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$39 Million Settlement on Taurus Pistols; Nine Models may be Unsafe

Taurus PT-140PRO pistol that discharged when dropped

Taurus has suffered its share of haters—as every manufacturer does. Some complaints are valid and others are simply sour grapes, operator error, or blaming the gun when it was the ammunition selection that caused the problem. However, at times, designs are flawed and fail. Remington had its recall, as did Smith and Wesson in the last few years. While the Taurus Curve and Taurus Judge changed how many shooters defined a carry gun, the Taurus’ settlement will blemish nine other models—PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640 and PT-24/7.

In May 2015, Taurus agreed to a $39 million settlement that satisfies a class action lawsuit, which alleges that nine different models of Taurus handguns may discharge when dropped, even though the safety is engaged. Owners of any of the nine models have the option to return their handguns to Taurus for service, receive between $150 and $200 or training in handling the firearm.

The details of the settlement also extend the warranty of the identified models. This would allow Taurus’ technicians to make the necessary repairs or replacements as detailed in the lawsuit. Because as many as 1 million guns are subject to the lawsuit and returns, and judging from the lessons of previous recalls, Taurus owners returning their firearms may expect a delay of several months—which is still better than an unsafe safety.

Taurus PT-140PRO pistol that discharged when dropped
This image is allegedly the Taurus PT-140PRO that lead to the lawsuit.
Photo courtesy of Grandview Outdoors.

The Backstory

The process and lawsuit all began when a sheriff’s deputy from Iowa recalled dropping his Taurus PT-140PRO during a pursuit. The deputy’s sidearm discharged upon impact even though the safety was engaged. Upon inspection, it was noted that the spent case remained in the chamber. This in-and-of itself may or may not have been worthy of a legal challenge, especially if it was a defect and not a design flaw.

However, in the deputy’s September 2014 class-action lawsuit, he alleged that Taurus knew of the defect and failed to inform the public to the danger or attempt in any way to fix it. After the settlement, Taurus has not been found to be guilty of the allegation that it knew of the problem and has been forthcoming in urging the public to return any potentially affected handgun for prompt inspection and servicing.

Damning Details

According to the lawsuit, a few details were pretty damning. “Despite actual knowledge of the Safety Defects, Taurus has never remedied either Defect, has never issued an effective and complete warning to the public or recall of the Class Pistols and Taurus continues to falsely represent to the public that the Class Pistols are safe and reliable. In fact, Taurus is aware that individuals have been seriously injured as a result of the Safety Defects, and it is only a matter of time before more individuals are seriously injured or killed.” Other evidence went on to show Taurus was ordered to pay a $1.2 million to an Alabama man who was shot when his PT-111 dropped to the floor and discharged in 2009. The Sao Paulo, Brazil, police recalled its Taurus .40 caliber handguns after discovering the pistols could discharge with the safety engaged.

Good News?

Well, if you own a Curve, Judge or any model sans the nine listed, including any of the popular G2 models there is no evidence that you have anything to worry about. However, if you own any of the affected pistols (PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640 and PT-24/7) return it back to Taurus quickly and be safe.

What is your take on the settlement? Do you own a Taurus? What has your experience been like? Share your thoughts, experiences and tips in the comment section.


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  1. I’m just curious to see if anyone might know where a replacement magazine might be found for a 9mm first gen 24/7. It seems to me that if anyone has or had one of these models, there would be no reason to send those back so if the pistol is being replaced with a different model they might have magazines still, which they wish to turn loose of.

  2. I have a Taurus pt 140 pro 40 caliber I have had 30 years worth of experience with guns. But this gun when I went out to target practice it wouldn’t hit anything I shot at and I didn’t know where the bullets went to. My husband put new sites on the gun didn’t help either.slide was very sloppy to the frame barrell moved around this gun is very dangerous I sent the gun back to taurus .

  3. Anyone sending in their gun is a moron unless there is an actual problem with it. Good luck getting it back. A gun is only as safe as the person who handles it. How would anyone know if their gun fires with the safety on? Why in the world would you be pulling the trigger? So, I took my pistols form the list and tried this with an empty chamber. Nothing. Would not fire.
    Also, the videos that have surfaced on the net are misleading. In one, a guy shakes a Taurus pistol and it fires. Um, it’s obvious the gun has had modifications. It wasn’t a police issued gun either, it was a confiscated gun from a criminal. See, how stupid rumors get started? No facts, just a short video with no proof of anything. The other ‘drop’ test had modified guns in it too. As an owner of one of a 1st gen millennium pt111 I can tell you that the trigger is stiff as a board and will not move even with the safety off. The 1st gen is a TRUE DAO trigger. Long hard pull for every shot. In the video it goes all the way back with zero tension when dropped. Yeah right. I think a lot of the comments on all this are over inflated and mostly fabricated by haters and trolls. Only if any of my Taurus pistols fired without me pulling the trigger or fired multiple times with one trigger pull would I see a problem. I own 7 Taurus pistols currently. Shoot any of them any day over my Glocks or any other higher price autos I own.

    Too many people jumping on the bandwagon to bash Taurus. But, whatever. I’m not promoting their pistols in any way or saying the are superior in any way. But the ones I own work quite well and have great ergonomics. No failures of any kind. Shoot what you want and leave the trash talking to the low life internet trolls.

    1. James,

      The first handgun I ever owned was a PT-24/7, and it discharges when the de-cocker is used. The block that is supposed to stop the striker from travelling forward does not come up far enough to stop the striker; the striker simply rides over the top if it. Just as in the anecdote provided by the deputy, the slide remains closed, and the empty casing remains in the chamber.

      Taurus knew that the design was unsafe, but because they’re in Brazil, and American lives aren’t a priority to them, they did nothing to address the situation. If you want a quality firearm, why would you look to a company that produces low-quality copies of everyone else’s designs? Personally, I believe that my life is worth more that the $250 difference between a Glock and a Taurus.

  4. my understanding is someone filed an exception to the ruling and it will be decided before Taurus acts. the website has not responded yet to my message.

