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The Shooter’s Log does its’ best to keep you apprised of the latest threats to your Second Amendment freedoms and the efforts to expand or protect your rights as well. Over the coming days and weeks, the Senate is slated to take up legislation picking up where the BATFE was defeated. This threat is much more serious in that it would de facto outlaw most all centerfire rifle ammunition and not just M855 5.56 “Green Tip.” Bill in Waiting Also on the immediate agenda is a bill we can all agree to get behind and support. Most, if not all, states now have laws on the books allowing concealed carry—although some are still restrictive e.g. California. There is also the danger of straying across a state line accidentally and instantly transforming yourself from law abiding concealed carry to criminal. Legislators are considering a bill to allow national reciprocity similar to the way a driver’s license from one state is automatically honored in the rest.

The third immediate piece of legislation seeks to prohibit the Senate from attaching anti-gun amendments. Pieces of legislation having nothing to do with firearms receive amendments meant as poison pills. The amendment would never pass on its own merit so it is attached to a nonrelated piece of legislation.

There is a wildcard looming. It is the Budget Resolution. Senators are allowed to put forward most any issue they choose. This is where many of the “pork” projects we all hear about—and wonder how the money was ever allotted—come from. Blame the Budget Resolution.

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-ID) has already put forth an amendment to shut down Operation Choke Point. Operation Choke Point was the Justice Department’s (Under Eric Holder) attempt to shut down businesses involved with firearms—as well as a few other industries or businesses the current administration disagreed with—by financially strangling them via pressure exerted on banks and financial institutions from the Federal government.

Other proposed amendments include Senators Jim Inhofe (R-OK) and David Vitter’s (R-LA) attempt to prohibit the BATFE from banning bullets. This would prevent another debacle like the recent threat to M855 ammunition.

Sen. Inhofe is not satisfied with just protecting our rights within the home front. He also has a proposed amendment that would eliminate the Congress’ ability to fund the UN Arms Trade Treaty. Speaking of the ATF and the home front, there is an amendment to prevent the ATF from using 4473 forms—the form you fill out when you purchase a gun used as a background check—to build or maintain a national gun registry.

4 mandatory-gun-ownership It is one thing to get a Senator to propose an amendment and another to get enough votes for it to become a law. There are several gun rights groups fighting for our rights. One of the leaders is the Gun Owners of America. GOA has a form that makes it easy to contact your Senators and show our support for the pro-Second Amendment Senators and their amendments.

Contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to support:

  • The Inhofe & Vitter amendments outlawing bullet bans and implementation of the UN Arms Trade Treaty
  • The Lee amendment, requiring unattainable supermajorities to ever bring up any gun control in the Senate again
  • The Crapo amendment to shut down Operation Choke Point
  • Plus amendments to push concealed carry reciprocity and prohibit the ATF from copying 4473’s

Which other pieces of legislation or amendments do pro-Second Amendment supporters need to know about? Share them with us in the comment section.


