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Five New Accessories You Don’t Need

Image shows a desert tan plastic box that holds AR-15 magazines

There are plenty of things we don’t need, but feel we must buy for the simple fact that it’s a cool product and we want it. If you are a woman, or have a woman in your life, you know all about this.

These five new semi-ridiculous items aren’t at all necessary. However, who doesn’t want a mag koozie, a laser that costs nearly half the price of your pistol or a harpoon that doubles as a spear and triples as an axe? Check out these five new products you really don’t need, but can’t help but want.

United Cutlery Corporation M48 Hawk Harpoon

If you happen to find yourself trapped on a deserted island, United Cutlery’s M48 Hawk harpoon will help you catch food for survival. Attach it to a bamboo rod and spear a wild boar or fish. The shape of the blade doubles as an axe for chopping firewood and its finely pointed, sharp tip acts as a self-defense spear. The blade is made of a solid piece of AUS 6 stainless steel with a black oxide coating. The entire knife/axe/harpoon/spear is 8.25 inches long.

Shop Now

LaserLyte TGL Hi-Point Laser

More and more folks are coming out of the closet—so to speak—and proudly admitting they not only own, but also actually like their Hi-Points. Long made fun of, the Hi-Point is a cheap, ugly gun that works…apparently. If it’s the piece ya’ got, then make it effective with LaserLyte’s TGL trigger guard red laser. It will fit the Hi-Point .380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. Like most lasers, it has a 650nm, 5mw, Class IIIA laser with on, pulse and off modes. At $75, your $100 gun just became a $200 gun!Shop Now

If this laser is out of stock, check out these alternatives:

MTM Case-Gard Magazine Can

Storing magazines takes up space and can be a bit awkward. MTM Case-Gard makes prepping more organized with its tactical magazine can. The padded and die cut foam interior holds 15, .223 Remington/5.56mm NATO 20 or 30-round AR-15 magazines. Keep them loaded, in order and organized, ready to grab in an instant. The easily stackable boxes have a plastic handle, padlock tabs and an O-ring seal so they are water-resistant.Shop Now

If the tactical magazine can is out of stock, check out these alternatives:

Maxpedition Tactical Field Deck

“Tactical field deck” is just a fancy way to sell waterproof playing cards. Constructed of 0.31mm PVC, this deck of playing cards designed with soldiers in mind are waterproof and made for extreme conditions. The matte surface of the cards is not reflective. The deck includes poker regulation sized cards and two Jokers. Measuring 2.5-inches wide, 3.5-inches tall and 0.075 inches thick, they will fit in any bag and are perfect for bugging out, bugging-in, camping, hiking, deployment, the hunting lease or anywhere you need some entertainment in less than ideal conditions.Shop Now


…or HiViz magazine koozie. You might think this thing is absolutely ridiculous, but these mag covers have real world applications—especially for competitors. Designed to keep dirt out of the magazine well and to protect the feed rails, HiViz’s cozy magazine sweaters are made of water-resistant neoprene and will fit most single and double stack pistol magazines from 9mm to .45 ACP. Each package includes two MAG-STO magazine koozies. Pick from black, green or pink.Shop Now

We strive to spotlight products with ample stock, however sometimes the products are so cool, they sell out quickly. If a product is out of stock, you may sign up for an email notification alerting you of when the product is available for sale.

Is there one product you didn’t need, but had to have and now it has become an indispensible tool in your toolbox? What is it, and why has it now become something you can’t live without? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. Our shop has closed as the owner retired. is the outfit that made the holsters for us. They are a great outfit, high quality at fair prices. Give them a call. Good luck, Steve

