The Most Anti-Gun, Anti-Veteran Presidential Candidate in History

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With the upcoming election, the Second Amendment certainly is in peril. Many have stated that the Second Amendment will never be abolished. While true, that statement is very short sighted. While the antis may never abolish the Second Amendment, they may gut it to a point that it is unrecognizable. Anyone who doubts this need look no further than quarter-million veterans who have already had their rights stripped.

Here is the full scoop from the Gun Owners of America.

Since our nation’s founding, hundreds of thousands of American Service Members have paid the ultimate price and sacrificed their lives to keep the United States of America the land of the free and home of the brave.

Hillary Clinton

Our veterans have defended the U.S. Constitution and our God-given rights.  But now we must stand up for them as Hillary Clinton and the gun grabbing left seeks to dishonor their service by depriving them of their Second Amendment rights.

Several leftist media outlets—and also a so-called “veterans’ group”—have launched a new effort to get veterans to help propel Hillary Clinton to the White House.

This is quite ironic, of course, since few people have done more to disarm military veterans than the Clintons.

Under President Bill Clinton, veterans with PTSD lost their gun rights when the VA began forwarding veterans’ names to the FBI for placement in the NICS system.

To date, over 257,000 military veterans have lost their gun rights because of the precedent that began under the Clinton administration.

And there is no doubt that this antipathy for our veterans’ gun rights continues with Hillary—and that she wants to take away guns from far more Americans than simply veterans.

Gun Owners of America (GOA) Legislative Counsel has outlined why Hillary Clinton’s desire to reverse the Heller decision—which recognized that gun ownership was a God-given individual right—would, as far as the corrupt Obama-packed courts are concerned, wipe the Second Amendment from the Constitution.

Hillary’s well-known affinity for Australia’s massive gun ban could well presage a national confiscation scheme for us—perhaps, by executive fiat and rubber-stamped by the Democrat-packed courts.

Gun owners of America red and blue logo with patriot

Hillary’s support for a proposal to strip gun rights from anyone she chose to place on a “secret list” (with no standards or due process) could potentially allow Clinton to place “dangerous gun owners” like you and me on a secret gun-ban list.

Hillary’s support for a universal gun registry would funnel virtually every gun owner into a NICS system that has an almost 95% “false positive” rate for initial denials, and an inability to appeal a false positive because the Obama administration has illegally shut down the appeals process for those erroneous denials.

Hillary’s plan to allow Leftist jurisdictions to use taxpayer money to bring frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers is a transparent attempt to sue gun ownership out of business.

If Hillary has had one complaint about Obama, it’s that he hasn’t gone far enough on gun control. AsBreitbart reported:

Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton [has been] looking toward the general election and planning to use executive action “go further than Obama” on gun control.

So, no, no one thinks that Hillary Clinton would be anything other than a disaster for veterans and guns—and for our gun rights in general.

Hopefully, on November 8, gun owners will let her know what they think of her hatred for the Second Amendment.

What’s your take on the next election? Will you back Hillary or line up with GOA? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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  1. @Robert: You said, “Mark my words, if she gets the presidency, there will be civil war, without a doubt.”

    That’s a very definitive statement worth revisiting in November. You betcha! *wink!*

