for themselves.

    1. Same focal plane? ever hear of depth of field there photo boy, where the subject is in focus and the background is not? This was intentional.

    2. Ha! Ha! You said “wankers”! I think you might be British as I haven’t heard that phrase used (except on TV) since I was in the UK. But it always made me laugh anytime I heard it. Too, too much.

  25. I have seen claims that CNN is actually controlled by the CIA. This would not surprise me, as that agency is, for all intents and purposes, a maverick. When did you last vote for the directorship of the CIA? Even the presidents have little control here. The Department of Justice and the Attorney General, along with the FBI have incredible powers and these, as well as the rest of the alphabet soup of agencies are pulling lots of strings, no matter who gets into office. The main stream media cannot be trusted to give the public the truth, and they have demonstrated, time and again, that they do not.

  26. Fired? I dont know – we do know the ap/media in general are integrity challenged, lying, cowardly propagandists and a threat to our nations future!
    I think it best to destroy what little credibility the associated prropagandist and the activists at abc/cnn/cbs/nyt/wapo/nbc et al have with a small minority of Americans. But, more importantly go after their advertisers, let them know you wont do business with entities who support the wholesale disinformation and attacks on average Americans with their ad dollars, and speak to everyone you know!!! Take away the ad revenue from the treasonous, lying propagandist trash posing as journalsts and make sure that the 30 or so % of the population that still believes them knows better!

  27. I supposed its possible it was happenstance . .. but then OJ’s famous time magazine cover could have been also . . .

  28. The news media is good when it provides the public with current, informative and accurate news. However I believe the news media has become more powerful than our own government. They purposely twist the news in such a way that it meets their own agenda. They do this by showing a one sided story that takes advantage of the uninformed public and those who have no knowledge of the subject matter. This way of misleading the public will have them making law changing dissensions that meets the needs of the news moguls, which in most cases are overseen by foreign countries. .

  29. Its a sad day when trickery must be used to try and achieve your point, with total disreguard to who it could affect. A gun is no more then a tool and only a twisted mind would point a gun at someone, it shound not be done even in a picture. The sick mind that took the picture and the people that approved said picture should all be fired!!!!!!!! It has been way to long that we have had to endure the one sided views of the press. Anyone with half a brain should know by now, most reporters almost never report facts like they really are. Only what they want you to believe they are. It is time to start protesting (and possible lawsuits) against news agencys that refuse to tell the real facts, we are tired of twisted half truths. I know you have a right to your opinion but when you are a reporter, you should tell the truth. Not just what you want people to think or put the wrong kind of idea into someones head because you think that’s real reporting. Well you are wrong it’s not, so wise up!
    I have owen guns for 56 years and never would use one for any reason with the exception of self or family defence.

    1. “Its a sad day when trickery must be used to try and achieve your point, with total disreguard to who it could affect. A gun is no more then a tool and only a twisted mind would point a gun at someone, it shound not be done even in a picture.”

      Then Cruz shouldn’t have stood in front of it. If the photographer is responsible for the photo then Cruz is MORE responsible for making the photo possible.
      See what a tangled knot we have once people start believing that a poster has magical powers of suggestion?

  30. We readers of these posts would like to know just for once for a change who the photographer is and the AP editors were and see a write up about them.

    They’re skating away scot free of any responsibility or accountability. This is typical Liberal slant media news.

    Imagine if it were a picture of Hilary or Obama!!…all the ranting and gnashing of teeth that would take place.

    1. Hey Joe: As the story says, Charlie Neibergall is the photographer. I doubt we will ever be able to pry out who was in the photo-approval chain inside AP.

      As Marc, a commenter below, has noted, Neibergall has taken down his Twitter and Facebook pages, so there’s currently no easy way to reach Mr. Neibergall and take him to task for his bad imaging judgment.

      A hat tip to Marc for supplying the Corbis Images link in his post below. I saw two images in the Corbis stock library that, imo, told the Cruz story better than the one AP used.

      To be fair to Neibergall, we know he was the photographer, but we don’t know the photodesk editor who picked the image from what were likely hundreds Neibergall took on site with Cruz.

      The stock library link for Corbis Images is below. It’s instructive to see what the AP professionals passed on to make their visual statement about Cruz so very clear.

  31. Yes, I believe this was a deliberate framing of the picture of Cruz and the gun. I am a photographer and every shot I make is deliberate and always framed for balance. This photographer did no less than that in taking this picture, just look at how perfectly it is framed! That should be proof enough!

  32. As a professional photographer, I can honestly say this photo was anything but an accident. He knew what he was doing when he clicked that shutter button. And really, an apology? Nah….not good enough….the photo is out there and this is tasteless journalisic BS! As long as it’s out there so others can spread around. All they had to do was show it once. I’m really sick of the Associated Press and their agenda!

  33. IF the photographer mistakenly framed the photo during the event then it was undoubtedly understood for its blatant nonverbal message during the editing process. I feel this is another of the many examples of liberals saying anything they want in order to push their agenda but for which are only apologetic (in this case weakly would be a gross understatement) when called out for their bigotry.

  34. I can feel a storm coming. The streets will be flooded with not water. Let us think before we act. It should not be the end, but an awakening. A quiet voice is louder, but more yelling will follow and deaf ears will listen.

  35. That would be true if the current staff were composed of every qualified professional on the planet. Thankfully that isn’t true and it would simply mean replacing all those who are let go. Of course the odds of that happening are about equal to my chance of winning the Irish Sweepstakes before sunset.

  36. David, I think that you and I have worn this issue down to irrelevant points now. I agree with you that we need a breather so what say we both drop out of the poster race and let the others turn off the lights for us?

  37. I disagree. The whole structure is at fault. The photographer who created the image and the editors that submitted it for publication to publishers that let it run.

  38. Little kids are being suspended from school for making the shape of a gun with their fingers or a half-eaten sandwich, and pointing it at another student. Shame on these adults for going so far. I can just hear their mothers saying, “What were you THINKING??!!!!!”.

  39. And I do agree with your last statement “Especially in a context of senseless killings. Lets try to use a little common sense and civility. Should we err, let it be in the favor of peaceful coexistence.”

  40. I disagree about it being a non event if cruz was shot.the AP would say it was his fault for promoting gun ownership they would use him being shot to advance gun control saying that if we had stricter gun kaws his woukd never have happened wich is complete bs but then again the AP has had a strong presence in the organic fertilizer market for a long time now

  41. Freedom of speech? Really? Do you know what it is? Speech without limits? Maybe if I sat in the booth next to your family talking loudly and dropping the F*bomb every other sentence you would tell your wife to sit still because I am simply exercising my FREEDOM OF SPEECH! All of our freedoms come with responsibility. To use them in a way that doesn’t infringe upon anyone else who have equal entitlement to enjoy freedom to enjoy and pursue happiness in their lives. Making a photo-shopped image of Cruz wearing a clown’s suit says enough but framing the man in front of a gun (albeit a poster image) is a tad bit over the edge. Especially in a context of senseless killings. Lets try to use a little common sense and civility. Should we err, let it be in the favor of peaceful coexistence.

