$25 on Firearms, 5 Cents per Cartridge — Seattle Levies New Tax

Six rounds of Liberty Ammunition Civil Defence ammunition of a wood surface.

In a vote on Monday afternoon, the Seattle City Council unanimously approved new gun and ammunition taxes on sales within the city limits. The new tax places an extra $25 on each firearm and 5 cents on each round of ammunition sold. The council also passed an ordinance that requires mandatory reporting of lost and stolen firearms.

Directly following the vote, Seattle City Council President Tim Burgess said,

“Every day, the general public pays the enormous cost of gun violence. Gun violence is a public health crisis in our city and our nation. City government can and must pursue innovative gun safety measures that save lives and save money. As it has in other areas of policy, Seattle can lead the way in local solutions. A gun violence tax will give us revenue to provide broad-based benefits through research and prevention programs. Mandatory reporting provides the police information critical to investigations. I’m grateful for my colleagues’ full support for both of these measures.”

Tax Dollars
Seattle passes law to reach into the pockets of purchase of a firearm or bullet.

Therefore, the law-abiding citizens of Seattle are going to be taxed to pay for the crimes of the lawless actions of criminals. According to Burgess, the new tax is part of “…gun safety measures that save lives and save money.” However, he fails to mention how taxing gun owners will save money or lives. Make no mistake; this has nothing to do with saving money or lives and everything to do with taxing gun owners and putting legitimate firearm and ammunitions retailers out of business.

We all can easily deduce what will happen. The most successful firearm and ammunition retailer in the Seattle area is going to be the one that is just out of the city’s jurisdiction. The city isn’t going to save money and crime rates won’t reduce. Instead, the city will lose tax revenue from honest businesses and enact de facto gun control by limiting access to those residents who are unable to travel to buy ammunition or firearms for self-defense and penalizing others.

Sergey Solyanik, owner of Precise Shooter in Seattle, argued against the new tax and called the city’s numbers into question. Seattle’s lawmakers believe the city will collect between $300,000 and $500,000 in gun-tax revenue for its gun-violence prevention programs. “Basically, what the city has done is invented numbers,” said Solyanik. “Pretty much, all the numbers they have associated with this proposal are outright fake.” According to Solyanik, based on past sales, the city will only generate around $80,000 from the tax. If the new tax chases businesses out of Seattle, or shooters turn to the Internet for their firearms and ammunition, those numbers could be much lower. As for Sloyanik and Precise Shooter, “My store will definitely have to move. It would not be economically viable to stay in the city,” he said, noting that there are only two primary gun shops in Seattle, but many more just outside the city.

3 copper topped bullets (a .22 LR, .32 ACP and .380 ACP) on a gray background
Seattle’s new tax will impose a $25 tax on all firearm purchase and 5 cents per bullet.

However, Solyanik isn’t packing any boxes just yet. Lawsuits will certainly be levied against the city of Seattle and Solyanik may be the plaintiff. “The very first thing that is going to happen is that all the gun stores will have to file a lawsuit trying to stay this,” Solyanik said. “So while the court considers it, the law won’t go into effect.” Unfortunately, in the lawmakers’ haste, they seem to have failed to account for these expenses. Regardless the logic, or lack thereof, that went into this tax being passed and whether the new tax stands or is defeated, everyone is sure to lose—perhaps none more than the firearm and ammunition retailers, and the public in general.

Solyanik believes his cheapest option will be to sue the city. If unsuccessful, his next cheapest option would be to move his store out of the city’s jurisdiction. Staying in the city would not be an option. According to Solyanik, if he stays in the city, he will go out of business under the stress of the taxes and the resulting competitive disadvantage.

For the residents of Seattle and the firearm businesses under the city’s thumb, there is hope. Washington State’s laws specifically forbid cities from making local gun control regulations. However, there may be wiggle room by making this a tax, but that will be for the courts to determine.

“There is a law in the state of Washington that says you cannot enact more restrictions on firearms than already exist in the state,” Solyanik said. “It is extremely easy to show that the only intent with this law is not collecting the revenue, but legislating on guns, and it should be easy for a court to see that this is illegal.”

You make the call. Is this a tax or backdoor gun control? Will this prevent violence? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section.


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  1. A well known radio talk show host commented that the govt. needs to impose penalties as per subscribed by already existing laws. Stop undermining the police and stop plea bargaining down to lesser crime. Do the job as it is intended and leave the law abiding citizens alone.

  2. Typical Liberal Gun Control and Confiscation tactic. Make it impossible for the average income tax payer to own or posses a firearm. This one runs a little deeper. Again the liberals want to and are going to PUNISH THE LAW ABIDING CITIZEN FOR THE ACTIONS OF CRIMINALS. Every person on this counsel supporting this Insane Punishment Tax against Law Abiding Citizens should be recalled from office and prohibited from returning to any governmental/counsel position. This liberal position of Gun Control and Punishing law abiding citizens must stop.

  3. I prefer realist to any other term when talking of my political affiliations, but most assuredly take offence when some hypocritical bombastic ass does not know what the f he is talking about, let alone my being and tries to dishonour me
    Do you pay a backgroud fee when buying a weapon Hell we pay two forms of taxation in WA and Oregon as we have transfer fees to account for as well.
    What Federal Act of long standing collects a tax upon your firearms at purchase and then is
    supposed to be usd for the shoting sports, and is this not a part of entitlement for one special group over another.
    One such tax payer supported welfare entitlement that very recently got cut off was funding the CMP, it will now sink or swim by contribution and fees only. It was already a failing enterprize that while in the midst of a
    growing amount of weapon sales they have become a shrinking number of well heeled exclusive club and managed by pompous ex military and bureaucratic a holes.
    Not talking local but Nationally.
    Sociaist government subsidizes ex military and
    fed ,justice and police personal weapon buys, what part of free market is this??
    What do you call it when a gun dealer charges you for your background check?
    What is it when one pays a VAT or sales tax upon purchasing a weapon?
    What is the part of gun range fees that go to local or county government?
    The only free enterprize systems since US founding have been illegal trades such as in booze , drugs, sex, and political lobbiest and laundering of campaign funds.
    The damned gun store is licensed and taxed by state county city and of course the feds.
    The free wheeling of capital exchanges in Seattle are not only in realestate but are very prominent in private ownership of rentals , and in
    the work force as well, where even minor store clerks sign contracts and in the hi-tech sector wages are negotiated , terms fixed and then signed on dotted lines.
    A great many of Seattlites with a small fee(tax) buy a great many upper middle income buy buisness license, and are far more entreapenurial than the lot of those who just take a job and the pay given out to them.The any job types while part of free markets are but the bottom level
    expendable resources of the takers and consumers.
    What part of free market are tax breaks given buisness those gun firms that ship out of state or those that recently fled and recieved tax funds to
    Being military and gov employ is not a part of free market, nor are military industrial laborers and their pensions either, as they fall into a catagory that are welfare by state; a hard core form of socialism; National Socialism.
    So the next time you tell people to pay a fee for a class in order that they can pay a fee to purchase a permission slip to conceal their 2nd
    Amendment Right ; go to mirror and check the length of your nose for you belong in fantacy land.
    At the same time try to see whomever is pulling your strings.
    Gov charges a fee to the buisness of giving classes, now who asked gov to set make such a law and what form of socialism in government is
    that; And then I suppose the instructor is a Free Market Enterprize braggart as well.
    This fn hippy has in past and still supports the full freedoms of Constitution and has off and on through years taken to the streets in opposition to the very fn gov organizations that now threTen to take your guns unless you pay them off.
    I supported true Constitutional issues and while I love my native lands I do not agree with its current policys nor the two viscious and venomous political extremist and criminal organizations with all their down on the street thugs.
    They are the worse and least honourable individuals that hide deliberate ill will of intent behind the flag,.
    So you can question my patriotism and that is OK , but when you slam my honour then you have crossed the line that I have not let any
    government, let alone some bombastic ass, cross without asking for redress.
    I do not write for those who cannot read between the lines and more as a
    casual passerby drop an opinion; That while not
    written in a gramaticly correct manner, it is because I look upon them as but rough drafts.
    I do not expect to partake in a formal legal debate upon this site but if that is the case then I desist .

