Sen. Al Franken Wants to Hear Your AR-15 Story!

I just finished listening to the latest congressional committee hearing regarding SH-216—Sen. Feinstein’s latest attempt to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. I am struck by the blindness exhibited by the anti-gun members of the committee and those testifying.

Michael Nutter, mayor of Philadelphia, stated over and over the impact of gun violence on the streets of Philadelphia. He testified why an assault weapons ban needs implementation—after the courts struck down his own city’s laws banning essentially the same weapons.

He used tragedy after tragedy to pull at heart-strings and make an emotional plea. He had statistics and signed letters. Time and again, with every statement and each question he answered, the conclusion was always the same: AR-15s are not what is being used to commit the crimes, nor did he have any evidence or data showing a ban on such weapons would have prevented the crime in the first place.

There was also a doctor from Newtown who treated some of the victims. He showed a video depicting a .22 LR and a .223 from an AR-15—both were shot into ballistic gelatin. He showed that the .22 LR traveled in a straight line with nine inches of penetration and made a .5-inch cavity.

The evil AR-15 with its ballistic tipped .223 on the other hand, only penetrated five inches, with significant cavitation and fragmentation. He then went on to state this is why we cannot allow civilians to own military-style assault weapons. The bullets create more cavitation and fragmentation.

There are so many arguments here that I am at a loss as to where I should start. First, he compared a rimfire to a centerfire and the rimfire actually penetrated farther. Second, he used a solid-lead bullet and compared it to a ballistic-tipped bullet that did exactly what it was design to do—expand and fragment. Beyond that, there is over penetration and the fact the bullets are designed to do damage. A primary rule of gun safety is never point a gun at anything you are not intending to destroy and he is arguing for bullets that do less damage by penetrating in a straight line. Damage is what makes bullets effective for self-defense and humane for hunting.

Of course, the amount of damage the a ballistic tipped .223 does from an AR-15 is exactly the same amount it does out of a bolt-action rifle. However, for some strange reason, his demonstration was supposed to show why we need to ban AR-15s…?

Let Lawmakers Hear Us Roar

Although the competition was fierce for the top spot as the most absurd democrat at the hearing, I would have to say Sen. Al Franken bested the highly competitive field. Now don’t get me wrong, gun control is not a Republican or Democrat issue, but the lunatics running the asylum on this issue are solidly Democrat. Al Franken used his time in front of the camera to say he had never heard of a single circumstance where a civilian had ever used an AR-15 for self-defense. This led me to an idea and I need your help. If Sen. Al Franken can’t find any examples maybe we could and in the process make sure Franken can NEVER again make such an absurd claim.

Print out an example article or write a statement and send it U.S. Mail. A stamped letter will do, but to really make it impactful, spend an extra dollar or two and require a signature or delivery confirmation. You can send it to his state or Washington D.C. address below.

Al Franken P.O. Box 583144 Minneapolis, MN 55458-3144 Al Franken 309 Hart Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510

Got an extra minute or two? Call his office and let them hear your story or the story of another. – (202) 224-5641

Emails are good too! Here are a couple of links to Franken’s e-mail address. Click here or here

Beyond the video and commercial news stories, be sure to tell the comedian turned politician (not a big leap) about any personal stories as well. Guns deter a lot of crime that the media never reports and the statisticians never collect. I have a handful of AR-15s at home. Each one could be used for self-defense. I also have a handful of fire extinguishers. Being prepared for an emergency is every bit as important as successfully surviving an emergency. Point out why someone should use an AR-15 for self-defense.

Here are a few quickies we came up to get the ball rolling, but a few examples or a few hundred from one source will never be taken seriously. Franken is up for reelection in 2014; Let’s show him just how passionate gun owners can be. Let him hear our roar!

Security Guard Uses AR-15 to Defend Himself, Customers
Home Invaders Retreat after Seeing Their ‘Victim’ With AR-15
Students Ward off Home Intruders With AR-15
Boy Uses Dad’s AR-15 to Shoot Intruder

Have you thought about the best way for gun owner’s to have their voice heard? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. You people seem very willing to let your government give you permission (ie permit) for your right to bear arms. This country of fools is all but over!

  2. Didn’t know “ar15’s” we’re such an issue on the streets of liberal impoverished Philadelphia.
    What a load of crap.

  3. The Nucking Futs’ already ruined my personal pursuit of Happiness by buying up so many rounds of ammo that now each shot at the range costs me a whole BUCK! Instead of being EXTREMELY happy that the ammo is selling like mad hotcakes the scum who manufacture it decided to raise the price. I remember a time when HUGE sales meant cheaper prices for the individual. Instead of manufacturing ammo and smiling all the while these sad sacks are acting like Gasoline refiners and gouging us with these insane unwarranted prices. Each time I shoot I count. 1 dollar, 2 dollars, cup -o- Starbucks coffee now a Lunch at Applebee’s and I haven’t even finished sighting in, whoops time to go. I already spent my daily allotment of “Fun” money. Even a reload kit with all the trimmings will cost a freakin’ GRAND! There is no savings and looks like no hope for gun owners to maintain their Safe Shooting Standards without taking a 2nd on the House. Something has got to be done. I suggest a Month long boycott to let these scalpers choke on their own Lead. That’ll learn em for trying to learn us! There is a Bananna shortage, Beef shortage, Cocoa shortage, Coffee shortage so we’re gonna pass along OUR failing to YOU! reminds me of the joke “We Cheat the other guy and pass along the savings to you!”

    Please pardon my RANT. I’m just a little pissed.

  4. Equating Sandy Hook with law abiding gun owners, and then using that as justification to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms… is like equating Jim Jone’s Kool-Aid bash with Christianity and using it as justification to infringe upon freedom of religion… or like equating neo-Nazi propaganda rags to the New York Times and using it as justification to infringe upon freedom of the press.

    You CANNOT use hate speech as an excuse to curtail freedom of speech, nor can you use flag burning as an excuse to curtail the freedom to peaceably assemble… and you CANNOT use the violent outburst of a murderous lunatic to curtail the rights of millions of peaceable citizens to defend themselves.

  5. Jody… not sure why you’d agree with Iowa’s policy of an “Annual Permit to Acquire Handguns”. Seems to me that the second amendment is a LIFE LONG permit for free people to acquire whatever the hell they please.

    Convicted criminals and the mentally unstable SHOULD be stripped of this right in a court of law (the ONLY constitutional means of curtailing a person’s rights and/or freedom). As such, a weapons permitting process should include a criminal and mental health check. Once it’s been established that a person is not a criminal, and is not a danger to themselves or others… a permit should be issued.

    A firearms permit should be good for the LIFE of the holder, unless and until removed by a court of law upon proof that said person has either (A) been convicted of a crime, or (B) has been deemed by a judge or jury to be mentally unstable.

    PS – I don’t even agree with the term “permit”. It insinuates that you are seeking (or somehow need) ‘permission’ from the government in order to exercise your rights. Functionally, this is no different than needing a government ‘permit’ to attend a certain church, or to speak your mind on a given subject.

  6. Good post Jody!! I like your thoughts on Iowa; and I think it could work if we could trust state and/or federal congressmen not to make it a suspected person registration data base. Becoming a person of interest just because I wan’t to be able to buy guns makes me nervous – but I agree we need to do something about the crazy coots in our society. Maybe some form of legislation similar would do the same thing – I don’t know.

    I know I trust my local state better than the Feds; but when it comes to privacy and data protection, both type of governments fail miserably – and some tyrant could raid the data base in the future – so what are you going to do?!

  7. Katrina showed us how little the government can do to protect or assist during a crisis. Almost nobody enjoyed police protection during the looting; however, the cops did get out to confiscate weapons from those who had hunkered down to protect their own lives and property. I would give up every weapon I own if it would bring even one of those little Sandy Hook munchkins back to his or her grieving parents, but that’s not reality. The reality is, protecting my family is up to me. I take that commission to heart.

    I like Iowa’s system. You have to pass a background check to get either an Annual Permit to Acquire Handguns, or a Concealed Carry of Weapons permit. Once you have one of those, you don’t have to wait for an insta-check, which means your firearms purchases are not populated into BATFE/FBI databases in real-time. In other words, we vett potential firearm purchasers instead of registering the guns themselves. Accordingly, we do not have a need to label guns as being good or bad based on what colors they are, how they’re shaped, or what sizes or types of ammunition feeding devices they employ.

    We also devote a considerable sum of tax money to public systems for mental health evaluation and treatment. Our teachers generally get to tell parents when their kids are acting like the next Eric Harris or Dylan Klebold (instead of circling wagons and praying against further education cuts, or that the state will actually back their retirement funds as promised, unlike some of our neighbors across the river).

    Ultimately, though, I have little use for intaraction with any government that seeks to strip me of the means I have lawfully accumulated for the purpose of taking care of my own.

  8. Ok to start off I am not a Tin foil hat in the basement conspiracy nut and I don’t own a huge collection of guns; I don’t even own an ar but I understand the importance of its roll as both defensive and offensive weapon. Every fire arm is a tool in our tool bag to use for different situations; and like tools some work better for differnt jobs. Yes a shotgun is great to overwelm attackers during CQB style fighting but when that fighting gets streched out past 45yards then I would rather have a rifle abel to stop an attack befor it gets too close. Why cant we protect ourselves useing the same mind set and tactict as our millitary dose on a daily basses. To asume that in no instance a regular civilan will never see conflict on there front porch equil to that of a battel field is nieve at best. What about the countless third world countrys that endure opresive dictators that came to power with the aid of there own military and govrnment; could that situation never happen agean to us because we are somehow protected by this invisable forcefield that keeps people from being people. Every person on this earth is cabable of great evil and greed, and to say no one will ever sacume to there self needs even at the cost of other peoples freedome is just plain childish. I sould be able to posses any tool to help me with whatever situation may happen no mater how obsird or unlikely it may be because there is that posibilty that it could happen. No amount of law, registration, or ristriction on anything will stop our natural instinct of self preservation or the preservation of our own at the cost of another wellbeing or life. Remember that politicians our people too with there own intrest to think about; it will never be your intrest in the end that is on there minds. Even if all the guns of the world suddenly disaper the human race would invent something else to kill our fellow man with. Dont let tragidy become ammunition for a politicians agenda. A miner uses a pick axe, a solder uses a rifle, and a politician uses a pin, his mouth and the 6 o’clock news; all go to work with there tools of the trade, but the real question is who are they working for.