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  1. There are 10 Strong Reasons that the land mass called US is one nation under one binding Document and it is not due to the Constitution that some call Forefathers( most were self indulgent four flushers) wrote, but to ideals far older and of greater permanence, our Bill of Rights.
    First Constitution, Aricles of Confederation, and Permanent Union,was thrown together in order to present rest of world outside of Britain that indeed there was a Nation with national
    identity, “so they would loan us some money”.
    It was a flat ass piece of crap that did not in any way impress even the signers and was from its
    beginnings opposed with multiple mini revolts,
    drove feds clear from Pennsylvania, and scared those signers so badly that they threw the first Two Constitutions out and not until Dec of 1791
    with the massive pressure by “Americans in General”calling for support of a Bill of Rights included did we gain a Constitution.
    Those first 10 Articles were not leftovers of
    previous Constitutional papers because they
    unlike every other part of Constitution that are subject to change, Those first 10 were Rights beyond Constitutions written laws and were to be permanently non questionable.
    To you who state the Constitution gave you
    Rights, you are f’d.up, as the Constitution was once subservient to Rights and by this consta
    refrain of constitution gave and our military
    gave we but whine and tell lies that our opponents tear apart.
    As to the triger finger crowd of 2nd Amendment
    you did not gain that until ratification in 1791 and it was there arguments of what constituted a militia began.
    Previously it was only while within a militia called into formation as a State supplied or demanded of all able males to pay or be armed in times of defense no mention of persoal but in defense of nation, understood is misunderstood.
    When states no longer usefull and retired ex military and staters began looking for ways to
    supplement state and their incomes formed into National Guard they with red white and blue patriots let them revert ” militia” back to guidelines as under Articles of Confederation.
    This Guard was an Executive Branch decision as
    its propens ity for making killings and declaring wars in foreign nations gave them need of a
    reserve of partially trained but well indoctrinated manpower and Arms manufacturers jumped in support. With psychopathic numbers so prevalent in gun cultures they almost to the man supported
    Regan -Bush federalization of Guard into units no longer under state as State leaders now need Homeland Security approval for local emergency use; They amd even police anf private security become militia units. Command today are under Central and other Fed military
    command Centers outside of actual state control in ordering of their use.
    A leadershop that no longer restricts flag waving
    sociopathic killers led by Presidents and the
    psychopaths that surround our governing
    bodies to decide to attack and occupy even non- aggressors nations.
    There is a continuing shrinkage of revenues
    into almost all gun related endeavors, from hunting to shooting sports it cost much much more % of gun owners funds to participate.
    Far more costly than in 10-20 year $ ago; Leaving less to donate when bribes to political and the lawyers that leech system also have increasingly heavierliving expenses as well.
    NRA leadership are all millionaire club members and their legal beagles are by no means working for free.
    And while many state groups have
    middle class operations they too suffer from not enough bucks to bribe any but local ass kissers and no media as their higher elected officials demand far much more than a smile, as they bend us over once again.
    We will alwayd have a few well connevted who will have gun priveleges and be protected by gun toters, which is what all tyrannical regimes strive for, The sad part is they do not need
    foreigm mercenaries to serve under them, they always serm to be able to find lots of volunteers.
    The amounts of people with pathological
    mental disorders is estimated to be at least 1 in 25 individuals , with some placing it far greater
    at 1 in 10; which should scare the crap out of any sane person ;especially when it is their trait
    to seek positions within authoratative groups in our military, govments policeing bodies and corporate heirarchal buisness leadershipplatforms.
    Now my denial of being among them means nothing, as psycopahs have no real moral compass and only act inways of preservation and admiration of self, denial of any lacking is
    Inwardly impossible and a typical and expected behavior.
    Being as how our Bill of Rights no longer exist and we now laude grants of privelege to those who follow written laws, that some laws , rules edicts , remain unseen and have no way of ever being reviewed by free populace and only being known to military seems to no longer bother patriots, So I will say take my guns when time comes, I will survive with them until then, but I
    will not die for them thats for sure.

  2. Let’s not forget the huge number of welfare recipients and Liberals. They want the government to control everything because then they get supported with no expectation of work, and they have no intention of obeying the law anyway.

  3. No they have not right to be doing what they are doing. They just keep chipping away it and I am at a loss on how to stop this. The communist People’s Republic Of California needs to learn a lesson.

    And infringed they have, any rule or law that restricts any citizen from owning a gun IS an infringement to the 2nd amendment. The government has been cutting into this right for many years and we as a people have let it continue, now we need to fight to get then back it shouldn’t of come to this.

  5. There needs to be a law on the books ( a federal law ) that states… ANY Senator or Congressman that tries to introduce any legislation that infringes in ANY way, the 2nd amendment right, go to prison for 20 years for attempting an act of treason against the citizens of the United States of America. I guess Obama and Holder would be looking at about 600 years each.

  6. I went to New York this past week, and while standing in the bath room with a cop on one side of me and what, in my opinion, looked like a street thug. I had a wonderful idea. This is by no means an attack on peoples appearance, nor is it wishful thinking that a cop could not own a gun for personal protection, while on or off duty. But what if, hypothetically speaking, the states that do not allow for mentally stable, law abiding citizens to own or carry guns for personal protection, the cops could not own guns either. What if the gun manufacturers did not sell there tools, originally designed for self defense, to the police departments. The officers could not use there guns to protect the law makers. I am willing to bet that if an officer of the law was not able to carry a gun, MANY would not be officeres for long. I also bet that law makers would rethink there position on guns when they themselves could not reap the benefits of relief knowing that are being protected by the very tools they try so desperately to abolish from the mentally stable law abiding citizens of the this great nation we call the United States of America!