  4. In reading the entries here everyone has a opinion. First and foremost is the City has NO program nor plan to use this money to curb violence.. If they had the answer every community in the country would adopt it.
    It is a TAX and will be spent and nothing will change- It’s politics.

  5. Your example using Ferguson is valid, but it is only the first step in the direction of chaos. My point goes deeper into the social atmosphere created by the politicians that hand out entitlements in exchange for votes. What happened in Ferguson was that the thugs sought out the easiest targets. When the bottom falls out, there will be about a three day supply of food in the markets. When the trucks stop rolling, the mentality will be to go after the perceived wealthy and the pols. Even if the pols surround themselves with private guards, once the govt. collapses, there will be a vacuum and I guarantee that someone of Putin’s ilk will be ready to move troops in to restore order…with UN troops as the hammer.
    The danger then to the pols is that they will be eliminated because representative govt. will be replaced. If they are lucky….they won’t face the same fate as Czar Nicholas’ family.

  6. A great amount of respondents are so far outside the point of whatd happening on Seattle they belong in pre 1860 crackerville, Seattle is not, I repeat not, an anti gun city,
    People of Seattle and the peoples close to the I-5 corridor of king ,Thurston and Pierce coumtirs are very heavily covered by concealed weapins perrmit holders, with per capita % above evrry other city and county in state.
    There are numerous small and largeboutdoor stores that carry weaponsnand a checking of small FFL holders will show you judt jow gun heavy thenarea is.
    Numerous indoor and outdoor ranges are within 25 miles of Seattle proper.
    Hell I live rural SW Washington and have 15-50 washington miles or 35 to 70 Oregon miles for legal shooting areas, as contrary to WA cracker bs it is illegal to indiscriminately target practice upon state lands without it”s permisdion And upon designated spots.
    The income of Seattle is not welfare centered well not as in the unmarried poor whit and blavk or brown trash areas, it is a low unemployment area and most Seattle people earn a damned good income.
    I Have friends and aquaintences worth multi, lets just lots , love Seattle and Puget Sounds life styles and guess what they all are collectors andnshooters andI believe have concealed permits.
    Thst they want to remove, being good progressives and gender religious or racial neutral, Thebless desirable elements of the area who do not come up to their cultural standars.
    They are on average physicly conservative and very selective in how their tax money is spent.
    It has been said that a Seattle democrat would of been right at home with Barry Golwater or upper class of Regan years and lovers of all things military Scoop Jackson.
    They know that those cheap fees, (tax or not), will not harm the average Seattle residents Latte’ hour or pocketbooks.
    It is not about 2nd Amendment , Hell look at area where Nstions 2nd largest 2nd Amendment is located, the original of Wa. Wealthy hippy and yuppy urban village just outside of Seattle.
    Realize this is commercial gun blog but this author and some short sightedness by respondents harming gun ownrs more than helping.

    1. “Hide Behind” – I was able to sort out at least a bit of your crack-addled rant. Don’t even begin to imagine that you are in some way a ‘conservative’. Maybe you pass for it amongst your fellow left-coast hippies, but in the real world, you’re considered a pinko moonbat. To even BEGIN to justify the taxation of a RIGHT is about as far left an idea as you can get.

      How far do you think they’d get if they decided to place a special tax on Korans? How about a tax on free speech? Exactly where does a drug-addled hippy draw the line? Please tell us.

    2. Like all the other Big Govt leftist places, Seattle is anti-freedom. That is what the anti-gun crowd is really all about, it has nothing to do with violence or self-defense, or hunting, or anything else. They want to limit our ability to stand up to them and resist their tyranny so they continually work to limit and in some cases deny our right to keep and bear arms.

      An armed populace is a deterrent to big brother govt, and so the left does everything they can (lie, distort, fear-mongering, blatantly violate the constitution) to disarm us. Thats the plain, simple truth.

  7. The framers of our constitution included the 2nd amendment because they knew the perils of disarming a govt. of the people and by the people. They knew also that even men elected in a most democratic and fair way, would allow for some individuals to maltreat the power that such an office might allow.
    To disarm a public, is to remove their courage to stand up to tyranny. It is most difficult for those in the old world to understand how a nation that is so conceived as our own, would rather give up our lives, than to live ones based upon the whims of an elite class of royals.
    We Americans are unique in the world, and should apologize to no one for being so. It isn’t through our genes, but through the rights given us by our creator. All people have that right, but it took a group of men some two and a-half centuries ago, to explain it in the form of a national constitution. Let the rest of the world emulate us, and there will be no more need to seek freedom…they will have attained it.

  8. So… the general public pays a huge cost of gun violence and this guy’s solution is to charge more??? That makes a lot of sense… Guns only enemies are rust and politicians, proven once again. They’ll never get the statistic that the “general public” are not the ones committing “gun violence”. “Gun violence” is not the problem! A society that exploits violence is the problem. A steady mental diet of violence on TV, a constant diet of prescription “anti-depressant” drugs (which often have “violent outbursts” as a top side effect), coupled with the fact that the “corrections system” is completely flawed and you have the perfect storm for government to come in and remove the rights from the law abiding citizens. I’ll say it again: Guns don’t cause crime (or gun violence) any more than pencils misspell words and spoons make people fat! I guess the reason for the second amendment is becoming even more clear. Thomas Jefferson said, “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed it until they try to take it.”

  9. It would seem that the city of Seattle has joined in with former NYC mayor Bloomberg, who is spending millions of personal money to do his part as a liberal socialist, to strip U.S. citizens of the right to bear arms.
    What these morons do not understand is that sooner or later, they will run out of other people’s money. The greatest danger to them is not irate, honest citizens with guns. The greatest danger is when they can no longer deliver the goods to the freeloaders of our society who have come to expect someone else to provide for them. When there are no more food stamps…no more free housing and transportation…the folks that are the biggest dregs on society and the American way, will take out their anger on the politicos.