    1. So who knows when we will see our guns again…I’m wondering it it’s going to take a law suit of all the people who have guns currently in with Taurus to get them back or the new guns they originally promised.

      Start a law suit against Taurus of all of the people that Taurus has held guns for a year or more and sue Taurus for the loss of time and the depreciation value of the guns while they were being held hostage. Or better yet sue them for the actual purchase price of each gun.

      It seems to be the only thing Taurus responds to.

    1. Ok, that is odd…My understanding was that the settlement was going to be in front of the judge on July 15th.

      All that was left was tfor the judge to essentially sign it and then it was done.

      This whole thing is really starting to SMELL BADLY. Now I’m beginning to wonder IF I’ll get my gun back in ANY condition.

    2. Ok, just read it and I had my dates mixed up. It was July 18th…and the judge signed it on the 22nd… Below is the whole document…So there is one appeal…I wonder if that is TAURUS appealing it further delaying the necessary action for them to take. The sad thing is TAURUS KNEW this was a problem for YEARS and did nothing.

      Taurus Class Action
      Carter v. Forjas Taurus, S.A., et al.
      The Fairness Hearing for the settlement was held on July 18, 2016. After reviewing the fairness of the settlement the judge signed the final order on July 22, 216. Under the law, those who filed objections have 30 days to file an appeal. To date, at least one appeal has been filed. The claims filing period cannot begin until after this appeals process concludes. Class members who want to apply for the extended warranty or a cash payment are advised to continue checking this website, which will be updated as information becomes available.

      If you own one or more of the following “Class Pistols” : PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT- 609; PT-640; and PT-24/7 pistols (including the “PRO” series of each of these models), you may be entitled to the settlement benefits below. The settlement does not include Taurus G2 model pistols.

      Settlement Payment Option – Settlement Class Members may elect to return their Class Pistol to the Taurus Companies and receive a payment of up to $200 per Class Pistol.
      Enhanced Warranty – The Taurus Companies agree to modify their existing warranty for all Class Pistols to allow any owner to submit a warranty claim at any time.
      The Class Pistol will be inspected by the Taurus Companies at no cost and repaired or replaced with no requirement that you prove the pistol is defective.
      The Taurus Companies will pay all costs associated with this enhanced warranty, including but not limited to the cost of shipping to and from the Taurus Companies and the cost to inspect the Class Pistol.
      You should anticipate a minimum three week turn-around if returning a Class Pistol for it to be repaired or replaced.
      No repair for the alleged safety defects is currently available, so pistols returned under this option will be replaced with a comparable Taurus G2 (or similar) model pistol at this time. You can receive a replacement pistol only if applicable law permits the shipping of a replacement pistol to your state and municipality.
      If Taurus develops a repair, it can repair rather than replace Class Pistols.
      Safety Training – The Taurus Companies have produced special and particularized safety training addressing the operation and handling of class pistols.
      United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida Case No. 1:13-cv-24583-PAS

      This website is authorized by the Court, supervised by counsel and controlled by Heffler Claims, the Claims Administrator approved by the Court. This is the only authorized website for this case.

      For more information please call 1-844-528-0180

  5. I was told a similar story to that of Joe’s, but with some differences.

    I rang Taurus on/about 3 August. The clown I spoke with informed me that my gun was to be repaired. I enquired as to why that wasn’t said/done in the beginning; he said it was due to the litigation.

    I asked this dope when I might get my gun back. He told me the firearms would be repaired on a schedule according to when Taurus received them.

    He then stated my gun, in his opinion, should be one of the first repaired because he had not seen one with an entry date prior to when mine was received……over a year ago. Said he’d seen a couple recorded in August 2015, but mine, showing an entry date in July, was the oldest one he had come across. Though he still wouldn’t/couldn’t give me an ETA on when I would be reacquainted with my PT-145.

    In my estimation this has been a scam from the start. The only part I believe of what that screwball told me is what he said about “litigation.”

    I don’t believe for a minute Taurus EVER intended to replace our firearms. This has been a delaying tactic from the start to get the lawyers on both sides to come to an agreement whereby the firearms could be repaired, to THEIR satisfaction.

    If the guns are repaired this is a losing situation for most of us. I can’t in good conscience sell to an unknowing person what Taurus sends back, and I’m damn sure not going to trust it to save my life. I suppose I’ll plug the barrel and use it as a paperweight.

  6. Ok it’s now August. I have been told that I may or may not be receiving a new 24/7 compact. They may choose to fix the gun I sent in because it was dangerious.

    It has been over a year and I’m being told another 3 to 6 months. They have no idea where I am on the list. No idea when I can expext to see my gun.

    So they will likely have it for a year and a half before I see what ever it is that they plan to send back to me.

    I am so aggrivated with Taurus I can not begin to explain. When you call or chat all you get is the company line and it sounds so phony it’s even more infuriating, like the say it 500 times a day which they probably do.

    I’m wondering how long Jessie Duff will be with Taurus. If I was a world class shooter I would not want to be associated with a company like Taurus. I’m just a consumer and don’t want to be associated with a company like Taurus.

    They are treating paying customers like the weapons they produced SCRAP minus the S.

  7. I think They can’t supply the gun shops and replace the faulty guns at the same time.That means the guns sold first will take forever to replace. The people who selected to be paid are probably stuck also. what are they doing as far as the extended warranty? I have 6 guns that should be covered under that extended warranty and would be scared to send them in for repairs. Timeliness should have been an issue in that law suit.

  8. I don’t know about your model. my pt145 is on the list, but tautus keeps telling me they deny any problems. I have written them a letter and contacted my congess woman in this matter, they get 2 more weeks and I will contact lawyers

  9. does anybody know if:
    1 – does this refer to all models of the PT-609 (i have a pt-609 police 9mm)?
    2 – is the recall global or only in the US?

  10. Taurus is just like any other company that promise you benefits if you purchase product. There is no more pride in performance in what they sell. It’s like any other insurance coverage with the fine print. All talk and no action. I no longer will support or brag about any firearm made or sold.

