My Most Accurate AR-15s

Over the last few years, I’ve owned or tested several AR-15s, and, obviously, I liked some more than others. “Like” is a big word that encompasses many subjective areas, where my tastes might run counter to yours. How the rifles actually shot is less subjective—holes in paper are a certain distance apart, whether I “liked” the trigger, stock, and colors, or not.

So I opened up the rangebooks for the last five years and tabulated how various AR-15s had performed. Distance for all the groups was 100 yards. All groups were fired from an adjustable front rest, often a Ransom Rifle Rest, with a rear sandbag rest using various optics. I recorded average velocities using a Competitive Edge Dynamics M2 chronograph in most cases.

At the top of the table, results for the varmint rifle-style Fulton Armory FAR-15 #003-020, Rock River Arms A4 AR-1520X, Stag Arms Model 6L, and Bushmaster PCW-VMS 24-9SS were three-shot groups, which are marked with asterisks. Obviously, the varmint rifles loved the Black Hills 50-grain V-Max round.

The non-flagged measurements reflect rifles that fired five-shot groups. A Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 took top honors, followed by a Smith & Wesson M&P 15T and a Stag Arms Model 6L. One of the guns at MOA was Mossberg’s affordable MMR Tactical, accompanied by Ruger’s SR-556, the Rock River Arms A4 AR-1520X, and a DPMS RFA2-AP4A.

It’s also interesting to look at the ammo sorting. Of the five-shot results under a minute, the Georgia Arms .223 Rem 55-grain FMJ G223B-3 and Hornady .223 Rem 62-grain TAP Barrier No. 8375 took six of the eight top slots. Black Hills’ 60-grain V-Max and Federal 55-grain FMJ BP223BL were the other top performers.

Though there were variations in the test conditions and optics, broadly speaking, it’s fair to say that with the right ammo, many over-the-counter ARs can shoot MOA or come very close to minute-of-angle performance. Finding the right ammo or handload for your rifle can be tedious, but with a little patience on your part, the little gun can obviously deliver super results.

