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You may not live in California, but past history has taught us that if the anti gunners are successful in one state, others will follow the path and try to pass similar anti-Second Amendment legislation in your state. So, we all have a vested interest in getting this shot down. If you live in California, sign the petition and spread the word to get other like-minded gun owners and shooters involved. If you live outside of California, use your social media reach to get the word to the pro Second Amendment people who can defeat this in California!

Federal Green Tip .223 Remington ammunition
This is the Federal Cartridge Company green-tip load, a civilian variant of the 62-grain military loading.

California has adopted a law, SB 1235, that will make it illegal for retailers such as Cheaper Than Dirt! to continue sending you ammunition directly beginning as early as July 1, 2018.

There is also Proposition 63, which will be on the ballot in November. Proposition 63 will prevent us from shipping ammunition directly to you and places additional restrictions on ammunition transactions.

You can help stop both these laws from taking effect.

There is an effort underway to gather signatures to force a vote on repealing SB 1235. You can learn all about that here: You can find the nearest location to you to sign the petition here: Note that the deadline to sign the petition is September 29, 2016.

And, to stop Prop 63, you need to vote no on it in November. Of course, we need to educate others to vote against it too. You can help the campaign opposing Prop 63, the Coalition for Civil Liberties, by donating, signing up for its alerts, and sharing its materials on social media and with friends and family. You can learn all about it here: It is also supported by the NRA, California Rifle & Pistol Association, and Gun Owners of California.

Please spread the word to all your friends and family who own guns to go sign the petition to repeal SB 1235 and to Vote No on Prop 63.


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  1. My parents used to live in Austin. When they would travel to other cities in Texas, the locals would insist that People from Austin weren’t real Texans. Others called Austin “Little California” . I live in California and with the direction that our current Government is going, I am seeing a lot of former gun antagonists becoming gun enthusiasts. In my line of work I teach firearm safety and awareness to women and teens who have no practical knowledge of firearms. All they know is the lies that the media has fed them. They are slowly realizing the benefits of owning their own firearm in an increasingly unstable society. The frustration that they now have in legally obtaining that firearm and it’s ammunition, are a result of their very own previous stand against guns. I wish I was the kind of guy to say “HA! That’s what you GET” cause sometimes it eats me up holding it in. Try not to hate Urban California for living in a bubble. Help guide the poor SOB’s to the light, and let them see their folly.

  2. You Californians can defend yourself with your Hollywood angle.
    Just play a “scary gun” action movie just before a thug tries to shoot or kill you and they will scram……Leaving you to lead a happy healthy life.

  3. I moved out of the People’s Republic of California in 2011. My family and I couldn’t be happier owning .22s through .50 cals, any number of rounds in our magazines, and suppressors on everything.

    However there will come a time when push comes to shove. I mean when a family is forced to uproot from their state of residence to move to another. Then if that new state of residence is influenced by anti American legislation from California. That is a shove and the end of California .

    Be ready.

    1. It’s a LOT of hard, hard, work … but it’s time to push for recalls, then. A politician cannot be allowed to buy their way out of shameful acts with pork barrel takings.

  4. The best for CA is to split it up. There are plenty of folks outside of LA and SF who are pretty disgusted with the way things are run but the politics of the two big cities (and San Diego is now following along) out vote everyone else.

    Maybe time to bring back thinking about the Great State Of Jefferson

  5. When arepeople. Gun Owners, going to stop retreating from anti gun states and become mkreactively engagedin fighting those who oppose them?
    Co trary to popular debateit is Corporate and fiancial interestt with even box and gun stores who profit.
    Gun owners will asshredly see higher prices for non bulk packaged ammo.
    CORPORATES FROM NUKE TO PHARMs and agriculturL interest buy the politicos and yes thiz drought will get worse until a poi t is reached where costly reliefiscalled for,
    Getinto all issues and the crooked repubs anddemos fCes.

  6. I often think of the plight of California as being the result of an electorate who continues to support the politicians who insist on draconian as well as ludicrous governmental schemes. Having said that, I also find myself in sympathy with the conservatives who live outside of the bastions of liberal idiocy with little recourse except to leave the state. Those people who live in the rural areas have been placed at the mercy of the left-wing liberal zealots who inhabit the large metropolitan areas, and it really appears that there is no way to effect meaningful change due to the strength in numbers of the voters who in habit Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, and the fringe areas of those large cities. No amount of education seems to work. The frightening product that we are seeing in Texas is that we have the same concentrations of liberalism in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso, and Austin. Fortunately those concentrations of liberalism remain subordinate to the predominantly conservative outlying areas of the state…..much like liberal islands in a conservative ocean. That said, however, my son that resides in Austin continues to meet people who used to live in California, but they are not the rural Californians who are running from liberalism…..They are the city dwellers who are coming to large Texas cities to colonize them as…..liberal bastions.