  2. I wanted to respond to Tominator and Robert. I have read your reply to comment and wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciate the sacrifice your ancestors have made. Doing their part to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and sacrificing their life in the process is the most courageous and honorable act anyone can ever extend in service to their country and the preservation of freedom. I sincerely hope that you were afforded the opportunity to follow in the examples set forth by your ancestors. I would also care to point out that although you may not agree with those who may cast their vote for Mr. Trump, it is obvious that we have little more to choose from. The Obamas the Clintons the Boxers the Schumers the Bidens and list goes on and on are exactly what your ancestors my ancestors and everyone else’s ancestors have fought and died for. No these people are not from another country and we are not fighting them on foreign soil. They are here at home and eager to destroy what others have fought and died for. A vote for Hillary is also a vote for all the others who follow her agenda and that is a vote to end America as we know it. It is a vote to end our freedom. It isn’t about the Second Amendment only but; rather the entire Constitution which has defined us a nation willing, ready and able to help serve others and advance the opportunity for freedom for others. All those things your ancestors fought against are inherent in these liberal radical democrats. Never before have we had such TYRANNICAL people opting for a chance to enter into the Oval Office and not since Hitler have we seen this type of posturing. Those liberals who seek the Oval Office have no intention of providing leadership of a free nation but whose true intentions are to serve their own agenda which will eventually, inevitably lead us to a new world order. I dare say this is not what your, mine and the ancestors of others have and died for. This is where Robert’s comments holds true. Who else do we have? No Mr. Trump is not my ideal candidate and I would much have rather cast a votefor Governor Kasich of Ohio or Marco Rubio of Florida who at least appeared to be excited dedicated and passionate about serving his country. Clearly that was not entended to be and no longer a consideration. So here we are once again faced with a delimma; a conundrum so unbelievable it is exhausting. Our final examination of the contestants before we check the box. A check for Hillary Clinton is certainly a slap in the face for many of us who believe in our country and the freedoms and rights we have as guaranteed us by our Constitution. A check for Hillary Clinton would also mean the beginning of the end of those freedoms and liberties not to mention the disservice and dishonor to our ancsetors who gave and paid the ultimate price so that we today are afforded those freedoms rights and liberities. We know this is true because we all heard Hillary Clinton openly and blantantly expouse her agenda. Again. The beginning of the end for a free America. Looking ahead at our next contestant we may all be anything but excited. We foresee a Candidate whose wealth and customer service experience on a diplomatic format may leave much to our imagination but whose local customer service experience is quite attracting. Knowing what we know regarding wealth I would think it safe to say that most of America would prefer the greatest wealth be here in the United States where we are able to build our own lives and dreams and a future for those we love and about rather than support those around the world who care little to help themselves and serve to be only a leech on American Society. Do I need to provide evidence for the claims I have made? I believe not. For the proof is already there. In the past twenty years all the supposedly qualified, educated and experienced politicians who entered into the Oval Office have done little to restore the wealth and the belief of a better tomorrow. No where in the history of the past twenty years has America been afforded the opportunity to grow and prosper as we should and build and sustain a economy which will support our standards, our values and quality of life as we have come to expect. In the past twenty years of our history the leadership in America has done little except to lower our standards and values to that of a third world country. Again and as Roberts has already presented and what many have accepted as truth is simply this. Who else is there? I will give my vote to Mr. Trump before I give my vote to the TRAITORS who seek to destroy America.

    1. Mr. kat, I agree with you. Clinton would be a extension of Obama. Why no press on him regarding extra judicial killings via drones? War on terror = Money for Corporations. Wages have stagnated and Clinton pushing TPP Trade Bill. Clinton says Trump reactionary Policies would hurt our exports. The only thing we export is jobs, and if he stops that, great.

  3. The choice is easy. Choose Hillary if you want more laws to infringe on our gun rights, or choose Trump if you want less restrictions to our gun rights.
    There really isn’t any other choice. If there is a third CHOICE, please present it, as I sure don’t see it.

    1. @Robert; There’s always the Libertarian Party’s Gary Moore. I’ll bet he knows what “Brexit” means and to what it is referring, as HRC does, but that Trump, like so many other things he is supposed to know as a candy date, has no clue whatsoever about. I guess the real choices aren’t the people but knowledge vs. utter ignorance.

    2. I see you post on this site often. And I want you to know that, my personal views are ,that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Yes, even you.
      But, I want to say that you can’t truly think, in reality that the Libertarian Party has even the slightest chance of winning this election. If you do, then I have lost all respect for your comments. My views usually don’t align with yours, but reality is it will be either Trump, Bernie, or Hillery. There is NO ONE ELSE regardless of party. I wish you were correct that it could be someone else, but. Given the “environment” of politics today, you must pick one or the other. Hillary is so TYRANTICAL about firearms and the freedom to use such, that Trump is our only choice. And you will not change anyone who believes in the 2nd Amendment of that there is any other way to save that right.