    1. There are many good points made here on the forum. In most ways I would agree with you Nick. The point of the parasitic feeders of our society expecting everyone to provide for them is exactly what’s wrong with our system today. Unfortunately, I must disagree with the comment on them taking out their anger on the politicos. What happened in Ferguson? The people of that city turned on their own community and ravished businesses. Baltimore, the people burned and looted businesses in protest. If such an event occurs for the freeloaders they may be angry at the politicos but they will take out their frustrations on their fellow man in their cities and surrounding communities. M40’s comment pretty much says it all. Between the liberal elites and the freeloaders is where the real danger is of taking what is not theirs.

    1. @ Gun Rights Groups Sue Seattle Over Tax Scheme.

      And how does Suing the Mayor, Department of Finance and Administrative Services, and their Director SOLVE ANYTHING. The City Council, Made and Passed the Law. NOT the Former.

      Cali B&M.

    2. Here again… where do We The People fit in with law making that they themselves have to obey??? What has happened to this country? There is actually a position of “Law Maker”!? Unconstitutional laws get made and then We The People have to bring it to court to get them reversed! That’s messed up!

  10. how can a City be so bold as to violate State law? The citizens will be billed through higher taxes to pay for this fiasco. I wouldn’t want to be a Seattle taxpayer.

    1. @ VoiceofReason

      And just how is Seattle doing that Sir. Doesn’t the City of Seattle have the Right to Set Taxes on the Citizen of that City, weather Resident or Visitor. I’ve NEVER been to a City that didn’t have their Own Tax Laws.

      Cali B&M.

    2. Well sir… would you be singing a different tune if they decided to tax Muslims? Or would that be a constitutional violation by taxing the freedom of religion? How about a special tax on free speech, or on newspapers that dare to disagree with the government? At what point do you draw the line… or do you disagree with freedom and human rights in general?

    3. The liberals don’t disagree with freedom and human rights… as long as you agree with them. If you don’t, you are either labeled a “gun nut” or a “racist”.

    4. The problem is, liberals DO disagree with almost all freedom and human rights.

      The most basic human freedoms (of thought, speech, religion and of the press) do NOT stop at the point where they disagree with liberal ideas. The left’s push for “political correctness” in all facets of life is indeed an attack on the some of the most important freedoms we enjoy.

      One of the true hallmarks of freedom is the right to reap the benefits of your labor. If the fruits of your labor are not yours, then you are a slave. Liberals imagine that they have an inherent “right” to raid your wallet… to deprive people of the very fruits of their labor. Thus the liberal picture of an ideal government is that which acts like a slave-master, and a country that operates as a giant plantation.

      The left would not only deprive people of earnings, but would deprive people of the fundamental right to protect that which they own. Their all-out assault on the second amendment is a precursor to their true goal of forfeiture/seizure of wealth. An armed man is a free man. To enslaved someone you must first disarm him.

  11. When I logged on tonight, checking my email I found 9 comments from people that converse via the shooter’s log. It is very encouraging to hear from so many that understand the insidious evil perpetrated by this administration.
    All too many people believe that when someone gets elected to congress, they become smart. Knowing how to campaign is not necessarily being smart. Obama knows how to campaign…are there yet a lot of folks out there that think he’s smart? I think not.
    Keep your powder dry.

  12. So many people think that the govt. has a stash of money to give to the freeloaders….you hit it on the head….they take money from working people…or they wouldn’t have any…give it to illegals, foreign countries that do not like us, and waste it creating committees to figure out how to take more of ours. It’s easy to spend someone’s money…nothing out of their pockets.

  13. $25 per gun and $1 to $2.5 per box of shells ? This same damned whining gun store owner was gouging his customers $100’s per Rifle and yook advantage of cartrifge shortages by selling his pld stock at outrageous markups including $15 his cost for a box of 250 22 cal at $90 a box, now who screwed who.
    This bill will not slow down his sales any more than they are already falling,and what the customer gonna do drive 40 miles back and forth twice to buyva hun or just once to buy some shells.?
    Seattle has a culture far different than most cities and is an extremely wealthy community as well with a populace boadting of 54-66% with Bachelor and another 24-27% with their masters.
    But it is not just Seattle itself that fits same demographics and good luck to anyonentrying to move into a nearby community that already has vetted gun stores or big bpx gun outlets.
    Take years of ass.kissing and bribes to do so.
    The guns cost in an area that has half its residents below poverty level as average income fornarea.has anvast gap and has almost eliminated a midfle class and become 6 yo 7 figured upper class city
    Forget gun blather and look at real dangers to Freedom? It is ongping in almost every major vity in USbss they make core areas wealthier while making rest of old vity third world ghettos.
    It is call “Gentrification” where by they drive out low incomes and make their version of urban villages.
    Seattlesbelite did not pass lawvto raise minimum wage to help people they didbit to drivebthe poor who held those jobs out of city limits.
    athey knew small buidness under 50 employees could not afgord and would bevforced tovshut down and move elsewhere such as tacomas slum tidelands andbHilltop Areas.
    This is what thesebtacx lawsbarebfor and eastrrn moneybvomesbin buys up now worthless land sites in an area of hills limiting building sites so they will build 40’000 more units to add to thhe over 30,000 condo units that presently sell in the upper 6 figure range..
    The enemies of freedom come in many guses but the most sinister are thewealthy within ones own nation.

    1. There is no such thing as ‘price gouging’, at least not from a private business. A business has the right to charge whatever it chooses for its goods/services. If you don’t like their price, don’t buy their products, simple as that. If enough people think their price is too high and don’t buy their products, they will have to lower them or go out of business. That’s how a free market economy works. Problem is, since the Big Brother socialist policies of the left, starting with FDR, we don’t have a free market economy anymore – just Big Govt intrusion, distortions, dependency-creating programs, and tyranny.

      The only true price gouging comes from government, since they are the only entity that can legally coerce you to buy its products and take as much of your wealth as they choose.

      I won’t comment on the rest of your post, since it is mostly incoherent and misguided blather.

  14. Simple Solution
    Do not buy or spend money for anything in Seattle.
    Do not shop visit etc..
    spend your law-abiding dollars elsewhere.
    They wont get the message they are just that stupid but…
    They will miss the money..

  15. EVERY firearms or ammunition manufacturer or distributor in the Seattle area should relocate to just outside the city limits and thus totally eliminate the current tax base and anything above board that these commies are trying to generate. And, as John Percival noted, NRA and any like organization should band together and boycott Seattle as a vacation destination or location with which to do any form of business. Once tax and direct revenue declines Seattle will get the message REAL quick.

  16. Seattle will end up spending much more money in defense costs than the fake $500K estimated savings, and increased gun violence because fewer citizens would be able to purchase guns and ammo to protect themselves because of the tax. The legal antics of gun haters is bad enough, but this form of taxation will be proven illegal in the higher courts.

  17. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    That is “Law” – over and above all other “legislation” – any “legislation” that violates THIS “law” is not, cannot be, “law”.

    No “right”, especially a “right” GUARANTEED by our “government” may be taxed or require a fee.

