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All-Time Top 10 Political Posts

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Shooters usually say they hate politics, but the sad reality is that politics affect gun access and availability more than we want to admit. Despite most shooters’ supposed dislike of these topics, news stories in The Shooter’s Log that have a political bent are some of our most-read items, including these top-10 posts that seem to show that battles over gun ownership will never stop.

1 Obama Signs Executive Order Banning AK-47s
2 Court Upholding Ban on Militia-Suitable Firearms Ignores Key Second Amendment Purpose
3 Federal Judge Says AR-15- and AK-style Rifles Not Protected by 2A
4 Did you know a handgun could expire?
5 Beretta Flees Anti-Gun Maryland — Moves Domestic Manufacturing to TN
6 Will the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban be Reinstated?
7 Beretta Moves to Tennessee Update and New Model Review
8 Can Feinstein’s 2013 Assault Weapon Ban Pass Government Standards?
9 A Second Assault Weapons Ban, More Controlling than the First
10 Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Anti-Gunners!

What topics are on your radar for this mid-term election? Tell us in the comment section.

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Comments (7)

  1. Watch WA State and I-594. If 594 passes WA citizens will be screwed blued and tattooed, other States may follow. If it passes I expect a huge lawsuit, maybe even to the Supreme court level. Just the same, pay attention, the Bloomberg’s of our society are trying hard to snuff out citizens from have firearms. This IS their end-game plan. (well at least all the law-abiding citizens!)

    1. @ Gearmoe.

      Really! What’s the difference between the Bloomberg is doing with his Billions and the Koch Brother’s are doing with their Billions. TIC for TAC…

  2. Any time you vote for a communist progressive democrat you put you freedom in great jeopardy as they want you disarmed ! Without guns you loose your freedom and become a slave.

    1. But I thought Obama was a Muslim terrorist!? How can he be that AND a communist progressive Democrat?

      Either way, he’s almost completely fixed the monster mess Bush and the Republicans left us after burning through a surplus. And no one has come to take my guns either. Hmmm, somthin’ ain’t adding up with this narrative.

      And then you say almost everyone in oh, Japan, Italy or Denmark is a slave? Really? Because of no gun?

      Or, are you saying everyone worldwide without a gun is headed for slavery?

      Me thinkith thou perhaps exaggerated?

  3. We do HATE politics! But we are forced to deal with them to protect our rights.ALL of our rights not just guns. That’s why you get so many readings but more importantly RESPONSES !

    FIVE days to election day. Turn off the TV and computer,get off your lazy ASS and VOTE!!!!! Even if you know your candidate will not win.


    The wolves have been in power for SIX years. Time to start counting the SHEEP!


    1. Vote for the best you can find. NONE are perfect. MY party is almost as dirty as the other.Every person running is a risk.No bill,proposition,or party is without problems.

      If we have to be the sheep to stand up to the wolf, then be a Baaaaad ass sheep.We can only try. Thirteen weak colonies beat the strongest power on earth despite Benedict Arnold . But it cost, it was painful ,and none got everything they wanted.

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