Ammunition Firearm Velocity Average
Black Hills 223 Rem 50-gr. V-MAX Match Fulton Armory FAR-15 #003-020 3159 fps 0.6 in.*
Black Hills 223 Rem 50-gr. V-MAX Match Rock River Arms A4 AR-1520X 3119 fps 0.6 in.*
Black Hills 223 Rem 50-gr. V-MAX Match Stag Arms Model 6L 3253 fps 0.6 in.*
Black Hills 223 Rem 50-gr. V-MAX Match Bushmaster PCW-VMS 24-9SS 3337 fps 0.7 in.*
Georgia Arms 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ G223B-3 Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 2887 fps 0.7 in.
Winchester 223 Rem 55-gr. BST SBST223B Fulton Armory FAR-15 #003-020 3121 fps 0.8 in.*
Hornady 223 Rem 62-gr. TAP Barrier No. 8375 Smith & Wesson M&P 15T 2769 fps 0.8 in.
Winchester 223 Rem 55-gr. BST SBST223B Stag Arms Model 6L 3245 fps 0.9 in.*
Black Hills Ammunition 223 Rem. 60-gr. V-Max Mossberg MMR Tactical w/sights 2690 fps 1.0 in.
Federal 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ BP223BL Ruger SR-556 3037 fps 1.0 in.
Winchester 223 Rem 55-gr. BST SBST223B Rock River Arms A4 AR-1520X 3124 fps 1.0 in.*
Hornady 223 Rem 62-gr. TAP Barrier No. 8375 DPMS RFA2-AP4A 2687 fps 1.0 in.
Hornady 223 Rem 62-gr. TAP Barrier No. 8375 Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 2766 fps 1.0 in.
Georgia Arms 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ G223B-3 DPMS RFA2-AP4A 2835 fps 1.0 in.
Georgia Arms 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ G223B-3 Smith & Wesson M&P 15T 2862 fps 1.0 in.
Black Hills Ammunition 223 Rem. 60-gr. V-Max Olympic Arms K3B-M4-A3 2804 fps 1.1 in.
Hornady Superformance 223 Rem. Varmint 53-gr. SPF Ruger SR-556E 3039 fps 1.1 in.
Monarch (Barnaul) 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJB Adcor B.E.A.R. Elite 2748 fps 1.1 in.
Silver State Armory 223 Rem. 63-gr. Sierra Soft Point Sig Sauer 556 Classic SWAT 2760 fps 1.1 in.
Monarch (Barnaul) 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJBT Stag Arms Model 2T 2887 fps 1.1 in.
American Eagle 223 Rem 62-gr. FMJ AE223N Smith & Wesson M&P 15T 2890 fps 1.1 in.
Ultramax 223 Rem. 52-gr. HP #223R1 Adcor B.E.A.R. Elite 2720 fps 1.2 in.
Remington 223 Rem. 55-gr. MC L223R3V Ruger SR-556 3036 fps 1.2 in.
Federal 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ BP223BL Stag Arms Model 2T 3069 fps 1.2 in.
Winchester 223 Rem 55-gr. BST SBST223B Bushmaster PCW-VMS 24-9SS 3223 fps 1.2 in.*
American Eagle 223 Rem 62-gr. FMJ AE223N Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 2905 fps 1.2 in.
Black Hills Ammunition 5.56mm NATO 69-gr. OTM Olympic Arms K3BM4A3 2766 fps 1.3 in.
Remington 223 Rem. 55-gr. MC L223R3V Sig Sauer 556 Classic SWAT 3010 fps 1.3 in.
Remington 223 Rem 55-gr. PSP R223R1 Fulton Armory FAR-15 #003-020 3172 fps 1.3 in.*
Remington 223 Rem 55-gr. PSP R223R1 Stag Arms Model 6L 3250 fps 1.3 in.*
Georgia Arms 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ G223B-3 Stag Arms XM A3 15L 2TL 2854 fps 1.3 in.
Sellier & Bellot 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ Mossberg MMR Tactical w/sights 2961 fps 1.4 in.
Ultramax 223 Rem. 52-gr. HP #223R1 Ruger SR-556E 2758 fps 1.4 in.
Hornady Superformance 223 Rem. Varmint 53-gr. SPF Adcor B.E.A.R. Elite 2999 fps 1.4 in.
Monarch (Barnaul) 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJB Ruger SR-556E 2812 fps 1.5 in.
Monarch Brass 223 Rem. 55-gr. Soft Point Ruger SR-556 2908 fps 1.5 in.
Monarch Brass 223 Rem. 55-gr. Soft Point Sig Sauer 556 Classic SWAT 2884 fps 1.5 in.
Monarch (Barnaul) 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJBT Ruger SR-556 2835 fps 1.5 in.
Remington 223 Rem 55-gr. PSP R223R1 Rock River Arms A4 AR-1520X 3134 fps 1.5 in.*
Hornady 223 Rem 62-gr. TAP Barrier No. 8375 Stag Arms XM A3 15L 2TL 2732 fps 1.5 in.
Silver State Armory 223 Rem. 63-gr. Sierra Soft Point Ruger SR-556 2785 fps 1.6 in.
Federal 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ BP223BL High Standard HSA-15 HSTX-6551 3009 fps 1.6 in.
Silver State Armory 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ High Standard HSA-15 HSTX-6551 2956 fps 1.6 in.
Black Hills Ammunition 5.56mm NATO 69-gr. OTM Mossberg MMR Tactical w/sights 2663 fps 1.7 in.
Silver State Armory 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ Ruger SR-556 2966 fps 1.7 in.
Remington 223 Rem 55-gr. PSP R223R1 Bushmaster PCW-VMS 24-9SS 3255 fps 1.7 in.*
American Eagle 223 Rem 62-gr. FMJ AE223N DPMS RFA2-AP4A 2848 fps 1.7 in.
Sellier & Bellot 223 Rem 55-gr. FMJ Olympic Arms K3BM4A3 3063 fps 1.8 in.
Monarch (Barnaul) 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJBT High Standard HSA-15 HSTX-6551 2854 fps 1.8 in.
American Eagle 223 Rem 62-gr. FMJ AE223N Stag Arms XM A3 15L 2TL 2868 fps 1.8 in.
Silver State Armory 223 Rem. 55-gr. FMJ Stag Arms Model 2T 2986 fps 2.6 in.