  7. I like living in California, but the gun control faction has outsmarted us. They have done an outstanding job of deceiving the public on every gun related issue. For example, they want more kinds of background checks to prevent felons from obtaining guns (the DOJ already does this); they claim that the “bullet button” on AR-15 style rifles is a “loophole” and allows a shooter to fire more rapidly (watch the YouTube video of the Afro-American CA congressman making this claim on the floor of the state legislature); “ad nauseum”. The gun control advocates have cleverly deceived an already ignorant public into believing in gun prohibition (just like prohibition of alcohol under the Volstead Act). It also does not help when the media spreads gun control propaganda as the truth (there’s seldom another side to the story anymore, as was once practiced by journalists in the not-too-distant past).
    We pro-2A people need to provide a better image of ourselves to the public (especially in CA). There are LEOs, doctors, nurses, lawyers, engineers, CEOs, military, etc. in our ranks. We are not the riff-raff that Hillary Clinton (and others of that ilk) claim we are. Hillary and her cohorts want the voting public to equate gun ownership with criminality. (Again, the media is partly to blame. For example, the woman who won the gold medal in pellet gun shooting at the summer Olympics received about 5 seconds of recognition.) I need to stop. I’m getting very upset.

  8. Last time I checked calli had a huge water shortage an yet this is what their politicians worry about!!! Remember our politicians don’t work for us they work for whoever corporate lobbyists pays them republican an democratic!!! Remember our huge corporations want all the power so we can’t rebell when they put us in the poor house!!! All our politicians need to be made an example of!!! An let them know they work for us…WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  9. If these bills in Kalifornia become reality, what will happen will make the Watts riots look like a walk in the park. Especially when LAPD start with their Gestapo tactics of kicking in doors with their unconstitutional warrentless searches.

  10. I live in Communist California, as a law abiding citizen, and Veteran of the US Air Force 12 years. I am constantly in awe of these idiots who run our state, believe me if I could find a job in another state I would leave in a heartbeat. I try and buy as much Ammo as I could afford and still shoot and maintain a stock pile. Some one needs to go on TV and place a gun on a table and say shoot shoot. It’s a criminal who pulls the trigger not a law abiding citizen but they don’t care they just want guns gone, the don’t care about our rights or the second amendment. The democrat’s do what they want.They use scare tactics.

  11. “past history has taught us that if the anti gunners are successful in one state, others will follow”

    Actually, the trend today is states are liberalizing (becoming less and less restrictive) their gun laws. Exceptions, CA, MA, NY, MD, NJ, RI, PA, HI, IL, and CT. Hardly representative of a reason to fear. Besides, the citizens in these ten states elect officials who pass restrictive laws. They’re not voting these officials out of office so the citizens in these state must be okay with the way things are.

    1. Grunt68 – You’re wrong. More and more anti-gun laws are being forced on all of us, and most of us are NOT ok with it. I moved to Idaho from Washington state, and now you have to go through a background check and an FFL to give a gun to your own family member. Obama has enacted new regulations that might put gun smiths out of business. Bloomberg, Gates, and many other Billionaires are trying to buy more anti-gun laws all over the country. This is a continual fight for our freedom.

  12. California: “No ammunition feeding device over 10 rounds. NO TRACER or Incendiary Ammunition”. Note, metal machine gun linksare considered “Feeding Devices” so we cannot ship links of any quantity as they could easily be made into capacities over the limit.
    – Los Angeles City: No Ammunition Shipment.
    – Marin County: CCW Card must be faxed/emailed (on file) for ammunition purchase.
    – Oakland: No Rifle Ammunition Shipment.
    – San Francisco: No “Prohibited” Ammunition (Black Talon or Similar Brands).

    1. The law clearly states that it is a crime for citizens to bring in ammunition
      The state police will likely watch the parking lots of ammunition retailers near the California border and stop the cars whose plates were seen in those parking lots.

  13. I got of of CA about 15 years ago. It is literally a cesspool of Communist values. I only enter that State and others if I absolutely have to. I hope these authoritarian, fascist measure are over turned. I think its unlikely though.

  14. California has continuously moved to the “left”, at first to “socialism” and then progressively to “communism” over the years. More and more they continue to strip the people of their United States Constitutional rights and deny them their “God given” freedoms! If the State of California can no longer abide by the United States Constitution and it’s principles, then it’s time for California to be removed from the Union. It is the duty of the other States to cast aside California in order to protect the rights of the other citizens of the United States of America from the corruption that has plagued California and denied its citizens the rights and freedoms they so greatly deserve.

  15. Commiefornia is relentless towards taking our second amendment away. Just look at the people they elect and what they stand for and what they do. Fienstien, Boxer, Palosi and any other democrat that comes out of there. This second amendment attach needs to be put to rest. Vote the NRA approved list of candidates, look them up and vote for them. It’s a shame that this has become the main issue in selecting who you want in office when there are so many other issues that should be in the forefront especially our economy.

  16. Just when we think that our Left Coast cannot get any more goofy than it is, Governor Moonbeam and his cronies come up with a new and idiotic scheme to deny people their Constitutional rights.

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