  7. No laws can possibly threaten the Second Amendment. Laws are just words on paper that are backed by a threat of force.

    The following are the true threats to gun rights:

    1. The continuing development of new military arms, body armor, surveillance equipment, and other gear that will eventually make most civilian arms ineffective. This process has accelerated greatly since the US government adopted a policy of perpetual war overseas in order to enrich the “defense” industry and appease the Israel lobby.

    2. The historical willingness of the US police AND military to use arms against the American people in exchange for money and favor from their masters. Examples: the Bonus Army, Kent State, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Katrina aftermath, and countless more obscure incidents. Anyone who believes the US military “fights for our freedom” is utterly deluded.

    3. Unquestioning deference to “authority” and “uniform worship” has spread like cancer in America, much as it did in other totalitarian regimes throughout history.

    4. There are far too many servile cowards among the American populace who wouldn’t dare disobey the whims of their masters, let alone risk death for freedom. Those who fear death more than slavery will eventually be enslaved.

    1. Our founding fathers when writing our Constitution as everyone knows writes, we can protect ourselves from a tyrannical Government by using the 2nd amendment to remain armed should that day comes. That said, I agree, its happened already.

      Our Government is paranoid should we take up arms against them. If that day comes, I pray there are patriots and public with the guts to do what’s right. God Bless the USA… NRA member

    2. U are correct, about our Gov. being paranoid, to the point, that patriots with guns, standing up for there rights, are now considered, right wing terrorist groups. And are ranked #3 on the list. This is why Obama is pushing hard for any type of gun control he can get. Things are going to get a lot worse, as Obama get faster, and faster, with the dismantling of our Constitution, and country. The BATFE, is without a doubt, going to be Obama’s private army. They will kill U as fast as ISIS, sad, but so. The very same thing, is happening to our country now, as what brought on the American Rev. Yes, they’re paranoid. NRA member

    1. I signed up with the NRA as well! Flex your right to Keep And Bear Arms! I Carry Openly!!!

    2. Not only is California restrictive they are also attacking ammunition very soon no leaded ammunition in Ca., so the anti – gun machine ( Ca. Government) rolls on plz pray for us !!!

    3. I hate to say it, but I don’t feel sorry anymore for CA. I was born and raised there and only in the past 4 years moved out of that stupid state.
      If the people were serious about this, they would ban together and vote these Dems out of office, sign petitions and write your congressmen, but instead they are walking the streets with their ear buds in their heads and ignoring what all this means! It has grown and gotton so bad for CA. that I had to leave “stupid state”. I love CA…to a point, but it is only the people who has allowed this to happen. I sign petitions quite often, and if “YOU” are serious, then get all the friends you know, join freedom works and all related clubs and show you are serious, get on the ball, become a thorn in their side, and keep up the heat….vote…it works!

    4. California is the way it is is because it’s totally under the control of one political party. And the reason it’s under control of one political party is because of the huge number of public employees there. All those public employees either belong to, or are forced to pay dues to the various Public Employees Unions.
      Those public employees unions donate huge amounts of money back to the one party that .keeps hiring dues paying members. They also donate huge amounts of money to non profit community activist groups, many of whom are rabidly against the private ownership of firearms.
      Do some research. Find out who the top 5 donors are to political campaigns in California. Most likely they will be the public employees unions, or groups that they fund.
      The only way to return political control of California back to the people is to break the power of the public employees unions.
      The only way to break the power of the unions is to support political candidates who will stand against them, as Scott Walker did in Wisconsin.

  8. Highly recommended reading STONEWALLED by Sheryl Atkinson a former lead CBS investigative reporter who dedicates several chapters of her book to Fast and Furious. Even if you have read other books on the subject her’s opens some new doors as it also does for Benghazi, Obamacare, and other issues.

  9. The note that CA “allows” concealed carry has been seriously compromised by the major democratic controlled cities simply refusing to issue CCA approvals through a bureaucratic nightmare.

  10. We give up our guns we become slaves to the corrupt government we now have….. I will not be a slave for no man.!

  11. Now more than ever get involved.Join the NRA and make a difference.This current administration in D.C WILL stop at nothing to strip us all of our gun rights.

  12. I feel this entire gun control agenda is completely driven by Big Government Control of the lives and rights of every person on earth.
    Anyone who has put any thought into the subject knows gun control has absolutely nothing to do with gun safety or any other subject used to sidetrack or change the mind of gun owners . It is completely driven by psychopaths who would do anything for more control and more destruction of personal rights and liberties .