  11. Similar story: My PT-145 was received by Taurus in July 2015. I agreed to a G2 24/7 full size in 45 ACP.

    Too many calls to Taurus to count, but I’m always told the gun is on back-order. Taurus has on 3-4 occasions offered to replace my gun with 1 of 2 models I don’t want.

    In response to your last sentence: 1) I’m unconvinced we will ever get replacements; 2) there is no “may” in what I intend to do. If I ever get a replacement gun, I’m definitely going to sell it, unfired, to anyone who will buy it. I say “unfired” because if I did fire the weapon and learned it too was a piece of crap, I couldn’t ethically or morally sell it to an unsuspecting person for anything other than scrap.

  12. Returned my gun (PT145) per Taurus’ instructions beginning of August. Received a letter stating they have received my gun approx one week later. Was called in September and told that they will not be fixing my gun but will replace it with a 24/7 G2 .45 Compact Stainless. It too two calls and several re faxes and email by by FFL before Taurus acknowledged that they have my FFL’s info.

    Called in October to find out where my gun is. Was then told about the 4 to 6 month wait. But they had the wrong gun. They were going to send me a full size blue gun when I sent them and agreed upon the compact stainless. Got that sorted out…

    Fast forward…It’s the middle of MAY still no gun and still being told 4 – 6 Months…Somebody at Taurus should learn to read a calendar.

    Sent a letter to the CEO of Taurus’ Fla division. No response there either.

    After I get this thing back I may just sell it and buy a different gun from a Company I can trust.

  13. The Taurus, Model 1-111031 sent to Taurus has taken 23 weeks for replacement. Taurus has agreed to replace this automatic pistol, with 2 magazines and pay the FFL transfer charge for the new/replacement weapon.

  14. I have a 24/7 Pro that I bought back in 2010 for about $500. After learning of this recall, I think its downright wrong for Taurus to buyback recalled firearms for only $150-200. That price wouldnt even begin to cover the replacement cost, and I dont want a Gen2.

    I dont think I will be buying anymore Taurus firearms from here on.

  15. Sent mine in per recall instruction in 1st week of August, received a letter stating it was received please allow “6 weeks to process”. Fast forward to Oct 21st, Taurus repair status website inoperative. Chat on line to Fran tells me to send an FFL for a replacement that will take 4-6 more months. They could have called, they could have emailed, customer rep even told me to hold while she helped another customer. This whole experience is just wrong. I wouldn’t recommend doing business with this dealer….EVER!!!

    1. I have several Taurus handguns with a 24/7 OSS Tactical being among them (in fact, this is a close second to my PT-92 in terms of my particular favorite). It’s too bad about the recall as my 24/7 is a very nice full-size range gun built for serious Military use…In fact, this was the exact model submitted by Taurus in 2005 to U.S. Special Operations Command conducting trials for procurement of a new service pistol. Of course, the Government quashed the process thereby keeping the Beretta M9 indefinitely in service and indeed here we are some fifteen years later…

      BTW, regardless of what make or model I may have and what the respective vendor may purport relative to dropping said weapon on floor, I treat each and every gun I have as if it will go BANG if and when I should accidently drop…These “warnings and or recalls” are not too uncommon as can be seen here in the following link which speaks, for example, to the infamous Colt Recall due to same problem of accidental discharge if one of their .380 models were dropped…Bottom line is that we are carrying about our person miniature explosive devices and we should all treat them as such accordingly–thankfully most of us are intelligent and treat our firearms accordingly–hence, the infrequency of actual documented incidents/cases:

  16. I would rather Taurus buy back my weapon then allow me to carry one that might hurt me or kill someone by accident !!
    I have a new Taurus PT92 AF it is not my CCW weapon that would be the
    PT-111 Millennium I would much rather carry however I am going to carry the Pt 92 from now on as a full size carry because I don’t trust the 111 not to discharge if dropped ~I would much rather return the 111 for a full refund then be without it for any time and with over 1 million weapons expected to be sent to the company it could be months before we get them back NO Thank you

  17. This Taurus, Model 1-111031 owner contacted Taurus. At first they disavowed any recall, but then agreed to inspect and repair this pistol. Taurus provided a receipt for the pistol, which was shipped to them, and estimated that the inspection/repair would take 6 weeks. After six weeks passed, this owner called Taurus Customer Service about the work’s status. Taurus then stated that they “…have no ETA on doing any work on the Taurus, Model 1-111031 pistol” Therefor, Taurus is stonewalling this subject recall effort.

    1. I have a feeling that stalling will become part of a everyday action on their part. Six weeks is a very long time. I would hate to lose my three firearms and not know the status for that long.

  18. I’ve been following this string for many weeks now. I STILL do not see Taurus owning up to a problem but Taurus Lawyers dodging responsibility.

    Taurus: I own six different Taurus pistol models, I’ve not had any problem, yet. BUT with this type of customer support (controlled by your lawyers) – I’ve decided that I will no longer buy Taurus. If I must keep an empty pipe, for safety, of my concealed carrier – it will only get me killed.

  19. At this point I don’t know what to do. I can carry without a loaded chamber as I was trained to many years ago. I wish taurus would come out and say what they will do about these firearms

  20. Jason, thank you for that information, please keep us posted on this matter. I stopped carrying my Taurus millennium pt145 serial number NUI 90965, model number 1-145031 due to hearing this. carrying a gun without a round in the chamber is kind of pointless, I went back to my 1911.

  21. Purchased my Taurus 24/7 PRO DS 9mm in August 2008. Never had any problems. Put approximately 4,000 rds through it; no jams, no issues. Never had it modified in anyway, never dismantled it beyond manufacturer recommendations. February 2014, gun fell out of my holster, landed muzzle-up between my legs and under my chin. First rule of a falling gun? DON’T grab for it. I cringed as it was air bourne…. When it hit the ground, it discharged a round passing through my right tibia, essentially exploding it… Law suit against Taurus is still pending… AND guess what? I’m not the only one this has happened to. At least 11 others that have received injury, and one DEATH. Good weapons EXCEPT they are not drop safe, which the manual claims they are, AND Taurus won’t take appropriate actions for their unsafe firearms. Are YOU carrying a round in your Taurus chamber? I wouldn’t. 45 degrees would have put a bullet through my chin and brain matter…

  22. I gave the guy I talked to at Taurus all of my information including my serial number, but he was really rude and told me I had to wait until the lawsuit was finished. I was just wondering if anyone has heard the outcome of the lawsuit yet.