 What is your most accurate AR-15? Tell us in the comment section.

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  1. I recently built 2 PSA m4s that easily would make the listing of the article. One has a 1/7 chrome lined M4 profile barrel the other has a SS Wylde chambered 1/8 barrel. The 1/7,from a lead sled shot a 10 rd group with Mk 262 clone ammo at 100 yrds. It measured .7. The 1/8 Wylde measured .9.
    The only custom work was stoning the trigger and hammer and new springs. PSA makes quite a fine rifle.

  2. Neil…that’s one reason I moved from California 8+ years ago… too much liberal policies, laws and other stupid things…not to mention the immigration issues.

    While you may not be able to move, I understand your frustration… so sad, California used to be a great state when I grew up there in the 1960’s.

  3. I think I know why the Rhino Arms model wasn’t included. Maybe I’m wrong, but it has a $2,500 price tag. But….what an incredible rifle! I’m still thinking about how to stretch my budget to include one in my small collection, but if I can’t sweing it, I will probably go with a Windham California-compliant model. The FFL dealer here has one in stock.

    Keep in mind that in California, it is very difficult to purchase ARs from many of the manufacturers. I don’t know if they are in great demand or if I have am restricted by a lack of gun dealers. Most of the FFL guys have been driven out of the market, and I have found it difficult to be able to walk into a store and pick and choose from an array of ARs. Cabela’s has a good selection, but due to the California liberal establishment, Cabela’s has chosen not to waste their time by opening stores here.

    As for Walmart, our two local stores no longer carry firearms….only ammunition, and then, only when it is available.

  4. Noveske, Daniel Defense, BCM. Daniel Defense barrel Under $300 I would put Daniel Defense on ever AR Build, but when you builing custom rifles for people they want to spend more tell they shot mine.

  5. Daniel Defense is highly overrated in my opinion but it is just that. an opinion. I certainly won’t put them on the same level as manuf. such as Colt, Bushmaster, Armalite, Smith & Wesson, and the like.


  7. Good article on some observations but I don’t think a lot of people caught the “disclaimer”, thinking this was a controlled test. With the long term of the rangebooks, different ammo types, and different shooting conditions, there would be just too many variables involved. That said, I was looking for the Windham Weaponry in the listing and was disappointed not seeing it. I am in the process of purchasing my first AR, and thought this article would help, in making that decision.

    One thing I did learn, it seems Black Hills Ammo is one to look at for my new AR, which will be the Windham Weaponry.


  9. Woody, thanks for an interesting article. You’ve spent a lot of time shooting and unlike most, you kept records and tracked your work. You are to be commended for your diligence. You’ll find I think, as I have, most people differ with opinions given on guns, regardless of what you compare. I gave up on opinions based on the years of smithing and appraising I’ve accumulated. Time is too short to argue. Keep writing and I for one, will keep reading interesting articles like this, by interested authors.

  10. @Cliff… Reading Is Fundamental.
    The author said clearly: “So I opened up the rangebooks for the last five years and tabulated how various AR-15s had performed.”

    So I ask you, “What type of reading is this?”

    @Christopher – Right ON. Could not have said it better myself.

  11. Wyndham Weaponry would easily have been in the top 5 – that is right out of the box! You seem to have favored a few manufacturers and totally ignored others. What type of accuracy test is this?

  12. I would like to get some feed back on the LaRue Tactical OBR 18″ 7.62. I have never seen much about them compaired to others 7.62

  13. Oddly enough you didn’t test the BFE Arms AR-15 with ZombieMax ammo. I know it’s the best because it is what I own and what ammo I use! I shoot 5-shot groups with all holes touching each other. Usually that will kill a Zombie if they are headshot groupings! Yeeehah.

