2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Mossberg 590A1 Short Barreled Shotgun

Okay, we aren’t going to have any of these bad boys for sale, but this Mossberg 590 is just so cool I had to share it with you all. It’s an NFA-regulated short-barreled shotgun direct from the factory at Mossberg. Now there may be a few of these out in the wild, and NFA dealers might be able to sweet talk Mossberg into shipping a few out for those of us willing to spend $200 more on a tax stamp and endure a long wait for paperwork to clear at BATFE headquarters. But for those of us not on SWAT teams or blowing doors off their hinges in Afghanistan, these photos are as close as we are going to get.

Well, what do we have here? I see a 14-inch long, cylinder bore heavy wall barrel with some beefy rifle sights up top. There’s a strap underneath the pump to keep your hand where it belongs once the recoil hits, and the stock is a Speedfeed unit holding 4 extra shells. The magazine tube looks to be standard length, which would give the operator a 5+1 capacity. In fact this setup looks nearly identical to Mossberg’s 590A1 model 52682, which anyone can buy. But the shorter barrel makes the one CTD Scott is handling so much cooler! In the photos below I blurred out the background and Scott’s nametag, so its easier to check out the shotgun.

Does anyone else wish we could repeal the National Firearms Act of 1934 right now?

 SBS1  NFA590
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Comments (2)

  1. If it had a pistol grip only stock it could possibly be an AOW. However, since this Mossberg has a stock intended to be used to shoulder the weapon, it is considered a short barreled shotgun and that $200 tax applies. To build an AOW you must start with a receiver that has never been registered as a long gun, or BATFE will make you classify it as an SBS. –CTD Mike

  2. Tell me if I am wrong here… but shotguns are considered AOW by the ATF so the NFA tax stamp for this shotgun would only be $5.

    “An A.O.W. is a weapon classification utilized by the B.A.T.F. to categorize and restrict those weapons that are not considered to be a rifle, pistol, or machinegun. An example of an A.O.W. is a short-barreled shotgun or a pen-gun. They are class III (NFA) items, and must be approved for transfer to individuals at the federal level (with a “form-4″). Cost to transfer= $5.00”

    Only $5? I’ll take two of these guns then!

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