  23. I believe it’s still “fluid” and no final announcement has been made…Like you, I’ve not heard of a single Taurus reported incident outside of the one cited in this case where the deputy dropped his firearm on the concrete…I think it might be challenged.

  24. sandstone fur co. is out of business so returning it is out of the question. as far as I am concerned they can buy it back, and I doubt I ever buy another Taurus product ever again.

    1. Taurus informed my moments ago, by online chat, that it has all the necessary info to send my replacement firearm. My original gun was a PT145 Millennium Pro, and the replacement is supposed to be a 24/7 G245ss.

      The peculiar circumstances surrounding my situation, detailed in an earlier post by me, leave me not knowing why, exactly, my gun was chosen to be replaced. It could be because of a recall, or it could be because once Taurus received my gun it was determined there was more wrong with it than a faulty recoil spring. I have suspicions it’s the recall, but that could be a jump.

      I can factually say that when I first contacted Taurus about purchasing a new recoil spring, it seemed Taurus wanted the gun back as soon as I supplied the serial number. Go figure!

    2. Hey Mike,
      It seems that your suggesting the possibility that there may be issues above and beyond the stated recall which the may wish to take care of quietly as determined by there reaction to you request for parts and the serial number or you platform.
      Am I reading that right or reading to much into it??

    3. Your conclusions are spot on. I cannot state with 100% certainty why Taurus chose to replace my gun. It could be the recall, or it could be that Taurus determined, by the serial number, that my firearm fell within a range of units that were flawed.

      What is odd to me is that Taurus paid for the return shipping of my firearm. It has almost always been incumbent upon me, the Firearm’s owner, to get a firearm to a service center or back to the manufacturer for warranty repairs. The only exceptions to this for me have been for safety recalls, where Ruger and Springfield Armory paid the return shipping.

      It should be noted that my case started several days prior to my learning of the recall through this blog. I initially rang Taurus to purchase a new recoil spring. Taurus refused to sell one to me, said it had to be fitted to the gun; therefore, the gun had to be sent back to Taurus, and I was promptly sent a PREPAID shipping label for FedEx.

      This to me is another oddity: These guns are mass-produced, so I can’t envision WHY a recoil spring had to be “fitted” to the firearm. Perhaps with this firearm it’s true, and I’m no gunsmith, but it can’t be for installation reasons: We all routinely remove recoil springs with general field stripping of our semi-automatics.

  25. I own a Taurus pt145, after calling Taurus they are denying any problems. has anyone heard anything concrete on these ?

    1. I have the same gun: serial # NDN42404. Taurus is replacing mine, or so I’ve been told. The store where I purchased the firearm, Academy, appears to be aware of the recall. That I got from speaking with a store employee yesterday, 6 September.

      But, factually, NO, I don’t know of anything concrete. What I can attest to is what I’ve derived from this blog, and from an Academy employee yesterday. However, judging from the comments on this blog, this seems to be a hit-or-miss proposition for Taurus owners.

    2. sometime ago Taurus had returned my call. I told them of the many Automatics I have, there is no problems with them. The Taurus Representative advised me that I could send My weapon in and they would check it out for me. I have dropped my PT145 a few times a it has not discharged. I still think my firearms are safe and functional

  26. I was told that the court thing was not finalized. They said I could send my guns in for a safety check . I turned them down because my guns are fine and I never had any problems with them.

  27. I am leary of the Taurus pocket guns and prefer Baretta or Ruger instead. The Taurus’s did poorly in test developing issues with jamming due to problems with the ejectors and misfires because of firing pin issues. I carry a Ruger 9E which is a flawless full frame weapon and one I depend on everyday. As far as pocket guns, the Baretta nano 9, or the Ruger LC9 are weapons of good quality and very dependable. The Taurus settlement is reminiscent of Colt’s .380 Mustang back in the 80’s, seems Colt left out a spring and a retainer, which caused the gun to fire prematurely if dropped or jarred just right. Unlike Taurus, Colt never offered a monetary refund, but did agree to send gun owners the missing part with instructions on how to install also included was a “Safety warning!”

    1. @Johnny
      Kudos as your comment is the most intelligent and thought provoking in this entire thread…Not to use the proverbial “broad-brush” but it sickens me nowadays how few people actually read and or (God Forbid) actually take the time to “research” anything much less a fluid case like Taurus and the recently released litigation records. Your Colt example was spot on and not something one would know about unless he or she actually read stuff instead of always seeking information via Twitter, FB social media in general.

  28. I have been researching and have found out the 4 guns I own may have or develop safety issues. I really like them and i am glad of the information I gathered from the spanish channels on U Tube. i am waiting for a response from Taurus on what is the next step. I am not going to take a lost, when my pistols called me more than they offer to pay. Two have not been fired. i hope they make an offer this week.

  29. I have the model above how do I apply to either, MY pt145 COAST more than $200.00 ——they do not answer the tech line . Sooooo what do I do?????

    1. @lease you got someone/ I tried for a few days then started pushing buttons and I lucked out and got the security Dept.(said that was who he was) and I was hurrahing them and they had done away with the service dept . I do not know and all I wanted to know is what sights size I needed for the dove tail front sight . So I have sold off all my pistols except for my pt145 and will hold on it for a while to see what develops with this my XDS WORKS EXTREMELY WELL .

  30. I have a Taurus PT 145.I want to return it before something happens. Does anyone know the address or how to get form to fill out? I want to make sure how to go about it before I send it. Thanks.