    1. Dennis, I agree the AP should not have run the image. But this has nothing to do with yelling ‘fire’ in a theater or the F Bomb near your family.. This is NOT a manipulated image. This is a straight photo taken at the event that all were attending of their free will. If you start saying we can not document what actually occurs because you don’t like the photo because it implies something you don’t like, then you are infringing free speech. Now, if this wasn’t a real photo and was instead photoshopped to create that image, then you may be able to make the ‘fire’ in the theater argument….

    2. David, that’s apples and oranges. Free speech that endangers people or crosses the line of good taste and civilized behavior is not what we have fought to attain. We are a civilized nation (at least we WERE) and to cross the line of good taste is taking places no one should want to go. That image of Sen Cruz (not my candidate) is one that could put a violent thought into the mind of a Jared Loughner type loonie-toon. I would like to see freedom of speech exercised as much as possible and to the greatest extent possible but my desire is that no one would embarrass you in front of your family with crude language, nor keep you awake with their loud music or talking, nor post photo-shopped nude images of your teen-aged daughter or wife just to exercise their rights to express their sick sense of justice. I hope you see this point and it may be a small distinction but a crucial one. God bless you my friend.

    3. And I do agree with your last statement “Especially in a context of senseless killings. Lets try to use a little common sense and civility. Should we err, let it be in the favor of peaceful coexistence.”

  42. Typical cheap shot by cheap-shot artists named the AP…In working mans lingo, AP is a liberal chickensh!@ organization that somehow still exists….I know, when they hear normal folks bitchin’ about some of their anti-christian, anti-conservative crap, they AP little boys sit in the break room and giggle like little girls…..Phony Bloomberg ass-kissers…..and that is on a good day…..

  43. The media is overloaded with empty talking heads and overpaid plagerists! The only thing worse is letting a lawyer become President!

  44. I would have respected them for admitting it was done purposely as a joke or to make a point. To say it wasn’t intentional and try to soften the act by saying it wasn’t intended to put the Sen “in a bad light” is cowardice. Lets face it: our leftist media are witless, nutless and gutless.

  45. What I can’t figure out is why did you even come to the party knowing it would most likely be like this? Anyway have some punch, read and learn.

  46. Yes its a slow news day…yet you took the time to throw your $.02 in. You say the debate is unworthy and that people are free to determine how to express themselves. Then you tell us we must have better things to do with our time and to move on. Boy, Eric, you are one self-contradictory fellow. I appreciate your viewpoint and I will continue to express mine regardless of what you would like for me to do. Peace to you my friend.

  47. I believe in the second amendment. I also believe in freedom of the press (see first amendment). This does not seem like a big deal to me. As gun owners, we want to keep our guns and we have a lot more to worry about than a picture obviously designed to display guns in a negative way. There is no reasoning with those that want to ban all guns. Yes they are hypocrites. The most rabid gun control advocate will not hesitate to use a gun to protect their own life, but this is not the hill we should die on (so to speak). Money will defeat them. To get votes it takes money. To lobby congress takes money. The more we scream about the unfairness of it, the more they like it. The press is in business to make money. Any kind of action that brings a reaction is successful reporting. “Yellow press, is a type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news and instead uses eye-catching headlines to sell more newspapers”.

  48. The AP went over the line. When submitting pictures to post they obviously could have easily obfuscated the image of the picture of the pistol that pointed at Cruz’s head. This was not over sight as the AP and all the other left-wing Libtards would claim. This was deliberate and arrogant. Like the article said, had this been done to Hilary or Obama the left would have beat it over the heads of everyone. We all know AP will deny any intentional wrong-doing. AP along with all the other mainstream media need to get back to true journalism and not this interpretation, biased views on topics to only incite and inflame the people. Simply present the facts. AP, we expect an apology not excuses.

    1. Check it out for yourself. Mass shootings at schools, cafe’s, malls, theaters, military bases & etc. all involved shooters on those drugs. Hold the pharmaceutical manufactures responsible, not the guns.

  49. You’re thoroughly immersed in your private fantasy world aren’t you? Enjoy yourself, I won’t bother you further.

  50. Well, duuuh! We all know that Capt Obvious. It is the change in rhetoric that is ironic! Not just from the shooting but (as I said before) conservatives couldn’t even use the word “target” or “kill” in a varied context without the left screaming the right was being volatile and urging the mentally ill to kill someone. Don’t you remember this? Since you seem to have cornered the market on facts maybe you can explain why the rhetoric from the left changed. This time they are oddly silent on a subject they beat to death.

  51. Tell that to the kids kicked out of schools for holding their hands in a gun shaoe or for wearing a tshirt depictig a gun.According to the liberal demwhits the image is just as dangerous as the actuality.

    1. “According to the liberal demwhits the image is just as dangerous as the actuality.”

      According to them….and to at least 3/4 of the people commenting on this blog post.

  52. guns are part of cruz’s brand. he uses firearms imagery in a bid to rally his supporters and attract new ones. he chose to be at a venue where gun imagery was likely to be present, anticipating it would be incorporated into press photos and videos. and wonder of wonders, it was. now he gets to enjoy an awareness bump as this story elbows its way forward in the political hurly-burly of the moment. he gets to play a victim card. he’s got to be ecstatic with the campaign hay he’s making from this event, and bozell and his group as well. apology? firings? they’re secretly wishing they could send the ap a thank-you bouquet.

  53. I agree with you. But the problem here isn’t the politicians (for a change) but the politics. That which the AP is playing with a poorly thought out portrayal of Sen Cruz that has a veiled threat against him. It is ironic that 4 years ago when Rep Gabby Giffords was shot by a maniac the Democrats (including the POTUS himself) were in the media crying foul that all the “heated political rhetoric” from the right caused this tragedy. They cried foul even when a conservative candidate inadvertently used the word “targeting” when talking a particular group of constituents or loopholes in the law. Where is the POTUS and those mouthpieces now? Are we not ALL outraged? Hypocrites, all of them.

    1. It would still be the same. Cruz being shot would be a non-event to the biased main stream prestitutes, especially the AP.

  54. Honestly I don’t think the photographer is to blame most of those guys are taking pictures constantly this was probably one of about 1500 that just that one photograoher took during that speech.I do however blame the editor who sent it out to be published He/She should be fired.

  55. My guess (and I’m going out on a limb here) is that you didn’t graduate as the class valedictorian. Am I right Jimmy?

  56. The Associated Press is a long established, professional news agency. As such, they have some of the best in editors. This was no mistake. As alluded to in previous comments, in place of Mr. Cruz’s profile, place Barack Obama; Barney Frank; Jesse Jackson; Hillary Clinton. Any one of those would have been just as disgraceful and irresponsible by any news agency with a duty to report unbiased news. Such is the state of affairs in today’s world. Very poor work by the AP, and certainly no accident.

  57. Where does it say Cruz complained? It is the rest of us decent people that find it distasteful and unprofessional. Even a rank amateur wouldn’t have overlooked an “accident” like that and had it printed. It is nothing short of a veiled threat made against Sen Cruz.

    Note: I am not a Cruz advocate but I still find this vulgar.

