Could the Second Amendment Soon Be Law in Mexico?

Second Amendment

Could the Second Amendment soon be law in Mexico? No, not exactly. However, some of Mexico’s lawmakers are citing the intent of the Second Amendment and making a case that Mexico’s citizens need similar rights to self-protection as we enjoy here in the states. By Dean Weingarten Mexico had a flourishing, legal, gun culture until 1972, when the Mexican government made private, legal, ownership of guns extremely difficult and expensive. The change in law was meant to disarm the political opposition and keep the existing power structure in place. The power structure has remained in place, but it has not flourished. Much of Mexico is contested ground, with narco-cartels that are not aligned with the Mexican government in armed conflict with the Government and its cartel allies. Private citizens are caught in the crossfire, abused by both sides, and denied the legal ability to arm themselves.

Second Amendment document There are plenty of firearms in Mexico. Most of them are illegal. It degrades what respect for law there is by Mexican citizens. A Mexican senator wants to change that. From

On October 6, 2016, Mexican Senator Jorge Luis Preciado of the Partido Acción Nacional (PAN) published a policy recommendation in the Senate Gazette to amend Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution to emulate the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, allowing Mexico citizens to carry handguns for personal protection in their homes, vehicles, and businesses. Preciado argues that the natural right to possess arms as a means of self-defense is affirmed in the Second Amendment, which states that “a well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Preciado stated that Mexicans, too, “have the right to legitimate self-defense, and if a criminal enters my house or my business, he should at least know that on the other side there could be someone that has a weapon with which to respond … because we have organized groups that are completely armed and we have a society that is in a complete state of defenselessness.”

Quite a few guns flow from the United States to Mexico illegally. Most of them are smuggled in one by one by Jose the gardener to his uncle Juan, who wants that .22 rimfire rifle and some shells for his granja (farm).

When you look at the auto-defensa (self defense) groups, which are modern equivalents of the militias spoken of in the Second Amendment, they are mostly armed with .22 rimfire rifles and inexpensive shotguns.

Mexico has tried the strict gun control policies being promoted by the “progressives” in the United States. They have failed miserably. Mexico is in the middle of armed strife within its borders, with most of the citizens legally disarmed. Senator Jorge Luis Preciado offers a different option, one that allows Mexican citizens to hold their heads high, and fight for their country and their communities. Armed citizens can defend themselves, and demand justice, and accountable government.

Could Mexico’s citizens one day have more of a right to self-defense than Americans under the next president? Do you think Mexico will amend Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution? Share your answers in the comment section.

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  1. The autodefensas or more properly, the rural guards are only authorized in rural area.
    They know who the criminals are and have mostly driven them and the corrupt police out
    They have all acquired modern arms like Ak 47’s and heavy machine guns from battlefield pick ups from the battles with the cartels
    The Army is also sponsoring some of these groups and they are given AR 15’s by the Army
    Of course the officials in league with the cartels are trying to shut down these freedom fighter
    Jose Valvverde, the medical doctor who led his local autodefensa to victory over the the Knights Templar cartel in Michoacan is now on trial for weapons law violations

  2. The Mexican government should let their citizens have a right to own firearms for self defense, without restrictions on caliber or wether or not it’s a single shot or semiauto,
    The Mexican government needs to support their peoples right to self defense and learn that a legally armed citizen is not a threat to them, but a deterrent to crime.
    The Mexican government could all so find themselves with a new source of legitimate income from reasonable fees for background checks and the sales taxes collected from the sales of legal guns and ammo.

  3. I have lived along the Texas/Mexico border for 40-some years. I know many people in Coahuila and Chihuahua. Kidnappings of prosperous businessmen and ranchers for ransom is common as are carjackings. Most of that class of folks I know, indeed, virtually all ranchers rich or poor, are armed. It may be anything from great-granddad’s Winchester and Colt 6-shooter to hunting rifles to modern handguns smuggled in from the US. They are willing to defend themselves; it’d be nice if Mexican Government would get out of their way.

  4. You don’t have a clue of what you are talking about. Mexico allows people to have guns as long as they are under a certain caliber and not semi or automatic weapons.