  31. I had no problem contacting Taurus. I went to facebook and they responded to my message in two days, request my serial numbers and phone number. Just their messager to contact them, it’s better than trying to call them on the phone

  32. Taurus pistols subject to the defects include the PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640; and PT-24/7.

  33. I own a g2 40 caliber and love it. I have put over 400 rounds through it wit no issues at all. I will be purchasing a g2 9mm next.

  34. I have the Judge & have sent it back to them several times… as a matter of fact it has been sent back to the factory as of ladt week. Each time they state there is nothing wrong w the gun. So this time i went through a gunsmith & the metal of the extractor is chipping away.

  35. The only Taurus’s I’ve ever owned have been revolvers. Which includes a Bull in .454 CS that is one of my north bush country sidearms. There a good company and will fix this issue. I can’t think of a firearms company that hasn’t had a recall at one time or another. How about we just let this one go, let them take care of it and move on.

  36. I owned two Taurus Handguns in the past,one was the PT-101 .40 cal the other a PT-145 Millenium .45 cal, and i had safety issues with both,the PT-145 would fire with safety on if trigger was depressed ever so lightly prior to safety engage and the PT 101 once discharged while cycling a round into chamber.I have long since sold these and moved on from Taurus firearms,i bought them based on price back then,now i would rather spend the extra for a better quality firearm.

  37. I have a Taurus PT 709, have never had a misfire, Jam, ejection problem, or any safety problems.. It fires my handloads, HP, solid nose, anything i put in it.. soooooo,, I really like my Taurus 9MM.. Go figure..

  38. I have a Taurus Judge “Public Defender” and have had no problems with it. I rarely fire .410 cartridges, but stick with the .45 Colt, which I prefer. The .410 is a little scary with buckshot, as you may hit your target with one or more shot, but miss with another and strike something o someone who doesn’t deserve it! For a “snake gun” in the woods, birdshot is a nice thing to have. I only wish it had a bit longer barrel! I have wondered if I could get a longer barrel put on it.

  39. Well I own a Taurus of those listed a PT24/7 G2C .45ACP and I have dropped mine but have yet to have problems from it I have squeezed the hell out the trigger with the safety on and nvr discharged.Any weapon when dropped hard enough on a hard surface has the possibility of discharging but I love my Taurus it’s nvr let me down I’m not saying there ain’t a defect cuz things happen but sometimes ppl get careless and accidents happen but again not day there ain’t a defect

  40. The Taurus service phone # is 800-327-3776. When I contacted them and referenced this recall and this article, the Taurus employee told me that the recall referenced here is not accurate and that there is no current recall on any Taurus handguns. She did offer to have me send in my PT-111 for service under the lifetime warranty, but I declined.

  41. Own SEVERAL Taurus handguns. NEVER had a problem or issue with ANY of them. But then, I do not go around dropping my handguns on the floor or pavement either. Sounds like a defect with the handlers and NOT the handguns?

  42. my neighbor has a PT-738 and while we were at the range trying it out, we found that when you squeezed the trigger nothing would happen, but sometimes when you let off of the trigger it would fire, they are in the process of returning it, but this is definitely a serious problem!

  43. I called Taurus International and they will not discuss anything about this case. They said that there is no recall and if you want to know the details of the case you can read the court records. They only say that if you experience any problems with your gun you can send it in under the lifetime warranty.

  44. I have a Taurus PT-111 Millennium 9mm. I’ve never dropped it so I don’t know if has the specified defect. Sometimes when the slide is locked back, slapping the new loaded magazine will release the slide. It doesn’t fire when that happens but it does load a round into the chamber, so have to watch out for that. It has happened three or times times since purchasing it new several years ago.

  45. I have pt111 9mms that has discharged when it was dropped while on a four wheeler with the safety on luckily no one was hit because there was 10-12 people around. I have contacted Taurus about the trigger and told them it was not safe. I’ve also found it will not fire monarch shells . I squeeze the trigger 5-6 times before it will fire but fire fine through other nines. Always thought this gun was garbage I got it from a buddy real cheap cause he had tickets to pay and leave it in my truck so if it gets scratched or whatever its not a big deal. Anyway first and last taurus.

  46. Well, I love my 24/7s, now I hate to “send” them anywhere. Can any qualified gunsmith make the safety upgrades or Is it a “Taurus” thang only?

    1. If you can find a gunsmith that will work on one. I have two gunsmiths, one for my 1911s and another for my Berettas and neither one of them will work on or even allow a Taurus in their shops. You might say I’m bashing Taurus but I actually own three. I just figured it would be worth less hassle then having to send them back to Taurus because after a year you have to pay for shipping to them but they will pay for the return shipping. I would say it’s a Taurus thing only because nobody wants to deal with the liability of a gun that can just randomly go off. You don’t have to drop the gun for it to go off. You can change the subtitles to English and later on in the video you will see it shoot
      That kind of makes the whole he has a thin string on the trigger argument moot. Sell them back to Taurus and buy something else. Keep them and if something happens you get sued and lose everything.

  47. I am relieved to see the Taurus “Raging Judge Magnum” w/ 6-1/2″ barrel, is not among those listed for Re-call…I love this 7-shot revolver, having 1 extra above a normal 6-shooter.

  48. I have never had any problems with Taurus wethrr from South of Bordrr or made im USA.
    40 years sgo yhey made chep but servicible weapons and now today thry produce world class weapons out of some of worlds best steel and usimg newestvji-tech milling procedures.
    Perhaps.some of you gun smiths would like to point out how.many small arms manufacuring firms, including expensive shotguns, use parts
    made with Taurus Tooling
    I have older Taurus 100 in 40 tjat must have close tp 8500 rounds through it; At around 300 had major caused by poor lot of S&B 40 Hp.
    Sent to Taurud with special delivery of remsining ammo, thst was found some were.double powder well almod that is, far more than any 40 semi of time was dedigned to fire. Weapon returned tunrd to a fine.hsir and pic of excess powdrr charge.
    I have no perdonal knowledge of Taurus failures and their older S&W cloned and newest 66 series 357 are tack drivers.
    Well they eere when I could still see the tacks.