  58. Of course it was published on purpose. What pictures are published goes through several levels before it is put to bed. They all probably had a good chuckle at their own cleverness. Much like any village idiot would.

  59. I don’t know whether the framing was intentional, or from the photographer and AP’s point, just dumb luck. But their decision to publish it was deliberate. It further demonstrates just what kind of evil demented people they are and the lengths they will go to further their malevolent agenda.

  60. This is absolutely intentional. It’s an embarrassment and a double standard. It represents the sneaky hypocrisy of the liberal media. Yet they are overtly vocal when anyone points at them or expresses alternative points of view contrary to the agenda of the left. This is often the case with NPR as well which is even more disgusting as they are funded by tax payers. The only way to win his to fight fire with fire. You can’t fight a moral fight with immoral people and their immoral agenda.

  61. I say it was quite deliberate. “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”. It was an attempt to use his support of the 2nd amendment and the Charleston shooting against him and sway public opinion/votes.
    Think of it as psychological warfare pure and simple. In a few weeks, people will have lost the heat of the moment passion that the left so hungrily feeds upon. Then we will be surprised with yet another “Random Tragedy” to get the soft headed non thinkers in an uproar again.
    It’s pretty scary how many Random mas shootings we’ve had under this administration. Every single time support has leaned toward the 2nd amendment, here comes a rather convenient tragedy, that “Proves” they were right.
    This was/is common practice among all despots who were trying to disarm their people for total control.
    I’m glad we live in a country where OUR “leaders” would NEVER dream of doing that. And if you believe that, I have a collection of bridges and a lovely statue in New York that are great investments.

  62. I worked for 40 years in a communications dept, taking photos shooting video and doing layout work. There is no way this was not done to make a statement. Anyone that has done any work in this industry knows what to look for and what to avoid and why. If a photo is used it is to make a point and express an opinion. I guarantee this was done intentionally, and everyone involved was laughing their butt off as they gave it a stamp of approval. However they also should have known their jobs were going to be on the line for doing it.
    I for one find it funny as heck, while I point a finger of shame at those who did this and have the nerve to says it was an accident.

  63. People need to relax. I can’t believe how wound up people get over the stupidest things. I’d like to think that gun owners are different, laid back, practical and intelligent therefor separating us from the ani-gun lobby. I guess not. I’m going to go stand by the punch bowl and pretend I don’t know any of you. This party blows.

  64. A poster is not a gun. A photo of ted Cruz standing in front of a poster with a gun pointed in the direction of ted Cruz is not a photo of a gun pointed at ted Cruz. Whether or not another photo couod have been chosen is up to a media outlet to decide (free speech). A photo of ted Cruz photoshopped to include clown makeup does not make him a clown. Only he can do that. And he is doing that. The second amendment is no more important than the first amendment, and no examples of hypocrisy from one side or another or one media outlet or individual changes any of that. Don’t we have more serious issues to debate than whether a photographer vs ted Cruz (for standing where he was) is responsible for the position of his head relative to a poster of a gun in a room he was speaking in in a photograph? I say yes. Must be a slow news day.

  65. Yes, this was defiantly a set up photo by the photographer. Because the AP ran it, they are as guilty as the photographer who pushed the button.
    Also being a photographer, I know when and when not to take degrading photos of people. AP and their use of the photo shows how sad the country has become by exploiting innocent deaths for sensationalism.

  66. Look I’m in no way an anti gun jerk off. But even if it was done on purpose. It’s called freedom of speech. Which is another right that is getting stolen from us due to political correctness bull. We must let all our freedoms stand firm. It didn’t hurt anyone if it was so just let it go people. Both sides need to quit rocking the boat. Or it will all be over with

    1. Your right on with your comment with the exception being the photo would not have ever been published if it feature Obama or a Muslim likness.

    2. oooh, I can’t resist this one:

      “Obama or a Muslim likness.”

      So tell me what a Muslim looks like? Bonus points if you figure out how to include Obama in that description since so many teabaggers insist he’s Muslim.

  67. I was a professional photographer for a number of years. My experience had me “shoot” multiple photos of a subject, and then choose the best to meet my job’s objectives. In this light, the chances that this photo was made by chance, and then chosen randomly from all pics submitted as the best, passed by multiple editors as OK… the chances of that happening are simply mind-bogglingly unlikely.

  68. I believe the photo shows senator Cruz’s better side (profile). Really, lighten-up! I see the photographer standing on the ‘right’ side the senator – perhaps he was not able to move due to the crowd. Why not consider it a mistake in judgement meant to be a joke, albeit off color?

  69. Anyone involved with should be fired. A P should be fined 5 million dollars,and it should be used to educate people on the proper use of fire arms.

    1. “A P should be fined 5 million dollars,and it should be used to educate people on the proper use of fire arms.”

      A poster is not a firearm. Otherwise, be careful where you carry that gun magazine lest you get busted for illegal possession of a handgun….

    2. Rick, A poster is not a gun. But in today’s Liberal world a child pointing a finger and saying pow will get him kicked out of school. So will a shirt with a gun, A pop tart eaten to look like a gun, a little girls saying she can’t wait to get home to play with her Princess Bubble gun. What happened with Cruz is that the Liberal media just gave the weirdo’s they call supporters an idea.

    3. Try taking that poster into a school and see what happens.

      Remember when Giffords was shot and they blamed it on Palin for her map with circled cross-hairs of areas they were targeting for votes? The AP went bat$hit crazy blaming Palin’s map for Gifford’s shooting.

      This was done by design! This is how the Left plays dirty.

    4. The photograph…. Why care? Let it offend who it will and lets get back on track to Sunday sports.

  70. I think the photographer was trying to shoot as many pictures as he could shoot with the time he had with the candidates. I think it was an honest mistake If it had been on purpose, the AP could have added a Bang at the muzzle of the barrel. If Cruz can’t take the heat now and is already crying fowl, what is he going to do when the sh#t really starts hitting the fan. The Republican Party better tell Cruz to either man up or get out. US citizens will not tolerate a whiner.

    1. I doubt you really believe what you are saying in your comment. If you do, you must be one of the most naïve people in the world. There would be riots in the streets and Federal investigations if something like this had been done to Obama or Michelle. I imagine the IRS would do a through audit of the photographer and the AP, at the very least.

  71. A.P.’s liberal leanings are well documented, and, as a person who spent a lot of time behind a camera earlier in life, I’d say the shot is obviously composed to embarrass Mr. Cruz. Considering the context of the S.C. terrorism, somebody (or bodies) ought to be disciplined in an appropriate manner.

  72. If the photographer would have done this to Obama/Reid/Pelosi/et al, the FBI would be all over this guy and the AP wouldn’t have to fire him. He would be in jail. Being it’s a republican official makes it OK, or “just in bad taste”.

    1. cruz gets the same protection as any other member of the house or senate. there is no partisan divide over personal security – if there’s any one issue that all washington’s legislators can agree on, it’s preserving their own personal hide.

