Ammo review: BVAC 9mm 124 grain JHP

BVAC 9mm 124 grain JHP
BVAC 124gr JHP

A common belief among serious bullseye shooters and NRA Action Pistol shooters is that hollow point ammo (JHP) is generally more accurate than standard full metal jacket ammo.  What I was told is that this is because JHP ammo, such as the excellent Speer Gold Dot bullet is manufactured to better tolerances and with better QC than FMJ ammo.  Lately, through my sponsorship with Cheaper than Dirt, I’ve been shooting the excellent BVAC 9mm 124 grain JHP load.  Let’s talk about the accuracy of this load for a minute.

Using a stock Sig P250 full-size 9mm, I shot a 2.3 inch group at 25 yards using the BVAC 124 grain 9mm.  I also used the BVAC ammo for one of my favorite drills, a “walk-back” drill.  Start with a 3×5 card at 5 yards, fire 5 rounds.  All five should go in one hole at 5 yards.  Move the card to 7 yards and fire 5 more rounds, all 5 rounds should hit the card.  Repeat at 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards.  I didn’t drop any hits until 20 yards where I dropped one shot, and then at 25 yards I dropped 2 rounds.  Using the BVAC 9mm ammo, I dropped a total of 3 shots out of 30; and the reason I dropped those hits had absolutely nothing to do with the ammo.

The muzzle velocity on the BVAC ammo averaged at 1066 from my Sig P250 with a 4.7 inch barrel under ideal conditions (well lit indoor range at 68 degrees F).  That makes a power factor of 132, good for IDPA or USPSA competition.  Recoil is mild, which is to be expected with a full size 9mm handgun, but the BVAC also avoids excessive muzzle blast and some of the other issues that plague other 124 grain rounds.

Of course, what really makes the BVAC 124 grain 9mm ammo attractive is the price.  Less than 14 bucks for quality, accurate, reliable ammo?  I’ll take it!  And if you shoot in bulk like I do, you can also get BVAC’s excellent 115 grain JHP 9mm load in boxes of 1000 rounds for $234 plus shipping.  I’ll take that too.

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