  9. Dave, we were talking about a representative, other than Wayne La Pierre for the NRA, basically because La Pierre doesn’t seem to have the image that really works when on the media. I’m surely not arguing with anyone one this blog.

  10. [I just received this list of insane proposed legislation from the NRA regarding left-coast California. These idiot legislators have no shame and continue to bombard us with more laws that will have NO effect on crime]:

    National Rifle Association of America
    Institute for Legislative Action
    2013 Legislative Update
    Countdown to Confiscation in California?

    (partial list of legislation)

    Senate Bill 374 (Steinberg) would expand the definition of “Assault Weapons” to include ALL semi-auto rifles (including rimfire calibers) that accept a detachable magazine. SB374 would ban on the sale and possession of ALL Semi-Auto rifles and require registration to retain legal possession in the future.
    Contact: Sen. Steinberg at (916) 651-4006/fax(916) 323-2263/

    Senate Bill 47 (Yee) would expand the definition of “Assault Weapons” to include rifles that have be designed/sold and our equipped to use the “bullet button” or similar device. SB47 would ban on the sale and possession of ALL those Semi-Auto rifles and require registration to retain legal possession in the future.
    Contact: Sen. Yee at (916) 651-4008/fax(916) 327-2186 /

    {FAILURE TO COMPLY with SB374 or SB47 would subject persons to possible arrest and the firearms CONFISCATED.}

    Assembly Bill 174 (Bonta) would ban the possession of any firearms that were “grandfathered “ for possession if registered in previous “Assault Weapons” gun control schemes. Californians that trusted the State of California and registered their firearms will be required to surrender the firearms to the Government or face arrest. Passage of AB174 would make SB374/SB47 (above) into confiscation mandates.
    Contact: Assem. Bonta (916) 319-2018/fax(916) 319-2118 /

    Senate Bill 396 (Hancock) would ban the possession of any magazine with a capacity to accept more than 10 cartridges. ALL currently grandfathered “high-cap” magazines would become ILLEGAL to possess and the owners subject to arrest and the magazines confiscated.
    Contact: Sen. Hancock (916) 651-4009/fax(916) 327-1997 /

    Assembly Bills 180/187 (Bonta) and 760 (Dickinson) impose a sales tax of 5 cents/round on ammunition.
    Contact: Assem. Bonta (916) 319-2018/fax 319-2118 /
    Contact: Assem. Dickinson (916) 319-2007/fax 319 -2107 /

    Assembly Bill 48 (Skinner) would ban the sale of magazine parts kits that can hold more than 10 cartridges. A special ammunition dealers license would be required to sell ammo to the public and require the registration and reporting of personal consumer information.
    Contact: Assem. Skinner (916) 319-2015/fax (916) 319-2115 /

    Senate Bill 53 (DeLeon) would require persons to buy an annual ammunition purchase permit, require the registration and thumbprint of the purchaser for each ammo purchase, in addition it would ban the Internet and Mail Order sales of ammunition to Californians.
    Contact: Sen. DeLeon (916) 651-4022/fax(916) 327-8817 /

    Senate Bill 293 (DeSaulnier) would BAN the sale of conventional handguns, if the Department of Justice approves the sale of “Owner Authorized – Smart” handgun technology.
    Contact: Sen. DeSaulnier (916) 651-4007/fax(916) 445-2527 /


    For the latest information and to stay informed about how you can help fight back against these dangerous legislative proposals visit , for information regarding NRA pro-gun California lawsuits

  11. Heard this morning on the local conservative talk show (KSFO) in San Francisco:

    “Trying to argue with a liberal anti-gunner is like playing chess with a pigeon: They knock over the chess pieces, crap all over the board, then strut around and crow that they won the argument.”

    This is what we are dealing with, folks.

  12. The anti gun people are doing stupid stuff. There was a small Gun Show locally last month and the anti gun crowd actually went so far as to hack websites and change dates and times to keep people away. People also posted bad info on blogs in an attempt to keep people away.

  13. Save your breath boys. I scrolled though these comments and found at least 3 trolls working the anti-gun agenda, two of them subtly by claiming to be among gun owners but trying to whittle away the Second Amendment anyway.

    You’re wasting your time to try to explain anything to them, or to argue with them. If they come back, it’s with either more BS, or insults. Their goals are to split us all up, or piss you off so badly you stop reading these posts or making comments – i.e. split you off from the herd for ‘easy pickings’. I used to write a political blog, and I can smell these critters in the first two sentences. If it is just too ‘out there’ to leave it alone, that’s when you should suspect ‘trollage’ and just leave it alone anyway – even if the author claims to be a shooter herself.

  14. Larry, I have also accessed similar info, have devoured all the NRA stuff, plus everything I can get my hands on that supports gun owners. I have read John Lott’s book, “More Guns, Less Crime,” plus Chris Kyle’s “American Sniper.” I probably haven’t even scratched the surface, and I’m not a Constitutional scholar (I’m working on it, though). I read as much on the daily Investor’s Business Daily as possible, and look at these websites: National Review, American Thinker, Heritage Foundation, Wall Street Journal and Front Page Magazine. I really have to pick and choose my articles since there isn’t enough time in the day to read all the stuff they have.

    It takes a lot of hard work to learn what is required to answer every question and refute the misinformation that has been spread so irresponsibly by a news media that is there to entertain people and sell ad space to sponsors. It takes one who can work full time, one who has an excellent memory, has his facts and history at his fingertips (without a teleprompter), and who has that necessary charisma required to make him/her believable.

    I’m certainly not that person, but wish I were.

  15. We are of the same mind, we need to get someone out there quickly that get’s the public’s attention. Someone that turns their head when they hear his or her voice, see them on TV or see their name in print. Someone that does not care about being politicly correct and has the facts and answers to back up their (our) position.
    There is a plethora of information out there, I have accessed it and read it. Graphs, statistic, data compiled by local, state, and federal agencies. It shows where, who, and why crimes committed with firearms occurred. BUT! someone needs to have the cojones to voice it with no fear because it’s the truth.

  16. I agree with most everything you said, Neil. But everytime I see Wayne La Pierre on tv, I can’t help but wish there was someone else representing us on National Medea especially when they rarely get on Orielly for instance. I mean, they don’t get on much, I agree, and Chris Cox does well, but just because they DONT get on much is all the more important that they Kick Ass so to speak when they do. I guess I just miss Charleton Hesston!!

  17. LMG, maybe I’m wrong, but from what I have seen, the cause has been debated into the ground, but as you say, if the national news media (which tends to misinform the vast majority of voters) chooses to ignore reason and facts, there is not much we can do about it, and to my way of thinking, leadership won’t solve the problem because those leaders’ viewpoints won’t be heard by those voters who have an opposite viewpoint. Besides, they have already formed their own opinions, faulty and flawed as they may be.

    You might have a better candidate in mind, but the NRA’s Chris Cox has impressed me as a fine spokesman for the NRA in particular and gun owners in general, but unless he is allowed to present his views in any of the media, his leadership won’t mean much.

    As it is, the media continues to swallow anything and everything that the Joe Bidens and Al Frankens say, passing on their BS to the gullible, misinformed and ignorant public-at-large.

  18. Thank you, Neil, and LMG. Yes we need an effective leader. I believe the NRA is an effedtive leader in most ways, however they need some tweaking! First, it’s my belief that Wayne La Pier is a faithful and studious pro gun man, and probably a great administrator, but he’s not a good front man, he doesn’t seem to have the GRAVITAS that it takes to persuade and to get our positions across in the media. Yes he can write a good book, but he’s no Charlton Heston! The NRA is very well established and powerful machine that we can thank Chris Cox, and Wayne La Pier for growing and managing. But we need an articulate head man that can get the point across and move people. Someone like Tom Sellick, someone that is the embodiement of the statesman and Icon like President Reagan. In any case, we need the power of the NRA and the savvy media applicatin with a leader head with gravitas. You guy are right though, we need to take this to people, but it needs to be done in a way that they’ll listen and we need to cut throught their brainwashed views. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Thanks for being there and it’s nice to know some out there see that we’re facing incredible problems in the near future.

  19. Larry, well stated. It brings to mind what Sun Tzu stated in the Art Of War “If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”. We know the enemy and we know them well, and we know who we are but the problem lays in what the the rest of the citizens of this country know. They know what they hear from the their leaders, the government. We can blog until our fingers become bloody stubs put the general voting public will never see any of this. We need to get this out to the grid.
    Sun Tzu again “an army of sheep led by a lion will defeat an army of lions led by a sheep”. They have a lion for a leader they follow him like sheep. We are lions but we have no leader. We a leader! I support the NRA but the public dose not trust them they only know what they read and hear from the liberal media. I don’t think they can succeed as the leader of this endeavor. We need a leader or group of leaders to put us ahead of the curve, put them on the defensive. We need someone who can publicly debate our cause.