    3. @Robert: I can understand your reluctance to vote for a former Senator and Secretary of State based on your personal opinions. I can even understand the narrow, single-issue mindset, too. What I can’t understand without a snap judgement on one’s thinking processes (or lack thereof) is how any thinking American could vote for obviously the absolute worst qualified presidential candidate in American history. Even if one whips out the “successful business man” angle, then it falls slat given the number and nature of Trump’s bankruptcies. He is not running for CEO of a Corporate Master but the Executive of a branch of government, which he has zero experience. Add to that the fact that Trump is the champion of virtually every white supremacist in the country and his beloved “poorly educated”, this is the most farcical election in the country’s entire history, even “trumping” the last one where Protestants and Catholics alike voted for a Mormon. There just seems to be no bottom to the abyss of absurdity that conservatives will drive headlong into. Pretty sad.

    4. You think because Hillary was a senator and was thrown a bone to be Secretary of State means she has “experience”? Not really considered experience, more like getting her connections in line so she can trade favors for uranium, slush fund cash by the millions, Treason, protecting her perverted rapist sex maniac slandering, adulterous husband, plus her being a muzlem muncher herself. Trump wasn’t my first pick, but he has my vote. I don’t want a politician, I want an outsider, and he fits that bill almost exactly.
      My thinking process isn’t like a Liberal’s thought process ( or lack thereof) and to answer your question of whether it is a single issue mindset, the answer is a resounding YES. Because without the 2nd, you loose all the rest. You might not agree but as I said previously, you as well as myself, are entitled to our own opinions. Mark my words, if she gets the presidency, there will be civil war, without a doubt. I am ready, are you?

    5. @Robert; You said, “My thinking process isn’t like a Liberal’s thought process…”

      That is overwhelmingly obvious. An outsider, eh? That’s like you inviting an Imam to give a sermon at your church. Rather, what you seem to want is a bigoted, white male who has never read the bible at all, much less keeps its commandments; a demagogue who can easily push the Huuuuge shiny, red button on every racist, bigoted, white nationalist in the country; who is so UN-Constitutional as to double down on his hatred of US Muslims, going so far as to state that they will be assigned labels or other identifiers on their person (a la his favorite author, Adolph Hitler); who has conned people out of thousands of dollars with a completely bogus “university”; who has zero experience or even an inkling of knowledge of foreign affairs; and who lies every time he takes a breath. All those reasons notwithstanding, the fact remains: thinking, educated people are in control of this country now and you’re not getting it back.

  4. Clinton is a lying, screeching back porch harpy. I will vote for trump in the sincere hope he can win and save us from what this self-serving liar would do to America.

  5. “What’s your take on the next election? Will you back Hillary or line up with GOA?”

    Considering the outcomes of the 2008 and 20012 elections, I’m betting the majority of registered voters will back Hillary the Hideous Hypocritical Harridan and a large enough percentage of the stupid, lazy, apathetic, uninformed, incurious, greedy and cowardly electorate who don’t vote for her will just stay home.

  6. If Trump gets elected and I have serious doubts that he will, even he cannot return America to it pre-Clinton days. Hillary will be POTUS, count on it. Both she and ‘Slick Willy’ have shown their hatred, fear and disdain for Veterans. The jury is still out on Trump. When Hillary, or should I say Obama 2.0, is set not only to strip veterans of their guns, but of their benefits, ie: pensions, health care,etc. Obama has tried, Obama 2.0 will succeed. I have often stated that America, present, is not the America for which I went to Vietnam. Only The Eternal can help America now, but America has gone too far for even Him by turning it’s back on everything moral, decent and right. And let’s not forget Israel. The Left has kissed up to the enemies of both Israel and the U.S. G-d to the World, speaking of Israel. “I will curse those that curse you and bless those that bless you.”