    How many of you idiots missed the f-ing point of this article? These are his guns and his data that has been collected over years!! He is not trying to tell us that one rifle is better than another. If you have half a brain then just take the data as-is and use it as you will. Don’t get all butt hurt just because he doesn’t own your favorite or you ONLY AR-15. Are there a bunch of morons here or what? All it would take is one anti-second amendment nut job to go through all these ass-backwards and often horribly spelled comments in order to tear down many of our pro-gun ownership arguments. Come on! Use spell check for Pete’s sake!


  15. Being a modular firearm tha AR15’s accuracy should be based on barrel type opposed to gun manufacture. You can put the top barrel in the bottom rated upper and have the same results. This survey is only an advertising ploy.

  16. I do not understand all the fuss about the M-16, AR-15’s etc. or what ever you call it today. In the 70’s when they took my M-14 (.308) away and issued me the Mattel toy M-16 (.223) I wanted to cry. So I had to use my M-79 much more often. The M-14 (.308)is still extremely superior to the .223’s, in my experience in a real fight (when it mattered). The .308 will do the job on a man or a buck, and you don’t have to hit it 15 times to do the damage. This discussion seems to be MUCH TO DO ABOUT NOTHING. veteran e nelson

  17. Irrefutable proof that people DO NOT READ.

    This was not a test. It was a historical accumulation of stats.


  18. The fact is I USED AFTER FIRST AN M-14 7.62 x 51 , in Vietnam, an M 16 rifle found the M 14 1 bit heavier, far more accurate and much more effective and accurate ! I own both a Bushmaster M4 .223 and a DPMS AR 10,.308 and the .308 is far more ACCURATE AND WILL KNOCK DOWN A BEAR AT 100 FEET ! ALSO HAVE AN AK 47 DUE TO CHEAPNESS OF ammo AND ITS ABILITY TO FIRE after submerging in mud ! KALISHNAKOV had a great design still in use today after as many years as I have lived 65. It is an easily maintained all around decent weapon but not as ACCURATE as others I own but it has never failed to
    fire !

  19. I have a bushmaster and a doublestar. Can hit 1.2 5-shot group at 100 yds, using Remington .223 55gr. with each rifle. It is all in sighting in YOUR rifle,, practicing and getting used to it. Can’t say that I would shoot as well using your rifle, even if same manufacturer and model, on first try. I’m not a shooter, only been at it for 3 months. Bought rifles as investment knowing they would be banned. Hated just having them sitting there collecting dust, and ave been having some fun with them.. Slowing down now due to shortness of ammo.

  20. I have a lifetime of stats, both with ammo,scopes and most of the AR 15. Like the others i feel all AR’s should have been tested base on the article. Over the years i had all the fun stuff ie; PSG 1,custom HK’s,Stoner in 5.56 and the match SR25 of which i had 15 in the safe. The best AR in the world is only as good as the shooter. I have shot all the ones tested plus Eagle Arms pre. Armalite, Colt,DPMS,Remington,Smith & Wesson and Olympic Arms. I prefer a lite weapon based on a 56 year old body. All AR’s are not created equal! Most AR shoot extremely well under most conditions,and parts are parts until your life is on the line!

  21. Well I didn’t have a buttload of money when i went to get an AR so I got a Delton and am VERY pleased with it.I’ve added\tweaked a few things but it’s tight and Deadly!
    I wouldn’t want to be on the recieving end of it and wouldn’t trade it for anything and I’ve put time on several brands.Just my opinion but i’m thankful we’ve all still got our rifles and can have these discussions…… God Bless each and Every one of ya,we may all be fighting for the same cause Very soon…..

  22. Dear Big John,

    That was the funniest thing I have read in quite some time. Thanks for making the point that was on my mind and thanks for doing it with fantastic humor. By the way, my AR is better than yours!!!


  23. @ Big Johnson……… Git it? Settle down were discussing an article on the AR or did you miss that in your reading? just a bunch a guys shooting the bull git it? aint that clear as mud?

  24. Thank you for sharing what you had. I am new to owning ARs and if nothing else you were able to show me what a bunch of ass wipes many of them are!

  25. What range? Cold, warm or hot barrel? How many shots, at what time interval between shot, air temperture and if changing? 0.7 and 0.8 for 3 shots will be within measuring error.

