2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Mossy Oak Graphics

Mossy Oak Graphics

The Dodge Ram truck decked out in the Mossy Oak Graphics truck kit drew as many admirers this year at the 2012 SHOT Show as it did in 2011. In early 2011, Mossy Oak ® collaborated with Vantage Point to make high-quality cast vinyl graphic systems for trucks, indoor décor, gun wraps, ATVs, and boats. Mossy Oak Graphics are the “first cast vinyl camo graphics systems” on the market. Unlike competitors’ vinyl graphics, 3M ™ premium cast vinyl graphics by Mossy Oak Graphics will not shrink, bubble, or peel. They come pre-cut in a huge variety of fits for a quick and easy installation. With a MIL-Grade matte finish, they will not block your view from inside your truck.

The high-definition images come in all of your favorite Mossy Oak camo patterns, so they can be interchangeable depending on the season. Removing them and interchanging camo patterns is easy, and they will not leave residue on your vehicle, ATV, boat, or gun. If you do not want to change patterns, the vinyl graphics are waterproof, weatherproof, and the edges will not lift, peel, or pull away, so Mossy Oak Graphics stay the course!

Mossy Oak Graphics
Mossy Oak Graphics

Not only does Mossy Oak Graphics make full and part truck kits, they make life-sized wall graphics and camo gun kits. They are not limited to just Mossy Oak’s award-winning camo patterns either. Mossy Oak Graphics have digitally enhanced photographic-quality wildlife scenes by renowned wilderness artists and photographers, as well as life-sized game pictures. All the camo patterns and pictures have a 3D-realism and are guaranteed to by fade-resistant for five years.

The indoor life-sized wall graphics are perfect for your cabin, lake house, hunting lease, trophy room, garage, workshop, library, office, or even the living room. The indoor graphics stay in place until you want to remove them. Made of 3M six-mil environmentally friendly film, these graphics are removable, and able to be reapplied again and again.

The gun kits provide an affordable alternative to dipping your gun. Instead of permanently altering your rifle or shotgun, you can purchase all the different camo pattern kits you want to suit each season and environment. They gun kits come pre-cut for a bubble-free installation. Mossy Oak Graphics gun kits will not leave a residue behind and even help prevent rust forming on your firearm in wet weather.

Mossy Oak Graphics come in the following Mossy Oak camouflage patterns:

  • Break-Up Infinity ™
  • Break-Up ®
  • Obsession ®
  • Brush ®
  • Duck Blind ™
  • Treestand ™
  • Winter ®
  • Bottomland ®
  • Winter Brush ®
  • Break-Up ® Pink
  • Bottomland ® Pink
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