2012 SHOT Show Special Report: The Torture Tested Daniel Defense M4

Daniel Defense conducted a unique torture test of one of their M4 rifles last year and documented it in a famous Youtube video. First they buried it in dirt to get debris and sand inside the gun before firing it. Then Larry Vickers threw it a creek for awhile before dragging it out with a rope tied to the stock, and firing it. Then they shot it with a few rounds of birdshot from a 12 gauge Remington 870. The DD was unimpressed. They ran over it with a truck, but it still fired straight and true. So they threw it out of a truck on a gravel road and ran over it again. The gun landed straight on its Aimpoint Micro, but the optic held its zero. They detonated 25 lbs of “Southern Thunder” explosive, which smashed the Aimpoint and wrecked the magazine. The gun still shot straight, so Larry Vickers dropped it on concrete a few times, but finally the Daniel Defense M4 was dropped out of a helicopter, causing it to lose its zero. The rifle still works reliably, but the sights would need to be adjusted. And the hole in the Aimpoint probably means its done at this stage. This poor DD M4 went through the most insane torture test we’ve ever seen and still worked afterwards. I think it could stand a bit of CLP though…

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