  20. Neil Schmidt, I appreciate your response, however I think you missed my point, and I probably didn’t write it well. When I asked, “Why are we in a corner” etc, It was a rhetorical question! We, as the gun owners keep ourselves behind the curve, we react to their attempts to ban, register, etc. What I was trying to say is that we need to get in front of the curve, and be on the offense instead or being reactionary.

    That is what I was trying to illustrate in the idea that we should be guaranteed the right to have a Laws rocket in this day and age, considering the weapons we face in the event that we need to fight against an out of control GOVERNMENT!
    And the Al Frankens, Chuck Schumers, and Nancy Pelosi, and Feinstien do care about what we think, in the sense that they pay attention to their enemy,another reason why we should be ahead of the curve, and put them on the defensive instead of us always reacting to what they do, or how they construe incidents like Sandy Hook.

  21. Franken is a hypocritcal, left wing liar who also stole his senatorial election in Minnesota. I know this.
    Scum is not a harsh enough word for him.

  22. “Why are we in a corner aguing with a hack comedian about wether we can own a AR-15?”

    Because, Larry, there are few remaining forums linked directly to politicians who share the same agenda. Does anyone here really think that Al Franken and cronies would read what we have to say on this forum? At least we can still share ideas with each other.

    If Al Franken were sent the ideas expressed on this forum, they would promptly be deleted. The Frankens, Pelosis, Harry Reids, Chuck Schumers, Feinsteins and Obama people are not interested in what we think; they are interested only in the advancement of their own political lifetime careers.

  23. Al Franken has been eaten by his own profession, when he decided to go into politics, he became the joke! The gun haters have been pushing reasonable people who own guns, so compleetely that we’ve forgotten what the Consitution really said! IT has been established already, that it (the Const) gives the individual the right to bear arms.
    In 1776, the musket was a formadible device, a very powerful weapon. We as American citizens, considering the right the Constitution gave us and the seriouseness of the weapons it gave us the right to bear in that time, today we should be allowed to carry LAWS rockets, which would be the equivalent or carring a musket in the 1700’s

    Why are we in a corner aguing with a hack comedian about wether we can own a AR-15?

  24. M40, you again hit the old nail squarely on the head. Liberals are nothing more than festering boils on the public skin. I never used to be particularly political because our freedoms were never so acutely at risk. Since Obama and his crew took over, however, I feel like an activist for a cause I really believe in: stamping out liberalism. If enough of us fight against the tyranny of the left, we might just get this country back on course; if not for us, at least for our children and grandchildren.

    I know I won’t be around to see it (at 75, I’m only what liberals would describe as a “dinosaur”—an old guy to be merely patted on the head and put up with. I’ve seen the country change for the worse in the past fifty years on an almost logarithmic scale, and I truly fear for the country.

    When a President can virtually make laws via Presidential executive orders without Congressional debate, and tell lie after lie (while the fawning liberal electorate and news media say nothing), we are on our way to losing our freedoms entirely, and it will be only a matter of time before we become another failing Greece, Italy or other European country. For having these feelings, liberals (especially the misinformed and uneducated young ones) label me as being out of touch and not worth being listened to.
    Luckily my grown children feel as I do; their children, however, get a different message in government schools, and it’s difficult to erase some of the nonsense they are taught by liberal teachers.

  25. ‘Outlaw’,

    You are 100% correct. Ownership of a true ‘assault weapons’ has been mostly illegal since the 1930’s. However, the media and the liberals read from the same playbook (Democrat daily talking points), and they lump a whole slew of guns into the classification of ‘assault weapons’. They like this term because it paints them as guns one might use to offensively attack. Libs are careful with their terminology… wouldn’t want anyone thinking these might be defensive weapons!

    Here’s the FACTS:

    – If it doesn’t have a selector switch that goes from safe, to fire, and then all the way to ‘FUN’, it aint an assault weapon!

    – If a gun is black or green or some other color that libtards associate with the military (which they despise*)… they assume it’s something they should ban.

    – If a gun has a sharp edge, a scope, a pistol grip, a rail mount, a magazine or some other ‘evil looking’ thing protruding from it… libtards assume it’s something they should ban.

    – Guns that are partially made of polymers are especially frightful to libtards. They (incorrectly) assume that they were made to get through metal detector (no kidding… there were news stories).

    – Hollow point bullets (which were designed for LESS penetration) were reported by the media as “designed to tear through police vests”. Complete BS, but hollowpoints scare libtards and are on the long list of things they’d like to ban.

    – The guns and accessories listed above are merely the things that currently twist the panties of libtards. In reality, libtards are frightened of any tool that would allow a man to protect his freedom.

    * – Yes, libtards still despise the military. After 9-11, they put on a good show for a while, pretending to love and support the troops. However, it wasn’t long before their old hatreds surfaced. Libtards see our servicemen as imbecilic, jackbooted thugs and bullies. Libtards long for the ‘good old days’ when they waited in airports to spit on returning servicemen and call them ‘baby-killers’.

  26. Can anyone give an accurate definition of an assault weapon, in my training an ar does not fit. It just looks like one

  27. Neil – Go ahead and repost if you like, but please credit where due!

    LMG – Yes, you caught onto my references to the dreary Soviet-era lifestyle. I have a good few Russian friends (now proud US citizens) and I’ve heard their stories. They are consistently baffled that Americans would vote for socialists.

    The Democrats may call themselves ‘liberals’ or ‘progressives’, but my Russian friends call them ‘Socialists’ and ‘Commies’. They lived under that system and recognize it instantly whenever and wherever it rears its ugly head.

  28. Hey M40, you forgot to mention standing in line to buy several liters of government distilled vodka, so we can drink ourselves into a mind numbing stupor and the ask! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!

  29. Franken should go back to doing what he did before he became politician, he was a clown and he sucked at that also.

  30. M40: “All men are born equal. It is a great and wondrous, but purely theoretical concept.

    The reality is that corrupt men do NOT seek equality. They stand ready to take that which is yours by force or coercion. Those of moral ambivalence may seek to pilfer wealth, but the most vile and dangerous men seek power. They aim to take your most precious gift. They want your freedom.

    An armed man who stands ready to bleed and die for his freedom will never be subjugated. To enslave him, you must first disarm him. All throughout history, good men who laid down their arms in the name of peace… were enslaved by the corrupt men who did not.

    Gaze with deep suspicion on those who ASK that you lay down your arms. Act with wrath against those who would FORCE you.”

    @M40: Well-said…..yet another pearl I hope you will allow me to pass on. It is something I wish I had said, but at least you said it for me…..and it was something that needed publishing. Thanks……

  31. This is for Hart the hand gun user. You are the most dangerous individual to the 2nd Admendment. Your belief that as long as they leave me personally alone, ie my hand guns, I’m ok. I guess when they come after your currently acceptable hand gun then you will understand the old saying ” United we stand, Divided we fall.” If all gun owners don’t stand together they will strip our rights allittle at a time until they have them all.

  32. If Al Franken would like to break into my house, he can easily see someone use an AR-15 for home defense. And depending on where in the house I happen to be at the time, he could also see someone use a Glock 40 or a pump 12 gauge. Hell, if the circumstances were right, I just might be defending myself with one of my World War 1 bolt action rifles (with bayonet).

    What I think is funny is that the more desperate the anti-gunners get, the more guns get sold. Of course, violent crime will continue to decrease because the people buying guns are law-abiding citizens and recreational shooters. Gun hating Liberals- know this: Facts, data, and common sense are not on your side. You are in fact enabling the manufacture and sale of millions of new guns and I plan to own as many of those as I can afford. And if I ever had to defend YOUR life, I wouldn’t ask you first if you were a 2nd amendment supporter or not.

  33. @ c.fiesel, Exactly! Looking at the numbers, there is no logical reason to assault our gun ownership. There is another agenda. I’m not sure what it is, but I can see a couple of possibilities:

    a) They are poking a stick in this beehive to get us all worked up and distracted while they try to pull off some other agenda.

    b) They are afraid of the “American Spring” after they try to enact the things they have in mind.

    c) By taking away guns, they make us into powerless, impotent serfs so that that they can exert more power over us. I call it “The Castration of America”.

    Personally, I think it it is a combination.

    We must remember history: A friend who escaped Czechoslovakia told me his story… One year, they made the citizens register all guns. The next year, they outlawed hunting. The following year, since there was no hunting, they said there was no need for guns, and went house to house confiscating all the guns that were registered. The year after that, communism took over. Sound like a familiar path?


  34. I have a AR-15, More accurate, I have a M-16, a legal version of the one I carried in
    Vietnam for two tours, back when a tour was 13 months long. There were times I hated the
    dam thing, then there those times when it saved my life, and the lives of the men with
    me and if you want to get down to it… the U.S. Government property I was responsible
    to protect from the VC. So years later as a handgun collector I own one and only one rifle. The Rifle that I was introduced to at 18 by my Uncle Sam. I learned to shoot it
    clean it, fix it. I won awards for shooting it. The U.S. Government created a relation
    ship between me and my m-16. The Constitution says I can have it. I don’t need it,
    But then I Don’t need most of what I have. I chose to have it, because in America
    I am free to have want I want, at least that’s what I believe.

  35. All men are born equal. It is a great and wondrous, but purely theoretical concept.

    The reality is that corrupt men do NOT seek equality. They stand ready to take that which is yours by force or coercion. Those of moral ambivalence may seek to pilfer wealth, but the most vile and dangerous men seek power. They aim to take your most precious gift. They want your freedom.

    An armed man who stands ready to bleed and die for his freedom will never be subjugated. To enslave him, you must first disarm him. All throughout history, good men who laid down their arms in the name of peace… were enslaved by the corrupt men who did not.

