2012 SHOT Show Special Report: CMMG Black Powder AR-15 and Lefty .22 LR

More goodies from CMMG at the 2012 SHOT Show! You got a sneak peek earlier at a left handed .22 LR rifle if you saw our blog post on the new modular upper earlier today. Well here’s another pic of the whole thing. Looks like an M4 profile barrel, M4 stock and grip, Magpul back up rear sight, those new modular handguards we told you about earlier, and of course a leftie .22 LR bolt in their new modular upper receiver. It looks like a pretty serious .22 setup to my eyes, no chincy plastic receivers or corners cut. I bet it runs like a champ. CMMG also has a new magazine design which is also modular. It looks like there’s a polymer shell that fits in a standard AR-15 mag well, and then a caliber-specific insert goes inside. Does this mean we could see .22 WMR, 5.7×28, or other unusual calibers in CMMG AR-15s soon? I don’t know but with a modular magazine they would have to manufacture fewer unique parts to make such things happen.

CMMG also has an inline-type black powder AR-15. Yes, seriously. The fellas that run CMMG are good old Missouri deer huntin’ rednecks, and I know they won’t mind me saying so one bit. Missouri has a special black powder season and it’s a pretty big deal. Hunters who shoot their AR-15s a lot and are well used to the ergonomics of those rifles can now participate in black powder season with a gun that feels just like their centerfire rifles. We even got a photo of the magazine, which actually does hold reloads— the separated components necessary to keep shooting this AR-15 muzzleloader. Boy, it felt as weird for me to write that as it feels for you to read it. It looks like they are using some sort of .223 blank ammo as an ignition source, and there’s a ram rod hidden away in the sling to load up the conical bullets. An inline, black powder AR-15 rifle. Craziness from CMMG this year!

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  1. Come on! by the time you are done explaning and the game warden figures out its black powder and lets you out of jail deer season will be over.

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