Giveaway: American Tactical Imports AR-15 Omni Hybrid MAXX 5.56/.223 with Quad Rail Rifle

The Shooter’s Log team is at the 2016 SHOT Show all week. We are trying the new guns, parts and accessories and reporting back here with full details. If you can’t be in Las Vegas with us, you can still get in on the action. We’ve secured this American Tactical Imports AR-15 for one lucky Shooter’s Log reader.

Use the form below to enter to win this Omni Hybrid MAXX 5.56/.223 with Quad Rail rifle with a retail value of $619.95.

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  1. If your tired of the lies and the words, “This Is No Longer A Christian Nation”, and “We’ll Never Be At War With Islam”, then back a Republican even if you don’t agree with all the policy and political BS!

  2. Excited about ur give away for the Omni AR 15. Would be the perfect weapon for my fiance to learn and have fun with definitely would get her out in the field with me thanks for the chance to win. Thanks for all ur guys in site and customer service

  3. Who wouldn’t want to win this very nice and I like to say don’t forget to vote be informed this country is at stake if you know what I mean

  4. Mighty fine looking Omni Hybrid MAXX,
    wish I could swing by Vegas to see the show this year, but I’m deployed and I have a fight to take forward. Good luck to you all and congrats to the one that fortune finds.

    PS 144:1

  5. I carried one of the first AR15s ever made in the 13th SF. Would love to get another one in my hands before I go.

  6. Why do you have to be on facebook or twitter to enter this contest.
    What about all us folks who do not participate in social media but still use the internet to find out about all these great new products.

  7. Wow, I’ve been looking to buy an AR-15 for home protection and this would be the most “super-affordable way” to get one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. This would be great!! Hope I win, I never win things like this, but a first for everything!!!
    Cheaper than dirt you Rock!!!

  9. I have been wanting an AR for a few years, liveing on a fix income it’s hard to find the extra money, This would nice. But i don’t win nothing, So too the rest of you GOOD LUCK

  10. Entry for the ar. B a nice gun for all around shooting. Maybe a few isis chicken sh#ts in the sights if I get real lucky

  11. Wish this was chambered in .300 Blackout or .308, but I could make this my daily shooter and finish turning my current AR into a comp only rifle for 3 gun…

    1. Brilliant, as always! I may be almost 70, but I still don’t own this wonderful gun! Let’s go shooting.

  12. Cheaper than dirt is by far one of the best supply company’s for firearms. They have any and everything you need and for less then anyone else! They have nice staff that I have met personally as they are local to me. they are going to be a life long place for me and the supplies I need. Thank guys!

  13. Great, great, super great! Always check out Cheaper Than Dirt first. You will be glad you did.
    Support the U.S. Constitution. It is the best document ever written with your and my rights in mind.

  14. I like to shake hands with all the veterans; Revolution, 1812, Civil War, Spanish-American, World War 1, World War 2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Benghazi. With out your service and sacrifice, we wouldn’t be having this contest.

    1. I love Cheaper Than Dirt but I would like to see CTD and other firearm related businesses register their displeasure with the “CENSORSHIP” now being exhibited by F/B not only in America but in Germany specifically ! Our firearms will soon have to be used to protect our families from NOT ONLY MUSLIM KILLERS, but govt itself and eventually F/B will exercise censorship over CTD and Americans “right to even discuss the Second Amendment !

  15. Love cheaper than dirt!! It’s one stop shop, always has what I’m looking for and awesome prices! Thanks

  16. Entry for contest. Cheap then dirt is awesome one of my favorite sites because you can get a lot of information from it for certain parts that have been reviewed by customers And man that AR would be nice. GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

  17. Entry for contest. Cheap in the dirt is awesome one of my favorite sites because you can get a lot of information from it for certain parts that have been reviewed by customers And man that AR would be nice. GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE PROTECT YOUR RIGHTS.

  18. I like Cheaper than dir’ts catalogs and more especially their prices and prompt delivery. Reccommend them to all my friends.

  19. How awesome is Ceaper Than Dirt!
    Not only great deals every day but awesome giveaways like this AR -15.
    Thanks CTD !

  20. I believe I am registered with my California residence. If I should win, I would like to take possession of the rifle at my other residence in Minnesota.

  21. This company has supplied my firearms for years and my children also. Now that they’re grow they now buy from the same dependable company, keep up the great work !

  22. AR-15 entry. I’ve bought thousands of rounds of ammo from cheaper than dirt. It’s all been good ammo at 30%-50% cheaper than other sites and online sites. I’ve had no issues and am a customer for life! 🙂

  23. I have the American Tactical Imports German Sport 522 SD LW .22LR and the American Tactical Imports GSG M1911 .22LR 5″ Barrel , LOVE THEM BOTH! Would LOOOOOVE to have the 5.56 to make the group. Keep up the great work guys/gals! Cheaper Than Dirt has given great service and great product!!!!

  24. this site is awesome! just got turned onto it because of the sweepstakes for the AR-15. My sister and brother in law recommended this site, said they get the best deals on here. 🙂 I hope to become a member of the AR-15 family! I’ve been wanting one for years!!

  25. Best place for INFORATION ON GUNS and AMMO.BEST PRICES ON LINE for GUNS and AMMO. Is Everyone needs to check out NOW. Let’s beat Obama to the draw. By loading up on AMMO and Guns.

  26. American Tactical Imports AR-15 Omni Hybrid MAXX 5.56/.223 with Quad Rail rifle with a retail value of $619.95. Send it here!!!

  27. It’s nice we can enter for this, and I do appreciate it. But I will never sign up for FB or any other “social network” site. All they are is an absolute invasion of privacy that sets you up fore nothing but trouble, and it would be nice if these pro-gun sites actually recognized that.

  28. Kinda like the Loto , don’t expect to be the winner. Is a nice weapon out of the box I’m sure. Would make a nice edition to a fine collection!

  29. I wish some Weapons Manufacturer, would just Come-Out and Sell the “Lower Receiver” ONLY. And let me (the Consumer) Decide Which Caliber “Upper Receiver” I might want to PUT ON IT. That way it Saves Space, Gun Cleaning, and Storage/Caching as well…

    1. Where have you been? Every manufacturer sales just the lower and you can put any upper in whatever caliber they offer on it!
      Go to your favorite makers website and have a look, you might be surprised!
      Good luck secundius!

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