    2. Agree with others that people are blowing this out of proportion:
      1) Was it in bad editorial taste, yes. Personally since it is a photograph of a Senator, even though I don’t particularly like Cruz, I think running that photo of any Senator or President is in bad taste.
      2) Should the photographer be blamed – no, he’s paid to take photos, that was an interesting juxtaposition that presented itself (meaning he did not put the poster there, or tell Cruz where to stand, he just took advantage of angles, etc). He is not the editor, his job is to find images he think might be used, not how they are going to be used. And most journalistic photographers WILL absolutely take that photo, they don’t care about the politics, they care that it is a shot of interest that someone may pay them for. If anyone should be blamed for anything, its the editors, not the photographer. He did his job.
      3) This is not the same thing as a created poster, or of a photoshopped image, this is a real image of an angle that actually existed, the Senator was in a position where he allowed that photo to be taken, so although running it is in bad taste, people should take a deep breath and relax a little.

  73. Of corse it was deliberate. All pro photogs are anal about backgrounds, and editors are, too. It’s a huge LIE to pretend otherwise, but that is what we get from these media people now — LIES.

  74. Have you EVER heard if a liberal accepting responsibility for their actions? That includes Obama as well as Clinton. They can spin more lies trying to get around something than Carters got pills.

  75. “…for our Country to come back to GOD. Who do they think they are to go against GOD’S LAWS. ”

    I TOTALLY agree, all praise be to Allah!

  76. Many people are involved in the decision of this picture to be published. i wonder how the photographer would have felt if his family member was treated that way?

  77. You can clearly see that it was on purpose and even if it was not before they published it they should have scraped the photo knowing they made a mistake no it was on purpose and I agree they should be fired you bet if it was Hillary or Obama they would have been fired!

    1. “Nothing in politics ever happens by accident; if it happens, you can bet it was planned!” [Franklin Delano Roosevelt]

      So it is with organizations who support and promote the one dimensional lieberal agenda. THIS WAS PLANNED AND NOT AN ACCIDENT!!!

      Lieberals ALWAYS spin things to either promote their agenda or deflect from themselves it’s in their DNA

    2. @ Force Recon Marine

      Give me a break. Sniper’s will lay all day if necessary for the Perfect Kill Shot. What’s the difference between that, and this Photo.

  78. As a professional I can tell you that the photographer knew what he was doing. You learn in photo school to check out the back ground, you have to change the F stop on the lens to bring in the background in focus. I was a sports photographer.

    1. “You learn in photo school to check out the back ground, you have to change the F stop on the lens to bring in the background in focus.”

      Playing devil’s advocate here, with digital cameras with no flash they’re programmed to first open up the aperture (“f-stop”) and THEN raise the ISO of the sensor (unless overridden). Could be deliberate, could be not, but 35mm days and what you’re saying are behind us….

    2. @Rick – As a photographer who began his “work” in 1958 with a 1935 roll film camera, graduating to 35 mm in 1962, and to digital when it came along, I can tell you that you describe only one possible scenario. Yes, a professional’s camera can be set up to operate as you describe, but “It ain’t necessarily so,” as my dad would say. What you describe is a version of Auto, or a scenario for shutter priority. However, fixing the film speed, and/or fixing the aperture are other possibilities the photographer has at his/her disposal. What we see in the AP photo is too perfect to be an accident.

      Unfortunately, firing “everyone responsible” would probably mean shutting down the AP.

    3. “Yes, a professional’s camera can be set up to operate as you describe, but “It ain’t necessarily so,” as my dad would say. What you describe is a version of Auto, or a scenario for shutter priority. However, fixing the film speed, and/or fixing the aperture are other possibilities the photographer has at his/her disposal. ”

      Hence me saying “may or may not.” Every mode except manual or shutter-preferred acts as I described. Since photographers today do the photographic equivalent of “spray and pray” the smart money says the depth of field was byproduct, while the composition was intent.

    4. “shutter-preferred ”

      Ooops, I meant aperture-preferred. Too bad this blog software doesn’t allow after save edits.

  79. Of course this was done deliberately. They all had a great laugh over this figuring that by doing this it was their way of saying “In your face Conservatives”. As stated, they would never dream of doing this to a Democrat or Obama or Clinton. I would fire him.

  80. I agree with the expertise of trained professional photographers. This photo and the publishing of it is certainly INTENTIONAL, period! This deliberate action should be dealt with as a direct written threat and those responsible held accountable for the “death threat in writing”.

    1. Wow, you open up a whole can of worms on free speech if you are calling an unmanipulated photo of a man who was in a space by free will, with a poster up on the wall that he knew about a “death threat in writing”.

      Remember, this is not a photoshopped image of two things that weren’t together intentionally put together to make a statement. Cruz was there with that poster in the background. You can’t call an unmanipulated photo of a situation that actually occurred with all parties intentionally there a death threat. Run in bad taste, yes, a death threat, no.

    2. Hello Dave, thanks for your reply. I certainly do support our Constitution as originally written and any error giving the benifit of doubt to the people. That being said, you failed to acknowledge the “perps” here and the level of expertise they possess. Not ALL speach is protected. Threats, however veiled by professionals should be dealt with decisively. Question; how would you handle the “N” word? Would you treat this more seriously than the issue that is our subject? With the organic constitution in mind, aren’t we to treat all with respect and dignity as the situation would warrant? This situation is very serious in my humble view. Remember, Professionals who are aware and know full well what happened. It was completely intentional and if not, they should be fired at the very least for their indiscretions in this case!

  81. It is a shame that there are even enough people to get together and “decide” to publish this picture. There was a time, not very long ago, when a picture of any political candidate, taken like this, would have just been thrown in the trash by an editor or someone along the line. It would never have seen the light of day.
    Now, “our” media is more interested in furthering agendas and creating news than reporting news. What a surprise that so many are struggling.
    I really don’t think it is the “dumb majority” that is running things, I disagree with BOB. Most of us are simply too busy trying to make ends meet, stay even with out commitments and take care of our families to have time to go protest and whine. If one is an upstanding citizen, taxpayer, worker and takes care of their own business, how do you also have time to spend an inordinate amount of time trying to make everyone else believe like you do and lay down their rights to your wants and wishes? You make a well meaning, but misinformed and entrenched Congress listen to your whining, of course. Recent events continue to tell me that it works, but how the MAJORITY of us tell our side of the story is beyond me. The ways things are going, it is probably going to take generalized civil unrest when the “rest of us” have simply had enough.

    1. This is what socialist do. This is the presses way o f scaring people. This is nothing more than a terrorist act by the press. A terrorist act does not have to be physical. It can be accomplished by using words and print media. We are now on the verge of having a socialist government. If the socialist (aka democrats/progressives) is elected president, we will be a socialist government. The Supreme Court this week,show beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it is now shifting to the left.

    2. APATHY is what we have here in the US as long as people are not directly affected they say NOTHING. When they are affected it is often too late for action. Apathy gives tacit approval that what politicians do is acceptable!!!!

  82. Ted Cruz is not only a Fascist, he is crazy, so I could care less what photos are posted. He doesn’t really support the 2nd amendment. It is just another example of a politician pandering for votes. I support the 2nd amendment, and I don’t want your vote.

