2012 SHOT Show Special: Setpoint Ammunition

Setpoint Ammunition

Some of you—not me because my S&W M&P 15-22 chews up anything I feed it, because it’s perfect like that—have rifles that are picky eaters. Not all ammo is created equal. What works in your buddy’s rifle, does not necessarily mean it will function properly in yours. That’s where Setpoint ammunition comes in. Setpoint allows you to experiment with custom loads in order to get that one perfect recipe giving you a flawless performance from your long-range rifle.

Setpoint Ammunition
Setpoint Ammunition

If you need the precision and accuracy out of a handload, but do not have the time or money to invest in handloading yourself, turn to Setpoint Ammunition. Their Web site allows you to custom design your own load, with your specifications. You set the powder, you set the charge, pick your bullet and then the overall length. Packed 20 rounds per box, Setpoint Ammunition does not require you to order any more rounds than just one box. Priced about $40 per box, Setpoint competes with and is even cheaper than some of the big factory premier rounds.

Setpoint Ammunition calls their process “mass-customized.” They use automated, tight tolerance machines that produce consistent and accurate ammunition. Since the machines are automated, Setpoint helps keep costs down by not having to charge for labor costs. Setpoint’s machines are no joke either. They build loading equipment for the Lake City Army Ammunition Plant.

Currently only producing ammunition in .308 Winchester, with hopes to add other calibers later, Setpoint specializes in bullets designed for long-range shooting. Setpoint Ammunition’s website walks you through the entire process of building your load with detailed description on each bullet choice. You start with your .308 case, either Lapua or Federal brass. Then move on to your primer, right now only Federal, then your choice of bullet (Berger, Lapua, Sierra, Nosler, Barnes, and Hornady), and finally Hodgdon powder.

Setpoint Ammunition
Setpoint Ammunition

To those of you just starting out or you would just rather chose something premade, Setpoint Ammunition also offers recommended preloads that you can search by rifle. As Setpoint says, “tweak the rounds, not the rifle.” Whatever you are looking for- one-hole groups, a one-hit hunting load, competition, long-range, or just experimenting, give Setpoint your recipe and they will make it.

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