American Tactical’s Omni Hybrid Combo — .22LR with Complete .223 Upper

ATI Omni Hybrid rifle combination

Much to the chagrin of the anti-gunners, the AR-15 or Modern Sporting Rifle is alive and, if the numbers are to be believed, America’s favorite long gun. The number of calibers and combinations of accessories creates a dizzying display of choices for the neophyte (noob) and seasoned veteran alike. Thanks to American Tactical, that choice may have just gotten a bit easier—like to the point of no brainer easier.

Recently, I had a chance to take American Tactical’s Omni Hybrid combo for a spin. American Tactical cut its teeth in the import market by offering great guns and accessories from all corners of the globe, but has brought manufacturing home to the U.S. Amazingly; ATI has managed to do this while dropping the price to previously unheard-of levels with the introduction of the Omni Hybrid Combo.

ATI Omni Hybrid rifle combination
Two guns for the price of one is a hard combo to beat. The Omni Hybrid comes as a complete .22 LR firearm with an additional .223 upper.

The Omni Hybrid cuts a few corners to keep the price down, but none that affect the performance you’d expect in a firearm for plinking, hunting or home defense. The Omni Hybrid design is rugged and lightweight thanks to the steel-reinforced polymer lower receiver that allows the direct gas M4-style carbine to tip the scales at about 6.25 pounds. This works, because unlike the upper, the lower is a low-stress component.

ATI Omni Lower receiver
The lower receives little stress making a polymer design reliable while shaving off critical weight.

The Omni Hybrid’s upper, on the other hand, is crafted with Mil-Spec aluminum and features a 16.1-inch Melonite-coated barrel in an M4 stepped configuration. The barrel features a 1:7 twist, which typically will stabilize most any bullet up to about 80 grains making it great for a variety of different ammunition choices, but more on that later. The A2 flash hider is removable with a ½ x 28-thread for those interested in mounting a suppressor. Everything else is just as you would expect out of an M4-style design including a low-profile gas block. The forend is standard military configuration and comes ready to mount your choice of optics as well as iron sights for use as a primary or secondary sighting system.

The charging handle will be familiar to ex-military or those already comfortable with MSRs; there is also a forward assist and dust cover/case deflector. A worthy addition for any MSR is the enlarged trigger guard for easier access when wearing gloves or in any situation requiring rapid employment such as home defense. Likewise, the Omni Hybrid was designed with a flared mag well for quicker magazine changes.

The buttstock and pistol grip are both standard military M4 designs. Coincidentally, the Omni Hybrid has a carry sling point in the rear, but none up front. This is easily overcome with a single-point sling or by attaching an aftermarket forward sling point to the Picatinny rail.

ATI Omni Stripped lower receiver
Tested and rated to be as strong as a billet receiver, the new design provides extra strength in the high-pressure sections and is designed to surpass the military pressure and weight-bearing testing.

Aftermarket triggers are the rage among operators and competition shooters, and for those familiar the M4, the Omni Hybrid will not immediately feel familiar. The Omni Hybrid features a new inter-lock hammer and trigger pin retaining system. The system’s design prevents movement between the hammer and trigger pin during firing and eliminates the trigger slack you may be used to. However, the system increases consistency and therefore accuracy potential.

At the range, 55- and 62-grain offerings were on the table and both went down range without a problem although the 55s did not stabilize as well at longer ranges and affected accuracy slightly—not altogether unexpected for a 1:7 twist used at range. We fired a little over 400 rounds during the course of the session between light cleanings without a problem. The lighter mass weight took a bit of getting used to, but being no stranger to long marches through the woods in pursuit of game, I am a fan of saving ounces whenever possible and adjusted easily.

While all of this is fine and could equally be applied to dozens of AR-15, the Omni Hybrid combo has a twist that makes it unbeatable. The AR-15 platform is incredibly adaptable which is one of its greatest selling points. With the Omni Hybrid combo you get everything mentioned above plus a complete .22LR upper and 28-round magazine for under $650 with free shipping! .22LR conversions or complete uppers easily sell for $200 alone making this deal unbeatable. Who knows how long this pricing will last, but now is your best chance to get an incredible combo at a price unseen in many years.

Do you keep a spare .22LR upper for your AR-15 or interested in ATI’s Omni Hybrid combo? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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Comments (8)

  1. This looks Great !! Wish I could try before I buy, Ive lost a lot on other types and have almost given up but this one sounds good !! Good Luck with the product launch !!!

  2. I just recently purchased the .22 LR version and despite some of the reviews, I really wanted to like it. Truth be told, after 50 rounds it had severe failure to feed issues. I brought it back to the store where I purchased it from and they tried different mags, different ammo and came to the conclusion that it was going to need some gun smithing to get it fixed. I was not going to settle for a rifle to be repaired after 50 rounds so I exchanged it for something else. I have the 5.56 Omni with several rounds down range and have had no issues, I think the .22 Chiappa m4 upper is the weak link in this platform!

  3. would be better if the barrel for the 223 was chambered also for the 5.56.45mm NATO, 223/5.56mmx45m as to be able to use both types of ammo and go to the 1 /8 twist in the barrel.

  4. i was offered a deal by our gunsmith for a locally manufactured polymer lower end that I could my leisure and I have to admit the project intrigued me. Unfortunately I’ve heard some things about the 223 that I don’t like. I understand there’s a lot of game that you’re not allowed to hunt with a 22 or one on steroids.

    Originally I was thinking of doing what a friend is doing. His wife like the big ban of the 223 and he’s shooting 22 long rifle ammo which I heard was still pretty accurate through the 223 barrel, but I guess it’s a mute point now. We can’t get 22 long rifle ammo in southern California at practically any price. 223 is no problem but I think I’d want to hunt with something bigger.

  5. I just got mine. I love it. Not only do I have .223/5.56 & .22lr options but I bought a .300 blackout barrel. So I have three platfors to choose from with literally only the change of a barrel.

    Shoots great, accurate, reliable, easy to work on.

    I recommend it for anyone.

    1. I can only comment about their full polymer lower. I bought two for about $100 each about a year ago with the intention of building my own dedicated .22lr and the other for 7.62×39, which is the highest power it is built for or recommended, for the full polymer lower. On of them didn’t exactly look like it had the best threading For the buffer tube and I had to make some fine adjustments to the pin hole for the trigger group. So at this point I am jst using only the one lower for both. I mounted a CMMG .22 WASP upper AND their 18in 7.62×39. Overall I am very please with the performance of both setups but I think that has more to do with CMMG. The full poly lower is taking all the abuse of about 500 rounds of 7.62 and 1000 .22 so far so good. I just wishe they had come out with this 10 months ago before I embarked on my builds. Would have saved me about $500!

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