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Anti-gun Politics Equals Bad Policy and Poor Economic Sense

Magpul Unimog Bugging Out

Ideology is a strong motivator, but so is the bottom line—profits. Businesses have to protect profits; it is the very lifeblood that determines a company’s existence. As a result, executives often have to make decisions based on metrics over empathy to employees or political causes.

Politicians are cut from a completely different cloth. Ideology often seems to trump common sense or financial security. Just look at the ideology driving the political forces in cities and states that are bankrupt or teetering on the edge of the fiscal cliff. Yet, this danger has not made a dent in many local and state governments when it comes to their anti-gun agendas.

Magpul Unimog Bugging Out
Magpul knows when it is time to get out. They also know how to do it in style.

How important are guns to a local, state or even the economy of the federal government? A trip to a history class would do many politicians a world of good. In fact, it may do us all a bit of good, so let’s look back at just how important the firearm industry is to our economy.

Significant regulations from the early 1900s included the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 and the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of 1930. Neither of these acts was designed (as many laws are today) to directly harm the firearms industry. However, the effects were devastating and linked by economists as a contributing factor the Great Depression.

Today, the same shortsighted thinking is hurting local and state economies with anti-gun laws and rhetoric. The good news is that this will not cause another Great Depression for the nation because there are alternatives in gun-friendly states with business-minded political leaders. As a result, manufacturers of firearms and accessories, both large and small, are looking to make the jump.

Who is Ready to Bug Out?

Magpul, already a darling of AR enthusiasts, was at the forefront when traditionally gun-friendly Colorado made a sudden left turn and signaled a ban on magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. When the political rhetoric ramped up last February, Magpul was loud in its dissention, but the cries of reason fell of deaf ears and sent Magpul packing.

It seems the better the name the more dubious the motives. Mayors Against Illegal Guns, led by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomeberg and the so-called S.A.F.E. Act were enough to send Kahr Arms across the border. Kahr was scouting locations for a new facility in Orange County, N.Y. at the time. However, vice president of sales and marketing Frank Harris said of New York, “We don’t feel welcome” when asked by the Wall Street Journal. Pennsylvania seems to have a better understanding of the Second Amendment and the tax revenues manufacturers yield and welcomed Kahr with open arms.

Remington 150 Years of firearms in New York
For 150 years, Remington has been producing arms in New York, but political posturing may soon end that American tradition.

Other major names in the industry will leave more of a hole in local economies by jumping to friendlier climes. Although Remington has been producing quality firearms in its Ilion N.Y. plant for over 150 years, it has reportedly started looking for alternative locations. Sturm Ruger and Beretta have expressed expansion plans to gun-friendly states with Ruger targeting South Carolina.

Connecticut’s new laws have prompted PTR Industries to turn to South Carolina; Palmetto State and Stag Arms seem to also be close on its heels. Perhaps not to South Carolina, but both companies are eyeing states with more realistic laws and better business sense. After all, Stag Arms CEO Mark Malkowski recently admitted in an interview that the company had received “about 100 offers” to relocate. Texas Gov. Rick Perry and South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard are leading the charge to attract these manufacturers and citizens of their state will reap the tax benefits and jobs.

The loser? Sure, the states lose, but the real victims are the workers and their families. Companies feel the pressure to show their support of the Second Amendment when customers start howling at the doors—not to mention the business’ requirements for economic survival. However, the employees have spouses with jobs that will not relocate with them. Kids will be pulled from schools and established social environments. Moves resulting from bad political legislation come with human costs.

Businesses cannot afford to simply cease to exist based on political idealism. Politicians, however, are cut from another cloth as previously mentioned. We need to start holding them accountable. Colorado has a good start on its recall efforts and the midterm elections are just around the corner.

Historically, midterms have extremely low turnouts which make every one of our votes that much more important. Now is the time to do your homework, feel out the candidates and make sure you are supporting a strong advocate for the Second Amendment.

What are your thoughts about the costs of relocation? What are you doing to prepare for the midterm election? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. Magpul and Beretta have the right idea. If a state government wants to be stupid, then hit them in the only place Liberal politicians really care about . . . income. Leave,. Get out. There are plenty of states that welcome firearms and gear companies.

    And we need to do the same. I will never accept a position in states like California, Colorado, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut or New York. Nor will I vacation there or travel there unless I’m forced to for work.

    Stand and fight!

