Anti-Gun Media: Own Worst Enemy

1911 pistol on top of newspaper

A stunning new report from researchers at NYU shows “a causal link between print news media coverage of U.S. gun control policy in the wake of mass shooting events and increases in firearm acquisition.” Headlined “Mathematics Ties Media Coverage of Gun Control to Upticks in Gun Purchases,” the study was reportedly led by NYU researchers in the Tandon School of Engineering “in collaboration with faculty at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and Northeastern University.”

Long story short: When the press pounces on a story about so-called “gun violence” and the typical reaction of anti-gunners to propose more gun control, Americans head to the gun stores. It’s essentially the same reaction one sees from gun owners when Democrats start talking about new gun controls. The result is that instead of being discouraged about buying guns, people rush to buy them.

They turn out to be the best gun salespeople in the country, ginning up public concerns about availability of firearms and ammunition. What they never acknowledge is that none of the proposed gun controls, and none of the media hype about “gun violence” has ever prevented a single crime or averted a single tragedy.

An Op-Ed published over the weekend in the Elko Daily Free Press explains the phenomenon.

By no small coincidence, four prominent Capitol Hill gun prohibitionists—all Democrats—have announced legislation to ban suppressors (silencers) in the wake of the shooting at Virginia Beach. Calling it the “Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act, this scheme would “buy back” silencers.

Sponsors are perennial anti-gun Senators Dianne Feinstein, Bob Menendez, Richard Blumenthal and Tim Kaine.

In a joint announcement, Blumenthal insisted, “The only people who could reasonably oppose a ban on gun silencers are criminals trying to avoid detection by law enforcement or mass murderers trying to hurt as many people as possible.” There is no evidence to support such a claim, but there is plenty of evidence that legions of law-abiding citizens own the devices and have harmed nobody.

Feinstein used familiar rhetoric, arguing, “Dangerous gun silencers, like the one used in the Virginia Beach shooting earlier this month that killed 12, don’t belong in our communities. This legislation is a commonsense proposal that will save lives.”

It’s the same argument, with the same script, that Feinstein has used to justify attempted bans on so-called “assault weapons” and even tougher controls on handguns.

Two years ago, Congress had the opportunity to reduce regulations on suppressors but the legislation languished. Likewise, after the House passed national concealed carry reciprocity, it gathered dust in the Senate under Republican Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who could have held a vote, but didn’t.

According to the NYU news release, “Increases in firearm purchases following mass shootings are well-observed phenomena, likely driven by concerns that these events could lead to more restrictive gun controls.”

The NYU research reportedly analyzed 69 “mass shootings” in this country between January 1999 and December 2017. They looked at data on background checks conducted each month and news coverage in the Washington Post and New York Times that discussed gun control policies.

There were “pronounced” spikes in background checks in pro-rights states including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Kansas, Ohio and Oregon.

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  1. I know I am sick to death of Moderates and compromise. We are compromising our freedom out of existence. Moderates like Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn are destroying us.

  2. It is the same old rhetoric again and again. Something happens and the dems want more gun control. It is a very sad and tragic when these things happen, my heart goes out to all family’s involved in these tragedies. The truth of the matter is though, no matter how many gun laws are passed the “bad guys” will get them no matter what!

  3. I keep waiting for these ‘better-than-thou’ types to SHOW ME THE WAY by giving up their guns and protection (aka body guards / security / whatever) and of course they operate on “what’s good for thee is not good for me” belief system.
    DiFi has had a Beretta 92 FS since her favorite Mayor was killed in SF, along with her body guards, who also have handguns. The fact that the clown was killed with a REVOLVER, not a semi-auto makes no difference… she doesn’t want the peasants to rise up and handle the situation she and her ilk will not.Notice they never talk ‘Crime Control’?
    At the beginning of the last century, ‘Vigilantes’ rose up and handled the crime situation (while the mayor and the elite made money on the crime) – they also threw the Mayor and the rest in jail after hanging the worst offenders. Need we do that again???

  4. Sorry, Dave, but you have hit the wrong target concerning past legislation. It was Paul Ryan, not Mitch McConnell who is to blame for the failures to pass CCW reciprocity and remove suppressors from the NFA list. It is true that the House under Ryan passed a bill on reciprocity, but it was far too late into the session for the Senate to hold a vote, send it back to the House for concurrence, perhaps have to repeat that process, and get it to the President for his signature. Ryan did not seek reelection in 2018, and was well aware that the House would probably change hands in January 2019. His lack of support for the President’s ideas is well known, and a conservative from Wisconsin is not the same as a Heartland conservative. Good riddance to Ryan.

  5. I think the question we need to ask are self’s is what is the Jewish agenda. Why are they always attacking the second amendment . What will they start on after they Winn , first amendment . We need to understand that we real Americans don’t give up any of are rights !!! Let’s not forget that it’s the Jews that want a one world order . Not me !!! They just want more control over us.

  6. To include OR as a pro-rights state is evidence that this writer is unfamiliar with the climate there. OR is a notoriously anti-gun state legislatively. OR doesn’t reciprocate with other states’ CCW/CHL holders. If there was a spike in background checks there it was the people of the state outside of the I-5 corridor who were arming up against the politicians and their anti-liberty laws.

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