  2. I might have a problem with your attitud. First of you were extremely negative and got called out on it. You went down the list and talked junk about each one. I think the title says something like 5 things you don’t need! Ever seen that naked survival show? The harpoon would be handy in certain situations you know like the ones they hint at in the very brief summary. As a matter of fact I think they kind of give you reasons how or why you could justify buying any of the things you don’t need. Making fun of the 100% American made and no bullshit warranty of the Hi-Point gun I would have to agree with the other guy, you never shot one. They are a bit ugly and less refined but I got to test them several times and the bottom line is they work. I even out shot an expert such as your self during testing and he had a little over $3k in his Colt 1911. Now I own numerous guns and have been fortunate to test a plethora of others throughout my shooting career and there are some bad guns but Hi-Point isn’t one of them. I love Chevy’s but iI can admit Fordmakes damn good trucks too. As a matter of fact I try to buy American but Honda, Hyunda, Kia etc are great cars (not going to list them all) and worth looking over not just calling them pieces of crap like you arbitrarily said about the Hi-Point. Then when questioned about your attitude you then found something to try to soften or bitchiness and asked a question about the case that you made fun of. Then when you got called out on your ignorance you try and deflect by saying your a disabled vet and do any of us have a problem with that? I think you even emphasized it with 3 exclamation point. Your trying to say if any of us point out of ignorance or make fun of your complete stupidity not to recognize the point of the article somehow we are either un-American or have problems with the disabled or maybe both. GUESS WHAT no one challenged your patriotism only you obvious want to be a hating heel on a forum. Just relax, take a suppository and get the fecal matter and your head out of there.

    Opinions and sphincters everyone had one doesn’t mean we want to see our hear them all. Now if you have a legitimate comment like saying the handle on the (insert product name) has a weak spot and trying to cut /saw/harpoon /whittle etc causes it to break. Or a neat idea but instead of spending so much money on (insert) you could use the great product XYZ and just cut some foam so when are at the range you can use it like the product shown in the article and yet you still have a great food storage container or an airtight container which can be buried where I keep the Victoria Secret catalogs hidden from my mom. Now if you were to add value to a discussion such as that in which I have explained maybe we wouldn’t jump on your disabled veteran butt. But since you acted like a Jerk we treated you like one not because you defended our great country or because your in a wheelchair, on crutches, lost a limb etc, maybe you forgot to empty your colostomy bag. You just talked the crap, so you got it back. Next time don’t try to turn something in to something personal when is not just to try to hide it makes you look like a bigger (insert your own adjective) than you were being. Also next time we will probably be on your side when someone else makes uninformed comments and YOU call them or on i.

    Thank you for your service!!!

  3. LOL..I own 2 of the 5 products, the M48 Hawk Harpoon and the MTM mag can, can’t say I’ve actually used either one yet but I have them if ever I need them.

  4. Many dismiss the HiPoint line of firearms as junk because of the materials and finish. They have never fired one. When working at a Mom & Pop gun store, High Points were a top seller. Not everyone wants to spend much money on a firearm. Even though I would recommend layaway or saving up for a higher quality firearm.
    But the the HiPoints are reliable, simple guns. In over 4 years of selling them, I never had a return! More times than I can count people who purchased HighPoints would bring in their friends to purchase one. One of our local concealed carry instructors recommended HighPoints for his clients on a budget. He never had a missfire or a failure to feed as long as no one limp wristed the gun. I could not find good holsters for them until I found Idaho leather. They sent a Rep to our store for measurements. Within a month, I had high quality USA made inexpensive holsters for all calibers of HighPoints.
    We also sold tons of their carbines, because if low price, reliability and friends recommending them to their friends.
    Go poo poo if you like. But in my experiences. These inexpensive guns work!

    1. if you haves a functioning weapon then you need to practice and get proficient in accuracy and reloading under stress. one thing is for sure, if you shoot somebody it’s going to hurt and they don’t want to shot again and it doesn’t matter what caliber it is. if your weapon is reliable all you have to do is sight it in as close as possible but under combat you only have time to snap shoot and you can get damn good at this with practice. remember most shootings take place within 25 feet. so, who cares what brand of weapon you have, it will not do you a damn bit of good until you learn how to use it.

    2. Hey Steve, I agree with you. I have two Hi-Points a C9 and 45 and they work wonderful. Question for you about the holsters; what is your website? Because like you said it’s hard to find holsters for them.

  5. Secundius, why all the hate?? The article is spot-on, it’s just a bunch of cool stuff. I’ll be the first to admit it, just ask my little bride, if it looks cool, and has a use factor, I’m in!! LOL I admit, I just HAD to HAVE those MTM ammo cans…it was pretty much a waste, BUT you can take the deely-o out that holds the mags, and you still have a very good storage can!

    If nothing else, items like these make great yard sale things, or perfect barter items when TSHF!

    Sorry if you’re financially challenged Secundius…BTW Semper Fidelis!!

    1. @ AZArchangel55.