    <blockquote“The claim and exercise of a Constitutional (guaranteed) right cannot be converted into a crime”. Miller v US, 230 Fed 486,489
    "No State shall convert a liberty into a privilege, license it, and charge a fee therefore."
    Murdock v. Pennsylvania, 319 US 105

    "There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional rights."
    Sherer v. Cullen, 481 F 946

    "If the State converts a right (liberty) into a privilege, the citizen can ignore the license and fee and engage in the right (liberty) with impunity."
    Shuttlesworth v. City of Birmingham Alabama, 373 US 262

    “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.” Norton vs Shelby County, 118 U.S. 425, p. 442

  18. The right to keep and bear arms is expressly stated in the Constitution, A tax to exercise any right is a deterrent to it.. The right to vote is only alluded to in the Constitution. A poll tax has been very rightly ruled unconstitutional. How is any tax on firearms or ammunition not the equivalent of a poll tax?

  19. I have guns and ammo and obey the law – period.

    I studied six examples of countries which went through violent social and political situations in which gun rights were slowly jeopardized. The success of citizenry – IN EVERY CASE – was tied to the guns per capita
    and the presence of military in urban environs.

    Since gun ownership in this country eclipses any other society in history – many fold, push could come to shove and people like me will simply sit back as the extreme point of view starts using bullets to push back.

    The ATF, HSA, and FBI have been planning of this for years. Their problem is that all levels of government combined can’t deal with the problem.

    My feelings are that Americans can not afford to have a weak local and state police system, and those systems would be extremely unlikely to carry out an edict that would make citizens fear police. So the brunt of the reaction would likely be toward Federal agents who are most likely to turn on their communities.

    My friend who has a MA in American History told me that prior to the American Revolution there were lists constantly being developed to indicate which public servants and military people were of what sentiment. She cited examples of armed revolutionaries who carefully targeted the worst of the worst with boards, cleavers, spears, and poisons. Tories were often blinded maimed, etc. Many British just disappeared. However sympathetic British military personel were on the “Do Not Harm” lists.

    As great a genius as Obama is – a Satanic mastermind of manipulation of minorities and their political leadership, he does not identify with patriotism and the emotional force behind it.

    The use of cartridge taxation and forced registration of guns is aimed at turning gun owners into felons so that extremely devoted Government police are obliged to confiscate their weapons.

    My solution is to stock up now, lay low, and let the youngsters be the enemy combatants the aforementioned agencies considers every citizen to be. When I am dead and gone, we’ll see more and more news of deadly conflicts in which civilians who vastly outnumber and outgun the Federales. The problem is that the number’s game is solidly in the civilians favor.

    Meanwhile I have a retirement to enjoy. Unlike the virile patriots who have gone through combat and survival training, my guns are solely for making paper holes, defending myself against criminals, and making life difficult for any external threat which has encroached beyond our military’s capability to engage.

    When Obama decided to declare war on the American people – well before his first term, he was – thankfully – about as American as a Fiji Islander. He did not know what he was getting into and did not understand any passion other than that of the Muslim doctrine he held in such esteem. There are probably less than 100 million people who understand what I am saying and consequently agree. Are you one?

  20. There is no way that this will curve or prevent gun violence. Why is the city taxing the responsible people? They would do better to say all gun violence offenders will be punished extremely, what ever extremely may be. Ridiculous. Those of you in Seattle have some voting to do. These people have lost it.

  21. The legality of the tax is moot. EVERY tax, law, regulation, and dictum imposed by a government is bound to become de facto law unless enough people disobey and, if threatened for their disobedience, defend their rights to the death. (Remember, everything Hitler and Stalin did was “legal.”) But America is a nation of obedient (“law-abiding”) cowards who are much more concerned with what’s “legal” as opposed to what’s right and just. Therefore, there are no true limits on the powers of government in this country.

    In practice, government in the US acts with some restraint because the ruling oligarchy wishes to maintain the useful fiction that Americans still have some constitutional protections remaining. People are a lot easier to rule when they falsely believe they are free.

    1. I must disagree.
      Any “law” that violates the Constitution, is NOT LAW and need not be obeyed.

    1. Yes it is. Those taxes imposed are not representing interest of the taxed. Similar to taxing a citizen, and taking those taxes and GIVING it to IRAN. Those taxed monies are not benefiting my family one iota. Basically FEDERALLY FORCIBLY stealing money from me and giving it to Iranian officials for favors that do not directly favor or benefit me or my family,.

  22. NRA needs to get the message out to all members and their friends to boycott Seattle and and places that do the same. NOW

  23. This is clearly a back door attempt at enacting new gun regulations.
    If the city of Seattle really wanted to save they would have persured this tactic with alcohol and Tobacco. After all more people have access to alcohol and tobacco than firearms. Its a shame that politicians are allowed to test and abuse the system.

  24. I believe it will be found unconstitutional as every attempt by the homosexual communist in control of Seattle has failed at the WASC on appeal. They tried to ban carry in public parks and even streets and were told to go phuq yourselves and they will hear it again as either it will be struck down or every ammo and gun retailer will relocate and there will be no revenue – just costs tot he city for their stupidity blind bias.

    We have a state law that prohibits any county or city govt from regulating stronger than our state constitution allows

  25. How is the city saving money by capitalizing on their citizens? We all know how this will end: city businesses will simply leave the city. The departure of gun shops and businesses will cause the city to lose tax revenue. I’m sure this was the last thing that city officials thought about when they lobbied and voted for this gun tax. Then to say it saves the city money? Oh, it will because the city will use the funds generated from this “illegal” tax on other city expenditures. And once those taxed businesses leave the city or even fold from loss of business the city will then lose monies from sales tax. Sad

  26. If the law is intended to drive business down, it will work. If it is designed to slow down the crime rate, it’s moronic.
    People will buy their equipment elsewhere and of course, there will be even more, unregistered guns in the area.
    The folks out there on the left coast just don’t get it. The govt. cannot fix problems, the govt. is the problem.

  27. You are going to see more people getting killed with a knife, baseball bats, clubs, cross bow, getting run over, instead of drive by’s you will see a run over by, to kill somebody cheap being thrown out a window and if you do want somebody murder the price will go up. Is that murder with a bullet or without ?Their are a lot of ways to kill without a bullet. Settle gun crime will go down, and they won’t report the other ways to kill someone happening, just gun crime is down. Murder rate will remain high or even higher. LOL

    1. I totally agree. In fact, they are already practicing this tactic. More people are being murdered and killed by other means than by a bullet. And these taxes will not stop a determined criminal, they will simply find other means to commit their crimes as you have mentioned

  28. You ask “Will this prevent violence?” Hell no. Since bullets will cost more the burglars and home invaders will look for them as a commodity now. They don’t buy guns from legal dealers anyway so that part of it is useless. But since everyone will be wanting bullets that will entice criminals to go in search of them. Stealing them which also makes the “prevention” part of this action completely moot. Business-wise, I’d expect the online ammo community to thrive. Which makes the revenue part of this action useless as well. The bad part of the whole deal is how much it will cost to strike down this action thru the courts and ,of course, attorney fees.

  29. Just another crackpot idea to increase the cities coffers without considering the ramifications most of which were covered above. I will be willing to bet that this “tax” money goes right straight into the City General Fund and not into an earmarked account for medical payments.

    The first court encounter should rule this tax illegal and discriminate as it selectively penalizes a select group “firearms and ammo buyers” .with out proving that they are the legal basis for such a tax.