  13. We do not need the Feds to regulate ccw. This means they can cover every state under in blanket and jerk the rug right out from under your feet at a moments notice. This is a bad bad bad idea. Wake up.

  14. Amen! Too many assume because THEIR door wasn’t kicked it, tyranny doesn’t exist. They won’t recognize it until the jackboot is on THEIR throat, but then it will be too late.

  15. C’Mon…………………Get your head out of the sand. You don’t have to move your feet, but at least get the sand out of your eyes and look around.

  16. Sorry, but much ado about nothing. What better way to sell more merchandise than create an artificial panic. We’ve seen this for the last 7 years and no one’s knocked on my door yet to take my guns/ammo, etc. All the while, CTD and other sellers are making a fortune off of over inflated prices.

    1. Well said sir, I do understand and acknowledge that they are some politicians their own anti gun agenda, but the exaggeration here some times is laughable

    2. Nothing my butt! Not a week goes by some anti gun zealot tries a new way to back door taking a piece of our rights away. The ONLY way we keep those rights is staunchly defending the second amendment. An armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject, and, may I add, a victim waiting to be victimized.

    3. C’Mon, you’re kidding, right?

      Either you live in a cave someplace and haven’t seen what’s happened in New York, Connecticut, California, and Maryland where police have showed up at people’s doors to confiscate guns, or you are not involved in standing up for our Constitutional rights and just let everyone else do all the work while you reap the benefits. Get with it, Man. Our Second Amendment rights have been going downhill for over 40 years now, not seven. Open your eyes and get involved or you will be surprised one day when you’re the next target of a police visit. Numbers, Brother, numbers and involvement are the only thing keeping us afloat.

      As for CTD; first, I don’t recall any requirement to buy something before being able to join this blog, and, second, be thankful we can actually buy gear at all. Trust me, a lot of other countries do not let their citizens own anything like the gear we can.

    4. It’s IDIOTS like YOU that through your dismissive attitudes have allowed the Gun Grabbers to take hold of OUR rights. Grab yourself by the ears and pull your head outta the sand and look around… they are coming for you , and me and all of us who own guns that THEY don’t ant you to own. Wake Up !

    5. C’Mon……………………………..Wake up,take your head out of the sand. Stand up, you don’t have to move your feet, just get the sand out of your eyes
      and look around at what is going on.

  17. Every country that has had their guns ripped out of the hands of law biding citizens, has said to the American people NOT to let the Government do to us what their Government has done to them. This should be a wake-up call to all Americans and Legislators to protect our 2nd Amendment rights, and not try to disarm the law biding citizens. I think instead of picking on lawbiding citizens, the laws should be after the criminals. Make it 20 years in prison for a crime committed with a gun, and NO time out for “good” behavior.

  18. Lawful citizen gun owners can never give an inch on gun control vs gun rights issues. It may seem to the uninitiated that we are being intractable, but this is truly the archetypical case of give them an inch and they WILL take a mile. Join the NRA, the NAGR, GOA and you local state gun rights organization. Here in Virginia the Virginia Citizens Defense league has made a tremendous impact on the gun laws here, even with a Liberal Democrat for a governor.

    If we do not hang together, we will surely hang alone.

    1. In a country where you need to get ” free speech” permits on some college campuses you can bet your butt that once we lose our gun rights we will lose ALL our rights!

    2. Actually, we’ve already lost all our rights EXCEPT for the 2nd Amendment. Thanks to the War on Drugs and the War of Terror, the US government no longer recognizes ANY limits on its own power. This has been the case for decades, but it became especially bad under GW Bush and Obama.

      Check out the NDAA of 2012 for one example. It officially eliminates the right to due process, making it a privilege instead. Similarly, police routinely confiscate citizen property without trial or even an arrest due to Drug War “civil forfeiture” practices. Snowden showed us that the Fourth Amendment is dead. And so on.

  19. Do the people of America realize just what they are doing ? Once gun control is instituted our rights will be gone forever.This administration has done nothing but lie to us for over six years.
    it will be to late to realize this after our 1st &
    2nd amendments have disappeared. Let’s all help keep this country together and fight for what we want. That is NO GUN CONTROL

  20. What frightens me more is that even if gun control via bills goes nowhere, Obama by means of executive order will try to ban firearms and ammo. Don’t forget, he has done everything in his power and beyond to destroy America. This would be the final nail in the coffin. The repubs and dems are aware of what he is doing and have done nothing to prevent it. God help America.