  2. I agree with the article but we all need to get the facts straight, such as the Colorado law is 15, not 10. You may not make a big deal of that but consider this, we have been hammering on the antis for their lack of knowledge and facts, so we need to make sure we have our facts straight! And how do I know it is 15 and not 10, I live in Colorado and have the dangest time finding 15 round mags for much of anything. Sure a few pistols and my 6.8 AR can get a 15 rounder but everything else, like my LR-308 is stuck with 10s. Well, except for those 30 and 40 round Pmags I got during the Boulder Air Lift and the 30 round AK mags I got too.

  3. Good article but point of clarification. Colorado’s magazine ban/limit is 15 rounds, not 10. Not that it makes it anymore reasonable but just wanted to make sure your article is accurate.

    1. Great catch! I am so used to politicians trying to limit it to 10 rounds I completely missed that. I updates the text, thanks again. ~ Dave Dolbee

  4. Folks, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. This is an often quoted line of George Santayana. Another less used or remembered quote of his is ” only the dead see the end of war”.
    The first, has become an over quoted line of great philosophical import that has lost its impact over time by its over use. None the less, here we are again , the condemned, coming full circle once more to repeat, or allow the repeat, or perhaps more correctly to be part of the perpetration and continuing of the cycle. Which brings us to the second important piece of philosophy from Mr. Santayana. “Only the dead see the end of war”.
    Make no mistake, we, our very nation and its people are at war, a civil war, those in the current administration know it and understand this and their actions have been, are, and will be to continue to be their attack upon our Republic, its governing Constitution, the Bill of Rights that are guaranteed to it citizens and protected and the Federal Papers that help us define and understand their reason for being. Their agenda here is the fundamental, radical, permanent, and extensive change to the very foundations on which our nation has been built and the attack is directed at these documents and what they define as this nation of “by the people, for the people”. I will not be one of the dead in this war. My oath was to “to protect my nation against all enemies foreign and domestic”, I was never told that once I returned to civilian life that I was no longer bound by it. I held to that oath while I served but only after my service did I come to fully understand it. My responsibility as a citizen of this Republic is not to see the end of war by giving my life but to make the other guy see the end of his. My responsibility is to be one voice and speak out, speak my mind, and stand my moral ground to protect this nation, even from those inside who would take those freedoms and rights away for a temporary, fleeting and misguided sense of security. The subversive personal goals and agenda to change this nation to their image and gain are the brass ring.
    If you take nothing from Mr. Dolbee’s blog above, take the fact that the people are the ones that suffer the most and for the longest. Should you choose to fight this war then read you history and learn its lessons. Understand the mechanics the lesson provides. Only then can you stand your ground, our ground, this Republics very skin and protect it. That knowledge is armor. You don’t need a firearm for this battle, that day may yet come that your firearms will be needed, but not today. Today your weapons are you values and beliefs in our nation, your vote, your voice, and your voice combined with others. It will be fought with a strong recall vote in Colorado, on the front lines in Congress, by the demand that we remain independent of controls from outside our country such as the UN. This fight is not about the 2nd amendment! Its a fight for ALL OF THEM. Because if we loose one the rest will fall, it is the very nature of the domino effect.
    So make your choice. I hope it will be to stand, to organize, to join the battle. They would have US look the part of “the enemy” because they know that it is themselves that have become that “Domestic Enemy” and that they can not allow close scrutiny of the actions they have perpetrated upon this nation behind closed doors for fear that The People will ALL see the truth.
    Let me be clear, this is the New American Revolution and there can be no middle ground, no half measures, compromise only if it benefits the Republic, no backing down and no surrendering of any of the mainstays of our nations foundation As supporters of the Republic we are already behind the curve and having to react and defend against an inferior force instead of being on the offensive and defeating the attacks on our Republics foundation and walls. Time has come. The first telling battle will be fought in Colorado and many wait to see where it will go. Win or loose, there must be a resounding shout heard thru-out our Nation. That there are American Patriots who will not let this happen to their country.
    Mr. Dolbee is 100% correct. Its about The People, who are the Republic, which was created by The People and for The People. Our strength is our people, divided we are weakened, take away our rights and freedoms and we fall. The simple concepts are the most complicated and this is as simple as it gets.
    If my voice were stronger, if it could be heard beyond those who hear a message here, many might consider it a call to arms in defense of THEIR Republic. Until such time as that becomes a reality we are divided by glass walls. Stand up, speak out, speak out for the Republic. Don’t allow the traitors to stand any longer in the shadows. break the glass walls they have placed around us and stand!