  30. Why don’t cities go after the businesses that sale alcohol and tobacco products as well? They sale products that kill, mame,and addict health hazards to persons. This would be a great “tax” on these types of products as well.

  31. I question the constitutionality of this and other such laws. Since the right to bear arms (which includes both fireams and ammunition) has been affirmed as an individual constitutional right, how can a tax be levied on the practice on said right? What would Seattle say if a tax on the spoken word were enacted? What about a special tax on journalistic publications? A tax on abortions or birth control pills?

    Every political activist, of every stripe and philosophy, has at least one constitutional right that he or she cherishes. I wonder what they would say if their own favorite cherished constitutional right were taxed, with a clear goal of curtailing the practice of that right?

    Would they cheer a poll tax now?

  32. Did you consider that it is not about increasing revenue for Seattle, but getting “gun business” out of the city. I am sure the idiot imposed tax will be struck down in court as a violation of state/federal law. How did so many socialists wind up in power on the west coast? At least that means fewer idiots toward the center of the country (excepting Denver and Illinois)… I hope.

    1. Robert, there is also an article about where Seattle wants to ban private home ownership as well.

    2. No one really owns his home anywhere in the US unless there’s someplace where there are no property taxes. Property taxes are essentially equivalent to a rent paid to the government. Nothing can be said to be “yours” if you have to repeatedly pay to keep it.

      America: Land of the Fee and Home of the Slave

    3. Yup… most states have done away with true ownership of land. It used to be that you purchased land in “allodial title”, which conveyed all rights to that land. It could not be taxed, seized or otherwise claimed, and could likewise be transferred in full to your heirs with no taxes.

      States started implementing property taxes, but they could only tax “real estate” (from the French “real estat”, meaning “ROYAL property”). As states sold parcels of state land, they were sure to transfer it under real estate titles so they could tax it in perpetuity. After a while, they decided there were way too many allodial titles out there, so they made laws that after the owners death, the title could only be transferred as real estate. As owners died off, virtually all property became taxable. Last I heard there were only a couple states left where there are allodial titles still in existence.

      Anyone else who “owns” real estate should know that they have what amounts to renters rights, only of the parcel and any structures on it. What lies under your feet and above your head is NOT yours. In fact, if you strike oil or find buried gold, expect the government to reclaim that land. Any mining rights are retained by the government.

  33. As long as they’re taxing law-abiding citizens for gun and ammo purchases to “offset the cost of crime,” how about a window tax to reduce the number of burglaries, or a steering wheel tax to reduce the number of drunk driving accidents? Since more people in CA were kicked and beaten to death than killed by rifles, what about a hand and foot tax? Better yet, a “stupid” tax on any politician or government official who proposes any kind of tax in the name of “gun safety!”

  34. Looks more like a revenue generator than anything else. It is all about the money, all politics is. Not public safety, not national security, not even being a superpower. Just money. The city generates more money, the politician gets paid more, the city council gets paid more. Hopefully it will backfire and they will lose revenue.

    1. It’s a FACT that more than 99.99% of all legal gun owners are responsible individuals who are absolutely no danger to anyone. I would stipulate that a FAR larger percentage of KORAN OWNERS represent a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to the citizenry.

      So… as long as we’re allowing the government to arbitrarily decide who can practice their RIGHTS (and to CHARGE TAXES AND FEES for the ‘privilege’), then we can immediately start issuing LICENSES TO PRACTICE ISLAM. We can let police chiefs evaluate each candidate, and DENY those who they feel are “unsuitable” candidates for Islamic teachings.

      We can write thousands of laws restricting the purchase and ownership of Korans. We can legislate how Korans are locked and stored, and when and where they can be carried. Mosques should likewise be strictly regulated. Mountains of paperwork and attendance records should be submitted on a regular basis to state and federal governments. We can build a huge Muslim database to track them, and form a well armed enforcement agency dedicated to keeping tabs on them.

      Most importantly… we must do everything in our power to keep Korans and Islamic teaching out of the hands of children! Seems to me these kinds of laws are (using liberal terminology) “COMMON SENSE MEASURES”, and if it “SAVES JUST ONE CHILD”… then it’s worth it, right?

      If pro-gun, conservative politicians had SPINES, they would propose a massive omnibus bill that restricts Islam in EXACTLY the ways I’ve outlined. Then we can all sit back and laugh as the liberals squirm and try to explain why these measures are wrong when applied to Muslims, but somehow okay when applied to gun owners.

  35. They must be trying to prevent new runs on guns as Microsoft and the rest of the market crashes…btw, where was the bailout for Colt?

  36. These people don’t realize that the only thing accomplished by stiffer gun control for law abiding citizens will result in more people turning to the black market for gun needs. Just because drugs are illegal doesn’t mean that there aren’t any in the US. Apparently they didn’t learn anything from Prohibition of alcohol in the 20’s.

  37. Whats in the water on the left and the other left coast?…people better start voting these bastards out!

  38. Sadly the “DUMB MAJORITY” is running the “US of A” into a deep hole of worthlessness.This once great nation is no longer the country the world respects and trusts.

    “We The People” are no longer served by the people we voted for and trusted to run this country the right way.

    “We The People” are now serving our elected “Masters in Washington”. Who only serve themselves.Too many of the “DUMB MAJORITY”, are too busy with their own life problems to concern themselves with the running of this nation and it’s problems.Thus the continued lowering of the American standard of living. The “bar of life” that was once set high in America, is now so low, you need to crawl on your belly to get under it.

    There are too few of us “SMART MINORITY” to make the changes this country needs to put America back on top. Our numbers are too few to make the difference with a vote.The only way for the “SMART MINORITY” to help right the continuing wrongs of this country.Is by a BLOODY REVOLT. YES, BLOOD must be spilled to thin down the numbers of the “DUMB MAJORITY”. So the “DUMB MAJORITY” will become the “DUMB FEW”.That is the only way I see this once great country, becoming a great nation again.

    Tyranny has many faces, right now the “DUMB MAJORITY” is one of them.

  39. Way to put a lot of small mom&pop gun shops out of biz. People will just make their purchase’s out of city limits. Stupid Democrats

  40. Sounds lie a real good time to boycott Seattle. The lost revenue would send a message to the ignorant city leaders.

    1. You are correct in what you say. But what do the firearm and ammo stores in the city limits do?
      Sure they can close there doors but then they are the ones that will really lose out. No revenue and still have to pay the taxes on just being there.

  41. When this fails, and it will. They will double the fee’s to make up for what they have lost in sales. Either way somebody is going to get screwed. And gun crimes will stay high, but they won’t blame this new gun and ammo tax. They will be like the people and say it’s coming from out of state. Good Luck and make every shot count.

  42. Unfortunately it’s what ever the government says it is because the courts will say whatever the government wants it to say. ergo our illustrious supreme court precedence is set thanks to Obama care.
    Civil disobedience is in the near future.

  43. Most politicians are crooks, the ones in your state just went ahead before the rest. This law will not help lower or stop crime we know that and when the crime rate says high tell them to remove this unfair tax.

  44. This will backfire on the dumbasses on the Seattle city council. No one will buy ammo or guns in the city. The gun stores will close. So instead of increased revenue they won’t get the gun/ammo tax plus they will lose taxes from the businesses that close or move. Typical liberal logic never works.

