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2nd Amendment Organization

2AO is a national organization developed by 2nd Amendment advocates. The organization supports all business owners that support the 2nd Amendment. So, what does that mean? 
Any business in the country can sign in and register a business—for free. You read that right, FREE! Second Amendment Organization 2AO was the brainchild of Bryan Crosswhite, restaurateur and owner of “The Cajun Experience” in Leesburg, Virginia, after being questioned several times about his establishment’s “Open-Carry Wednesday.” Yes, if you are ever in the neighborhood on a Wednesday and walk into Bryan’s restaurant carrying a gun, you get 10% off your entire bill. That’s pretty bold. There were many that advised him against it, as they are in close proximity to the “not-so-gun-friendly” Washington D.C. People were afraid the restaurant would lose business.

Only, the exact opposite happened. Business increased by over 50%! The restaurant was also the topic of several news pieces where people asked if there were other businesses like the The Cajun Experience. 
Inspired by the “Zagat” sticker on his front door, Bryan set up a basic website that night.

From the 2AO Website:

“2AO is a Second Amendment rights organization for businesses in the United States. The Mission of 2AO is threefold:

  1. To benefit businesses by bringing consumers together with them that share their values of freedom and the right to bear arms.
  2. To be an unbiased source of information on legislation regarding Second Amendment Rights that affect business owners.
  3. To be the leading advocate for the pro-2nd Amendment business community.”

When you register, you will then receive a welcome packet with a sticker that reads 2AO2014. 
If you’ve ever seen a Ducks Unlimited or NRA sticker on a business, you know exactly what to do with this. The problem with those organizations, thus far, was that you already had to be going to that business in order to even see that it supported the values you do.

2AO puts people and prospective customers together with like-minded business owners, before deciding where to patronize. There is only one word to describe this… that word is, WOW! Your business now has two huge opportunities.

  1. The ability for anyone, anywhere to be able, with one click of an iPhone or Android app, to see Second Amendment friendly businesses (including yours) in their area or the area.
  2. A notification of any Second Amendment and/or business-related issues in their area sent directly to their inbox with simple steps laid out as to action to take, contacts to call or write, etc.

You can visit 2AO’s site by going to Now, no matter where in the country you go, you can support businesses with values similar to yours. It’s easy; it’s free’ and there is no better time to enroll, because at the rate of new enrollments, (approximately one new business inquiry per minute) there’s no telling if it will be free for long.

As of this week, due to a huge demand, individuals can register as well. The organization is currently seeking individuals to help spread its message in all 50 states. If that interests you or someone you know, get in touch with 2AO at

Do you have an experience with 2AO? Tell us in the comment section.


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  1. I grew up where the silent majority was confident in their strength. We are still confident, but we can’t take our rights for granted anymore. England is crying because they lost their rights to bear arms because they took it for granted that they would always have that right. Be vigilant. Be aware. And speak up.

  2. my fellow americans, open carry your weapon anywhere everywhere you can. a show of srength will detour the weak scum waiting to take what is yours. your cell phone will not save your life in a crisis. get informed, get trained. the life you save maybe your own

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