    1. It is interesting that so many who fear God and repeatedly call upon His name for intervention in things that concern them seem to never consider that God is working out His plan for humankind. I mean, God isn’t wrong, is He? Then whatever happens is according to His will. How can a Christian reject God’s plan for them and still be a Christian in His eyes? Blessed be.

    2. @ Torminator,

      Rhetorically asked as the lost soul you are. You dare to pontificate on matters of Christianity, yet your words clearly show you know nothing about it. I know you didn’t really expect an answer to your facetious questions given you arrogantly posed them in sarcasm, but there truly is an answer…

      In actuality every Christians knows quite well that our Creator intentionally chooses not to decide our fate, but instead gives us free will to choose for ourselves. Christians understand the fundamental purpose for being sent to earth in the first place is to demonstrate our individual choices in order that we may prove our worthiness and return to Him one day. Without the Lord giving us our own free will, our existence would be pointless.

      The ultimate choice by free will for every individual is of course the decision to accept that God even exists. Thereafter, we continue to make choices which either builds upon, or destroys our faith in His existence and thus the ability to receive His word… or not.

      One of the primary purposes in prayer is to maintain our faith and to seek His divine wisdom so that it may further guide us in our daily choices. Giving us free will to choose our own path, and to accept Him or reject Him is “according to His will”. It is your choice to reject it or live by it, but either way, it is a choice. I’ll pray you understand this one day.

    3. @G-man: You had me at “…on matters of Christianity, yet your words clearly show you know nothing about it.”

      Once again, you are wrong. I was born and raised a Southern Baptist in the Deep South, Mississippi, in fact. I have read the bible through so many times I lost count. Then I read it through again after the indoctrination wore off and I was way more educated. Talking snakes and haploid zombies are not real, nor is the Earth flat, your opinions notwithstanding. Stay away from shrimp, too, because Yahweh strictly forbids it as being as evil as wearing poly/cotton blends. Besides, I wasn’t asking you.

    4. @ Torminator,

      Meh, it’s an open forum so irrespective of whom your question was directed, you still “chose” to respond to me… oh wait, or was that divine pre-determined fate that forced you to do so?

      Either way, you could claim you once lived as the Pope himself, and the fact would still remain that the words you wrote irrefutably established your severe lack in understanding Christianity.

      No amount of ducking and weaving at this point will explain away your ignorant choice of words or your underlying offensive intent whilst pretending to know a thing about true Christians. You chose to hang your malice driven stupidity out there for the entire World to see, and now you must accept the fact that such a display of absurdity simply cannot be undone.

    5. So Sorry, I am not a Christian, but a Jew and couldn’t care less about Christian Doctrine. There is an old saying:G-d helps those who help themselves.’ He gave man free will, which means, man is free to ‘royally screw things up.’ Which we do, more often than not. To follow your logic, it is His will that thousands are killed every year by terrorist, that millions starve to death, every year, etc. He created a perfect world, then turned it over to man. We can see how well that is working. Things will happen as they happen, not because G-d planned it, or allows it, but because man allows it and having free will, man has become unwilling to keep the dictates of G-d and wandered down a path that place perversion above morality, self gratification above concern for others, etc. Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass about mankind, but that is my problem and I will answer to G-d because of it. But, it is to G-d and G-d alone that I must explain myself.

