2016 NRA Convention Giveaway

The Shooter’s Log team is at the 2016 NRA Convention this weekend. We will be reporting back here with anything new and interesting in full details. If you can’t be in Louisville with us, you can still get in on the action. We’ve secured a few Firearms to give away! **Prizes:** We will award a total of three prizes to three qualified winners. The first winner will get their choice of the three prizes. Second winner will get to select from the remaining two prizes. Finally, the third winner will get the remaining prize. The prizes will be:

  1. One (1) American Tactical Imports AR-15 configured for 3-Gun Competition including one (1) Lucid L7 1-6×24 Riflescope. Total prize retail value of $1,448.**
  2. One (1) Heizer Defense PS1 Pocket Shotgun One (1) .223 – “AR” Barrel One (1) 7.62 x 39 “AK” Barrel. Total prize retail value of $757.**
  3. One (1) Arex Rex Zero 1S. Total prize retail value of $599.**

Use the form below to enter! 2016 NRA Convention Giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway If the entry form is not present please click the link above!

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  2. No one got credit for sharing i guess. Hard to win for sharing when it isnt counted????????????

  3. I will be 81 Years old on June 23, 2016 this year. Do you have a Life Member ship and how muck would it cost me? Life ship or not Member ship for me. I am Ret. US Army 100%

  4. I really like the prices but I have trouble making it a good deal when I have to figure in shipping. I guess ammunition is just too heavy for cheap shipping costs.

  5. have always enjoyed doing business with this company, great prices and great customer service, a lot of companies you cant say that about. Thanks Cheaper than Dirt !!

  6. I just clicked the bring friends for 10 entries, and it is not working! check my FB and my twitter…. Please enter my 10 additional entries, thank you.

  7. It’s not so much the winning I’m after, although these guns are choice firearms. I prefer to use it as a statement of exercising my right of freedom under the Constitution and the second amendment. Our forefathers trusted a tyrant king and all of their rights as human beings were struck down. No nation can withstand tyrants without representation and personal freedom. They fought for our rights and created a written Constitution that no tyrant shall rise up and alienate us away from. I am retired military with 20+ years and with 100% disability and not a day goes by that I don’t revel in the freedoms I am able to explore daily. Let’s keep our Nation free from politicians who step on our Constitutional right to bear arms. ‘Nuff said

  8. Being a Retired Army guy, would love to win an AR type rifle. Last shot a M16 in 1982 prior to Retiring.

  9. Just shows what a great country we live in…How many countries allow contest to win firearms….I bet not very many!

  10. I sincerely believe that without the NRA, we would not have certain guns now, and no high cap. mags.

  11. Freedom is earned by the sacrifice of all free man and women,. not the weak and obedient.

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