New for 2015 — Springfield Armory’s Marine Corps Operator

Springfield Armory 1911 Marine Corps Operator

At the 2015 SHOT Show, competitive shooting legend Rob Leatham addresses the updated grip on Springfield Armory’s Marine Corps Operator (PX9110MLP, $1299 MSRP).

“This is the latest variant of the Marine Corps Operator,” he says, a Loaded package which includes an extended ambidextrous thumb safety, beavertail grip safety, lightweight delta hammer, and extended trigger. The Operator designation for the MC model also includes a front accessory rail, night sights, and forward cocking serrations.

“The coolest thing about this new variant of it is that we’ve updated the grips and the front strap, so the grips are now G10 grips that have a very aggressive pattern to help you control the gun.” He said, “The battle with checkering pistols is that it makes in a very abrasive, almost like a file, surface.

While that’s great for holding in your hand and keeping it from moving, it also makes it abrasive on your clothing and your hands.” He said, “I don’t carry a pistol with checkering on it; I carry a pistol without checkering, which doesn’t tear up my body, doesn’t tear up my holster, doesn’t tear up my back, and also doesn’t hurt the hands for people who don’t shoot as much.”

The new grip pattern is basically a series of notches and grooves that help keep your fingers from sliding on it without being so abrasive, Leatham explains.

Other specifications include a two-piece National Match full-length guide rod, low-profile combat 3-dot tritium sights, a forged-steel slide with black Armory Kote finish, and a stainless-steel match-grade 5-inch barrel.

The frame is also forged steel, with the aforementioned integral accessory rail, and the frame has an olive-drab Armory Kote finish.

Weight (with an empty magazine) is 43 ounces, and the gun is 5.5 inches tall and 8.6 inches long. It ships with two 7-round blued steel magazines.

1911 Marine Corps Operator
Recoil System Two-piece N.M. full-length guide rod
Barrel 5 inches, stainless steel match grade
Caliber .45 ACP
Overall Height 5.5 inches
Overall Length 8.6 inches
Weight 43 ounces, with empty magazine
Sights Low profile combat, 3-dot Tritium
Grip G-10 grip
Magazine Two 7-round, blued steel
Slide Finish Forged steel, black Armory Kote
Frame Forged steel with integral accessory rail, olive drab Armory Kote

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