      I’m not piss-off about anything., I evaluated each product , as they were presented to me. And made my opinion known. For three-days, nobody said a thing. The somebody under the Handle of USMC2274, post a comment in a major negative way about my comments. A person, mind you I’ve heard from before, or ever talked too, before.
      He/she could have been more tactful in their delivery too their response, then jumping on my case. The only product I re-evaluated, was the MTM Ammo Box, becaused I’ve never seen it before. And when Oakspar commented on the product, I just wanted feedback from him/her about the product merits. That’s all! I buy for practical NEEDS, and not to stroke my own ego. I’m a disabled veteran, living comfortably, on limited means. Any problem with that!!!

    1. @ USMC2274

      Why don’t you loosen that Leather Stock from around you neck and allow some oxgenated blood flow too your brain, Jug.

      I don’t profess to be the knowledge of all wisdom. But, I sure I can hold my own against, that “sand slugging brain” of yours.

  6. I don’t get the point in taking a perfectly good MTM ammo can that nicely holds 24 AR15 mags (six across, four deep) and make it 15 (five across, three deep). If you were worried about rattle or scratching, exactly $0 would pad them with cardboard or a few dollars with something nicer.

    1. @ Oakspar.

      Never having use a MTM ammo can before. My assumption was is was too serve as a Range Box. Your stacking arrangement, is it better used with polymer or metal magazines.

    2. It doesnt matter, it works with both mags. Polymer mags arent going to get messed up, nor are standard GI mags which are meant to take abuse from being dropped, kicked, all the other stuff that happens while practicing or training. I agree its a good concept, but having MTM ammo cans, which I like them alot more than the metal cans as theyre alot lighter especially when filled, and they stack good and as long as your not planning on hurling them across a room which idk why you would they will hold up just fine. As I said, foam good idea, but when you can just stack the mags in there any which way and get 10 more mags or so in it, cmon thats a no brainer. And its not wasting ammo when you are training or practicing. I regular shoot on average atleast 300 rounds of ammo for handguns or rifles each time I go to the range. Like I said, if you’re truly practicing what you’ve been taught through training its not a waste. If you’re screwing around just plinking cans or shooting paper and not really focused on any plan or goals then yea you’re wasting good money on that ammo. Sorry to get off the subject of the article but I just had to comment on the “wasting” comment. But go ahead and check the MTM cans out, I dont think you’ll be disappointed at all. I store alot of ammo in those things and have never had 1 break or the seal go bad except once and it was a default that Cabela’s fixed very quickly for me. I do suggest just with regular mil cans in getting back up seals and keeping them slightly oiled so they dont dry out.

    3. @ Matt.

      No, yous misunderstood the question. My question was can you stack more Metal Magazines in the MTM Ammo Box, or more Polymer Magazines. Without the Foam-Padding Divider/Inserts.

    4. obviously if you remove the foam separators then you have more space to store whatever you want.

  7. 1. The Mk. 48 Hawk Harpoon. What possible reason would or can you have in carrying one. Get caught by the Police with it. Your looking at mug shot photos of yourself, fingerprints, interrogation, and just looking like a fool, to your friends and family.

    2. LaserLyte TGL Hi-Point Laser Sighting System. Why buy a Laser sighting system, for “A-Piece-of-Crap-Gun”.

    3. MTM Case-Gard Magazine Case. Well if I have nothing better to do then too waste 300 to 450-rounds a ammunition at the range all day. Or, put into a gun Large Stand-Up Gun Safe at home. As read reserve handy.

    4. Maxpedition Tactical Field Playing Cards. Well, maybe, if their not “Morale Cards” and have a functional value, like Survival Tips.

    5. HiViz. Mag-Sto Magazine Koozies. Who ever came up with this idea, REALLY, REALLY, need too have their head examined.

    1. @ JamesB.

      Obviously Not!!! Double Throwing Axe, yes. Towahawk, also, yes. And, a Liston Amputation Knive, made of Surgical Stainless Steel 14-inch lond w/8-inch blade. most definitely YES.

    2. Have you ever shoot a Hi-Point before? If not maybe you should do some research of them. You might be really impressed esp. when you see all the torture test people put them through just to see if the warranty is what it says it is. Personal thought on only weapon is; it’s not the cost of the weapon that matters, it’s the effectiveness of that weapon that matters.

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