    1. Yep! That’s really what they want, Jon_On! The goal of these anti-gun Liberals is to stop guns from being sold. To them, they have won a victory and prevented pro-gunners from doing as they wish! Win-Win, from their perspective. But, the thing they seem to be incapable of understanding is that when all the good people have no guns, it only takes one bad one with a gun to take over! And, from their logic, who will stand up against that evil “Gun Owner” and be killed for it? No One! So, they make their own self-fulfilling prophecy, and enslave themselves, all because they think they are so above it all… Stupidity, at it’s plain and simplest

  45. 5c/round? no more 22LR going to be sold there…that’s for sure. Damn!
    That’s an extra $25 for a 500 round box…

  46. Why not recall everyone on the city council ?
    Was born up north in B-town but haven’t lived in Washington for decades due to crap like this.
    Why not reduce the councils pay by 50% to help pay for the violence committed by non tax paying criminals and leave the law abiding taxpayers .
    How many so called Republicans are on the City Council ? Those that claim to be Pro 2nd Amend.?

  47. When are the law abiding gun owners,citizens, and hunters wake up!! This government for years have been working to confiscate every gun in this nation and the politicians we as a country put in office are as dumb as a box of rocks except when it comes to our money and to control the populace,.

  48. Seattle and San Francisco are in a match to the death to see how retarded each city can become. Today, Seattle has taken the lead.

  49. A state may not impose a charge for the enjoyment of a right granted by the federal constitution. Thus, it may not exact a license tax for the privilege of carrying on interstate commerce (McGoldrick v. Berwind-White Co., 309 U.S. 33, 56-58, 60 S.Ct. 388, 397, 398, 128 A.L.R. 876), although it may tax the property used in, or the income derived from, that commerce, so long as those taxes are not discriminatory. …….. This is discrimination since it is only against weapons and ammo.

    Murdock v. Pennsylvania Page [319 U.S. 105, 113] reads… The privilege in question exists apart from state authority. It is guaranteed the people by the federal constitution. viz., The state cannot and does not have the power to license, nor tax, a Right guaranteed to the people.

    1. They are approaching guns the with the same tactics as they did with the Sin Taxes on alcohol and tobacco products.

    2. Kudos!

      You sound like you’ve done your homework and have some experience in legal matters.

      Thank you for the insight.

  50. This new government assault on self defense tools has already been ruled unconstitutional by a similar case.

    See Minneapolis Stave vs. Commissioner wherein SCOTUS ruled that which is required to exercise a protected right cannot have a special tax upon it, maybe no tax at all.

  51. This whole country is going to hell in a hand basket. Obama is getting his wish which was to destroy this entire country. He is so close now and every democrat is right there backing his every move., nation wide.

  52. 5 cents a round?! Wow! They just raised the cost of a 500 round brick of .22 by 25 bucks.

    Tim Burgess should have started his comment with “Every day, the general public pays the enormous cost for bad government. Bad government is a public health crisis in our city and our nation.” That would be more accurate.

    1. AND as a city of dumb asses we are going to raise all in city government employment tax by 60%. We have been wasting your money and your time for years. Its about time that we pay for it.

      OOps, they don’t pay taxes on that money, they work for the government.

  53. See them in court. Another attempt to place undue taxes on law abiding citizens to limit their ability to exercise their 2nd amendment right.

  54. So drive a little further to buy your guns and bullets, or load your own.
    While you are picking up you bullets, stop and get gas and food.

    ON second thought just keep driving to Texas, we need you.

    1. Just make sure those liberal idiots DO NOT follow you down here! Austin has more than enough libidiots for the whole damn state!

  55. The power to tax is the power to destroy. By this argument, this law is unconstitutional. Of course, I`m no lawyer, so I will just have to vote with my feet. That is to say, I`ll just buy my bullets online.

    1. I wish I could order ammo online! I live in New York State and if you purchase ammo online you have to go through an FFL dealer! Any savings from ordering online goes out the window in FFL fees!

  56. I see where Seattle has instigated a tax on ammo and gun sales. Next step.. Wait for it, .. wait for it… A USER FEE! Each round shot at the range will be counted and a user fee attached, and each round used for hunting will be considered an “Attempt to circumvent the appropriately designated meat purveyor tax fee”-unless of course you are shooting vegetables, in which case the fee would fall under the “We Know You Have Money To Spend On Ammo And We Intend To Transfer That Money To Our Pockets For Our Personal Gain Fee”.
    It must be kept in perspective though, all these laws are being proposed by the people that are put in office by the “Golden Rule Groups” ie. “We Have The Gold And We Buy The Spineless Politicians Who Make The Rules For Our Profit And Since They Don’t Really Have Meaningful Lives They Want To Tell Others How To Live – So We Can Therefore Own Them”. This being said, please stay tuned for the next obvious attempt at turning our Great Country into a land of mindless, subservient ditto heads who never question and don’t mind being slaves because they think they are then safe.
    As my father used to say “Get this clear people – Life Is Terminal! No-one gets out alive, so please Love, Laugh, dance, enjoy living your OWN life and treat each other excellently because we are all in this together. ” When he died of lung cancer from smoking, not blaming any-one, having taken responsibility for his choices and actions, he had a smile on his face because he loved and was loved, laughed, danced and was excellent to others and didn’t tell others how they should live their lives. He added to peoples lives- he did not take from them. He was free and unafraid. He also taught me how to safely handle a gun and shoot responsibly which I would hazard a guess most people who own guns know how to do.
    “Any Society that Will Give Up a Little Liberty to Gain A Little Security Will Deserve Neither And Lose Both” Benjamin Franklin

  57. Liberalism is a mental sickness! The crooks will always have guns and ammo no matter what these libtards do to restrict our freedoms. However, we the law abiding citizens will eventually prevail it’s a matter of time before the entire nation wakes up to realize the libtards are here to put us all in chain and give freebies in exchange for your freedoms. I just wish all of the freebie recipients were educated and knowledgeable enough to realize the perils of socialism/communism.
    Seattle WA and Kalifornia share the same goals of communism and the best solution to this problem is to vote them out of office.
    We must tech our offspring the true meaning of socialism as they think it has to do with Facebook, Twitter and the like. Our educational system has been infiltrated with liberal commies teaching the young minds all about leftism while bashing conservatism and what is right.

  58. I’m sure the gun dealers in Seattle are thrilled. The dealers out side Seattle will probably be getting a lot more sales from now on. This is unconstitutional and should not stand. The people of Seattle need to pull it out and vote the commies off the city council. There are probably too many brain dead people in the city to vote these commies out though. What a waste.

  59. Isn’t it just like the dysfunctional progressive morons when the lion in Africa is killed they blame the dentist when a person is killed in the US it is always the fault of the gun. This is another example that liberalism is a mental illness. All taxes on firearms and ammunition is un-Constitutional. The RIGHT to keep and bare arms will not be infringed upon! Taxes are a infringement. As are ALL gun laws.

