2012 SHOT Show Special Report: Bersa’s BP9 Concealed Carry

Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry

The BPCC is BERSA’s first polymer frame handgun, with more advanced features, specially designed for concealed-carry personal protection. The BPCC provides accuracy and fire power in a lightweight, compact, ultra thin handgun. Using advanced manufacturing processes and finest quality materials, the BPCC reflects BERSA’s commitment to value and performance. The BPCC’s ergonomic design improves line-of-sight and provides greater control during use. The BPCC delivers the quality, reliability and durability you’ve come to expect from BERSA and underscores our commitment to innovation and cutting edge technology.

Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry
Bersa BP9 Concealed Carry

Specifications and Features

  • High Impact Polymer Frame
  • Picatinny rail, polygonal rifling & loaded chamber indicator
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Striker fired
  • Micro-polished bore with sharp, deep rifling
  • 3-dot sight system
  • Integral Locking System
  • Automatic firing pin safety
  • Lifetime service contract
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Comments (2)

  1. What a beautiful looking gun.Perfect size for CCW.I must have it.Tell me ,when will CTD start carrying these so I can buy one?I have been waiting 2 years for this pistol to be available.How about it CTD?

  2. I’m disappointed.

    I have been collecting Bersas. All calibers, and all models of, for example, the .380.

    This one is UGLY. The squared-off slide is a deal-breaker for me.

    My collection just broke.

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