    1. Cruz is a Constitutional Conservative. Obama is politically the Fascist. He has stated that he is proud to be a social Democrat. The actual name of the Nazi’s or Fascists was “The National Socialist Democratic Party”. How close is that?

    2. Obama is a functioning Bolshevik Communist toeing the Party platform. He has nothing to do with the National Socialist Democratic Party or it’s platform.

      How close is that?

    3. “How close is that?”

      Not even. Please take some political science classes, or even read the freaking Wikipedia pages, before throwing out descriptions of concepts you obviously don’t understand.

  83. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trust’s.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

  84. It’s really a shame that the only people with rights in this country right now are liberal pigs. Our grandfather’s would roll in their graves at the condition we’ve let these SOB’S leave our great nation in. Are there really that many stupid people that cannot see the path of ruin that the Clinton’s, and the Obamas of the world have us on? Is it to late for us? I fear maybe….

  85. As you postulated, the photographer who is looking through the lens, or digital display, knows exactly what is in the picture. That’s what they do!

    He should be sued as it is the only way to get a liberals attention. If he is found guilty, and pays whatever amount, he will not take another picture like that. The wallet has a longer memory than the holder, so to speak.

  86. Nothing important in that caption other than the name of the photographer. What is important is the AP assertion that the photo wasn’t intentional. Only a moron would buy that tale. Apparently the liberals think the same tripe that Clinton peddles will work for everyone. My grandpa used to say “Don’t try to piss on my boots and tell me its raining!”

  87. So you don’t believe that anyone can “abuse” their freedoms? You have freedom of speech and you have an inherent responsibility to exercise it within limits. For example you may not utter a threat of physical violence against another. Those kind of laws were written because of people like you who do not recognize that your freedoms stop at your neighbor’s doorstop. You can have your fun as long as it doesn’t crap on someone’s parade. The Constitution is a solid document to establish all of the wonderful freedoms we enjoy in America. The laws made to further define and encumber would not have been necessary if everyone exercised common sense, consideration, sensitivity and good taste. The more you who wear blinders insist upon pushing the envelope, the more our freedoms are threatened by onerous amendments and redefining laws written by lesser men (and women) than our Founding Fathers.

    1. “So you don’t believe that anyone can “abuse” their freedoms? You have freedom of speech and you have an inherent responsibility to exercise it within limits. For example you may not utter a threat of physical violence against another.”

      What right of Cruz’s is being abused? Be specific. As amply proven here there is no right to not look like an idiot.

  88. I noticed the shot perspective made on Sen Cruz’ head is from his right side behind the ear but nearly at his back in order to get the gun image at just the perfect height and angle toward his forehead. I wonder how his family liked that photo? Cruz, I’m sure, will brush it off but the insensitive numb nuts photographer owes an apology to the man’s family. Let’s see if manners exist in the liberal House of Horrors?

  89. Apologize for what exactly? When Giffords was shot everyone (liberals) blamed the political rhetoric (as you are implying) for the hatred that caused the horrible attack upon a very popular (even among conservatives) Representative. No one ever “targeted her” for political point-making or called for her to be attacked. It turned out that her attacker Jared Loughner, a psychotic maniac who heard voices and many times mentioned a desire to kill cops and himself in a blaze of bullets, had been brought to the attention of the Pima Co Sheriff’s Dept (run by the liberal Sheriff Dupnik) whose faulty procedures for handling the mentally ill allowed Loughner to wander the streets of Tucson while obviously deranged. Of course Dupnik was one of the first to blame 2nd Amendment advocates and conservative rhetoric. Too bad he didn’t check the facts first before running off at the mouth. Typical liberal ignorance of the facts and disregard for public welfare.

  90. If the photo was cropped and centered the way it’s shown here it should be investigated as a threat against the life of a US Senator. It absolutely would be is the same type of image, though with a democrat senator, had been posted on a pro gun website. The truth is, however, that the truth no longer matters under this administration’s DOJ. I mourn for our country.

  91. Of course this was intentional. The framing of the photo is too perfect for it not to have been. And the decision to publish the photo “as is” was no accident. Can you imagine the screams and gnashing of teeth from the left if this had been one of the liberal candidates?

  92. Yes…i do believe it was “on purpose”. What Im not sure about is why a “pee on” of any job title would support the liberal agenda?? They shoot you in the head the minute your deemed “useless” to the objective of the day….be it slavery or tyranny in general. Matter of fact why is anyone standing for this?!

  93. This photo was absolutely taken by design. notice how he had his camera set up to blur the background so as to make sure there was no advertising value for USCCA or anyone else for that matter from the poster on the wall.

  94. This shows how “BAD” our news people are. Also we need to “STOP” same sex marriage – abortion – obamacare and many more obama disgusting decisions for our Country to come back to GOD. Who do they think they are to go against GOD’S LAWS. On Judgement day I would like to hear what they’re going to say to HIM. And the supreme court is for the majority( of its members) are just as bad.

  95. I wouldn’t be surprised if pelosi – reid – and quite a few other democrats aren’t involved in this. pelosi, etc all need to go…..

  96. Just another cheap – dirty- disgusting ploy by the left. They will do anything to try and get their way. Just remember, Japan would not invade the U.S. because they felt there would be way to many guns (by the private sector) for an invasion to be successful. The left can’t seem to remember this. If our guns are taken away we as a Country will be in serious trouble. And furthermore the bad people will always have guns.

    1. why blame the photographer, blame the people who set the event up. they are the ones that placed the podium and the background photos on the wall. if it was obama or hilary in the picture all of the hand wringing and teeth nashing would not be coming from this group. you would all be laughing and wishing it was a real gun. he put himself in this position,it was a gimmie shot. it may be tasteless but again it it was obama or clinton you would be laughing.

  97. If he’s a professional photographer he knew damned well what he was ‘shooting’. And even if it were an accident, he’d not have submitted it. Further, all such work is reviewed prior to publishing it. So yes, it was an intentional threat that they are trying to back off from because they got called out on it.

    Funny how it’s the anti- gun crowd that is always the ones with the shooting threats, isn’t it?

  98. Another example of how media is riddled with lefty activists. Heaven forbid that the AP employees responsible for deliberately approving this picture be disciplined. Imagine if it were Hillary Clinton picture, holy hell would break lose.

    Reporters today don’t report, they slant news to the left.

  99. I believe it is possible for a photographer to be focusing on the candidate and not see a less than desirable background. For AP to publish said photo is another matter. If they claim mistake that implies poor editing. If they won’t admit to poorly trained or inattentive staff then it was intentional. AP has been a major player for many years. It’s hard to believe they have staffing issues.

  100. Apparently Steve you have the same disease many liberals have contracted. You decry poor taste and poor manners when the shoe happens to be on your right political foot but let that shoe be put on the left foot and you all band together to hide behind the same Constitution that your POTUS and SCOTUS are dismantling continuously.

    Yes, this IS one of those times Steve. You just don’t realize it cupcake.