    Gaze with deep suspicion on those who ASK that you lay down your arms. Act with wrath against those who would FORCE you.

  36. It is interesting that guns are completely outlawed in Mexico. If an American attempts to inadvertently bring one over the border, he is subject to immediate arrest and imprisonment, and Mexican prisons are hell-holes.

    Since guns are verboten, residences are built to keep bad people out. When I visited friends in Guadalajara in the 1980s, homes were “protected” with high walls, topped with broken glass. It was apparently the only way to try to keep thieves, burglars, robbers, rapists, murderers and other assorted slime balls from doing what they do. I have no idea if this form of “real estate self-defense” worked or not, but the thought occurred as a read the previous posts that we Americans might be headed in that direction, and it will become reality if the politicians have their way.

    Of course, those same politicians have the Secret Service to protect them. The only protection we ordinary commoners have is the 2nd Amendment.

  37. Rusty, Thanks for your comments. You’ve stated that which the INFORMED people in the US know all too well. We’ve all watched as Australians, British and Canadians have slowly had their rights eroded, their taxes raised, and their governments bloated with money and power. The slow creep of socialism is a dangerous turn of events.

    The liberal-socialist elite swear up and down that they don’t intend to ban guns. This is a LIE, and we all know it. They love to blather on about their “common sense measures”. When we tell them that their “measures” are merely stepping stones on a slippery slope, they inevitably respond that we’re being paranoid. They attempt to paint anyone who disagrees as uncultured, uneducated or misinformed.

    Remember that terms like “common sense measures” are very carefully chosen, (the insinuation being that those who don’t agree are lacking any common sense). Liberal arguments lack merit, logic and any semblance of statistical or historical backing. HOWEVER… their terminology is carefully planned. They release “talking points” to make sure their minions are all using the same terms. This ensures that the public has these catch-phrases pounded into their skulls.

    The point is, what liberals lack in honesty, they make up for with planning and persistence. Their agenda is rarely ever that which they say it is. We face an enemy that will say anything, do anything, and try anything to further their agenda. An enemy who truly believe that the end justifies the means. And so far… they’re winning. Their daily talking points are parroted in news broadcasts, in schools, on newspaper headlines. We’re saturated with their lies.

  38. Just to add to what I said: Reading some comments it is obvious that the US Government is folloing a similar path to that the Australian Government did about 25 years ago. Licences for shooters wasn’t enough. They then introduced registration of each firearm to the shooter. Then they banned ‘assault weapons’ which meant any semi-automatic centre-fire (or center-fire for you Americans!!). Then they decided to restrict gun ownership to a ‘need to own’ and allowed only those who had farms or written permission from property owners to shoot on that property to keep their licences. Then they ‘restricted’ (banned) all semi-automatics, including rimfires and shotguns. They they ‘restricted’ (banned) all weapons with magazines OR CAPABLE OF TAKING MAGAZINES with more than two rounds. This eliminated all pump action/lever action rimfires, and all bolt action rifles which had detachable magazines, and all pump action and bolt action shotguns. The next step was to make sporting shooting illegal, so only vermin destruction was legal, then issued licences to destroy vermin. Very few gun clubs remain, and attendance is monitored, and a level of attendance is required to maintain a licence. And, of course, as all guns are registered, if you lose your licence, then you lose your guns too. And guns can only be carried in a vehcile with the breech/bolt in one area (e.g. the glove compartment) while the rest must be stored in the trunk or locked box. Ammunition must be stored separately again, if carried.

    Do everything you can to avoid the ‘thin end of the wedge’ because as soon as one right is eroded, they start working on the next, and in the end you’ll be naked and defenceless like we are in Australia.

  39. Being an Australian in Australia where private gun ownership is all but illegal, where we can no longer have an Olympic shooting team because of our gun laws, where it has been illegal to own a handgun since the 1920’s (with very few exceptions, and even then very difficult to obtain licences – never a permit to carry), and where no weapon can be capable of firing more than two shots, I can only say: Stop the thin end of the wedge before you are in our situation.
    I would like to see the ballistic gel experiment repeated with a hollow point .22 as well, to get a more accurate comparison.
    Don’t let your politicians do what has happened here!!

  40. What does having or not having an AR-15 have to do with defending your home or your right to have one!!! Franken, like other liberal anti-gunners are trying to change the base argument to support their real agenda of disarming American law-abiding citizens. There can be no other explanation. In other words, they are fascists at heart and they are dishonest about their motives. I’ve never heard of a citizen stopping an intruder with a bowling ball either. Is it also on the calendar to initiate a ban on those deadly suckers? What a crock. Are libs that illogical, irrational, just plain stupid, or does their agenda go so far that using any means to justify the end, ethics be damned, is the plan? And these are the people we want to represent us in congress!

  41. As a United States Senator, not much of a game changer. But, at least now there is a title of privilege attached and of course, a steady paycheck from WE THE PEOPLE.

  42. I’m one of those sorry suckers that has (heavy) taxation without representation. Being that I’m stuck about 30 miles behind enemy lines here in the People’s Sozialist Republik of Taxachusetts, my vote is almost entirely meaningless.

    I don;t see any of that changing, so the goal is to sell the house here, and to move up north… hopefully in the next year or two.

  43. M40, I hope you vote (another RIGHT in the USA) and I hope its at all political levels you vote at/for. Thats one point I was hinting towards. We put these people in power. I also reflected a little history in my last point. Our country is leaning towards bigger govt. with more control, allowing more citizens to stay unemployed and becoming more reliant on govt. from food to Medical needs. And I personaly believe most politicians are doing what seems popular [(right or wrong) legaly, moraly] to try and make themselves out as heros for the next election. Especialy because a large number of the population are oblivious to the political agendas of most politicians.

  44. When Gay marriage becomes the law of the land I think Al Franken and Joe Biden would make a good couple. They’re both buffoons. I’d love to see Joe’s wife get arrested for illegally discharging a firearm off of her deck. Not only that, if there was a real threat, how fast can she reload? Idiots.

  45. Indeed, a two thirds congressional majority COULD vote to amend the constitution… effectively erasing the text of the second amendment.

    However, what liberals don’t seem to understand is that NO amount of political wrangling will remove my RIGHTS. Human rights do not go away, no matter how much legalese scribbling you apply to a piece of paper in some office a thousand miles from my home.

    Politicians putting a law on paper saying that I must surrender my guns… is just a piece of paper to me. They may as well decide that I have no right to breathe… okay, try to enforce it. They can not, and will not legislate my guns from me. The stroke of a pen doesn’t actually perform the action. It would merely turn me (and millions of others) from taxpaying, law abiding citizens and veterans… into criminals.

    What those same politicians would then need to decide, is which poor, sorry son of a bitch is going to be sent to come knocking at my door to (attempt) to relieve me of my rights. They may find that I’ll give my life before I give up my rights. Good luck to ’em! μολὼν λαβέ !!

  46. If they attempt to take legal weapons of US Citizens, I am pretty sure Al will be able to seek plenty of examples.

  47. Reading through the comments posted; And everyone has a right to thier opinion, a Right guaranteed by an Amendmant in Constition of the United States of America – Freedom of Speech, It seems that there is a lot of people that are missing the point… Which happens to be that another guaranteed Right in the American Constitution has been infringed upon; THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!! This is a critical moment in our country, and its scary watching our Govt. which we elect take our rights as citzens away. I’ve already seen all the Taxation Without Representation we as citizens allow, why not start dissarming us.

  48. Reading through the comments posted; And everyone has a right to thier opinion, a Right guaranteed by an Amendmant in Constition of the United States of America – Freedom of Speech, It seems that there is a lot of people that are missing the point… Which happens to be that another guaranteed Right in the American constitution has been infringed upon; THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS!!!

  49. I don’t think Al, or any anti-gunner has the capacity to have their minds changed. They know the things they know, and have made their conclusions based on bad information and how things “feel” to them. While the case can be made that you do not need an AR-15 to defend one’s self, if the “bad guy” has an AR-15 (or something close), I’d sure like to match them round for round. The truth of the matter is, a pistol is for fighting your way to a rifle, ergo… you don’t carry an AR-15 around concealed because it’s impractical. But let’s forget the whole defensive use of an AR for a moment. I didn’t necessarily buy my AR for self defense, or even as a primary home defense weapon. I bought my AR because it’s a great rifle for challenging myself at the range and for varmints on the farm. And why not? Who the heck NEEDS a motorcycle that goes over 85 mph, much less over 140 mph? Who needs a HUMMER? Why are there so many McMansions in DC, and who needs to raise 2 kids with 8 bedrooms and 6 baths? Why does President Obama spend 2 million dollars to go golfing with Tiger Woods? Because this is America, and this is what makes us great and separates us from the rest of the socialist/communist loosers of the world.

  50. Senator Franken,
    DO NOT VOTE AGAINST MY SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHT TO OWN AND BEAR GUNS!!!!! You should pay attention to the comparisons of the so called semi automatic “assault rifle” to other semi automatic rifles and pistols used for hunting and self protection in the United States today. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE! Look at the bullet used in the “assault rifle” compared to the bullet in a hunting rifle the “assault rifle” bullet is SMALLER! Also, and MOST IMPORTANT, if you want to SAVE LIVES, there are MORE DEATHS ATTRIBUTED TO AUTOMOBILES THAN GUNS SO LETS PUT A BAN ON AUTOMOBILES! When you assault my Second Amendment Rights with ridiculous laws THEY HAVE NO BEARING ON CRIMINALS!!! CRIMINALS WILL GET GUNS OF ANY CALIBER WITH OUTLAWED CLIPS NO MATTER HOW MANY RULES OR LAWS YOU PUT ON THE BOOKS. SO STOP THE BULLSHIT AND REJECT THESE NEW LAWS AND REGULATIONS THEY HAVEN’T WORKED IN THE PAST, DON’T WORK NOW, AND WILL NOT WORK IN THE FUTURE!!! CRIMINALS WILL ALWAYS GET GUNS NO MATTER WHAT LAWS ARE PASSED!!!!! We honest Citizens need guns for protection against criminals!

