2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Vltor Booth is Loaded Up

Vltor's M4K-M

Vltor brought some goodies to the 2012 SHOT Show. We aren’t surprised. Vltor has a reputation for making incredibly durable products from the ground up, and what they are showing off this year is no exception. Each of their high-end AR-15s featured their familiar but odd-looking Modstock. Vltor Weapons Systems took ideas and input from firearms designers and end users, to help the operator to better prepare for any mission. A pioneer design, the Modular Firearm Buttstock (Modstock) aids the operator and succeeds where other stocks have failed, exemplifying the Vltor motto Semper Paratus, Always Prepared. Starting with a basic chassis/mounting platform, the Modstock allows nearly unlimited mounting possibilities, allowing the operator to adapt to combat environment or mission situations. The Modstock gives the operator sling mounting choices by not only using familiar mil-spec sling mounts, but also includes Sling Locking Sleeves that accept quick detach sling swivels. This battle proven buttstock is really a nice piece of engineering. I would stack this thing up against just about everything else on the market. If you have the money, it’s hard to beat the Modstock.

There is something about Vltor that confuses me. They claim to be all about function before form. They don’t care what it looks like, as long as it works flawlessly. I think they got a bit lucky there. I’ve never seen a Vltor product that looks ugly. I really don’t care if my gun is pretty or not, I just want it to work. Having it look nice is a distant second as far as I’m concerned, but Vltor doesn’t steer you wrong in the looks department either. To boot, there are tons of pictures online of real operators overseas with Vltor doodads hanging off their rifles. Not a bad endorsement if you ask me.

For those M1A lovers out there, Vltor brought along one of their CASV-14s to SHOT Show. This tactical masterpiece features an extended length rail that goes all the way back to the stripper clip guide. The rail system allows the barrel to semi-free float underneath the barrel shroud. There are three secured mounting points for the CASV-14 to the M14/M1A platform; one point is to the aforementioned Stripper Clip Guide, the second being to the rear of the barrel, and the third mounting point is around the weapons Operation Rod (OpRod) Guide. From the OpRod Guide forward, the handguard chassis does not contact the barrel’s surface. Some additional points of coolness on the CASV-14 are the multiple rail mounting points for Picatinny Rails, and ambidextrous mounting points in two locations, which accept the Quick Detachable Push-Button Sling Swivel, which is always very useful.

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