2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Sig P224 Sub Compact

Sig Sauer has made a dream come true for fans of its old school P-series pistols. The P220 and P226 need no introduction. Those legendary pistols have been used by elite military and police forces around the world for decades. For concealed carry options, the P229 and the increasingly rare P228 mid-size guns were the only choice for fans of this platform. They are excellent guns and Sig Sauer sells every P229 they make, but there are smaller options available these days. After a delay of a few years, Sig has finally stepped into the ring to fight the likes of the Glock 27, Springfield XD sub compact, and CZ RAMI. The P224 is only 4.5 inches tall with a 6.7-inch long slide, and is 1.3 inches wide. But it is still a double-stack gun, so its stubby grip contains 11 rounds in 9mm, and 10 rounds of .40S&W or .357 Sig. The P224 also accepts standard capacity P229 magazines. These affordable and plentiful magazines will stick out the bottom of the grip a bit, but of course they also hold more ammunition.

Sig is offering the P224 in a few different flavors right out of the gate. Aside from your standard P224, there is a SAS version that has a “melted” anti-snag treatment smoothing out all the contours of the slide and frame for concealed carry. There’s an Extreme variant with extremely aggressive grips that I think must be intended for winter use while wearing gloves, and a Nickel variant with matte nickel plated slide and rubbery Hogue grips installed. My favorite variant, however, is the Equinox, with gorgeous laminate wood grips and a two-tone slide with the flats polished nicely and nickel plated controls to match. That one’s a pretty little gun. The first guns shipping all share Sig’s DAK fire control group and “short trigger,” a combination that gives a smooth double action pull to each shot. Sig says the P224 will also be made with the traditional double-action/single-action triggers that Sig shooters are well accustomed to. Personally I love the feel of a single action Sig trigger, but a smooth double action does make a lot of sense on a sub compact carry gun that has no manual safety.

Sig Sauer fans have been dreaming and speculating about a short, stubby little carry gun from their favorite company for years, and when Sig finally decided to deliver, they didn’t disappoint. The P224 looks like a very worthy addition to the Sig pistol line that is already famous the world over.

 P224  P224two  P224three
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