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The AK-47, the very best rifle there is. When you absolutely, positively must kill every mother–well never mind, you probably have seen the Samuel L. Jackson scene. Now, calling the AK the very best is subjective, but that is not what this article is about. I put my hands on some AK-pattern rifles we sell, and here I tell you my thoughts. Some take AK magazines, some are proprietary, but Mikhail Kalashnikov inspired the design of each.

EAA Zastava P.A.P. Semi-Automatic Rifle

EAA Zastava P.A.P.
EAA Zastava P.A.P.

If you look closely, you can see there is an AK receiver hiding in there. The EAA Zastava P.A.P 7.62 Rifle features reliability in a new, modern design. The black polymer thumb-hole stock gives the shooter an ergonomic edge in combat, and the 10-round, single-stack magazine works flawlessly with any ammunition. The 1:14-inch-twist, blued barrel holds up to abuse and the elements very well. Just like the AK, it is a gas-operated, rotating-bolt design. With the Zastava, you get a picatinny-style rail to mount endless accessories. Since it fires 7.62×39, it is a perfect SHTF weapon. Ammunition is plentiful and inexpensive. You will not regret having a semi-automatic 7.62 rifle should Western civilization fall. The rifle measures 36.5 inches long and weighs 9 pounds unloaded. Perfect for plinking, varmint hunting or as a SHTF weapon, the Zastava P.A.P. offers versatility and reliability at a great price.

Century International Arms GP WASR-10

Century International Arms GP WASR-10
Century International Arms GP WASR-10

It looks just like a traditional AK, from the receiver up. The buttstock is an adjustable M4 style, which gives you versatility in the field. It makes it easier to get in and out of vehicles while collapsed and assists in improving grip and accuracy while extended. An adjustable length of pull is essential on the modern battlefield. Century International Arms modified a WASR-10 receiver to fit standard AK mags, so theoretically, you can pick up any AK mag you see in the field and it should work flawlessly. Having that extra 20 rounds of 7.62 is not just a good idea; it is a great one. The chrome-lined barrel has a standard 1:10-inch twist, and the compensator and bayonet lug make this look identical to a standard AK. While the buttstock is in the collapsed position, the gun measures 29.5 inches, 38 inches when extended. The rifle weighs 6.8 pounds unloaded so it is easy to carry when traversing long stretches of post-apocalyptic territory. Ideal for varmint hunting, home defense or SHTF, this AK is a reliable rifle you can carry with confidence.

Inter Ordnance AK47C Rifle

Inter Ordnance AK47C Rifle
Inter Ordnance AK47C Rifle

This rifle from Inter Ordnance retains the traditional look of the original AK rifle. The manufacturer used true Polish blueprints. It comes with one 30-round, I.O.INC waffle-pattern magazine and accessories. Inter Ordnance makes all its rifles in the U.S., using the highest quality standards. Inter Ordnance rifles also feature a lifetime warranty. The CNC-machined receiver has a side scope-rail mount for adding optics. Inter Ordnance claims the rifle shoots 2-inch groups at 100 yards with iron sights. If you are looking for an accurate AK, this is the one. The barrel has a standard 1:10-inch RH twist, and the laminated wood stock features a tactical pistol grip and sling swivel. Inter Ordnance manufactured the front and rear sights to be adjustable for precision accuracy. The rifle weighs 8.5 pounds and features a manganese-phosphated, heat-and-chemical-resistant paint applied to the metal components. Truly a well-made machine, it is not only incredibly rugged but also deadly accurate.

Arsenal, Inc., Saiga Semi-Automatic 7.62X39

Arsenal, Inc. Saiga Semi-automatic 7.62X39
Arsenal, Inc., Saiga Semi-Automatic 7.62X39

We cannot talk about AKs unless we talk about Saiga. That rifle features synthetic black handguards, grip and buttstock. The Russian-made stamped receiver is as authentic as it can be. The chrome-lined, hammer-forged barrel has a standard 1:240mm twist. Most of the gun is standard military specification (MILSPEC). It features a muzzle brake and bayonet lug. The Warsaw-length buttstock and stainless-steel heat shield make this AK look and feel like the reliable rifle it is. The receiver accepts standard, double-stacked AK magazines, so ammunition will not be a problem. It weighs 7.15 pounds unloaded and measures just under 34 inches long. Truly one of the coolest things from the Soviet era, this rifle will cycle no matter the environment.

Century Arms Centurion 39 Semi-Auto Rifle

Century Arms Centurion 39 Semi Auto Rifle 7.62x39
Century Arms Centurion 39 Semi-Auto Rifle 7.62×39

Centurion Arms applies high-quality parts and manufacturing to its rifles. The company machines the Centurion 39 from an 11-pound block of 4140 ordnance-quality steel. The barrel is equipped with a proprietary V-shaped Chevron Compensator, an unparalleled design that directs gases upward, reducing recoil and making the rifle more controllable. The rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation. Other features include a high-visibility front-sight post and buttstock that is one-inch longer than military-style stocks for better comfort and handling. The upper and lower handguards have four Picatinny rails, which you can use for red dot sights, scopes, lights, lasers and a fore grip.

Which AK is your favorite, or which one do you regularly use? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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Comments (5)

  1. On the subject of AKs, I see these terms all the time, and I need some definitions to clarify and be enlightened on the subject; what is a WASR, and what is a PAP? How are they different from a regular AK? Thank you for your help.

  2. I am glad that this option is available for those who live in jurisdictions that restrict their citizenry to 10 round rifles. It is an under-served market and the more choices that are available to those trapped in them the better it is for all gun owners. How is this rifle different from a 10 round SKS? They both carry 10 rounds of 7.62 x 39. However, it is made with higher quality components that are in turn made of higher quality materials. The sights are probably better quality as well. I will procure one if one happens to cross my path.

  3. I keep hearing horor stories about poor sights on AKs but I want one. I just dont want to but the most expensive & assume it must be best.

  4. Why do you and several other companies keep advertising thay you have all these different ak rifles- but then people go to buy one and then you never got any in stock??? Kinda like false advertising.

    1. Its funny the first ak you have advertised is a lo-cap model, whatever u do stay away from that paticular model, the hi cap ones are here and PERFECT, tuff, heavy duty, and solid, jus got one 2months ago ,my first ak, now vendors are just starting to offer decent thing s for these rifles but we still got a long way to go, my reccomendation is get one and get pushing for more aftermarket support,you wont be disappointed! !

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