  49. Taurus typically makes very good guns for the money, they are reliable and work well. It is interesting that everybody is complaining about a so called defect, that only may occur when the firearm is blatantly mishandled. I mean, I crashed my car into the wall, and now it doesn’t run right, damn Hondas. As far as safety is concerned, Taurus for the last 7 to 8 years has been incorporating a small key locking mechanism into all their handguns, has any other manufacturer been doing that, no nobody else. And all the haters who act like Taurus is only concerned about profit when they sell their 709 for $300, while a pocket Kimber, Colt, Para, or Walther, will cost you $700 to $900, which manufacture is really after more of your money. I’m not saying that design mistakes aren’t made, but so far to date this design flaw hasn’t killed anybody. It’s interesting that this article in no way has mentioned the design flaw of the Remington 700 series, which persisted for more than 50 years, and was responsible for at least 25 deaths. It seems to me Taurus has been made aware of the problem, and they are attempting to correct it, which is better than most.

  50. Taurus makes some fine firearms and I have many of them. Just like Remington and a few other companies, they get backed up into issues about firearm safety. Modern crybaby customers want computer operated firearms so they won’t break their finger nails. They dream about personal protecting, having never fought for their lives anywhere on earth. Having a lifetime warranty and a way to have your weapon repaired is a plus. Dropping and not handling it with care is not a manufactures problem . Life should be softer for those who can’t understand that.

  51. Well I must be a lucky human being as I have owned many taurus hand guns (+10)and the only problem I have ever had was a 24/7 G2 I purchased was supposed to have Two magazines and it only had one in the box. I called taurus and within a week I had not only one magazine shipped to me but they GAVE me an extra mag to boot..
    I know that many manufactures during different periods of history have cut corners, used manufacturing equipment longer than they should have without servicing, which caused problems, change CS policies and procedures because of managements desire to make more $$, and it has bitten some in the arse more than others. Taurus not excluded. Taurus has come a long way toward trying to be a better and more competitive firearm manufacture, they have made mistakes, like S&W, Colt, Ruger, Springfield, and many others . but I can say at this time my experiences with Taurus CS and their firearms have been completely acceptable. It’s a shame that taurus handled this problem the way they did. and it will probably be many many years (maybe decades) before this stops effecting the public’s perception.
    I will continue to inspect all firearms thoroughly before purchasing and will not let this keep me from buying a Taurus made weapon in the future.
    Besides EVERY GUN manufacture Every Instructor will tell you Not to solely rely on a weapons safety, IT DOES NOT REPLACE THE NEED FOR THE SAFE HANDLING OF WEAPONS.

  52. How do I contact Taurus. I have a 145 millennium.
    I purchased from a private party years ago and have no “papers”.

  53. This story does not surprise me in the least. Taurus cares about one thing-getting your money. They have the worst customer service I have ever encountered, in ANY business. I sent a bad magazine back to them for repair or replacement in accordance with their warranty. ( PT-22, I was the original owner) Luckily I had it signed for, as they claimed they never got it. I asked if the person who had signed still worked there, and they said “Yes”. They continued to treat me like I was a thief, so I asked to speak to the Supervisor. I explained the story to him and got the EXACT same treatment. I informed him it would be my last Taurus, and he replied “I don’t care”. After reading other posts through the years, I see I’m not the only person they treated this way. If you own a Taurus, and have to use the warranty, make sure you insure / get a signature for the part / gun you send in, they will try to screw you.

  54. OK, forget first question, should have read the top half first. Anyway I own an older model Millennium PT 111 without the built in L wrench safety system and I own a Judge 45/410 Now what? Hello? Also one other a 357 Mag with the safety L wrench safety system. What happens next, do I drop them on the floor in front of the ex wife LOL don’t leave us customers hanging.

  55. Do we wait to be contacted by Taurus, I registered with them, they are aware I own pt145. I have no problem returned weapon, having it repaired, and grabbing monies…as it is not the only personal care I own. Or is on owner to be aware of recall and contacting Taurus?

  56. So if Taurus agreed to the $ 39 million dollar settlement in May 0f 2015, does that mean that they will not appeal and tie it up in the courts for years ? I own a PT 24/7 – first generation.

  57. This is why I favor the revolver over the SA, they don’t jam, you always have one in the chamber, and most importantly I don’t drop my gun! I have a Taurus ultra lite .38 with 2″ ported barrel, which I carry, and it is the sweetest gun to have! I also have a Taurus .357 8 round revolver with ported barrel and everyone, including females, are always trying to get it from me! I love revolvers!

  58. I carried the M&P Shield until i got the 111 G2 and love it, im not a taurus fan but i have one for myself and one for my wife and trust it everyday with my life!

  59. I have a PT140 Millennium of unknown age to me. Have fired about 500 rounds with no problems. But have the same question concerning the decocker making it a double action weapon. It isn’t my carry weapon because of the weight. When I carried it, it always had a round in the chamber, otherwise it was just an unloaded gun- momentarily USELESS.

  60. I see PT-111 Millennium mentioned, but what about the earlier SS PT-111? I have been told it is not the same gun! If yes, who & how do I proceed?

  61. Wow – first I’m hearing of this (Aug 2015!) and my PT145 Mil Pro has been back to Taurus twice. My first problem was that it kept dropping the magazine. It still does occasionally – I have to constantly check it. The their were the trigger issues – internal parts breaking, trigger locking up then slide could not cycle. I couldn’t bear to sell it to someone. Now I guess I can just send it back for good. I love the size. It is the smallest 11 round 45ACP made but fits my hand well, is very accurate and conceals easily. It’s been a love/hate relationship though. Time to let go and move on. BTW the 24/7 G2 trigger is HORRIBLE!

  62. OK we get that most of you own guns, but how is your comment relevant to this article?

    Now what is needed is the process of getting an affected gun returned/fixed!
    How does anyone get their listed ‘recall’ gun fixed – I see NO info/page on the Taurus web site or even acknowledgement of any recall. I see NO link(s) in the article or any posts.