  7. Donald Trump. I do not know if Mr. Trump or anyone else for that matter can restore the American values and dreams we as true Americans and believers in and of the Constitution of the United States have suffered, fought, and died for. I do know that the freedoms guaranteed us under the Constitution as free Americans is the BACKBONE of the those dreams and values and is what propels us all to strive for a better tomorrow and a brighter, stronger and more productive future with an abundance of opportunities for our children. The path of the Obama’s the Clintons and the rest of the anti Second Amendment tyrannical traitors is not only to gut the Second Amendment but to gut the entire Constitution in order to fast forward their anti American agenda. Rest assured if the doors of the Oval Office are ever opened to the Clintons again that the dreams and values we have had and enjoyed in the past will not be afforded to our children and the future generations. With sadness and anger I ask this question. What kind of person places their hand upon the bible and swears an oath to uphold and defend The Constitution of the United States of America knowing their true intentions are to strip away our Constitutional Rights as guaranteed us in that Constitution can ever be considered for the leadership role as President of the United States? It is with all these things in mind and heart I will cast a vote for Donald Trump.
    God Bless America.

    1. @garfield cat: I would humbly ask that you consider just one more aspect of voting fro Donal Trump. My father and uncles, and many more upstanding American men who are buried all over America, fought against a tyrant in Europe and Africa who would have labeled his country’s citizens, “deported” them to be “processed”, inspired wall-building to keep “others” out, and required fealty in the form of outstretched, raised, right-handed salutes and oaths to the demagogue. I choose to honor my ancestors and their honor and valor rather than vote for the exact kind of unqualified, personality-disordered con man that Donal Trump is. Think about that.

  8. That is a lot of words dedicated to HRC’s forked-tongue crusade against the Constitution. But what about a little ink dedicated to the words of GOA’s Executive Director Emeritus, Larry Pratt, after an iota of fact-checking?

    “We would have to come to an understanding, which we’ve been sort of taught, it’s been taught out of us, that the courts do not have the last word on what the Constitution is,” Pratt said this weekend on his “Gun Owners News Hour” radio program. “They decide particular cases, they don’t make law.”

    “Their decisions, unlike the Roe v. Wade usurpation, don’t extend to the whole of society, they’re not supposed to, and we may have to reassert that proper constitutional balance, and it may not be pretty,” Pratt continued. “So I’d much rather have an election where we solve this matter at the ballot box than have to resort to the bullet box.”

    Whoa! So GOA folks are suggesting that firearms owners should start shooting if a Democrat wins the presidential election and nominates a U.S. Supreme Court justice with whom they disagree.

    In certain circles, I suppose, this is a reasonable proposition. Don’t like my religious or political ideologies? BANG! But in more logical minds, it is pretty much psychotic thinking. Funny thing, that mental health issue when it comes to gun ownership. It is bad for psychos to own guns, unless they’re OUR psychos.

    1. @ Torminator,

      That sure was a lot of words you dedicated towards the musings of Larry Pratt – someone that isn’t even running for President of the United States.

      However, for your twaddle to garner even the slightest of concerns you’d need to contrast the real dangers presented by Hillary’s antics against someone actually seeking an equally powerful office… say Donald Trump maybe?

      So in light of such pesky factoids it is little wonder no one else here shares the same epiphany in brilliance which led you to stretch the completely dissimilar goals as sought by completely different people all in the hopes you would somehow establish a legitimate or logical comparison. You simply did not.

      So, notwithstanding the ill-conceived manner in which your mind arrived at such an inappropriate association, and since you’ve brought it up, let’s go ahead and explore the perverted spin you’ve chosen to mindlessly regurgitate from your fellow anti-gun media sources regarding Larry Pratt’s comments:

      Larry Pratt’s statement respecting the People’s right to “…reassert that proper constitutional balance…” is in-fact a lawful subtext which is supported by our God-given rights as enumerated in the Constitution.

      Within the boundaries set forth by the Constitution, Pratt’s right to lawfully express his perceptible views regarding the point at which he believes a government (or branch) has overreached its lawful authority into the tyrannical realm – is protected by the First Amendment.

      Furthermore, and still within the Constitution, Pratt merely expressed the means by which such tyranny may be lawfully suppressed and remedied by its citizenry; a means of which “may not be pretty”, but nevertheless is an act lawfully protected by the Second Amendment for just such a purpose.