  51. There are a lot of things we don’t need, but that doesn’t give the Gov’t the right or reason to ban them. Corvettes…. conversion vans… stiletto heels… whatever. WE don’t need any of those things. But that’s not the point. It’s not the Gov’t job to decide what we get to own.

    And since when do we punish millions of innocent owners of something when just one of them acts badly? That would be like putting all children into Gov’t camps because one of them stabbed somebody. Retarded.

    This stupidity has to stop.

  52. As I have said manny times when you vote a bunch of perverts and mentaly disturbed gay people. What did god due to them the last time ? This is what you get. They want your guns so you cant fight back later on when they decide your not fit for there new world order. Right now we are holding to rim to see who gets flushed first. I am thinking them.

  53. ALL of the left’s assertions that gun rights are somehow limited and open to debate or limitation are based on one root premise… and it is a FAULTY premise. These arguments arise from justice Oliver Wendell Holmes (hideously incorrect) assertion that the freedom of speech is not absolute.

    Holmes used the argument that you do not have the right to yell, “fire” in a crowded theater (unless there’s actually a fire), lest people get hurt trying to escape. Holmes was a leftist and lived under the horrific marxist assumption that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. This assumption has been used all throughout history to commit atrocities. For instance, the needs of the Germans outweighed the needs of the Jews.

    The outlook of one who understands the meaning of freedom, is that you DO have the ABSOLUTE right to freedom of speech. However, with rights come responsibilities. You cannot hide behind your rights if your exercise thereof causes harm to others or violates their rights. You can be sued, arrested, etc… for slander, for inciting a riot, or for threatening others.

    In other words, you cannot make a law that PREEMPTIVELY bans certain speech. You can only pursue legal action after the fact if you can prove that someone caused harm to another while doing so.

    The second amendment is likewise unlimited… as long as the OUTCOME of your free exercise thereof doesn’t harm anyone else. Only those who abuse their rights (by harming another) should suffer the consequences of those actions.

    Premeditating a POSSIBLE criminal use of firearms and then using that as an excuse to curtail 2nd Amendment rights… is the EXACT SAME… as shutting down a newspaper on the off chance that they COULD print slanderous comments or incite violence.

  54. M40, WELL SAID!! The ACLU’s fight for “civil rights” extended to the mentally ill and have tied the hands of psychiatrists who know these people are have mental problems and have entrusted those very patients to take drugs that at least keep them stable enough to perform ordinary daily tasks without drugs that we relatively sane people take for granted. Such daily tasks to not include mass murder, but psychiatry is not a complete science, and as such there is no way to guarantee that mentally ill patients hell-bent on mass murder can be detected every time and put away on a permanent basis so they can’t ever harm themselves and others.

    As long as the “system” ties the hands of authorities who would ordinarily have the power to put such patients into what were formerly called “institutions for the criminally insane,” sad-to-say we will just have to plan to endure more Sandy Hook outrages in the future. Gun control agendas by the federal and state governments will not stop mentally-ill patients from completing their outrageous acts.

    Of course, it is always easier for politicians to create a “crisis,” blaming guns for problems that have been created by mandates from those same politicians that blame law-abiding gun owners.

    At this time, however, there are no punishments for out-patients who refuse to take their prescribed medications, and by their refusal, ultimately put the lives of innocent people (children included) into jeopardy.

  55. Bleeding heart liberals passed laws making it virtually impossible to commit mentally disturbed people, even when their whole family attests that they are dangerous to themselves and others.

    Mental institutions are now forced to turn multitudes of deranged individuals out onto our streets. Those people make up a significant percentage of the homeless, and account for a significant percentage of violent crimes.

    These same bleeding hearts that released mentally ill folks then lay guilt trips on us for the homeless problem. They lay guilt trips on us for owning firearms. They blame the ills of society on society itself… rather than on themselves.

    Those same bleeding hearts ask us questions like “if it would save JUST ONE CHILD, wouldn’t you agree to a law against…”.

    So… how many children are our RIGHTS worth? It’s a sad state of affairs to equate it as such, and only the lowest scum of the political world make these comparisons. HOWEVER, they’ve asked this very question, so I will answer it.

    Seeing as MILLIONS of American youths have given their lives as soldiers in the name of preserving our rights, I for one will not give up ANY of my rights over a dozen children, a hundred children or a thousand. How many children is the freedom of speech worth, or freedom of religion? If our rights disappear, what kind of world will these kids have anyways?

  56. JJ,

    In response to your tear-jerker email. I have as of yet seen evidence that supports an AR-15 was used in the Newtown Massacre. I keep hearing stories about two pistols with an AR-15 found locked in the trunk outside. But that being besides the point. Shame on you for you attempts to play on the vivid images in our minds of the horrors that went on at Newtown. The thought of innocent children being killed does bother us all whether we are gun owners or not. But for you to try and and abuse those feelings for your own personal agenda is low down. It really doesn’t matter what the weapon of choice would have been in Newtown, the fact that innocent children were killed is the abherrent activity that occurred. The fact is that the perpetrator involved was to blame and not the weapon. A 22 LR fired at close range in the right spot is just as deadly to a child as an AR-15. I personally have a 357 handgun that will do much more damage than an AR-15. The AR-15’s biggest threat to date is that it looks “military.” Or at least that’s the mindset in some of America today. The “looks” of the weapon have nothing in the world to do with it’s lethal ability. All that being aside, guess what? Guns were designed to inflict damage. That’s their purpose in life. So to call out one over another is absurd. But even more absurd is blaming a gun for the actions of a mentally disturbed individual. Ever hear of Charles Manson? He committed some pretty gruesome murders without ever utilizing a firearm. Blaming guns is like OBama trying to blame Republicans for all of his shortcomings. It has nothing to do with the real issue of us not identifying mental time bombs that are ticking in the midst of our society and getting those people help. We choose to turn our heads because we don’t want to be bothered with them until they do some horrid act………..then it is too late. This guy shot himself so now you have to come up with someone/something to blame. The best you can do is tug on our heartstrings so that you can say you took action??? Shame on you because that action is a violation of our Constitutional Rights. And it will serve absolutely no function in preventing other such acts of violence from occurring.

  57. Comment by Tom — March 2, 2013 @ 9:16 makes a good and valid point! Just how many Firearms, types of firearms and ammunition does the Dept. of Homeland Security posses? Why does it posses these firearms in such large numbers? And most importantly, whom does the DHS intend to use the weapons and when?
    Mr Senator, please look into my questions as We the People want to know!

  58. I would not tell you if I have any gun because I don’t have to. That is because the Constitution of the United States of America says so. I live by the Constitution, because many Americans have died for it! I don’t particularity care what a joke writing senator from cheese country or there abouts thinks as I didn’t vote for a liberal, undereducated smart ass and just like the present president you are an inexperienced neophyte, just like this current president. How anyone can vote for Obama over Senator McCain who is an American Hero, a long serving American Leader with all the proof anyone could ever achieve. Just like President Kennedy, I feel liberals give me gas!
    If you don’t respect the Constitution of the United States of America perhaps it is time to talk about an Un-United States of the North American Continent. No one wants to break up the good old USA, but if you as a US Senator cannot respect the Constitution how can Americans respect you or Sen. Finestien and that life long gun grabber the Vice President. Most conservatives see President Obama as an egotistical neophyte, a cosmetically altered Robin Hood, a persona in a Sear Sucker Suit.
    As far as I am concerned you and others like you including the professional politicians of our Nation need a real job. We don’t see professional politicians as a full time job, but a way to scam their way through life all the while voting themselves large raises at will. They never put these issues up to a full vote of the citizens. But rather hide behind the Washington power brokers like our former Democratic Speaker of the House, the Princess that held midnight courtships with the Corporate heads of the world.
    We the People see you as lazy, self serving, and unemployable in the real world.

  59. @Hart, You seem to be about as mis-informed as those who believe that civilians don’t NEED any defensive weapons at all. If a handgun were truly a better choice for CQB, then our military would have been issued handguns, instead of M4 for their CQB needs in Iraq and Afghanastan. As for Mag capacity, it’s been proven that in incidents where our well trained police officers have needed to fire multiple shots at Perps, the shots fired to hit ratio is around 10:1. In short, no one has ever died in a gun fight because they had too many bullets. As for what type of firearm is needed for home defense, I’m reasonably certain that the general rule of thumb is still “Use whatever weapon you are most proficient with, in any given scenario”. I’m most proficient with a carbine length AR at any distance between 5 feet and 400 yards. Past 400 yards would be my Varmint rifle out to 1000 yards or more. Not likeing the AR based platform because of the way it looks ,,, Really? It wasn’t designed to be good looking, it was designed to fulfill multiple roles, and has done so for almost 50 years. And if the Army decides to offically adopt the .300 AAC Blackout to replace the 5.56 NATO then the life of the M16 will continue for many years to come.

  60. @ JJ’s comment (#17) – You see, this is the ignorance we are up against people. JJ actually bought into the liberal media’s lie that an AR was used in the Sandy Hook shootings. Do your research before you spout off. That bit of misinformation was corrected hours after they spread the rumor. The actual fact was nothing but handguns were used. Even a rudimentary Google search could have taught you this fact and spared you the embarrassment.