  21. Since when did Sen. Inhofe turn pro gun? You literally can’t get farther left than Inhofe. Sometimes yes means no the way legislation is drafted. Obamacare is a good example. Add up co-pay and increased deductibles along with the theft of half a trillion from Medicare (paid by those who work)
    it makes working people sick to watch ads proclaiming “free” healthcare!!
    Big difference between middle income (correct) and middle class (wrong)
    Obama will NEVER be middle CLASS!!! There is no free lunch!

  22. What is needed in order to prevent government agencies from banning certain types of ammunition, as we have just seen the BATFE attempt to do with M855, is have a federal law passed that protects, in every state, all ammunition of military caliber, the civilian firearms designed to shoot those calibers, and the feeding devices used for those firearms.

    1. A law….. mean words on paper to save us…… shouldnt need any law to ensure our freedom…. or rights… if your gun cant save you then a law certainly cant either

  23. Pete no offense but you seem to forget the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY of America WANTS OUR GUNS ,they do not want us to have any say in anything the new democratic parties agenda is total GOVT control over every aspect of our lives .The only way to achieve that goal is to first either DISARM OR RENDER OUR FIREARMS USELESS by banning ammo for them over total bs .They see their pre annoited queen Hillary getting caught in lie after lie and they are out for revenge as well as bitterness over losing the primaries so they feel the need to punish american law abiding gun owners in every way possible because we WON IN 2014 PRIMARIES .WE can win the wh back in 2016 easily if we stay vigilant this will end up in the supreme court if it were to even try to pas as law in the senate which i do not see the repub majority allowing to happen this close to time for the new pres a god fearing republican to win it .Keep vigilant ,keep writing and calling your states reps and senators along with your governers ,Let them know any anti gun candidate WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO WIN IF ALL 110 MILL GUN OWNERS VOTE THIS TIME do not stay home do not vote for any anti gun candidate we can win this and end it for at least another 4 yrs and more it will only be a mttaer of time before the isis lone wolves finish practicing in europe for their main attacks in AMERICA they are hitting soft taregts now disarming the law abiding public will make us all potential victims of these attacks they had full autos in europe ,a place with some of the strictest gun laws ,we see how they are 100% helpless against such attacks under such laws that will not happen here if we are allowed to defend ourselves as the constitution allows , KEEP UP THE FIGHT WE ARE WINNING THIS .DO NOT GET COMPLACENT AND OVERCONFIDENT KEREP FIGHTING BACK .

  24. Dave,

    Please remember your middle-school civics.

    As legislators, Senators can NEVER “expand” or “protect’ gun rights. The only thing they can do is enact legislation that either limits gun rights, or makes gun rights so confusing and complex as to be limited effectively.

    Gun rights are a matter of constitutional law. The US Supreme Court has correctly outlined the limits of the government’s power to regulate firearms: (a) reasonable restrictions on commercials sales (NFA tax); (b) prohibiting felons and mentally ill from being armed (ATF Form 4473); and (c) keeping firearms out of “sensitive areas” [where adequate security is provided so citizens do not need to exercise the basic human right of armed self-defense]. There is NO WAY Congress could give us any broader scope of gun rights than that.

    Our legislators should be told to keep their stupid noses out of the gun-rights issue. A MAJOR problem in the US is that every group with a cause thinks they can get their way by influencing legislators, and the legislators sell their influence to those causes. We need legislators to do their jobs, which is to pass balanced budgets, and make our laws reasonable and constitutional.

    As long as legislators are involved in gun rights, the very nature of the legislative process (being political and therefore based on compromise rather than right and wrong) will inherently ERODE gun rights because the legislators who are against gun rights will always have a say in the matter. In contrast, courts deal with law. Law, being a matter of right and wrong rather than compromise, is the only way to protect gun rights. Law happens in courts, not in the legislature.

    Keep gun rights out of the legislature and in the courts. That’s the ONLY way to protect gun rights.,

  25. Remember to re post these stories to other blogs you follow. The Feb 14 story on M855 I re posted on 3 other blogs has had over 3000 views now.Perhaps it helped.

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