  26. Kind of a silly thrown together artical. I do have a question(for the owners of cheaper than dirt)why did the 5.56 bulk 1000 round price double all of a sudden? did it cost you guys that much more? I know its in high demand and short supply but really,I have been doing business with you guys for nearly 20 years this is a little odd.


  27. Most of you all express yourselves well!!

    Whut ah lack is guud spellin. Aint no reason too putt thots heer unless ah can git the spellin rihgt. Lots a peeple with guud etsperience mess up their missig by spellin lack they tolk and not by whut is rat.

    Get my point you illiterate schmucks!?!? Don’t guess at the spelling of “definately”, it is “definitely”, capitalize when/where needed, place commas as appropriate and not periods followed by fragment phrases.

    The defense of the Second Amendment rests on our abilility to communicate in writing at an articulate, cogent level. Otherwise, we come off as modernized colonial hicks still fighting the British crown.

  28. OK people don’t get your backs up because he didn’t use your favorite I also started complaining to my self then i went back and read his article instead of just looking at the results man we are quick to jump aren’t we. the results weren’t pitting the guns against each other that would be ridiculas since we all know how accurate ours are, the point was to show that they can be very accurate with so work at finding what ammo your particular gun likes best. having the ability to work up your own loads is as real plus. i personally own the high standard and have found it to be as accurate as any AR i have ever shot including some very expensive models.

  29. No Colt on the list???? Does Cheaperthandirt have something against them? No Armalite???? The AR was invented by Eugene Stoner. He worked for Armalite. “AR” actually stands for “Armalite Rifle”. Armalite sold the rights of the AR-15 design to Colt early on. And, apparently, Colt does not like any other manufacturer using THEIR “AR” name. Nevertheless, to not have either one on this list is just plain crazy and nullifies this “test”!

  30. Thanks to 36 and 38. The only two that made sense. Congrats to those of you that have the ammo to WASTE on some silly my gun is better than your gun tests. When you run out of ammo don’t come knock’n on my door. Go out to the RANGE and pick up hulls.


  31. Good article but would like to have seen chromed vs. non chromed and no mention of twist rate was published. These are important factors when you come to splitting hairs…………..allright if you are getting .6 moa who cares right?

  32. Wow, this test must have cost a bundle, unless of course you used ammo purchased before the Conn. fiasco. PMC Bronze 55 gr fmjbt used to be 8.95 a box of twenty on sale, and I see you have them listed as ……… OMG! I can’t even repeat the price you are demanding!! Hey, didn’t they prosecute gas stations for price gouging?? And $129.95 is a ridiculous price for a issued 30 round magazine too. Shame on you!

  33. I am with those others who posted about no colts. Have been shooting them for years. Like them the best, have owned several makes dpms ,rock river,sw mp15 . Have had many arguments About colt and how people hate them I would love to see how there models compare. I know my opinion

  34. @mach37 @slade01- NOTHING IS PROVED! Read my prior post. Saying one “BRAND” outshot another is nothing but dumb. This article proves nothing of the sort. R.I.F.

  35. I think the point of this article is to show that an AR with good ammo will shoot MOA.

    I like it. A Colt should fit in with the rest. It is not trying to find out which rifle is the best.

  36. Why no Windham Weaponry AR? Most of all why didn’t you shot the same ammo out of each gun? Are you testing the AR or the ammo? Not an “accurate” (haha) test if you don’t use the same variable other than what you are testing?

  37. slade01, your belief in Armalite out-performing the Bushmaster is disproved by the results of this test. The Armalite would also have to be better than Fulton, Rock River, Stag and Smith & Wesson as well. Anything under 1.0″ is more than good enough.

  38. USELESS article. Sorry.

    First, the specific models identified MAY be (and likely ARE NOT) typical of the brand. Some configurations of a particular brand are opposite what you would want to test this set of ammo. And the model numbers are generally meaningless, as they change monthly, and the configuration of a given rifle under that “model” number may have wide variations. I suspect not one of the models represents a consistently available static barrel configuration…

    For fanboys to ask why their favorite brand was not included is ridiculous. This is a sampling of “owned” rifles by Woody. Even including your favorite BRAND would mean NOTHING. This is not a scientific analysis, and is not claimed to be. Nor is it claimed to be comprehensive. Every rifle is unique. I have seen two “identical” rifles with different preferences in ammo, apparently based on the stacking of tolerances in their mass manufacture. To attribute ANY value to other rifles of a BRAND based on these numbers is insane.

