6 New Firearms You Need to Check Out

CZ 805 Bren pistol

‘New’ might not be the most appropriate word, as some of these highly anticipated firearms were seen nearly a year ago at SHOT Show 2015. However, sometimes production on new firearms can be a little slow. Companies work out the kinks on production models or have trouble keeping up with demand on current models and release of new guns get delayed. Either way, Cheaper Than Dirt! finally has these six new(ish) firearms finally in stock and shipping!

CZ 805 Bren PS1 Pistol

CZ 805 Bren pistol
Chambered for .223 Remington and with an 11-inch barrel, the new Bren PS1 uses STANG magazines.

The CZ 805 Bren PS1 is a civilian-legal semiautomatic pistol based on the famed CZ 805 Bren machine gun. It is the first time CZ has made this model in a semiauto. Chambered for .223 Remington and with an 11-inch barrel, the new Bren PS1 uses STANG magazines. The one-piece upper receiver is constructed of aluminum and has a monolithic Picatinny rail. The 805 Bren PS1 has a nice two-stage trigger and an adjustable gas system.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

CZ 805 Bren PS1
Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 11 inches
Caliber .223 Remington
Overall Length 22.75 inches
Weight Unloaded 6.7 pounds
Sights Low profile adjustable
Grip Polymer
Capacity 30 rounds
Frame Aluminum
Price Starting at $1,751

SIG MPX-P Pistol

SIG MPX-P pistol
The MPX-P operates on a short stroke piston system and has an 8-inch barrel.

The SIG MPX was one of the most anticipated rifles of 2014 and shortly after its release, SIG introduced the SIG MPX-P—the 9mm semiauto pistol version designed to be used injunction with the Stabilizing Brace. The MPX-P operates on a short stroke piston system and has an 8-inch barrel. Many of the parts are compatible with standard aftermarket AR-15 parts including the trigger group and controls. It has flip-up sights, holds 30 rounds and easily converts to different calibers with an easy and quick barrel swap.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 8 inches
Caliber 9mm
Overall Length 16.45 inches
Weight Unloaded 5 pounds
Sights Locking flip-up
Capacity 30 rounds
Price Starting at $1,648

PTR Industries PTR 32 KFR Gen 2 Rifle

PTR 32 GEN 2 semiautomatic black rifle
This H&K G3 clone operates from the same type of action—roller lock delayed blowback—as the popular G3.

This H&K G3 clone operates from the same type of action—roller lock delayed blowback—as the popular G3. The PTR Industries PTR 32 Gen 2 is chambered for 7.62x39mm and uses AK-47 magazines. The PTR 32 Gen 2 has a 16-inch fluted, match-grade and tapered barrel. Many of the features of the rifle are reminiscent of the H&K, like the flash suppressor, fixed plastic buttstock, handguard and Navy-style polymer trigger group housing.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

PTR 32 KFR Gen 2
Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 16 inches
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Overall Length 39 inches
Weight Unloaded 9.5 pounds
Stock Fixed
Capacity 30 rounds
Price Starting at $970

Inland Manufacturing 1911A1 Pistol

Military-style clone 1911 pistol
Inland Manufacturing has started producing a clone of the time-honored piece—the classic World War II 1911A1 .45 ACP pistol.

Few manufactuers make a quality 1911 that is also affordable, so when a company produces a nice, reliable 1911 for less, it is worthy of mention and review. Inland Manufacturing has started producing a clone of the time-honored piece—the classic World War II 1911A1 .45 ACP pistol. Its exterior boosts all the classic details and styling of a G.I. 1911—vertical slide serrations, fixed combat sights, Parkarized finish, lanyard loop and plastic wood-looking grips. Internally, Inland Manufacturing has updated the 1911 by using modern 4100-series steels in its construction.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Inland Manufacturing 1911A1 Government Model
Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 5 inches
Caliber .45 ACP
Overall Length 8.5 inches
Weight Unloaded 39 ounces
Sights Military-style, drift adjustable rear
Grip Brown, checkered plastic
Capacity 7 rounds
Frame Parkerized 4100-series steel
Price Starting at $690

H&K P30SK Subcompact Pistol

Subcompact H&K 30SK pistol
The H&K P30SK includes interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels.