  101. Steve, disrespecting the president and other leaders has always been an American tradition dating back to the colonial era. However, that tradition has never included wishing ill will upon anyone directly or otherwise. Photo shopping is another potential explanation for the so-called “shot”. I think “the shot” by a professional photographer would have been sought out purposely and then published with the hateful irony intended. THIS is the difference between what you have been defending and what has actually happened. Thanks for the Independence Day reminder but as a 27 years veteran of the armed force I hardly need it to honor my country and the brave men and women that preserve this republic daily.

    1. Dennis, 1st thank you for your service, and I say that with the utmost respect.

      2nd, I’m not defending the action, just saying it’s not worth blowing a gasket over. Probably Senator Cruz is dancing behind the scene over this. It got his name in the headlines and gave him something to lambast liberals and rally his base just at the start of the next campaigns.

      And 3rd, just because something was done previously does not make it right.

      And now that you have taken to direct attacks, I take that as you have nothing else worthwhile to add. I’m tired of this anyway. I want to talk about guns.

  102. I guarantee you that my blood pressure is lower than yous Steve. Since you are a Hoosier, I already take it all in stride but being the Buckeye that I am, I make it my job to set the world straight.

  103. AP didn’t care. Things like this don’t slip through. A depiction of murdering someone is not free speech and not acceptable via the 1A.

  104. Lets see all of the Photographs he took at the function. Are all of them at this angle or are there many more at different angles and this is the one the AP chose to publish? Either way, I disapprove of the Photo in question . It’s still an Indictment of the AP’s Editorial practices.

  105. Since there were 5 (FIVE) pictures that showed the gun image pointed at Cruz’s head,IT WAS INTENTIONAL. (Or was it just 5 (FIVE) successive accidents ?)

    1. No, but if the president was I. The same spot as Cruz and so the same photo could be taken, it’s in bad taste, but a photo I would expect a pro to take and let the editorial staff sort out. IMHO the photo of Swnator Cruz is a good ironic photo but publishing it is in poor taste since he is a Senator.

    2. “so if we superimposed a photo of obeyme in Cruz’s place and that would be O.K.?”

      Totally. The poster is still a poster.

    3. That would be photo shopping. Not as unique as catching the “shot”, it certainly wouldn’t be anything worth starting a big deal over. No worse than referring to our President as “obey me” and other disrespectful comments. There are many nations that would hunt you down and cut your head off for making a statement about their leader like that. You may not have voted for him, you may not agree with anything he does, but he is still the leader of the “greatest nation in the world”, the United States of America. The nation that gives us the freedoms that we all enjoy, and most take for granted. . Maybe more people would take us all more serious if we would be a little more tactful and respectful. With Independence Day right around the corner, maybe this would be a good time to think about the freedoms we have.

      Sorry for all the “maybe”s and “more”s.

    4. I have solicited several opinions from friends who are legal beagles. All are in agreement that posting a picture like this with Obama in Cruz’s place could get you charged with threatening the life of a sitting president and more than likely a slew of other minor charges dredged to the surface of the criminal code closet by the minions of power.

      Have to be careful how you present your art work to not run afoul of the law that is known and not known.

      Just food for thought here…..

    5. Yes, ‘creating’ an image of something that didn’t exist is completely different than documenting something that actually happened. If you photoshop the President or someone else into the shot, you are making a statement.

      If the President is standing in the same place as Cruz and the same photo is taken, the photographer is documenting. Now, one could argue the editors are making a statement if they run it (and therefore could get charged),, but in the case that I outlined, I don’t think the legal beagles would think the photographer would get charged….

      Point being, ‘creating’ an image is very different than taking an unmanipulated photograph.

    6. Also, in my statement of editors getting charged, I should have said – ‘and therefore maybe they could get charged’ – I have no idea if they could or not, but that wasn’t the point I was trying to make so my statement was sloppy there….

  106. I believe it was deliberate on the part of the photographer. It was a nasty thing to do. I don’t think it would happen to Hillary or Obama. My gut says if the candidate was “their” candidate, the photo would have never been published at all. What I find appalling and distasteful to the extreme is their willingness to publish it. It makes it seem to me that publishing it, then taking it down, was exactly what they wanted to do. By the time they took it down, the damage was done. Anyone who had anything to do with it should be fired. AP – I will not go to your website, nor use your mobile app in the future. Nor will I patronize your advertisers. Your job is to be objective in reporting the news. You failed. F to you. (I’m a retired teacher. That F refers to an F grade I would give them for their ‘work’. Not a symbol for the “F” bomb.) 🙂

  107. Did AP Photographer Charlie Neibergall purposefully,,,
    Of course. How could anybody with a half measure of wit think otherwise?

  108. As a professional photographer I can say without doubt that the photographer who took these shots knew full well what he was doing.

    A pro is always keeping in mind such things as – subject, framing, lighting, f stops, shutter speed, and many other elements that go into making a perfect shot. A pro may only have “one” opportunity to get the “shot of a life time”. Oh yes, this photographer knew exactly what he was doing, and should have to pay the price for it.

    1. William, I agree with you that he knew what he was doing, but disagree with your final comment that he should have to pay the price. As a photojournalist, he was doing exactly what anyone would expect of him, he was documenting an event, taking lots of photos and some of them with interesting juxtapositions. Who knows, he may even be a gun advocate. I am, and if I was on assignment for that event and saw that image, I probably would have taken it (by the way, I am not really a photojournalist, so would not have been there, but if I was, I would have)

      Photojournalists are always trying to take controversial photos of things that actually occurred, etc. They don’t get paid for boring photos, they look for that different angle. They are not trying to go for a political statement necessarily, but they are trying to get photos that stand out and provocative photos stand out. I would expect very different photos from a photojournalist and other pro photographers (like a fashion, portrait or wedding photographer). If a photojournalist had to self edit like you are suggesting before snapping the image, then many iconic photos would not have been taken.

      If anyone should be mad at anyone, it should be taken up with the editors, not the photographer.

  109. An AP spokesman could almost have a chance of convincing me the photographer was just carelessly snapping away and then just uploaded all his pictures without noticing. Well, they might convince they got duped into believing that, but there’s no way I’d believe nobody noticed before it was distributed. I wouldn’t believe the person trying to convince me nobody noticed believed it.

  110. Two words: First Amendment.

    This photo can only be construed as a threat by a person with an ax to grind or a point to argue. If you stand for freedom, the only stance with heart is to stand for everyone’s freedom. In this case you disagree with what they say.

    If you can’t argue your point intelligently and dispassionately go read the federalist papers, the anti-federalist papers and the constitution, get a grounding in what is at issue here. Wrap your head around what the founders meant by freedom of speech.

    For those of you shouting that these people are “abusing” their freedom, you simply want them to shut up because you disagree. You’re entitled to that sentiment, but they are perfectly within their rights as laid out in the bill of rights to keep right on offending your tender sensibilities.

    If you don’t like it and can’t think of how to counter their statements without resorting to personal attacks on their character, spend some time honing your rhetorical skills and come back when you’re ready for prime time.

  111. Hah! Tough cookies. A photo is a photo…his handlers should have seen the negative possibilities. It says nothing about guns, just how dumb Ted Cruz is.