    And, if we do not know the twist rate of the barrels used, the bullet weight means nothing. A 1:9 might shoot 55 grain just fine, but what is the performance in a 1:7? Different, I guarantee. The word or concept of twist is not even present in the article.

    Personally, I get the best performance, IN GENERAL, from 68 or 69 grain bullets in a 1:9 twist barrel. This is across scores of rifles that I have owned or accurized. They will consistently outshoot 55 grain, in general. This article would be misleading for someone with a 1:9 twist barrel to waste time with 55 grain, when there is a great likelihood that heavier bullets would be more accurate. We always recommend that people start with the HEAVIEST bullet and test down for accuracy. NOT start at the lowest weight 55. I would start with a 77 grain, and work down to the bullet that is most accurate. In my experience, that will be 55 for 1:12, 68/69 for 1:9, 75 for 1:8, 77+ for 1:7. And funny thing, the 1:7 has never shot 55 grain well for me. It overspins.

    The length of the barrel is not referenced once in the article, and nothing is more critical for the velocity than the length of the tube in which the bullet is pushed by the expanding gasses.

    And the weight and length of the barrel is critical, as a stiffer varmint bbl will probably shoot better than a Gov’t profile. A shorter bbl may shoot better than a longer bbl, being stiffer. What real value is a table that ignores the key elements that differentiate the rifles under review?

    What actual meaningful information can be gleaned from the presented data? Not really much.

    Is the only value of this to say that these ammo selections CAN shoot well in certain, specific, totally UNSPECIFIED conditions – at 100 yards? If so, we probably could have assumed that without the article…

    To even think that ANY rifle of any of the brands listed is a good or better performed is totally unjustified by the article. Asking for other rifle brands to be included is silly, as they are equally unspecified as to configuration and you would be equally unjustified in extrapolating that a “Brand” has good, poor, or better performance.

    Article is close to a waste of time, with all due respect.

  39. A little confused about including the Sig-556 as this isn’t an AR-15 the m-400 would have been more appropriate. You might as well have included the DR-200 and a .556 AK-74 as they are piston driven as well.

  40. Great information, however, allegedly barrel length and rifling (twist) makes a difference. Were they all 16 inch or some 20’s mixed in (…020, 1520)? Perhaps the Were the lighter rounds with a 1:7, 1:9 twist? This information could add to the story and support or dispel the theories?

  41. Where are Colt (supplier to the United States Military, the most advanced military in human history), La Rue, Les Baer, Wilson Combat, and other fine makes? Missing a few.

  42. Sorry everyone. My post was for the video demonstration of difference between 15 round, 10 round and 6 round mag changes.

  43. This is the most intellectually dishonest video demonstration I have ever seen. There are many reasons why:
    1) Both shooters fired at an increased rate of fire with the smaller cap mags.
    2) Both shooters left one round hot during the mag change. In a real situation this would only be done by the most experienced gun fighter (e.g. special ops with 1000’s of hours of combat training).
    3) The spare mags were left within easy grasp right in front of the shooter. In a real life situation they would have to reach into a pocket or spare mag pouch of some kind, then charge the gun.
    4) The female shooter was obviously not a beginner and changed mags with a fair degree of ease (although it did appear that her fire was inaccurate).

    I agree with another poster who said this test would be made much easier by controlling for rate of fire to determine total time spend firing, measuring the average time to change mags, simply multiplying the time it takes to do so by the number of mag changes required and adding this back to the predetermined time spent firing.

    Before I hear any rebuttals by people with their brains turned off I will say that I’m a firm defender of the second amendment and owner of many firearms including an AR. If we are going to make valid arguments in defense of our constitutional rights we have to be honest with ourselves and those against whom we are arguing. This video does not help our cause.