  61. Box cutters were the weapon of choice for the 9/11 hi-jackings, let’s ban box cutters. [Not one AR was used.]
    Background checks ‘might’ keep guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them, but that check should be deleted within 24 hrs and not compiled into a data base, by law.
    There should be no putting guns into the hands of criminals without prosecution, [Wait, we let the government do that for us in programs like “Fast and Furious”, never mind.]

  62. @ Hart’s comment (#31) – Please read my comment (#4) to watch your entire argument implode before your very eyes.

  63. I’ll be writing a letter to Sen. Franken about my experience two nights ago. I think I need some help, most of all with, How do I get a letter to him AND get him to actually read it?

    This is what happened.

    I live in a very small town in SW Idaho, with virtually 0 violence for the last 12 years, I never felt the need to lock my doors at night, I liked the idea that with my front door unlocked my kids, who are grown now, know they have a place to go any time day or night, all I asked was they announced their presence if they had to come in in the middle of the night. Anyway, two nights ago, my wife was unable to sleep so she was up watching TV in our living room, front door enters into that room. About 4:30 AM some guy just walked right in. I woke to the sound of her voice then I heard a mans voice, so I got up, grabbed my AR stuffed in a 30 rounder loaded with 50gn Z-Max. I keep the AR in easy reach, without a mag in it, bolt is always open, mag is nearby. I went towards teh L-Room holding the weapon by the magwell with my left hand, thumb near the bolt release. I just didn’t want to bust into the room and stuff a gun in someones face without being able to assess the situation. I stopped at the entrance to the LRoom in a way that the intruder knew I was armed, but without actually threatening him. He was clearly unarmed but quite confused..probably drunk. He wouldn’t give me his name, he just kept saying he worked for the Dept. of Agriculture. At that point I suggested that he leave and he did so without incident. I should have, but did not call the Police afterwords. I just didn’t want to deal with them at that time of night. This whole situation was a good proof of concept for me. I now know that I can quickly arm myself and keep a clear mind while assessing a situation, before this there was always the nagging questions about how I would react to an intruder, I have always feared that I may over react or get so overcome with adrenalin that I may use poor judgement…. I did neither. It also became clear that an Intruder, who knows your armed is more likely to listen to you. I also learned that My wife and I very much need to come up with a plan on what both of us need to do in the event that I actually need to use a firearm to protect her. I lock my doors now, the idea that I could have easily panicked and killed this guy, who most likely just went into the wrong house, bothers me a bit. A locked door will prevent this from ever happening again. Any ideas? Suggestions? Could this story help those “On the fence” about Semi-Auto rifles to realize that Law abiding citizens with minimal training can safely use these weapons not only to defend, but to deter possible criminals?

  64. For a proficient shooter, the 10-round proposed limit will make little difference should he/she decide to go out and commit mass-murder, such as the domestic terrorist did in the school. The shooter would simply carry the same amount of ammo, but more magazines. A firearm built on the AR platform is a proven design, and is an ideal firearm for a great variety of functions, as well as self-defense. I have never had to use any of my firearms to defend myself, but I do have them if the need should arise. As an American, I do believe we have the right to firearm ownership, and that right is extended to any reason we want to own one! Some have posted in a way that insinuates that all the illegal firearms come from, in some way, law-abiding citizens. That’s true in some instances, but the vast majority of illegal weapons come from across the border, and are smuggled in. In fact, our own government has been responsible for illegal guns going into Mexico (fast & furious). When a crime is committed with a fully automatic weapon, you know that it came from an illegal source, since the majority of law-abiding gun-owning citizens do not own fully automatic weapons, and don’t make the application to own one.

  65. Dear Hart,

    You are stating opinions. So, my opinion is that you will never hit a bad guy with your 1911 if the &%*# were to hit the fan. You will instead be wishing you owned something with some real sights on it that contains more than 5 or 6 .45 cal bullets that you will have shot thru a ton of drywall but ZERO bad dudes. So, Hart, it is my opinion that you are a complete dumbass because you are advocating taking away the gun used by militaries around the world even for CQB just because you are not a fan. You indeed are not smart enough to own a shotgun or a 1911. Idiot.

  66. How dare Al Franken even put on the colors of the US Military. He is such a liberal cad.
    Al… Molon Labe

    I have spoke to law enforcement officers and have yet to meet any who say they will even try to enforce any such laws as proposed by Feinstein and Obama. The will not violate the Constitution, now will they try and take the guns and magazines from their neighbors, families and friends. They have said they are not Nazi’s, Marxists, Csarists, and will not fight their own people. I cannot imagine that anyone in the military will take up arms against their own people. Those arms will be re-pointed at Washington and those who violate the Constitution and the rights we fought for.

  67. Oh BTW! I wrote the illustrious Senator Frankin and politely gave him a piece of my mind. Even if he isn’t my representative, I can clog his inbox if I want. It is still a free country [so far].

  68. Right on Red Dawn! Good post – @Hart – I think it is you that is stupid! What kind of defense are you gonna have when the drug cartel’s take over the streets after the ban? I don’t think a pistol is sufficient for a street war! We will end up like Mexico if that ban happens!

  69. I’ve got a perfect example. Jose Guerena tried to use an AR-15 against the pigs that murdered him. Granted, gun banners wouldn’t see that as a positive, but considering that they were at the wrong house, without a warrant, and then shot him and left him to bleed to death, I’d say he is a perfect example of exactly why we NEED semi-automatic rifles.

  70. Hart,

    “pitiful blah blah crepe hangers, absurd stupidity yada yada”…Resorting to name calling and insults is a child’s reaction to a situation which he cannot control. While you’re welcome to your opinion, it does NOT trump mine, nor any others. If I want to use an AR15 with a 75 round magazine as my home defense weapon that is MY choice.
    At critical times like these gun owners need to stand together. If our leaders chose to ban Monte Carlo stocks, (no more silly than banning military-styled sporting longarms) I would certainly support YOUR right to own them.

  71. JJ: The screed you posted at 1:44 AM was beyond aggressive, and lacking in actual facts. Then at 3:22 AM you complain that the admins “don’t have the balls” to post responses that disagree with them, even though they already *had* posted just such a response from you a bit less than two hours earlier! You should try to get your *stuff* together a bit more before you begin your rants.

    As to your claim to have been a Marine, the content of your posts is so at odds with the feelings and thoughts of literally ALL the grunts I know as to make this claim suspect. However, in an effort to be fair, I will simply ask how long you were in, what rank/rate you held at separation, and what type of separation did you get? Since I’m asking you for this information it is only fair to let you know that I retired as an E-7 after 22 years of honorable active duty in the sea services, including time in Southeast Asia (there are two bronze stars on my Vietnam Service Ribbon, indicating I was there three times).

    Back to you!

  72. M40: Your assessment of liberal logic (or…”illogic,” as it were) pretty much sums it up. Your post is one worth repeating.

  73. “If your reaction to 20 children being mowed down by an AR-15 is to whine that your scared titless that your guns are going to be taken away, your values as a human being SUCK. And if you think any dimwit should be trusted with an AR-15, ask dimwit Chris Kyle’s children what they think about that. Keep acting like braindead, numbnutz yahoos and you’ll be treated that way. Remember, for every illegal gun out there, it means one so-called law-abiding gun owner was anything but.”

    JJ, speak for yourself. Your generalization that gun owners are “whining” because of a possible threat posed to gun ownership being associated with “20 children being mowed down” is completely misplaced. There is not one person I know (including the NRA and its members) who has not been outraged by the Sandy Hook murders. You obviously must not not be aware of the NRA’s concern with lax enforcement of laws already on the books that are meant to stop “dimwits,” including mental cases and gang-bangers who are hell-bent on murdering other people.

    I don’t know where you got the idea that Chris Kyle was a “dimwit.” I read his book, and he is hardly a “dimwit.” Responsible owners of AR15-type rifles should not be demonized merely because they feel they wish to use such a firearm for protection against home invasions, governmental tyranny, hunting, or just target practice. Your apparent attempt to associate responsible gun owners’ right to own an AR-15 with mass murders is absurd.

  74. I can show anyone that I can take any semi-auto, clip or magazine fed, and shoot as many rounds down range and almost as fast as someone with a large capacity magazine using five round clips or Mags. The number of rounds in the mag makes no difference in speed of shots.

  75. All I know is that I have the right to bare arms. I have the right to arm myself as well as if not better than the opposition. Thousands of soldiers have died so I can have those rights. I have the right to use the right tool for the right purpose. I would not like the idea that I would have to us my Daisey Red Rider BB gun or even a black powder rifle to fend of someone with an AK-47. The odds would not be good or in my favor. I like shooting AR-15s and other assault weapons just for the fun of shooting them. I have never pointed a gun at anyone. I was raised to respect guns and have had them since I was 7 year old and I am in my 50s now. A hammer is not intended to kill someone but it happens. Cell phones and laptops kill people as well.

  76. How long ago was it that Al Franken was a stand-up comic, and not a very good one. Do you remember how he got into office? The vote count was challenged so many times until the count came up with him winning by 50 votes. It was some time later when voter fraud charges were brought against the Acorn organization in the area for improperly registering 500,000 new voters. Could the two be related. With that type of a start how could you take anything he says as serious or truthful?

  77. i can think of one right off the top of my head. there was that 15 y/o son of a police officer who effectively defended his home and his younger sister with an ar15 against multiple attackers in harris county texas. i already sent this one to mr.franken, send it again and again if you wish for maximum impact.

  78. – By the way “Hart”, you question the suitability of an AR-15 for close quarters defense.

    How about the FACT that Obama’s brownshirt army… better known as the DHS… has requisitioned 7,000 M4 rifles (the FULL AUTO version of the AR-15) because they are QUOTE… “suitable for personal defense use in close quarters.”