    As noted – I’m amazed some here can carry ‘legally’, when their post(s) renders no substance to the string except to fan their ego.

  63. I may or may not send mine in. I use it as a home/desk side arm so it isn’t likely I will be dropping it. However, it is a nice shooting pistol, I hit quite well with it. I will probably contact Taurus and see what the prognosticated wait period will be.

  64. I just went on the TaurusUSA website to find out how to return my PT 111 Pro Millennium and there is nothing I can find there relating to the recall. I guess they don’t really care about their customers. I like mine, it is comfortable to carry. I don’t think I will return it, just handle it safely.

  65. Not surprising. I had a PT709 Slim go fully automatic. I did send it back to Taurus for repair. It took a long time for them to repair it. When I got it back, I sold it. I just couldn’t trust it for a CCW.

  66. I’ve read the pt-111 g-2s or for that matter all g2s are excluded fro the recall, anyone know of this is the case. That being said I love my pt111 I find it accurate fun to shoot and comfortable in the hand.

  67. With Taurus’ horrible customer service, I say take any monies you can get and get a real gun. Especially if this is the only gun you own. From what I’ve heard it already takes months to get your gun back even absent the recall, and with so many defective guns to correct It will be years before you get yours back.

  68. Taurus should fire their lawyer and appeal that ruling. Any trained Officer would not lose control of his weapon in that manner. I know of no Department that even issues them. All firearms warn you about your carry and gun control. As I have said before Colt was sued because someone was hurt from a dropped 1911. this has alway been a problem with people who don’t train enough to understand what they are doing

    1. I totally agree with James. I used to own a Taurus 24/7 9mm and had no problems at all with it. However I will say that when I took it to a gun show in Little Rock I found several dealers there did not want a Taurus as trade in on anything they had. I sold it to an another shopper to buy a Glock I9 gen4 that I wanted.

    2. I totally disagree with James , all the training in the world wont stop accidents from happening.
      Remember murphys law that states “if it can happen it will”
      Are you trying to say that anyone who has an accidental discharge with a insufficient weapon needs more training?
      Then it sounds like YOU are the ignorant one that needs more training

  69. For the life of me, I can’t figure out why a LEO would carry a Taurus, much less trust his life to one, Must be something in the water out there in Iowa.

  70. With all that are reporting this story – there is no direction or link as to how to pursue the fix. Even Taurus has yet to address this on their web site.
    I own tow of them and need to know – who to go to – in seeking what to do info.

  71. I’ve owned three Taurus pistols now, and to date only one has been worth a flip. Furthermore, I’ve owned “three” because Taurus had to replace one the two I’ve purchased: TCP .380. The 1st one of those I got was a piece of crap. I will admit the new one sent to replace the 1st, after 4 returns, has performed flawlessly.

    Now comes the PT 145 Millennium: I’ve had that gun about 4 years, and for the 1st 500 rounds it was great. Then the problems started: I began to have FTEs (stovepiping) on the 3rd, 4th, sometimes 5th, but not always, and 6th rounds of a full 10-round mag.

    The gun had to go back twice. By coincidence, the ammo Taurus said it used to test the gun the 1st time was the very brand/style/etc. I used on the range. After the gun was returned, it was no longer coincidence; I intentionally chose that ammo because that is was Taurus said it used.

    The gun behaved identically to how it had before. Gun goes back and when returned a different ammo was listed for testing, so I bought some of that ammo. The gun was better, but still not right. So about a week ago (last week of July, 2015), I decided I wanted a new recoil spring. Taurus’ website doesn’t seem to list any part for that model (and strangely enough, for only two, count’em, 2 models, does it list parts), so I call Taurus to order one…..with my credit card in hand.

    The ensuing conversation with the Taurus rep went nothing like I expected. The rep informed the there would be NO COST to me for the recoil spring, but said I needed to send the gun back so it could be fitted properly. I told the woman I couldn’t send the firearm back with the original recoil spring because I thought it was defective, and I had thrown it away ( was going to buy a new one, after all).

    Furthermore, I added, I was more than willing to purchase a new recoil spring if she would just send it to me, and, I said, “I was fully capable of installing a recoil spring, since its removal/reinstallation was part of field stripping.” “Oh, that’s not a problem,” she says, “we’ll be more than happy to take care of it, but you have to send the gun back.”

    Stupid me, I thought to myself, how lax they’ve become. Now, after reading this little article, I know why: They wanted their grubby hands on my gun as quickly as they could get it. Can’t say I blame’m for that because their guns are crap. So much for online reviews.

    I will never purchase another Taurus anything; car, gun, food processor, whatever!!!

  72. I have owned one taurus handgun. I have a taurus model 85 revolver in 38 special. Why have I owned only one taurus? I haven’t seen the need to replace it. The model 85 is my concealed carry gun. It shoots great and true, and never has misfired. I wouldn’t trade my model 85 for anything. The only fault I find with my Taurus Model 85, is it’s 5 shot capacity. But if I need to ever use my revolver for self defense, I should be able to put down any threat.

  73. I own several Taurus handguns,as formal Law enforcement ,Keep your friggin gun in its holster until/if its required. To many hands in the cookie jar is what I am seeing.PT1911 in 38super is my favorite. Pt145,Gen 2 40sw all have been clumsy dropped at one time or another. Never as any of them discharged . Taurus makes some very good firearms. Would I buy another? If I had the $$ I would buy several >)

  74. I did have problems with several Taurus guns, in the past, now I have a pt111g2 in 9mm and I think is great

  75. I have carried the PT145 for 12 years and it is a great carry gun i put it in the same category as Colt, Smith,Charles Daly, Remington, and Ruger. The Taurus has proven it self over and over. The only problem gun of this type is the Glock, it is a totally unsafe and they did a bad job copying the Taurus. Taurus has a great safety system and like has already been posted ANY gun is unsafe in the wrong hands. Do not sue a gun manufacture because of you own negligence. Never drop, hammer, throw, or use as a walking stick or play toy any firearm, You wouldn’t expect any tool to hold up to abuse, a gun is a tool. You can’t drop or throw any gun without some damage or discharge. Stop suing our gun makers they are doing a great job and providing us with our protection. Don’t you think the anti gun sickos are doing enough damage. JUST THINK before you open your mouth, What you say had damaging effects. We may not recover from the liberal attacks as it is. I think most of these people who sue for there own stupid actions are Liberals in disguise.