    You get your license and register your guns.

    The difference with the US is that every single type of gun is registered including shot guns.

    What is illegal is to transport guns from one country to another and that is why most of us gringos get hammered when we cross the border.

    You can also have hunting licenses in Mexico.


  5. With all the disturbances from country to country – just maybe the Mexican Government is waking up to the fact that their current law is like hanging a gun free sign out and providing the bad guys ready made victims.

    As for United States citizens – We must wonder why our Government runs guns around the world and wants us disarmed. Please define the word infringed.

  6. Pipe dream. No chance whatsoever. Zero!
    The Mexican government is far too corrupt to ever consider returning any freedom to its citizenry.

  7. I am all for it. The average Citizen has no defense from gangs or Drug Cartels. Now if we can get Canada to incorporate the same measures it will block the UN Small Arms Proliferation BS.

  8. José, mijo, stop smuggling all the weapons that go into México, I just wanted a rimfire .22 for my granja, you keep sending the wrong one cabrón!

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution already grant permission to the Citizens of Mexico the Right to Bear Arms?

    1. Article 10[edit]
      Citizens of the Republic may, for their protection, own guns and arms in their homes. Only arms approved by the Army may be owned, and federal law will state the manner in which they can be used (Firearms are prohibited from importation into the Republic without proper licensing and documentation. Foreigners may not pass the border with unlicensed firearms; the commission of such act is a felony, punishable by prison term.

    2. I believe the change to Article 10 is to allow for personal protection and extend the rights to businesses and vehicles

  10. I’m glad to see people in other countries standing up for there freedom. Society only changes when people decide to stand up and make a change. I commend those who are trying to make a better future for the family, friends and society.

  11. Seems to be an outright shame. While more countries,especially in SA are enabling citizens to own and carry firearms to protect themselves, the U.S. is going in the opposite directing; disarming it’s citizens. Of course, there are countries in SA that are truly ‘gun friendly’ two are Guatemala and Paraguay. Mexico, while not exactly ‘gun friendly’ does allow citizens to own and carry weapons, as long as they are not ‘military caliber.’ The process is just long and expensive. I know, I have carried firearms into Mexico, legally, with permits current and all fees paid.

    1. Chile is a gun friendly country as well. From what I’ve heard, you can take your guns from here into Chile without any trouble. What’s with this captcha crap????

  12. Wow,, wouldn’t that be a game changer? They just might take their own country back! Now, I am waiting to see England and Australia make the same decree. Just got to get Kalifornica to follow suit.

  13. We need that kind of thinking in Washington DC. I hope this is brought to the attention of the liberal pussbags who are violating the U.S. Constitution and their Oath of Office.

    1. Not quite sure of your point Rodriguez. On a positive note, if the Mexican citizens were able to defend themselves, maybe there would be less problems with the drug cartels.

    2. @ Aardvark

      It that the Point of the Wall, To Separate Us. Not to Arm Them and make it Easier to get us?

    3. I guess you dont get the fact that they ARE shooting at us now …. with all the guns our great idiot president gave the drug cartel and then lied about it ? Just like it is here the criminals Will have guns and use them for criminal activities. Are you saying that all Mexicans are evil people that will shoot at us? The liberal mind never understands that keeping guns away from good people never keeps them out of evil peoples hands.

  14. That’s certainly a step in the right direction. Having said that, I suspect that many otherwise law abiding Mexicans have been carrying firearms for their personal protection for quite a while. Just as only a couple or three decades ago in the USA, concealed carry was pretty much against the law, many Americans went ahead and carried anyway.

    I have been carrying concealed for more than 50 years, and sometimes it was done legally and at other times it wasn’t. The lesson to carry away from this is that if one is going to carry a concealed firearm, it can be done regardless of prevailing norms. The important thing to recognize is that when one is carrying concealed, one should not and cannot act in any fashion that tends to reveal what they are carrying. This means that the concealed carrier must be so completely comfortable with his/her mode of carry that they do not unconsciously reveal their mode of carry by repeatedly “fussing” with the piece or the clothing that covers it. This does require considerable experience at carrying the piece and finding the most comfortable and natural means of doing it.

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