  60. Thank you Washington state. The more you can control the method of use on law abiding people the easier you make it from me to ply my trade. Who wants to rob or rape a person if you know they have a gun and ammo to use it. You wouldn’t want to take away my God given right to wreak havoc and destruction upon people that are unarmed would you. I mean I would end up having to sue them if they shot me and then probably prevail in a court of law and win lots of money so you are really helping me to provide food financial security to my family and I appreciate it Washington State keep up the good work. Love I. Rob.u.

  61. Just wanted to add: Not only will they not get any money from the tax after they move out of the city, they will also lose any property taxes and business taxes to the county instead of the city. So actually they will be losing money for their city!

  62. For all fairness they should tax all bars a nickel for each drink served. And while there at it tax all stores that sell alcohol 5 bucks a bottle or case of beer. See how fast they stop that tax from going on.

    1. Alcohol (and cigarettes) are already extremely highly taxed (“sin taxes”) on many levels. However, Seattle is on the leading edge of municipalities and states creating sin taxes on a Constitutionally protected right and we all know what happens after any new tax is initiated. (Its tax rate perpetually grows.) The feds already have their NFA and excise taxes but, in time, these local taxes will prove to be far more damaging to liberty, I predict.

  63. I say make it illegal for these people who voted this in to own a firearm, hire armed private protection services and not allow any police protection whatsoever. I find that the ones who want to disarm legitimate gun owners are always heavily protected. Let them live like they are forcing us to live. Ask them to sign a pledge never to have any weapon within 500 yards of them or their family, bet they won’t do it.

    1. Sorry Dan, I don’t mean to jump in, but have info. (206) 461-5840 is the greater Seatle Chamber of Commerce. I called “Janet” earlier on today and the Chamber had no idea what the Council had been doing. with this $25 gun & 5cent ammo tax issue. I also left message with Precise to call me back at (817) 360-6435.
      By the Council Pres. BURGESS statement, it is a “public” problem. So why make two little gun shops pay for the entire bill. It would be like the U.S. Congress raising income tax on ONLY two states to make them pay for the entire National Debt!!
      I bet the Council did NOT think that, since there were only two shops within city limits, that within a month’s time there may be NO more revenue gain. Why? There will no longer be any gun shops within the Council’s jurisdiction onto which to impose the tax. They’ll have moved just outside the city limits.
      Not only has the city then lost it’s reputation to fair play and good sportsmanship, but all the regular sales tax that those former gun shops USED to bring to the city.
      I believe Seatle citizens are as smart as this old Texas country boy. $25 is enough gas to drive my old ranch truck over 100 miles down the Farm to Market Road to buy a new ranch rifle.

    2. @ AZLE, TEXAS.

      A CHAMBER has NO Voting Power in a Chamber of Commerce, they can ADVISE, but that’s about it. The COUNCIL, can Write and Pass Laws and Make Regulations.

    3. Hey, Michael, We share one of the most common names in USA.. I’m aware of Chamber’s authority. City was ignoring me and I was probing for Intel. Chamber’s (Lou) said City told her the issue was only a “Proposal.” After waiting several hours, “Nate” (the City’s Council Spokesperson) indicated that the Chamber lied. “Nate” stated that the Tax was on, but would not even go into effect until after 01 Jan 2016. By that time those two little gun shops will have moved just outside the city limits thumbing their noses. Where will the city get the $$$$ to control all the crazies Burgess bragged about.
      Such a statement by the City Council Spokesperson is very unnerving. “Every Day…” “gun violence.” quoted the city Council President Burgess is an extremely shocking revelation. That gives the reader the indication that local citizen cower in fear of zombie-like crazies committing acts of violence all over town with guns, knives, tire irons or whatever inanimate weapon they may get their hands on.
      Any of Ya’ll going into the Seatle area for an NFL game better go armed to the teeth; or be subject to being sent home in a pine box.

    4. @ AZLE, TEXAS

      This Law dates back to the Uniform Firearms Act of 1935. There are Gun Restriction Laws that Washington States hasn’t even Acted on YET, There More To Come!

    1. I suspect that they don’t see it as shooting themselves in their foot at all and will be thrilled to see gun business go out of town.

  64. Boycott Seattle, including Microsoft and the Seahawks franchise (don’t watch their games on TV, even). These businesses are owned and run by a bunch of gun-grabbing tyrants too. Write letters and let people know you are doing so. Include the Chamber of Commerce and tourism organizations in you letter writing campaign. This new gun-grabbing strategy needs to be nipped in the bud or it will soon be coming to your town, county, or state too!

    1. “Hey Cal, Microsoft is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, not Seattle.”

      But Amazon is headquartered in Seattle.

  65. This is the United States of America and the people will still bite their lip and will not be happy. And as Americans we will find away to over come our crooked government officials, cross state lines and buy in another state, or Yes Black market and maybe re load our own. We are not the real problem, killing each other. The real problem is our cooked government officials. They were voted in and can be voted out. Wait and watch the crime rate after this stupid law goes in effect .

  66. How is this any less illegal than a poll tax, or a newspaper tax? the same goes for the unconstitutional NFA.

    this effectively doubles the price of .22 lr, a 500 round box would be 25 dollars in taxes alone… bulk buy some ammo to save money for plinking? a 1000 round box would be 50 dollars in taxes!

    1. @ Sean

      It NOT a Poll Tax, it’s a Excise Tax. Specifically called, The Impact of Archery Federal Excise Tax, Title V, Section 503. Aka, PL. 110-343 (HR. 1424) Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of Friday, October 3 2008.

  67. The only question remaining is,

    When will the people say enough ?

    When that time arrives and it is close

    it will be too late to stock up on supplies including AMMO.

    I was made fun of for many years but now have people

    telling me the 2nd one is nearly here and I do not mean Amendment.

    1. Stock up, set up multiple caches and storage points, train, and don’t just rely on weapons. Stock food, medical supplies, emergency gear and body armor and get proper training in all of it.

      Just look at Ferguson. The day will come when this will be the norm on a large scale.

      And let’s not forget that our wonderful government has failed to contain the Muslim terrorists who are overrunning the Earth. They are here too, and they will surface when you least expect it. Even after the lessons of 9-11, DHS was not able to prevent the Boston Marathon or the recruiter office murders.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blaming the agencies, I am just saying we are being overrun with “immigrants” who come here for a better life and hate us for giving it to them.

      We are the first line in our own defense.

  68. This is not going to lower crime, it’s going to hurt Joe and Jane tax payer. And the crime rate will stay high, and the only answer will be to raise these rates again and again. Sad day for all American’s living their.

  69. This has absolutely nothing to do with curbing crime, and everything to do with a) raising money for a city that is groaning under welfare costs, and b) robbing honest Americans of their rights.

    But it will accomplish little, because people will simply make their purchases outside the city, and businesses will move out as a result.

    The real danger is the precedence it sets for other moronic Liberal city governments.

    Liberals are such complete fools.

    1. @ Mikial.

      Hey Mikial! Probably Not, but Unfortunately it seem’s to be Systemic. At least 42 States have similar Policies, and many of them are in Red States…

    2. I guess I have selected the states I have lived in well, because I haven’t seemed to run into any of these in Utah or Virginian.

      Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

      Nevertheless, ordinances like these are thinly veiled attempts to disarm honest citizens, because they sure as heck do nothing to disarm criminals.