  79. Tom – You wonder why Obama is arming the hell out of DHS? Well it’s rather simple…

    Obama in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military, in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded.”
    – See this horrific quote with your own eyes here:

    What he’s talking about is a Neosocialist brown shirt army charged with maintaining the police state that will be necessary to complete his agenda.

  80. Only the left sees a violent, heinous crime and thinks the best course of action is to disarm the victims.

  81. “Hart” … or should we call you by your full name… Bleeding Hart?

    In any case, you’ve come in here to make non-sequitur arguments and in pure, lower-primate fashion, to hurl your feces because you’ve got your panties in a bunch. Nobody has made the arguments you’ve cited, so you’re using straw man tactics to make your point. In fact it’s not YOUR point. You’re merely parroting Democrat party talking points like a mindless imbecile.

    Fact is… EVERY hunting rifle has a 500+ yard range. Do we ban them all because they don’t fall into your narrow definition of a ‘good’ firearm?

    10 round magazines are NOT the goal of the left, as we’ve all plainly seen in New York where they’re now demanding 7 rounds max. Or how about California where they’re exploring options to make a ‘keyed’ magazine well where it will take a minute or so to actually change magazines? There’s even discussions of banning removable magazines. Your agenda is transparent. It’s NOT about magazine size… it’s NOT about certain guns… it’s about ALL guns.

    I don;t believe for one second that you own any guns. You’re not fooling anyone. You’re a socialist troll, pure and simple.

  82. Al Franken I see you’re still making a living as a comedian. I’m former US Air Force. Professional competitive shooter, property manager, and family man. I live out in the country side, and hardly ever see a police cruiser. When bad guy’s do home invasions out here they come in two’s and three’s. I alway’s keep an AR15 nearby,along with several other useful items. On several occasions I have asked people to leave from being parked in front of my property. I need firepower. Stick to comedy Al.

  83. Unfortunately I live in Minnesota and have to put up with this idiotic pornographer for my representation in Congress. In the past couple of years I have contacted him on numerous occassions on many different issues. I have to admit that he sends a response every time…the problem is IT IS ALWAYS THE SAME RESPONSE!!! Word of word, it never changes…the same form letter no matter what the issue. I can’t understand why the people in Minnesota continue to elect these same worthless POS’s. Franken, Klobuchar, Ellison and not to forget the ever idiotic Gov. Mark Dayton. Anybody with the big (D) after their name on the ballot gets the vote. No matter that most every one I talk to is against gun control, against abortion on demand and against big government. “My Dad voted Democrat so I do too.” is the typical, uninformed response. Guess what, folks? This is NOT your father’s Democratic party of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.

  84. The DHS has purchased Thousands of Fully automatic M16’s, and a billion rounds of HP ammo. Why does a civilian police force need full auto weapons? Is Bonnie and Clyde making a comeback? Better get your large capacity mags to have any chance of countering that kind of fire power. I hope that AR15’s are still available when I have enough saved to afford one or two..

  85. I don’t care one way or the other about an AR15. I have handguns, I enjoy shooting them, and they are my primary weapon of choice for home defence and conceal carry. I’ve been listeing to the supporters and opposition about this “military weapon” for a long time and I’m getting really sick of it. I personally don’t like any AR15 type weapon…why? I don’t like how they look. I like a good monte carlo stock with classic lines. That being said, anyone who says they need an AR15 for self-defense, or any rifle for that matter, is delusional. Close range combat, which defines self defense, doesn’t require a gun with a kill radius of 500+ yards. Then there are you poor pitiful, paranoid, misinformed crepe hangers, who want to define your American way of life by your “right” to have a high capacity magazine, because you’e afraid that if you only have a 10 round mag, you’ll be attacked by 11 bad guys. Where does this absurd stupidity come from? In closing, I have no problem with handguns or shotguns for self defense. An AR15? I don’t think so, and the truth is neither do you.

  86. Sen Fienstien of California says, we need to ban all military style weapons. Then, we will have to get rid of all our weapons, because, at one time most all guns were military syle weapons. The bolt action , the 1911-45 cal. handgun were a miitary weapon. I could go on and on. At close range a Ar-15 is not as dangerous as a automatic shotgun with 4 or 5 rounds of special cartlidges. So, do we ban the automatic shotgun? If you ban the AR-15, the bad/unstable people will just use another type of weapon.

  87. After doing a fair amount of digging and tabulating, I’ve found that we have had 135 deaths in these mass shooting incidents where an assault rifle was on the scene since 1984. We have had more than 135 deaths due to road rage car accidents in the last month.

    Those who support background checks for guns should then necessarily support the same background checks for cars and drivers licenses, since the road rage problem is orders of magnitude larger.

    Any depression in your history? Ever have a public or private display of anger or rage? Ever get pulled over for aggressive driving? Ever have someone allege these things against you (like a soon to be ex wife, jockeying for position)? Poof! Driving privileges and car ownership rights gone. Forever. Surely, you would agree with this, Mr. 6pk, wouldn’t you?

    A couple of other statistics to chew on
    – 135 deaths due to drunken driving in the last six days
    – 135 deaths due to prescription drugs in the last two days
    – of the mass shooting incidents since 1984, only two incidents had an AR-15 on the weapons list.

    Why is this even a topic of discussion? Don’t we have bigger problems to solve?


  88. Just ask the idiot Senators, if they were in attacked or in a self defense situation, if they would rather have more or less firepower than their attackers? There is no such thing as too much gun and and AR is certainly not overkill for people. Don’t his constituants and the rest of the country derserve the same amount of protection? Secondly, AR’s are not even automatic weapons. If there is no need for automatic weapons (according to the administration), how come their bodyguards carry them? Another case of we’re more important than you….I think NOT!!!

  89. Although I will admit that in the Navy we had a tactic of greeting automatic weapons with shotguns in extremely tight quarters, my Wife does not like to fire a 12 gauge. She does, however, feel very comfortably firing our AR15. It recoils far less, it is more comfortable to hold and aim ( of course due to the ergonomics of its evil military features), and she shoots it well. More important than any of that; She is confident She can defend herself with it.

  90. I do agree that inside your house, a shotgun (small enough to maneuver) is your best bet, though the AR still has superior maneuverability and time to next shot. Funny that Biden tells the people to get themselves arrested by firing into the air.

  91. FranKen does not want to hear your story. His comments are meant to prop up his agneda. Validation or proof is not needed becasue he is a liberal who just wants to save chidren. This comment is no different than the hundreds of other outright stupid, baseless, and untrue claims made on a daily basis by these liberals. He could get 2 million replies stating the opposite of what he said and they would be tossed aside as being from 2 million fanatics who just don’t get it!

  92. I have a car that will do 200mph do I drive it that fast? No. Do I NEED a car that goes that fast, no, but since I live in the USA I have a choice. I don’t own an AR but I own an AK and I like the fire extinguisher analogy its better looking at it than looking for it. If I want to buy an AR I should be able to get one. What has happend to freedom? Lib tards should be BANNED and shouldn’t be allowed to breed.

  93. Following libtard logic, I guess none of us “NEED” scary-looking black rifles to defend our homes. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED big-gulp cups or extra large sodas. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED big pickup trucks and SUV’s. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED talk radio and other news outlets that criticize the government. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED cars that can exceed the speed limit. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED chips, pretzels, burgers or steaks. Why not just ban them?
    …and we don’t NEED all those silly religions. Why not just ban them?

    In fact, all I really NEED is a government built concrete cubicle to call home. Give me some lines to stand in to get my daily ration of government approved food. I can take mass transit to a factory where I’ll fritter away the hours making government approved wares. When I return to my cubicle at night, I’ll mindlessly watch government approved programming on my little set until curfew time when the lights go off. Then I will lay back on my lumpy little mattress staring into the darkness, and I will wonder… what the hell happened?

  94. OK Joe Biden is a clown,he doesn’t know which end to shoulder.He’s half right on his shotgun theory though. A man armed with a tactical 12ga, holding 7 rounds of 00 buckshot
    can spray an area with 63,33 caliber rounds in under 10 seconds. In my book that puts an AR-15 to shame.

  95. To Joe6pk: You stated that NRA members are wanna be cops and soldiers. The last time I checked the 8 years I spent as an Army Engineer makes me an actual honest to God soldier. Being an life member of the NRA I am pretty sure I don’t “play” at being a soldier. You might want to get your facts straight before ya shoot off at the mouth. Just a suggestion……………

  96. Due mail screening protocols instituted at the US capital after the anthrax attacks, snail mail can take 4-6 weeks to reach its recipient. Email or fax are the way to go.

  97. Don’t bother responding to comments. The admins here don’t have the balls to allow comments that don’t agree with their view of the universe. Makes me wonder why I swore to give my life if necessary as a Marine to protect their pissant rights.

  98. Dear Joe6pk: Thanks for your honest comments – but just ask our friends in foreign countries what happened when they had “sensible” laws on firearms enacted. They ended up banning them all. Now the UK has increasing gun violence and are blaming the Chunnel for all their problems! WAKE UP! We need to let the individual have his/her right to self defense at any means possible; in states where that is true – the crime rate for such crimes has been steadily dropping – in states wherefreedom hasn’t – it is growing – just like in the UK! Read the FBI Uniform Crime Reports with an eye for statistical analysis, if you had that in college like I did – and you will see the light.

    The fact is simple – just like Wayne LaPierre said,”The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun(or anything else for that matter), is a good guy with a gun.”

    And the better the gun or firepower the better! Keep It Simple Stupid! KISS!