  44. Sad you don’t own a Colt AR-15 that you could have added to your ‘test’ list.
    Wonder where it would have placed, as I’m sure the most sought after AR-15 would have been nice to include for your readers, I could have lent you mine…I know they’re not available anymore.
    Mine keeps a Quarter group at that distance, and I can’t shoot…add that to your stat’s.

  45. Ok all you Colt crying babies, so there isn’t a Colt. There are plenty of companies out there besides Colt, thank god.

  46. The results from this pseudo-scientific test are useless. The writer openly admits using different optics and test equipment in some situations. No control was used and for those who believe all ARs are created equal you don’t know much about ARs. I find it interesting no Colt or Armalite was tested. Colt is generally viewed by the AR community as the standard by which all ARs are judged. It would have been interesting to have seen accurate result from a properly conducted scientific test.

  47. A little confused about including the Sig-556 as this isn’t an AR-15 the m-400 would have been more appropriate. You might have well included the DR-200 and a .556 AK-74 as they are piston driven as well.

  48. The article was appreciated and I’m sure the test was fun to perform. Lets not argue about the make or model. Just knowing you’re interested is good enough for me. We have enough enemies (anti-gun groups) so lets make certain we enough friends to combat the battle at hand. I don’t rightly care if you split the hairs on a gnat’s behind just bring enough ammo to defend the constitution not your silly honor.

  49. Enjoyed the article. I’m a little envious of your “collection” and abilities. Apparently wording was missed by some readers. ” Over the last few years, I’ve OWNED or tested several AR-15s”. My AR was not tested either, but that doesn’t make it a bad article. Thanks

  50. Interesting dats and food for thought. Have to laugh at all the techies who are responding to challenge your data as not being well executed when you say at the outset that it is only a listing of results over some period of time. Most of them, if not all, have probably never caried one anyplace other than a square range anyway. Data is data… good info needs to be interperted by the user for their own purposes to be really meaningful. When the complainers get off their cans and do some “testing” then they might have standing. Thanks for sharing and keeep the data coming!
    Best to ya!

  51. Most accurate? I think not. Not that the Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 is not a fine firearm like all the rest, but that the all conditions and variables of all the tested firearms and ammo changed. Five years of records of non controlled test firing are hardly proof that the Bushmaster BCW-A3F 16M4 or Black Hills 223 Rem 50-gr. V-MAX Match ammunition are the most most accurate AR-15 and 223 Rem.ammo. One thing I find odd that the writer does not mention anything about 5.56mm NATO ammo.

  52. Excellent article! I have a Stag Arms Model 6R and am still looking for that perfect load for it. It was my understanding that it preferred heavier bullets so was surprised at the group you shot with 50-gr!

  53. I can’t believe that you did not test an Armalite which was one of the 2 original AR15 manufacturers!

  54. So all of them will easily do a head shot at 100 yards, sounds like I hit a winner going with the DPMS from wal-mart and saving $600 for ammo and accessories 🙂 Zombies beware!

  55. Looks loke a good day at the range, The FAR-15 is a great looking rifle. I have a few questions, 1st: where the optics simular and 2nd: what was the barrel twist and length? I was told the tighter twist is better suited for heaver rounds, have you tested a 1/7 twist and can you send me your info on a 1/7?

  56. Not a bad selection for the ones that you had. Now you just need a colt and one from the boys in missouri. I understand that they make some pretty good stuff.
    I have an armalite and a DPMS SS 20″ bull barrel, on which I refinished the crown.
    The DPMS is my coyote rifle at present. I’ll keep it.
    All in all, a very interesting article.

  57. I have a bushmaster a3f16m4 and a armalite m15. I believe my armalite out performs the bushmaster hands down across the board. Why isnt there a armalite involved?

  58. The article about AR-15s was very informative, I would like more comparison of the ammo. Take the best AR and shoot all the different ones including the Russian labels.

  59. I think this test is interesting and all though not complete or perfect by some standards . No one man can test every Rifle with every type of ammo. I took it for what it is, which is far better then I have time nor money to complete. I say thank and job well done.