At the NRA Meetings and Exhibits this year, Heckler & Koch (H&K) revealed one of its smallest pistols yet—the subcompact P30SK. The P30SK shares all the same features as its full-sized namesakes the P30 and P30K, but comes in a much smaller, easier-to-conceal package. One of its main selling points is its completely adjustable grip. The H&K P30SK includes interchangeable backstraps and lateral grip panels that easily modify to any shooter’s hands and grip. The P30SK offers an automatic hammer and firing pin safeties, different trigger configurations, ambidextrous controls and has a Picatinny rail. The H&K P30SK is chambered in 9mm, holds 10 rounds and has a 3.27-inch barrel with 3-dot sights.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 3.27 inches
Caliber 9mm
Overall Height 4.57 inches
Overall Length 6.42 inches
Overall Width 1.37 inches
Weight Unloaded 23.99 ounces
Sights 3-dot
Grip Interchangeable backstrap and lateral grip panels
Capacity 10 rounds
Frame Fiber-reinforced polymer frame
Price Starting at $609

Armalite 3-Gun Rifle

Armalite 3-Gun competition AR-15 rifle
Armalite introduces new rifles ready to go from the factory designed specifically for beginner and professional 3-Gunners.

Armalite introduces new rifles ready to go from the factory designed specifically for beginner and professional 3-Gunners. Each rifle is outfitted with a tunable muzzle brake, adjustable gas system, free-floating handguard, Raptor ambidextrous charging handle, Luth-AR MBA-1 adjustable AR-15 buttstock and a 3-pound Timney trigger. The rifles are available in .5.56mm NATO/.223 Remington or 7.62x51mm/.308 Winchester, with an 18-inch or 13.5-inch (with welded muzzle brake) barrels.Click Here to Start Shopping Online at Cheaper Than Dirt

Armalite 3-Gun
Action Semiautomatic
Barrel Length 16 inches (13.5 inches with pinned muzzle brake) and 18 inches
Caliber .223 Wylde, 5.56mm NATO, 7.62mm NATO
Overall Length 35.5 inches extended 16-inch barrel, 40.5 inches extended 18-inch barrel, 41.5 inches 7.62 NATO
Weight Unloaded 6.6/8.9/7.8 pounds
Stock Luth MBA-1
Capacity 30 and 25 rounds
Receiver 7075-T6 aluminum upper and lower
Price Starting at $1,409


Which gun listed is on your must-have list? Share which one, and why, in the comment section.


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Comments (15)

  1. I agree with some here upon what’s the big deal of making bigger pistols and tricky weapons that are still non selective fire and in some cases are not as effecient as what we already have in our gun safes.
    Where is the technological advancements , we have a revolver with more than 5 rnds , and webare going back to slim less round semi auto belly guns. And we now must kick in hundreds
    more to get accurate copies of the pistols the
    manufacturer sold us just last year.
    We get fn gimmic and un practicle wespons such as 16 round shotguns we cannot hold to shoulder for but long enough to empty to get erightbdow so we hip girelike movie heroes..
    The funny guns such ss.223.and 7.62×39
    pistols that have been around for over 20 years but are new imprived BS.noe.
    WE GET RETRO PTR that isso fn outdated as to be on curio and relic listings. Becauseb nations discarded them years ago in favor of farr better
    and more accurate and reliable weapins..
    I looked at several firms offerings of 10/22 that cost from $300+_ to some completely decked
    max for just ovrr $4000, and whoooppee it gets sub .5″ @ 50 same as my hell ofbablot less costly at home done 24 year old 10/22.
    This is a natural trend as those with most bucks seem to buy on emotional and ego driven basis.
    It is the same process that drove originators out of familar andbfriendly wild west events so profeddoonals can make bucksbandvare likebsll gun rvents no morebthan advrrtialzrment of products.
    What wss once a fun casual shooting 3; gun competition now demands at minimum ann new Armalire made just for it. Andbracing hun pistols with special ammo.
    Same way as went the hundreds no make that thousands of indoor.small bore ranges as.the money boys found the keysbto advertizerd povket books and in moved payedproffesdionals that ndrive out family man and kids chances to compete on even economic levels.
    My buds kids olympic competition rifle 22 cal cost just over 3500 and her pistol (5 round) about the same.
    Quality ammp cost couple hundred bucks per week and a two or three day meet cost couple grand 250 00 entry fee for each level of event and if not in circuit pay to qualifyb, out fail and no money refund.
    Sorry but these staged for bucks contest are not sporting events they are high buck jigh toller buisness concrrns. Thst are not increasin gun
    participation other than in their own small circle.
    And thry detract from joe blows gun fun quotient and loss of range times being dedicatedv for groupys.
    Lot of bull about shooting spirts but hell even hunting for deer bear and elk you gotta have a
    lobg gun, scope and ammo that will kill at 800 and beyond forban animal thay dors not know hevis beinh hunted.
    Not hunting, that is just killing to be ableb to kill.
    Sorry but the blacl gumnners are now getting long of tooth and we are not growing and grooming enough seed corn, no matter the bull crap artist, in order to keep our gun traditions
    viable in future.
    I would love to see weapons makers turn attentionsbawsy from playing Audy Murphy to trainingvyoung shooters not just for competition for buckd but as IWas told ehen young,Those young men who learn the fivipline ofbthe gun will learn howbto ficiplinebthemdelves into being streighynshooters all their lives.