  5. Great Article. For some reason most politicians seem to be completely oblivious to the fact that their ill thought out plan about trying to magically protect everyone from evil guns is, well, not based on any facts. We all know it goes far beyond any of what they tell the public which is nothing but smoke and mirrors. They are shooting for disarmorment, and taxes on guns and ammo that makes it cost prohibitive for people to purchase them. I’m thankful the gun and gun accessory manufacturers seem to be revolting and moving away from anti-gun states to gun friendly states. We have one of the highest concentration of gun manufacturers in the US here in Montana and we welcome them all with open arms.

    We need to make sure to write to these companies and let them know that we are grateful they are standing up for the Second Amendment and for gun rights in the United States.

  6. I agree with this article and the violation of our Second Amendment Right. I am a retired Police Sergeant of 34 years with the Tampa Police Department. I truly believe that if you take the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens then the criminals and government with take over the country eventually. I am praying and will not vote for any politician who is a gun-grabber. This country is free because of our soldiers and firearms. In World War 2 admiral Yamamoto stated that to assault the USA mainland would be very difficult as the citizens are armed. That is a paraphrase of the meaning of Yamamoto’s quotation. Anyway, I am a true believer in our Second Amendment. Thank you Patrick J Minnax

  7. All of the arms companies have to tell their employees that if arms are as ‘controlled’ as DC wants, that there will be massive layoffs… even if a company can stay in business b/c it may have some military contracts, losing the private market substantially will also mean substantially less employees…. it is time everyone realizes the consequences of their voting.

  8. Took me a minute but that’s one of the small UniMogs! I’m used to the older bigger ones. If you can get one its the best bush 4×4 going.

  9. Same old story from governments that rule with an iron hand: create a crisis that only we (the all-powerful, almighty government) can solve, then promise that we can solve the crisis that we originally created. The problem is that “we” don’t solve crises, but “we” can always blame it on conservatives, and with the help of the biased news media, it works.

    I suggest that you all read British historian’s Arnold Toynbee’s works on how civilizations decline. It all starts with a government’s gargantuan appetite for raising more and more and more…..MONEY! Sound familiar?

  10. So true! I really hope the recall effort in Colorado works in our favor because all the rest of the liberal pols are watching to see if going against the 2nd Amendment will cost them their jobs. Why liberals can’t see gun ownership as a good way to curtail crime and just have an all around more polite society is beyond me. People say liberals have a mental disorder preventing them from seeing anything not rooted in emotion and disregarding the facts. I’m inclined to believe it at this point.

    Unfortunately for us; this war with the gun grabbers will never be over. They will come back over and over until they win or until it cost them more than they are willing to pay. Let’s hope the latter happens first. Keep your powder dry and vote often. 🙂

  11. my feeling is that everybody should go to the ruger site and fill out the form to send a nasty letter to the president,on down to senators in your area. this to me is the most amazing thing i have seen in my life time. you would think that all these smart people that are running this country would have learned from the past. we all need to be armed. the world is on the threshold of a gigantic war. our smart politicians have sold this country down the tubes! we are hated almost everywhere an american can go. why?? well, it doesnt impress anybody that we keep getting into everybody elsses business when our politicians arent smart enough to even try to get this country out of debt. so, if these eggheads dont get their heads out of the sand, we will be broke and unarmed except for the minumum armed forces we have trying to protect us. these politicians dont understand that all the other countries cant wait until our populace are unarmed. it works out that they dont remember the past. first somebody starts the ball rolling about disarming america, then the politicians all want to hop on board for their sole and selfish reasoning that they will get votes that will help them get reelected. then, these people pass the laws that the common man with the common sense dont want and we are on the razor thin edge of being unarmed. now in other countries in the past, once they unarmed the citizenry, guess what happened next??? the military takes over and they SHOOT all the stupid politicians that took our guns away so that we could have prevented the whole thing. so, mr or mrs politician, no matter whose feet you have to step on. you better think very long about disarming the citizenry. it will inevitably mean your own already is a militaristic govt we have in america,they are just laughing their buts off waiting for you to make the ultimate mistake. well then, WHAT is the answer??? how about this…every single person that gets convicted of bearing any kind of a firearm to commit a crime gets life. any person that shoots another person or even fires a firearm at anybody in the commission of a crime gets put to death. any criminal that shoots a person while they are committing a crime gets shot by the person or their representative by a same gun and ammo. if a criminal shoots and kills a person in the commission of a crime, gets put to death by the persons family with the same weapon. oh no, shooting a crazed jacked up insane criminal for real justice would never work…the friggin LAWYERS cant make any money doing the right thing… i want to leave you all with one last question….if CRIMINALS got life. or death for a crime with a gun, how much do you think criminal gun activity would decrease or how much do you think it would increase?? i would like the public to speak out on this and be heard. got to start somewhere…

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