  99. If your reaction to 20 children being mowed down by an AR-15 is to whine that your scared titless that your guns are going to be taken away, your values as a human being SUCK. And if you think any dimwit should be trusted with an AR-15, ask dimwit Chris Kyle’s children what they think about that. Keep acting like braindead, numbnutz yahoos and you’ll be treated that way. Remember, for every illegal gun out there, it means one so-called law-abiding gun owner was anything but.

  100. In 1992, during the Rodney King riots, there were several Korean store owners who used semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15 to defend themselves and their businesses from armed looters. It’s a fact and Mr. Franken can find it on Wikipedia.

  101. G-Man wrote here what friends and I were so concisely discussing just several days ago. Thanks for expressing it to a larger audience!

  102. To Joe6pk: Joe, we already have universal screening up to our eyeballs. Any further screening won’t prevent people hell-bent on murder from completion of their outrageous acts. You state that

    “Last, reversing all this noise over common sense blocks to get at the illegal gun purchases would increase peoples trust in the NRA, it also will steer folks away from framing all of you as bunch of rednecks that destroyed a once very useful NRA and turned it into a camp site for frustrated want-to-be cops and soldiers. Keeping in mind that if they do not know who you are, you can not be listed.[hint]”

    Maybe you could simplify this statement? I couldn’t make head-nor-tails out of it.


  103. I’m nolonger able to control a 12 guage shotgun,however I’m able to control my m-4 style rifle due to a great sling setup tailor made for me by my local armorer,bless him so yes I do need an AR-15 type wepon for home defense it has a light and laser unit please carry onwith your good work!

  104. A Doctor from Newtown who treated some of the victims. How did he do that? The Triage scene I saw, had a yellow tarp, and a red tarp on the ground with no victims, no survivors. Who was this guy treating?
    And, what ever happened to Tom Davis?

  105. I do not usually fire back at another’s comments, but in the case of Joe6pK (#6 above) I can’t help myself. It is obvious from your comments that you actually believe the only intent behind this government wanting to expand and create Universal Checks is to prevent mentally ill people from getting guns. What you fail to understand is that you are addressing a group of people that know otherwise. It has already been clearly established by statisticiansons from both sides of the isle that Universal Checks will not have an impact on gun deaths regardless of one’s mental state. Government reports to Obama have already surfaced that exposed these facts weeks ago. Where have you been; while the rest of us have moved on to more important issue like – demanding to know why Obama is still pushing for it? Are you not at least a tad bit curious why Obama pursues an effort that has already been confirmed as fruitless? The only plausible explanation that remains is that a Universal Database will provide a more comprehensive list of gun owners. Now why would the Obama administration want that do you suppose? But before I continue, allow me to quickly enlighten you with a very recent example of proof that the Universal Check will have no impact. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was perpetrated by a mentally ill person that owned no guns. So how did he acquire them? Simple, he killed his law abiding gun owning mother and took her guns. So I ask you, what Universal Check would have prevented that? Now back on topic – why would the Obama administration want to continue the myth and press for a comprehensive gun owner database? I think it should be obvious by now, that it would greatly facilitate a tyrannical government’s ability to quickly locate the guns in order to crush any uprising. But along the way, they will use the database to ensure the most skilled and proficient threat is disarmed; that being all former soldiers. That’s right, all they have to do is categorize anyone that has ever served in a combat zone or been diagnosed with PTSD as a potential risk and deny them gun ownership. This government will have effectively eliminated the most capable weapons handlers in the United States. So with all due respect, I implore you to do more research and modify your opinion.

  106. O KMR Senator, I got all your comments, one thing no one has spoke about. The non-gun dudes that take 5 minutes to think of this. All the guys that have an AR-15 or whatever if there’s a war or anything these guys are all ready to help out with the TROUBLED COUNTRY. Then who will be pissed off ???????????

  107. Exactly, G-Man. The long and short of it is that reason cannot win over stupidity. Stupid people don’t have the ability to reason, as illustrated by that idiot who went on a rant a couple of days ago against Sean Hannity (who couldn’t get a word in edgewise). Liberals never seem to answer questions that require only a “yes” or “no;” instead, they go on rants that say nothing (Obama’s answers to pointed questions are perfect examples; he can never answer questions because he has no answers). He camouflages his answers with sheer puffery.

    Al Franken is yet another liberal buffoon; I can’t decide if he or Biden wins the prize, since there are others who could never make it outside the safety of their government lifetime employ. I could add Harry Reid, Diane Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi or Charles Schumer into the mix. I only wish someone would ask these dufusses how many Secret Service personnel are assigned to THEM, while they tell us “commoners” that we don’t “need” weapons that might at least put us on an equal footing with THEM.

    In the meantime, I’ll continue to have some deep belly-laughs each time I read about Obama’s skeet-shooting (add Andrew Cuomo to the list), and Biden’s crowing that all we need is a double-barreled shotgun for self-defense. It’s amazing that these asses keep getting re-elected.

  108. Al is a comedian and knows nothing more than how to be an idiot. Al its called a Bill of Rights and not a Bill of “Needs” for a reason.

  109. What is sad here is even those of us who support the 2nd amendment but want the easy ways a nut-bag, convicted felon or one of your crazy uncles can get firearms is common sense is being treated as BS, treating this as being unconstitutional and infringement on our rights to have and bear arms for self protection is stupid! There’s nothing written that has anything to do with taking what we already have. But by making everyone of us that owns or knows how to use weapons sound like children who can only understand no, while having a temper tantrum gives the crazy’s on the other side a lot of ammo with the public at large! Now this maybe the last time to voluntarily help the cops keep all weapons out of the hands of dipshits by signing on to universal screening for all sales of firearms! You do that and the rest will go away, even I would bet the assault weapons ban and the clips! If you keep making stupid counter productive complaints from fix-news talking memos you are going loose a lot more then you can imagine, which would be any public support, even from common sense members. Last, reversing all this noise over common sense blocks to get at the illegal gun purchases would increase peoples trust in the NRA, it also will steer folks away from framing all of you as bunch of rednecks that destroyed a once very useful NRA and turned it into a camp site for frustrated want-to-be cops and soldiers. Keeping in mind that if they do not know who you are, you can not be listed.[hint]

  110. After having been held-up at gunpoint seven times and kidnapped (technically) twice, I began carrying a CONCEALED handgun at all times. I have thwarted two attempts to accost me since then by “drawing down” on the individual in question. It was not necessary to fire in either situation. Just seeing my gun and hearing my admonition to “BACK OFF OR DIE” was enough to cause them to reconsider their original intent. I WILL NOT LEAVE MY HOME WITHOUT A WEAPON. If it were convenient to do so, I would happily carry an AR-15 style rifle but they are difficult to conceal. I HAVE ONE AT HOME though as well as a SHOTGUN OR TWO. I AM SAFER WHEN I AM ARMED. THE PEOPLE WITH ME ARE SAFER BECAUSE I AM ARMED. EVERYONE IN MY IMMEDIATE VICINITY IS SAFER BECAUSE I AM ARMED. Senator Al Franken and the others of his ILK are SAFER BECAUSE I AM ARMED. And, before anyone asks, I AM WELL TRAINED AND EXTREMELY PROFICIENT with every weapon I own and remain so with diligent and frequent practice. Service in the USMC and the US Army didn’t hurt either.

  111. Why should we need to establish that anyone has ever used an AR for personal defense? I am so tired of everyone missing the point of the Second Amendment. The fact they are rarely used is an excellent point because their primary purpose is not for hunting or self-defense but rather to hopefully match the grade of weapons we’d be up against in the event we as private citizens must perform the duties and obligations as set forth by the Second Amendment which is to up rise against a tyrannical government should that be necessary. Anyone that continues to play into the gun-grabbers hands over spats about self-defense and hunting is only helping to convolute the issue.

  112. Mr. Frankin is one of the more visable lunatics in the democratic/socialist party. His election victory only makes more apparent the mind, or better stated, mindless nature of the voters in his district and let’s face it, also in this once great nation. I wouldn’t take the time it would take me to stop and pee on him. As far as responding to his request, why waste the time? I will make this short comment. I have $1200 dollar wood splitter that I used probably three times last year. I have a shotgun that I’ve had for years and never fired it once. Why do I have these things among others?? Because I want them and can afford to buy them. That’s a right that we who live in a free society all have. If it is left up to idots like Frankin, we wouldn’t have that right or any other right.

    Rush Limbaugh refers to the Obama supporters as low information voters. He uses those words in order not to upset those individuals. I don’t care if I upset them so I’ll call them as I see them. They’re stupid idiots who haven’t the brains God gave a rock. I’d be willing to bet that not one of them ever read the Constitution and most if not all feel that the Constitution only gets in the way of their quest for a socialist utopia. AIN’T NO THING. I’m also willing to bet that very few if any ever served in the military. These people are takers, not givers. They feel that this nation owes them.

  113. “Al Franken used his time in front of the camera to say he had never heard of a single circumstance where a civilian had ever used an AR-15 for self-defense.” So—let me get this straight—according to Franken, there will never be instances where the AR will ever be used for home defense; therefore, they need to be banned?? Using this “logic,” household desk lamps, egg-beaters and cowboy hats need to be banned because no civilian had ever used these for self-defense.

    The man’s ignorance might be considered out of the sphere of most politicians; sadly, this is not the case, because such ignorance, and the lack of ability to reason with calm deliberation using factual information seem to be the rule in Washington, rather than exception. The gun control issue is only a diversionary attempt to draw attention away from Washington-caused problems such as the economy and the perversion of laws by our elected reps that were set up by our founding fathers to prevent tyranny.

    Unfortunately, Franken’s big mouth and the drivel that comes out of it will not be seen/heard or even criticized by the national media.


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