      Pratt’s comment, “So I’d much rather have an election where we solve this matter at the ballot box than have to resort to the bullet box.” – most assuredly establishes his respect for the law and a desire to resolve such issues peacefully well before having to resort to more serious remedies offered by the Second Amendment.

      Given your liberal anti-gun proclivities you’ve completely glossed over what Pratt actually said; so it should come as no surprise to anyone that all you read was, “GOA folks are suggesting that firearms owners should start shooting”. Seriously you need to grow up dude.

    2. @G-man: “…the ill-conceived manner in which your mind arrived at such an inappropriate association.”

      Huh, I could have sworn the article was all about the GOA and its knee-jerk reaction to election year politicking candy dates. The second paragraph really is there; check it out. There’s even a glaring, color logo in the article. The second paragraph sources only the GOA for the entire article. I simply showed what the executive director emeritus of Gun Owners of America (GOA) AND former (mercifully) Virginia lawmaker of that organization has bleated regarding what he thinks should happen if the election doesn’t go the way he wishes: start shooting. It’s right there, it really is. And then there you go—again—saying I have liberal anti-gun proclivities when I have repeatedly stated on this forum I have no such thing. It is just that you and many others are simply incapable of wrapping your minds around the fact that many “liberals” own guns and know how to use them as well as the most anti-government, sedition-fomenting conservatives out there. The burden is on you, “dude”, not me, because the facts are right in front of you.

    3. @ Torminator,

      Other than this article establishing it contained reprinted material from an unattributed author’s opinion posted to the GOA site, in no way does that establish any logical continuity which could launch your stretch of reality into such an off-topic tirade.

      Any wack-job can make random associations derived loosely from another’s pre-established topic. You liberals are well known for your constant attempts to sidetrack hard topics by using such tactics because you can never handle debating the actual subject matter head-on with facts.

      You are so used to acting this way that you haven’t a clue that you’ve done it. Instead you smugly pat yourself on the back as if you’ve accomplished something, but really you’ve contributed nothing at all. Most people choose to ignore you while others, like me, choose to call you on it.

      It is indisputable that the intent of the subject matter for this particular article was written in such a way as to specifically raise serious concerns regarding the grave implications over the anti-gun rhetoric coming from a political candidate seeking the highest office in the land. That was the point.

      In stark contrast, your drivel regarding Larry Pratt’s comments from a radio program did not one thing to address a single issue raised by this article. Simply put, you failed the litmus test of relevance in the worst way here.

      All you’re really doing now is attempting to justify your arbitrary and disjointed connections made in a pathetic effort to piggyback your liberal smut off the backs of other people’s relevant and applicable commentary.

    4. @ Torminator,

      As always, your lack of substance will inevitably leave you speechless when pitted against facts and someone that knows how to use them. You are a forum troll with no other desire than to disrespect and antagonize other forum members. It embarrassingly shows in every post you make. So consider me the Trollminator – for as long as you continue to detract from a topic and attack people’s belief systems, I shall be right behind you to ensure your trash-talk is either taken out or put into the context it deserves.

  9. If Mrs Clinton is so against guns and wants root ban them, then lest Start with the Secret Service. If she what’s to show the country that gun violence goes away if guns are outlawed then let her ,one where her mouth is. Get rid of her Secret Service protection. While we are at it get rid of her husbands protection. It is not right that Mrs Clinton has protection when Normal Americans cannot protect themselves. What makes Mrs Clinton so special.

  10. “Anyone who doubts this need look no further than quarter-million veterans who have already had their rights stripped.”

    People in the UK thought they would never lose their rights. People in Australia thought the same thing. There was a time when nobody believed that LGBT people would get special rights, or that they would be permitted to marry. Or a time when religion would be cast out of the American tradition. Who saw a day when millions would enter the nation illegally and have the support of so many citizens?

    Anything is possible, no matter how improbable, when people like Hillary, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, etc, abuse the rights enumerated in the Constitution, twisting them to mean whatever they want them to mean.

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