  2. I personally like the SRM 1216. I just got one, and it shoots anything I put through it, including ligher loads (short brass). It is strickly a scatter gun for home defense, as it has no rifling, but it can put some serious hurt downrange in a hurry. The four different chambers of the magazine allow you to hold four different loads….you merely rotate the mag to the shamber you want to shoot next, so it is possible to have 4 different loads in it. I, personally have one magazine loaded with slugs, one with birdshot (#8) one with OObuckshot, and one with non-lethal rubber balls. the chambers are marked as such, and it is stored with the 00buckshot chamber to load first.

  3. PTR is just minutes from my place . so I couldn’t help myself from buying one . it is a very nice 308 . I had it over a year and I shoot it a lot . no problems so far

  4. These are cool guns, but i have to wonder where the limit is. And by that I mean, where do all these new Gee Wiz guns end?

    All these non-selective fire SMG patterns and rifles are just something different to get us to buy something that really doesn’t do anything different than all the guns we already own. And how many different iterations of the 1911 can there possibly be?

    Sorry, no sour grapes here, but I guess I’m just a little jaded with all the M4/1911/SMG clones being produced these day.

  5. “The H&K P30SK is chambered in 9mm, holds 100 rounds”…

    Not that’s a hard conceal to be sure as the mag would surely print a bit 😉

    Seriously though, if not completely happy with my Glock 26 this would be the gun for CCW (I’m trying to withhold the temptation to buy despite this).

  6. Is it just my imagination, or is this a joke. Be it $666.00 or$689.94, while certainly less than a Colt , or Springfield Armory, this is not an inexpensively priced pistol. Though there will be many that disagree, Rock Island Armory offers 1911 A-1 clones for around $400.00. On the H&K P30SK, That’s a typo, right, on mag. capacity, 100 rounds? With a magazine extending a foot below the grip, it wouldn’t exactly be concealable. On a positive note, glad to see a G-3 in 7.62×39. Owned a clone in .308, due to it’s operating system, had a brutal recoil.

    1. Tool steel is tool steel. Mim is mim. That’s where the extra 200 is! Don’t know if it’s forged out not, if it is, I’m in!

    2. @ Andrew

      4100-series Steel, IS NOT “Tool Steel”. It’s Annealed Alloyed Steel, used most in Structural Framing. Tool Steel, has a Much Higher Carbon rating of about 90% or higher…

    3. Andrew, ‘tool steel’ is just a ploy by manufactures to justify the over priced weapons they produce. It is just another name for hardened steel. All reputable makers of 1911 clones use hardened steel in their weapons. This includes Rock Island Armory, Norinco and others. There are makers that use steel ‘uppers’ and aluminum and even ‘cast ‘lowers, and this practice has been going on for years and doesn’t diminish the quality of the weapon, but as far as I am aware all 1911’s are forged, regardless of maker. In most cases, you are paying for a name and that is where the extra $ 200- to even a $1,000 extra come in.

    4. Consider getting a better recoil buffer for the H&K G3 style guns. The PTR stock buffer honestly sucks, but with the right one is is the best .308 battle rifle for its price. I’m considering the new PTR definintely.

  7. @ CTD, Suzanne.

    Is that somebody’s attempt at Humor, or is that the Actual Price for the Inland Manufacturing M1911 Government Model .45ACP. $666.00 USD…

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