37th Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) Opens in Las Vegas

2012 SHOT Show Logo

Cheaper Than Dirt! staffers covering the 2015 SHOT Show in Las Vegas are filing their first Shooter’s Log reports about dozens of new products and other topics that affect the firearms industry, gun ownership, and gun regulation. The 37th edition of the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT Show) opened this morning at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada and will continue through January 23.

2012 SHOT Show Logo The 2014 SHOT Show, which ran Jan. 14-17, attracted more than 67,000 in total attendance, an all-time high, and was the fifth consecutive SHOT Show held at Sands Expo. The National Shooting Sports Foundation and Sands Expo and Convention Center have agreed to hold SHOT at this site through 2020.

SHOT Show is the fifth largest trade show in Las Vegas and the largest trade show of its kind in the world.

On the exhibit floor, which covers 630,000 net square feet and has 12.5 miles of aisles, manufacturers and distributors display a wide range of products, including firearms, ammunition, gun safes, safety locks and cases, optics, shooting range equipment, targets, training and safety equipment, hunting accessories, law enforcement equipment, hearing and eye protection, tree stands, scents and lures, cutlery, GPS systems, holsters, apparel, leather goods, game calls and decoys.

Shooters may wonder if concealed carry is permitted at the show. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), owner of the show, “No personal firearms or ammunition allowed. Only firearms on display by exhibitors whose firing pins have been removed and have been inspected by SHOT Show Safety Advisors will be permitted on the show floor.” “This growing interest demonstrates that despite continued challenges to our industry and our sports, our hunting and recreational shooting traditions are here to stay,” said NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti. “And we will do everything possible to protect those freedoms and the way of life we cherish.” The $6 billion industry has seen record sales over the past several years fueled in part by the surging number of new gun owners. A recent study by NSSF showed one-in-five target shooters is a newcomer—that is, someone who has taken up the sport in the last five years. The same study showed that the industry’s customer base has greatly expanded, with new target shooters being younger, female and urban-based.

Even as Americans purchase more firearms, the industry points out that violent crime continues to decline, demonstrating that more guns do not lead to more crime, as anti-gun groups often claim.

“The variety of new and existing products that will be on display at the SHOT Show reflects the tremendous interest in the shooting sports by Americans from all walks of life–across all income levels, including men and women, adults and youth and those from rural communities to urban areas,” said Sanetti.

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  1. So GLAD to “see” this today, as I’m headed to Las Vegas tonight for a funeral in the morning. Maybe I’ll be able to get by to see this GUN SHOW!

    1. It troubles me that this show, as well as some local gun shows, prohibit concealed carry by those in attendance. If we, as firearms enthusiasts and supporters, call into question the capabilities of those who come out and support these shows to carry their legally sanctioned weapons while attending these shows; what message does that convey to those who assail our rights as gun owners?
      We are then legitimizing the unfounded fears and prejudices of those who claim we, as Americans, haven’t the right and responsibility to carry our firearms in a public venue. To prohibit the legal carry of firearms in a premier venue of 37th Annual Shot Show is to capitulate in the most grievous manner that which we hold dearest to be a lie.

    2. Ease up a bit; the show is at a casino and not everything requires concealed carry. Same deal with banks where somebody can’t get caught and claim they weren’t really there for the money before going skiing with their mask!

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