  112. Do I think this was a ‘mistake’? Do I think the photographer should get fired? No. As a photographer, you are always looking for powerful images. This is a powerful image that was not manipulated other than walking a few steps to get the angle. The photographer did his job, he is not an editor. The choice of running that photo however is a different story, because that requires one to think about how it will be interpreted, etc. So if there there is a ‘wrong’ here, its on the editorial side, not the photographer….

  113. When you consider that nobody at the Associated Press got FIRED, I would have to say NO. It’s a 1st Amendment issue, Freedom of Speech.

  114. Well, I am a professional. A professional does not do things like that by accident. An ameteur does many things by accident. This was done deliberately by a professional. A professional deletes the bad photos and accidents before he even downloads them.

  115. It’s just a darn picture, associated with dirty politics. All parties play dirty. Let it go and it will go away.

  116. It is very obvious by the layout that the professional photographer was making a VERY conscious effort for that picture’s layout. If it were unintended the center of the picture would not have centered so excitingly to have the senator’s head on one side & the gun on the other. The only other possibility is purposeful cropping to create the effect. Either way, it was intentional by the publishers.

  117. Safety always #1, rule is: Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to destroy”.
    Or, always know what your gun is aimed at , and what is beyond.

    Ditto your camera.

  118. The picture should be pulled off and the photographer needs to apologize yesterday whether it was on purpose or not

  119. YES – on purpose. That is what trained photographers strive to do – blend a foreground and background to create the image.

  120. So I exaggerated a little. You gotta lighten up a little before you stroke out. This is not that big a deal. Anyone that puts themselves in front of the public, such as politicians like SenatorTed Cruz, has got to expect things like this. If everyone would stop talking about it , it would allready be forgotten. What’s the old saying, “just spell my name right”.

    1. as posted earlier, If it had been POTUS, the Liberals would be foaming at the mouths with Torches, Pitchforks and Pikes in hand, screaming for the head(s) of the entire Organization to the point of Bankrupting and closing The Organization. (Now prove me wrong, when was the last time a Conservative Organization did something like this that the Liberals didn’t pitch a five year old’s tantrum?)

  121. Beware of those easily offended. Also beware of those promoting free speech as long as they agree with what is said. What can you publish that will offend nobody? I am happy to see the freedom of press, and I am happy to see the criticism.

  122. No way could that have been “accidental”. These guys are supposedly “professionals” and as such they take great care in framing their shots to include exactly what they want to see portrayed. No extraneous objects are in the shot and if that happens then they know how to crop the photo. I mean even a rank amateur like myself knows all of this. It was done intentionally by the photographer and the editors let it pass. So they must have gotten a big laugh out of the image but it re[resents the same kind of backdoor hatred and hypocrisy that the left claims to oppose. They lie and they are what’s wrong with America. FIRE THEM ALL!!!

  123. Of course it was deliberate. Even a serious amateur photographer like me knows to compose a shot so the background either doesn’t interfere with or amplifies the subject of the photo. This shot is too perfect. It was done intentionally.

  124. Of course the photo was intentional. that’s what the liberal media does. The scum that took the picture should be tarred and feathered!

    1. “The scum that took the picture should be tarred and feathered!”

      I think that you should be tarred and feathered for this post! Oh wait, YOU should be allowed freedom of speech and expression, but the photographer shouldn’t.

    2. I don’t necessarily believe they composed it on purpose, but once they saw it, they probably rubbed their hands together with glee and said how lucky they were and definitely print that. They shouldn’t be tarred and feathered, but fired or forced to resign and public apologies are certainly warranted. That’s what would be demanded if it were a democrat candidate. Especially if they were a minority as well. It’s only fair. It’s always obvious how liberals want to tell us what to do but it never applies to themselves. Gun control advocates with armed body guards, liberal journalists print racist cartoons of Condoleeza Rice, etc.

    3. There are limits to free speech Clown. Because we advocate free speech (and you do not?) doesn’t mean we would like to have our neighbor across the street post a large sign in his sign that says “F*CK YOU (Insert your name)”. Yelling “FIRE” in a movie theater is another example of how speech should be limited and it should be self-limited using common sense. That is where the left and the right part ways. The left think they must push every principle to its infinite possibility to disprove its validity. They can’t be practical to save their own butts!

  125. We have so much freedom that so many are abusing and destroying it.
    Let those who want to do the changes live somewhere else, let us keep this country as it was, enjoy the life of free people. Where else can you find it??

  126. This conversation has gone steadily downhill with people making personal attacks instead of simply discussing an issue. To anyone who I seemed to insult, it was not intentional if it was not deserved. Enough of wasting time on this BS.

    Good luck to all of you., The longer you insist on making spurious accusations, the more ground the antis gain.


  127. there’s not a photographer alive that wouldn’t have snapped that picture. It’s funny, Chuckle at it and move on.

    Let’s not have an incident at the A.P. office like the Muhammed cartoon shooting in Texas.

    1. Agreed.

      They look for pictures that will get people to remember their names, and this was one. Just think of all the free publicity that photog is getting WE may not care what his name is, but you can bet that AP does, and he just got some points for future work.

    2. Maybe in another era of American history that might have been possible Steve but not right now. Surely you can appreciate the gravity of where this republic stands at this moment? Your statement “that there’s not a photographer alive that wouldn’t have snapped that picture.” is not only untrue but ridiculous unless you personally can know every photographer alive and what they find worthy of capturing on film and what they find sophomoric, childish and akin to juvenile delinquency. You have let us know already where your maturity level has peaked.

    3. I have to say that I agree with the commentor that any photographer would take that shot, their job is to take a powerful image and let the editors sort out whether it is appropriate to run. It’s a powerful photo – he did his job( otherwise you wouldn’t be commenting on it). The debate should be on the editorial side……

  128. Jawol mein Herrr Scotty- Sie haben die Wahrheit! Mein Fuhrer hat gesagt. What you do not German? The Jewish owned Banks, The Jewish owned Nascar ,The Jewish owned White House, the Jewish owned ISIS,the Jewish owned Congress!Yes Scotty your Intellect is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! But we have a problem with this Jew from Judea that the West worships Well scotty WHAT should we do to his Message?

  129. Was this a surprise to anyone, VP Biden has been an ardent pusher of the anti gun agenda….well ROY, don’t you think the picture is just too perfect to be coincidental?

  130. The poster is not the problem. The problem is that someone can look at this photo, which was taken from just the right angle, at just the right time, with just right lens so no other background images appear, and don’t see a problem with it. Then with all the other images they took that day, this one is published. The problem is someone can be so ignorant and/or naïve that they look at this photo and say “It’s just a poster on a wall, get over it and get a life!”, yet they still have the right to vote. Voters who don’t understand the issues are why we have the problems we have now.

    1. OMG you’re right! Poor ignorant me thought that a photo of a poster is harmless. My god, here I thought it was people that killed people, that objects are benign . Turns out it wasn’t people or guns that kill…it’s PAPER. It’s time to get the Secret Service involved!!! Let’s create BATFEP(aper) because obviously BATFE isn’t up to the task. God help the Republic!!!