  60. I found this article to be one of the most informative articles I have read on the AR type rifles. It gives a ton of information on ammo and is a great place to start. I have found at times the AR rifles to be elusive as to what ammunition/bullet weight etc. they like. The main thing to remember in my opinion is that the AR platform is like any other rifle, each one will have it’s own preference as to what load it will group the best with whether off the shelf or custom built, and all of the ones I have had when off the bench are more accurate than I can shoot them.

  61. I have read your article entitled: “My Most Acurrate AR-15’s”. The one very interesting thing I too noticed, was that you do not have any testing resolutes for Colt Arms AR15A3. I am a United states Army retired veteran. Due to the recent events and believing the government is working to removing our rights to bare arms, I went out and purchased one. Please keep in mind that I have spent 21 years carrying the military version. Also, Colt Arms is the major supplier of this weapon to our countries armed forces. My question is this, “Why did you not test of AR15A3” and “If so , what was your test resolutes”.

  62. Armalite is on my S&%* list. Illinois Company bowing to the anti gun culture of Chicago. I wouldn’t test them on anything.

  63. Thanks Woody for the great article. It looks as though some people didn’t pay attention to the text and thought there should have been a comparison between every make and model of both AR’s and ammo. I would like to submit my resume for the range testing position should you wish to start that process. After all, it would be a full time job.
    Again, thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated.

  64. I see no real difference in these results and that makes sense to me because there is no real best AR not Colt or Bushmaster either. You can take any part from any manufacture & switch them with any other model because they are all the same. A Colt is just a name like the M1 Garande everyone seems to give these rifles magic powers. I assure you they have nothing special about them at all other than a name & a past. Most any modern bolt gun will out shoot a M1 & be lighter. I would take any name brand AR over a Colt because of the price & the fact you get nothing more for the money. Also people that go buy Colt mags at gun shows, any modern mag with an anti tilt follower is a thousand times better than these jam-o-matic Colt mags on any day. Again this article the only group change is barrel length & I would always take a short fast M4 any day the small gain in accuracy to put up with a heavy & long rifle isn’t worth it unless you are competition shooting or varmint hunting & I mean prairie dogs at six hundred to eight hundred yards.

  65. Good info, and just want to buy one! Any sellers. Please…….cant find one anywhere, and govt bought up mussels .

  66. Not to dampen the omission of the Colt…but, let us not worship at the foot of a “false god” here…As you should be aware – Colt did not invent the AR-15.
    Name brand loyalty can sometimes get in our way. Still – COlt should have been included.

  67. Ditto for the Colt comments. Colt is huge in AR’s. What’s up that you left one of the most sought after and respected out?

  68. I agree with the others i have a colt ar… love it..get my ammo the same place the military does. Lake city 62 grain. does exactly what i need it to do.

  69. Not one Colt on this entire list? That’s bogus. My 6920 rules so the rest are irrelevant anyhow but I still would have liked to see how mine placed on your list.

  70. Just curious………I have a Colt NM AR-15 and noticed that none of the rifles tested were Colts. Why??

  71. It appears 6 of 8 top slots go to 3 shot groups. You say in article all groups are 5 shot unless flagged. An asterisk is flagged? The second worst 5 shot group at 1.8 is not bad. Big difference between 3 and 5 shot group.

  72. Now the Liberal media is going to think we only need 3 round magazines if these ARs are this accurate…. hahaha.

  73. Thank you Sir for the comparisons. You put a lot of thought into your process. I own a armalite that is literally a tack driver with iron sights or with my detachable Luepold scope. I was simply wondering why you didn’t put one in your comparison test?

  74. Sorry, but this is a really useless article. There was no scientific method of testing. You should have performed the test under standard conditions with each type of ammo in each rifle. These results have no relation to real-world results (except, I will agree Black Hills is the best you can get).

  75. Of all the guns you tested I see not one of them is a Colt Wow Iguess you don’t make much off of them

  76. I was reading your review and noticed that colt was not listed. Did you have the chance to test the Colt AR ?, and if so what was the best ammo you found it liked. I have a colt LE6920 I have yet to fire. And was wondering what I should try as far as ammo goes. Thanks

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