2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Lightfield Zombie Blaster Ammo

Lightfield Zombie Blaster

Firearms and gun gear manufacturers are clearly jumping on the zombie apocalypse bandwagon for 2012. Even EOTech and Leupold introduced zombie-themed optics at the 2012 SHOT Show. Hornady went a step further by making teaser films about the ammo. Another ammunition company releasing a zombie-specific round is Lightfield Ammunition.

Lightfield Zombie Blaster
Lightfield Zombie Blaster

When designing ammunition for the United States Marine Corps in the 1970s, Lightfield developed an innovative lead slug for the hunting market in the United States. Now Lightfield can boast that they are the “official shotgun slug of Whitetails Unlimited.” Currently Lightfield makes hunting, less lethal, and home defense shotgun shells. The Zombie Blaster ammo is categorized as one of their less-lethal rounds.

To prove the Zombie Blaster’s effectiveness on zombies, Lightfield teamed with Zombie Industries bleeding zombie targets to demonstrate how destructive the concussion on this less-lethal round. As the video on the Zombie Blaster Web site shows, ( shot at point blank range, the Zombie Blaster round just plum takes that zombie’s head off.

Lightfield’s Zombie Blaster is a less lethal, “non-projectile blank round” that creates a very large muzzle flash and an extremely loud concussion. Lightfield says their Zombie Blaster is “intended for close encounter combat with a zombie.” In fact, Lightfield’s Zombie Blaster is their NOVA-DR (Distraction Round) less-lethal round relabeled for those more interested in killing zombies than joining their local law enforcement agency. Lightfield’s NOVA-DR, released in 2009, and was designed to be a more affordable alternative to the flash bang.

Lightfield Zombie Blaster Packaging
Lightfield Zombie Blaster Packaging

Zombie Blaster ammunition creates a 110 to 120DbA concussion and has proven to breach doors and knock out windows from cars. Not only will it obliterate a zombie, the Zombie Blaster can also be used to distract other zombies, scare pesky or dangerous animals, and help with entry into a building or room.

Zombie Blaster shotshells are available in 12 and 20 gauge, and .410 Bore in blister packs of five rounds.

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