      Of course, these sorts of things are typically passed by Liberal democrat governments who rely on a voter base of wealthy Liberals and welfare recipients to keep them in power.

  70. This is more about raising money than it is about restricting ammo or guns. Since Seattle probably has an income issue, since they are a socialist city, they need to rustle up some more cash in order to survive.

    1. Careful if you go to Seatle to see your NFL team play the Seahawks. They seen to have an attitude to rip-off anyone to make money. After all it IS the root of all evil!!

  71. This is part of that grass roots effort we’ve been reading about where the anti-gun agenda has shifted to a more localized campaign because of their failures at the Federal level.

    It is therefore of the utmost importance that we adjust our defenses to a localized level as well. We must send a clear message to these groups they will fail at all levels. That is why it is important for us all to support any lawsuits attempting to prove they violated state law when they passed this ordinance.

    In his excited haste to brag about his liberal prowess over the rights of free people the Seattle City Council President – Tim Burgess’ ignorance prevailed when he essentially admitted it was not a tax, but instead a penalty.

    Hopefully his own statement will be used against him to prove it isn’t a tax, but rather is a penalty against lawful gun ownership. Penalties are levied against people for wrongdoing; owning a gun and staying trained is not wrong in the eyes of the law.

  72. We are as close as ever to approaching our own generation’s “Boston Tea Party.” If I lived in one of America’s largest “liberal progressive” cities like, for example, Seattle I would work my tail off with the NRA and Company to file grievances in Court etc. Turning the cheek and asking for another will not work anymore.

    There are times when I look at the desperate security issues facing our Great Nation today, Islamic Terrorism, China, Russia to name just a few…Yet it could very well be argued that the greatest threat to our security are legislatures like the one in Seattle…”Sons of Liberty Lives Matter” also!

    1. @ Pro2Aguy

      The “Boston Tea Party”, dumped Tea into the Boston Harbor to make a STATEMENT about the Tea Tax Stamp. What your proposal, Dumping Bullets and Guns into the Puget Sound. What’s that going to Solve.

  73. Back in the 70’s, when I was a cop in Oakland, CA, we had to buy our own service pistols. Siegle’s Guns was *the* shop were most all of us made that purchase – and more. Probably one of the most well run, well stocked gun and related sporting goods shops I’ve seen. Good, friendly, knowledgeable folk. Even off-duty cops worked there. Now gone, there are no gun shops left, all driven out of business by the 1970 tax on their gross revenue. And violent crime in Oakland? There was a murder every 3 days when I was there. Violent crime continued to climb for at least the next 30 years. And Oakland is still right up there in the list of most dangerous cities . . . though through the first part of this century it has at least leveled off some.

    Back door violating our Second Amendment rights has no effect on crime. In parts of London, you are 6 times more likely to be mugged than in New York’s Central Park. In the UK, it’s just that the weapon of choice in a knife. The innocent civilians don’t have concealed weapons, so a knife works quite well there.

  74. This idiotic tax illustrates perfectly Einstein’s famous quote “Doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results is insanity”. Taxing the people who have nothing to do with the problem you’re trying to solve accomplishes nothing. This also brings to mind another adage “when your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail”. Governments at all levels repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempt to use their power to tax as a punitive measure to curb behaviors and solve problems. They seem oblivious to the reality that people will simply alter their behavior to avoid paying the tax while continuing to do what they wish to do.

    1. @ Bobby G

      But there’s also Zeno’s Paradoxes, which basically say’s “We Create Our Own Problems”.

    2. That’s definitely applicable to this situation as well. Liberals don’t want to believe that their policies have led to the rise of the drug-dealing gang-banger sub-culture that is the real driving force behind gun-violence. Without the flagrant gun violence perpetuated by this sub-culture gun violence in this country would be practically non-existent.

  75. Washington State constitution, Article I, SECTION 24 RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. The right of the individual citizen to bear arms in defense of himself, or the state, shall not be impaired, but nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing individuals or corporations to organize, maintain or employ an armed body of men.

    It remains to be seen if the Constitution will be upheld in Washington in the same fashion as the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I for one hope not. The Second Amendment is regularly used for bird cage liner by this and several previous administrations.

    1. @ Ken Hovater

      Seattle, ISN’T says you CAN’T buy a, or OWN a gun is Seattle. There JUST going to TAX YOUR for the PRIVILEGE of the OWNERSHIP of that gun. “Personal Property Tax”.

    2. @ Ken Hovater.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t Violate ANY Federal Law, because IT IS Federal Law. The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008…

    3. “The Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” sounds like something right out of the book, “Atlas Shrugged!”

      And of course federal laws NEVER violate OTHER federal laws–particularly not the pesky ink on paper called the “Bill of Rights” and “U.S. Constitution!”

  76. Stinking politicians lining there pockets and there buddies pockets with hard working Americans tax payers dollars. Face it, what else is new.

  77. And what good is this going to do? Who’s pockets will all this extra $$$ go to? If killings remain high, then such a tax should be stopped, if is not doing any good, then why have it. And what moron came up with this stupid idea in the first place, who ever it was they should be fixed so they can not breed more stupid morons. If you moron’s want better gun control then use both hands! And like in Batman the Police had to yell Bang Bang then fire one or two live rounds,not because of a stupid tax, their guns didn’t work well.

  78. This is nothing more than backdoor gun control that avoids as much as possible taxpayer accountability with the added benefit to give the Seattle liberals more spending money for their social programs by freeing up funds used for their traditional Nazi gun control education.

  79. WA is becoming just as commi as CA. But wait there’s more. Let’s put a massive tax in guns and ammo. if your 9mm round costs you $0.12 lets make it $0.37 per round and to slow the drug and gun violence lets legalize pot so after you shoot someone dead you will laugh about it and then go to taco bell cause you have the munchies.

    obviously you have a bunch of politicians up there in WA that are smoking too much weed. YOU BETTER GO OUT AND TELL THOSES ASSHOLES TO KNOCK IT OFF.

  80. When are the people going to use their power at the ballot box to remove these people. There was a time when the state of Washington was a friend to sportsmen and hunters. They are taking a play from the Obama play book.

    1. Unfortunately, the people used the ballot box to elect “these people”. We must elect a conservative Republican president. Maybe with that, the timid Republican Senate will finally grow a pair and make the changes they promised in 2014!

  81. I’m of mixed feelings about the mandatory reporting of lost/stolen guns. I think it’s (generally) a good idea to report that (if only for good citizenship reasons, in addition to liability (which is also a two-edged sword)), but they failed to mention what the penalty is for not doing so. Plus, there’s the inevitable “camel’s nose in the tent” scope creep, too.

  82. When, oh when, will these people come to realize that there is no such thing as “gun violence” any more than there is “drunk violence” or “knife violence.” It is all “people violence.”

    1. Makes the liberals feel better when they can point to an inanimate object and blame THAT…rather than expect a person to accept personal responsibility for their actions and the consequences.

  83. A new gov. tax just in time! Wonder what it will cost to clean the river basin in Silverton or how much damage Hillarys server caused and cost.Just thinkin.

  84. Assholes do it again…Hell when I was smoking cigars…they put across a 1.00 a stick tax…Pathetic politicians ripping us off again…

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