    2. Paper doesn’t kill people but no one wants to see swastikas plastered all over either. It because of what they REPRESENT. Or does the notion of symbolism escape you? This photos was PURPOSELY TAKEN and PURPOSELY UNEDITED then PURPOSELY PRINTED to make a statement. What do you think that statement was? A parody? A spoof? It’s the AP for Christ’s sake not the college rag. We got it and we find it unsettling, at best. If we don’t push back leftist bullies will take their moronic b.s. to stellar extremes. Grow up will you.

    3. “It’s the AP for Christ’s sake not the college rag.”

      The AP and “the college rag” have the same rights…the same rights you’re taking advantage of right now. It doesn’t matter that you don’t like their message one bit. Not one bit.
      You either believe in free speech or you don’t. There’s no such thing as, “I believe in free speech BUT….”

    4. How do you see this as a test of “rights”? Of course your statement about rights is correct but you are arguing the wrong debate Rick. It’s about being professional and courteous. I can cut you off in traffic and not necessarily break any laws but is that what I should do? Rights come with responsibilities and those responsibilities dictate we be self-limiting. Do you get this concept or is the notion over your head? No freedom is limitless, NONE. If you like to interpret that as you have no freedom at all then be my guest Rick, I’m just pointing out reality to you my friend.

    5. “How do you see this as a test of “rights”?”

      Simple. The photographer has the right to present the shot as he did, the AP has the right to publish it, and you and that asshat L. Brent Bozell III have the right to get your panties in a bunch over it. No one had the right to demand that the AP remove it, and they’re cowards for having done so.

      “Rights come with responsibilities and those responsibilities dictate we be self-limiting. ”

      Yep, and I’ll say it again: This isn’t one of those times.

  131. The Jewish owned media operates under their own set of rules Goyem. Get used to it. Like it or not, your going to.

    1. “The Jewish owned media”?

      Here we go with everything is a Jewish conspiracy, again. You DO realize the concept of a scapegoat originated during the Israelite exodus from Egypt, right? Wow, yet another Jewish conspiracy. You sound like you’ve been reading the Iranian propaganda machine dispatches.

    2. ““The Jewish owned media”?”

      It’s people like you who give gun owners a bad rep by making us all look like clueless, paranoid, uneducated lunatics. It’s guilt by association, and I feel dirty just sharing the same electrons with you.

    3. You ARE a clueless, paranoid uneducated lunatic. So, I am would rather not share electrons with you either, but the laws of physics are immutable.

    4. Mikial, I assume you’re replying to Scotty, not me, and just got mixed up over who said what when. If not, please brush up on your reading comprehension as I was replying to him, not you. Something between a set of quote marks is called, strangely enough, “a quote.”

    5. Wow, yet another Jewish conspiracy. You sound like you’ve been reading the Iranian propaganda machine dispatches.”

      Or The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  132. Initially I also felt this was no big deal and didn’t wish to play into the same whiny rhetoric the liberals press on every little incident. But the more I thought about it I realized this actually is important and therefore was appropriately called out after all.

    Are we to believe this picture actually made it from the photographer, through post production, to the editor, and all the processes along the way to final publication without a single person batting an eye? I don’t believe there is a professional photographer or editor worth their salt that would agree this was an honest mistake.

    Make no mistake about it… this was intentional. Okay you say, so what? Well given there was intent, that means there was purpose – and when something is arranged in such a way, it makes a determined statement.

    So again you may ask… so what? Well our media, though self-governing, is still supposed to strive to the highest levels of integrity and standards. Paramount in establishing such standards is to report the news in an unbiased fashion, otherwise it loses all credibility.

    Often we forget that a free press is considered so important to maintaining a free society that it was even given explicit protections in the Constitution. So when a supposed reputable press such as the AP stoops to such a lowered standard with extreme depictions of bias, it is only appropriate and respectable that they be called out.

    Not only does it put the AP on notice, but serves to warn other media outlets that we are not quite ready for all news to go the way of a rag such as the National Enquirer.

    1. There is no such thing as unbiased journalism anymore unfortunately. MSNBC, Fox News, they’re all a joke. Unfortunately this is an example where deregulation has gone very wrong, whether T.V. or the Internet, it’s all about ratings the truth be damned.

  133. You know, I understand the discussion of people being offended because of the Lib media’s tactics, but I personally refuse to fall into this pathetic Liberal tactic of being offended over every little thing and in so doing, trying to stifle free speech.

    I don’t care about their stupid games, and neither does Cruz. This whole being offended over everything is a joke without laughter,

  134. I bet this photo would have never seen the light of day if the person in the photo was Obummer instead of Cruz. What do you think?

  135. Typical bonehead “attack” by a sacked out, left-leaning “news” organization. They have nothing substantive to focus on so they resort to childish photos. This was calculated to appeal to the low information voter who most likely thinks it’s funny. Also provides insight into what left-leaning media people thinks of their voter base if they think this kind of photo would appeal.

  136. Given the fact that there were 14 photos to choose from and they just happened to chose this one, shows a deliberate attempt at making a negative statement.

  137. Well, Yes this was done intentionally! We need to punish people who break guns laws or any laws. I’m sick of politicians taking violence by criminals on law abiding citizens! You can make all the laws You want & there will be violence by use of guns. Guns do not kill people , people kill people. Even if You take all guns from the citizens, there will be continued violence & murders,as criminals will use other means to commit murder, like knives, bombs,fire,chains,& bows as well!!! I find it interesting most all crimes involved iwith guns are locations Wed can not carry & conceal at; Imagine that!!!!!!! The fact is that had You been allowed to carry & conceal, there is a high possibility a a person with a permit would of shot & killed the murder; instead of 9 deceased there most likely only been one murdered instead of 9 murders! Yes 1 murder is too much, but 1 is better than 9!!!!!!! Stop going after gun owners who obey the laws & deal with gun criminals!!!! !

  138. If the Cameraman is in just the right position to take the photo, whose fault is it. The Cameraman’s, for being in the Right Place or Ted Cruz’s, for being in the Wrong Place.

  139. Typical liberal media tactic. Liberals/Democrats can get away with any gaffe or suggestive display and claim innocence. They pervert and corrupt the 1st Amendment in the name of Journalism, and make defaming remarks and publish snide, disparaging, insulting pronouncements without ramification. Conservatives are not afforded this luxury.

    1. I agree. They should have just fessed up and said it shows an interesting juxtaposition of speaker for gun rights and a poster of the gun itself. It’s an ironic image and they should have just been honest of why they ran it rather than cowering….

      I am for gun rights. the only problem I have with the image is that he’s a senator so I find it in bad taste, and if he was president, I would find the image to be in REALLY bad tastes….

    2. this just shows what poor handlers cruz has working for him. they should have spotted this possibility long before cruz ever stepped up to the podium. he has a steep learning curve before he is ready for prime time. it is easy to throw fire bombs and wax bombastic huddled in your safe republican concave and never has to fear somebody challenging him. he is no longer just talking to texans and conservitives, but the whole country. he should be looking to replace whoever was in charge of putting him in this position,or give him a raise as he is getting millions of free air time.

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