The Anderson Rifle is The World’s Only NO LUBE Rifle!

“The world’s only” is a pretty big claim, but who cares? That is just marketing hype to most. However, the claim of a “no lube rifle” is something you simply have to see to believe. So, when Steve O’Bryan posted a comment on one The Shooter’s Log‘s stories, we were so blown away that we had to give it its proper due and share it here with you (along with a little marketing copy). Here is the full release from Anderson Manufacturing. The Anderson Rifle is the only rifle in the world that never requires lubrication. It is only possible because it is permanently treated with RF85, the nano technology that injects calcium into the molecular fabric of the metal. RF85 is permanent. It is in the metal. RF85 reduces friction 85% and wears with the metal. Under heat and pressure, the calcium nano particles elongate and form a protective barrier that eliminates the need for lubrication.

An ancillary benefit arises because without an oily film to catch carbon particles, the rifle runs cleaner much longer. A typical lubricated weapon traps the carbon byproducts from explosives. Under the heated conditions found in weapons, the gooey mess turns into tar which bakes into a solid mass and fouls the chamber. The result is life-threatening weapon failure.

The Anderson Rifle uses RF85 nano-technology to fire with:

  • 85% Less Friction
  • 23% Faster Action
  • Never Needs Oiling
  • Cleans Up with Soap & Water

RF85 is proven effective in the medical industry, in automotive and racing, and manufacturing. You can read the independent reports by Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

Once you understand just how effective this process is, you won’t settle for anything less than an Anderson NO LUBE Rifle.

Lots of folks ask us about the RF85 technology, does it really work? After you watch this video you will know the answer, but you’ll have a new question: “Can your rifle do that?” It can, if it’s an Anderson.

We took a brand new Anderson Rifle RF85 treated M4 down to the range, and fired 5000 rounds through it without a drop of oil. To guarantee impartiality we had Officer Jon McClain from the Bellevue police department supervise the testing. He personally shot all but about 200 rounds. What followed was simply amazing.
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What do you think of Anderson’s NO LUBE rifle? Share your impressions or experience in the comment section.

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  1. I recently purchased an AM 15 and although it doesn’t have the RF85 treatment (I was told that it did by the “big box store” associate who sold it to me, and after discovering it didn’t the manager of the store did offer to let me return it for a full refund), it is an excellent firearm. We’ll made, reliable, and accurate. Even if it had the RF85 I would no doubt still field strip and clean to remove fouling, so to me adding a little lube is no big deal. I highly recommend Anderson Firearms.

  2. RF85 works on the nanotechnology level, additional molecules are added to the metal. The molecules are in the Calcium family. Certain forms of Calcium, under heat and pressure, react in such a way that the benefit the metal by reducing drag. RF85 got its name from a coefficient of friction test done by Oak Ridge National Laboratory found the reduction of friction on a steel surface was 85%, thus RF (Reduce Friction) by 85%. All metals have an 85% reduction in friction except titanium is approximately 40% and aluminum is approximately 24%.

  3. I checked the RF85 website,, and it claims friction reduction for aluminum is 24%. The claim of ~85% friction reduction is for steel. The website claims friction reduction up to 95% if both contacting surfaces are treated. I assume this reduction is based on two steel parts in contact with each other, since there was an independent study done where one surface was treated and others where both steel surfaces were treated. They say friction reduction for aluminum is ~24%. If both the aluminum receiver and the steel bolt carrier of an AR are treated, the friction reduction could be slightly better than 85%, but I found no data for this combination on the RF85 website.

    The treatment process requires the parts to be submersed in a low temperature heated liquid bath for an hour. This allows the nano sized Ca and S to be infused into the metal surfaces that are in contact with the liquid bath. The treatment is performed by partners in different geographic locations.

  4. Do the metal surfaces corrode or rust and if that does happen what happens to the nano coating?
    I’m impressed with the video and they showed the components after shooting the 5k rounds – seems like there are no tricks involved. Is the barrel treated? If so, what about it wearing off and lead fouling and pickup?
    For me it is hard to justify the extra $300 because I just target shoot.
    When the price of the treatment comes down to $30 it would be a no brainer.
    Might be excellent for the military and might be necessary if zombies appear or HRC wins the election (she won’t win).

  5. The Anderson Rifle seems to be an incredible AR-15 style weapon! I seriously considered their rifle a few years ago for purchase but chose another manufacturer because I prefer a gas piston design over the “conventional” direct impingement design. What I would truly love to see is Anderson building a High-Quality full size 1911. I would think that should be the next logical progression of their product line!!

  6. This rifle is amazing. I’ve owned it for about a year and have never put a drop of oil. This rifle does what it truly says. I have ran brass, steel and reloads without a hiccup. I would recommend anyone to take a look at this rifle fir their next purchase.

  7. I have owned an Anderson RF85 rifle for 3 years now and have shot thousands of rounds through it and can confirm it holds up to its claims. I feel like an Anderson sales rep every time I carry it to a match and end up with a crowd around me as I detail how it works without oil and washes up with soap and water. Make sure if you purchase one that you are getting the rifle coated with RF85, they should be a little over $1000 at CTD and other reputable dealers…the $700 dollar ones do not have the RF85 coating. Still good rifles for the money, but no coating.

  8. That is amazing, I’ve always heard this was a for sure deal and will buy one now. Explain to me again why most of the ar15’s out there sell for more than a grand? Why, you can have this one for about $700 I believe and you don’t have the hassles that come with the others in regards to cleaning. I have an ar15 mutt that I put together with an Anderson lower and it works great! Cheapest finished lower on the market in terms of price and the same quality wise as the ones that sale for hundreds of dollars. Why people think they need to spend more to buy a “name” is beyond me? In my opinion most people think that if they spend the most they get the best. Nope, just get broke faster. I’ll stick to Anderson for a good quality made ar15 that works. Nuff said.

    1. I see your point. I feel the same way about good quality AK’s. In 1995 I could buy a milled receiver for, at the high end, for 300$. Can’t touch them now for less than 1400$.
      But getting back to AR’s. They are, as with any firearm, simply tools. A Harbor Freight hammer will do for the every once in awhile carpenter but if you build homes for a living you probably own the best hammer you can get your hands on. Do you get your money’s worth when you buy a Colt, Sig, Bushmaster, S&W, or DPMS?
      I’ll check yes for that question because I really like a good hammer.

  9. Actually it a Calcium based Nano Lubrication ~0.09-microns Thick or (~0.00000039390079-inches Thick) at is Magnetically Induced. Sister Publication TFB (The Firearm Blog) dated 2 July 2015, Talked about the Procedure…

  10. Impressive video! Soap and water, rinse in a dirty creek, no oil necessary!? It sounds like a promise from a politician, but unlike the politician (HRC), this is actually true!

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