    1. I hate to burst your bubble but Taurus is very well know to mimic there firearms off of other popular brands. They actually just showed a Glock 43 copy at a show recently. They even have a copy of a Beretta 92 that you can buy. The only firearm I can really give Taurus credit for originality is the Judge. Other than the Judge they really don’t have any firearm that they have originally come up with. Glock was actually the proprietary company that first invented the polymer framed striker fired pistol way back when all guns were made from alloys and steel. Taurus in my opinion is the biggest mimic company in the firearm industry. I would personally never buy a Taurus, let alone trust my life to it, because of there long track record of quality issues. But I guess if you want the cheaper version of a company’s gun then Taurus is the way to go.

  76. Call or email Taurus if you have a question about the recall. It scary to realize that some people asking these questions in this post have guns

  77. $39,000,000 ! ? ! How many people died ? ! ?

    Without exact knowledge of the precise circumstances under which the firearm went off, all comment is conjecture. Never the less…

    The only way to make a firearm incapable of an Accidental Discharge, is NOT TO LOAD IT ! No firearm with a chambered* cartridge is 100% safe.
    Unfortunately, Americans born after 1950 have been led to believe : (that) NOTHING IS EVER, THEIR FAULT !
    The truth, anyone who LOADS a firearm, IS responsible, if it goes off.

    * Revolvers, for example, have multiple chambers. In a fire, ammunition heated to the point of ignition is not going to put a bullet in you. (maybe a cartridge case, or piece of one, but not the projectile, thanks to Newtonian physics). A sufficiently heated, loaded firearm can. Whether the loaded chamber lines up with the barrel or not.

  78. Don’t they train deputies in Iowa not to drop their weapon?

    Or was the deputy in question named Barney Fife?

  79. To all of you asking about your Taurus model whatever? Did you MISS the Bottom of the article wherein the affected models are LISTED:

    (PT-111 Millennium; PT-132 Millennium; PT-138 Millennium; PT-140 Millennium; PT-145 Millennium; PT-745 Millennium; PT-609; PT-640 and PT-24/7)

    Grow brains!!!

  80. I have a 24/7 Pro C DS 9mm. Sweet little gun, and very accurate. My only complaint is that it doesn’t feed HP reliably, at least not the ones I’ve tried so far.

    When I read of the recall, I went and loaded the gun with a primer only case, and proceeded to do the drop test with the safety/decocker engaged, albeit on a cushioned surface to prevent damage to the gun or finish. After multiple drops, I did not have a single AD. Not conclusive, but just a personal test.

    Frankly, I’m not sure how the gun could go off with the decocker engaged since it is now a DAO firearm, but I suppose anything is possible.

    As their owner manual clearly states:

    ” NEVER RELY COMPLETELY ON ANY SAFETY MECHANISM. It is NOT a substitute for cautious handling. NO safety, however positive or well-designed, should be totally trusted.”

    I understand that we have a right to expect the guns we buy to be well tested and mechanically reliable, why did the LEO’s gun get dropped in a pursuit? Was it in the holster? Did he drop it from his hand? The devil is in the details.

    1. I have each and everyone of the pistols that are mentioned along with the .380 that is rare to find . How do they think two hundred dollars will cover the cost of those guns that cost more? I will send my 12 guns back and wait for the return. I have drop my EDC many times and it never fired. The are getting a raw deal and so am I

  81. When a person drops a weapon it is what the law traditionally calls “contributory negligence” — which is a complete bar to recovery against the manufacturer under traditional tort law.

    If someone else causes the person to drop the weapon (such as an attacker), that other person’s action is what the law traditionally calls an “intervening and superseding cause” — which imposes complete liability on that other person rather than the manufacturer.

    That is why, in the eyes of traditional law, in the absence of contributory negligence or an intervening and superseding cause, the presence of safety features like a hammer block etc. is absolutely irrelevant.

    I get it that a few misguided judges have created a “special rule” for guns as a supposed “inherently dangerous” product. But that its precisely the point: negative unforeseen consequences can result when judges are allowed to depart from traditional rules of law (especially when done for purely political purposes). In this case, one such negative unforeseen consequence is a degradation in personal responsibility — cases like this incorrectly tell people that they have a right to expect gun manufacturers to protect them from their own negligence.

    I have no problem with manufacturers building weapons with whatever safety features they think will see, or gun owners buying weapons with safety features to protect ourselves from our own negligence. But, if we choose a weapon that is “less safe” than others, like some models of Taurus apparently, that is OUR decision for which the law traditionally imposes the burden on US.

    Ironically, Taurus weapons come from a culture that still follows the traditional law, so this lawsuit must have them shaking their heads in disbelief at the crazy Gringos and their stupid, responsibility-destroying laws.

  82. There seems to be a fair amount of information as to exactly what platforms are effected by this recall on the web. I would also guess that a direct inquiry to the company site will net all the information one needs if their trying to figure out if their firearm is effected.

  83. Thanks Dave, I’ll let my brother in law know to get his 145 looked at.

    Sorry that thus has happened to Taurus. Seems that they have responded fairly well to the issue. Moving on.

  84. I have a PT 940 and, thus far, no accidental discharges. It is not mentioned as one of the recall guns. Does anyone know if it is? Please advise.

    It is one of my more accurate handguns but seems to suffer from a fairly large amount of “blow by” and comes out quite dirty after each range session, especially using Winchester “white box” ammo.

  85. I have a PT 111 before they made them with the L shape locking device is the one I have is it one off the recall models? Does anybody now and call let me know?

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